Germany 2018: Fake News, Fake Nazis, and Propaganda

Our German translator MissPiggy has been working overtime translating videos for us, so much so that when I’m away from my desk for a while — as I was a couple of days ago when our Internet went out overnight —multiple videos land on my desk, awaiting posting.

Below are five clips from Germany that have accumulated over the past few days. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for subtitling them.

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The following video shows Jörg Meuthen, the national spokesman for the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany), attempting to counter the fake news propagated by the hostile progressives who brought him onto their television program. The compiler of the video inserted additional footage to demonstrate how much of the media narrative has been augmented, distorted, and outright fabricated by the establishment, beginning with Chancellor Angela Merkel at the top and working its way down the food chain:

The next video deals with the alleged “Nazis” who sieg-heiled for the cameras during demonstrations in Chemnitz. At least one of Hitler’s alleged fans bore a tattoo for the RAF — the Red Army Faction, a hard-core Communist group that made headlines for killing people three or four decades ago:

It’s important to note that the identification of one of the sieg-heilers as a journalist named Thomas Victor is spurious — see this debunking report. That particular “Nazi”, however, is not the one with the RAF tattoo.

The kiddy propaganda in this video was difficult to watch. The imaginary world that the “Welcoming Culture” conjures up is at such variance with reality that you’d think that the commercial’s audience would notice the difference. But they don’t — at least not enough of them. Even after their daughters have been raped and murdered by culture-enrichers, far too many of the Gutmenschen continue to believe the dreck put out by the state’s propaganda outlets:

In response to what happened in Chemnitz, some sort of “concert” was held to regale the populace with musical propaganda. As Vlad points out, the singer’s exhortations mean that every wheelchair-bound person in the audience must be a Nazi:

Finally, here’s some automotive propaganda from ADAC, the national motorists’ association — the German equivalent of AAA. It’s not enough that everyone must fahren fahren fahren auf der Autobahn; ADAC has to push for open borders in its commercials:

Video transcripts:

Fake news:

00:00   We have video footage showing people were hunted down, and rioting.
00:05   There was no mob, there was no stalking, there was no pogrom.
00:11   Mr. Meuthen, no. —Mrs. Merkel… OH YES! —No —This is FAKE,
00:15   massively FAKE and your party is quite specialized at it. Hunting, whatever you call
00:19   what happened there, we saw pictures of people who attacked other people.
00:25   And the incitement of hatred, driven into the streets. They were hunting people.
00:30   Get outta here! What!? You Kanaks?
00:34   Honey, you stay here. You stay here!
00:38   You are all pussies. —Stay here. —You are not welcome!
00:49   Yes, well, some people see a manhunt here. I’ll show you frame by frame
00:53   what I see. Frame 1) So I see here an alleged, or, well, he must be one, a migrant.
00:59   So, he’s facing these people; I can’t tell if he’s saying anything or if he’s insulting at all,
01:05   I can’t tell, but what I can already see there is no fear, yes, otherwise this person
01:09   wouldn’t turn but just keep going. OK, now frame 2) What do we see here? They stop,
01:17   these supposedly hunted people, stop, turn around and face these human hunters
01:26   and maybe discuss something they’ve said, I suppose. In any case, they stop and
01:31   here you can still see the one standing still, by no means running away, on the contrary,
01:38   he comes in their direction, one would almost say in a threatening or aggressive
01:42   way. That’s how it looks to me. So the “hunter” then runs towards him and
01:48   says “Get outta here”. So he runs away. OK. And now look, umm… exactly,
01:54   they stand, they stand, they stand — no one is hunted further.
01:58   So, that was “manhunt” shown all over the media. And I can assure you,
02:06   similar scenes can be found in Berlin-Neukölln, OK, in certain districts or in
02:10   North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) and in other cities 1,000 times a day,
02:15   and maybe the other way around, where Germans are hunted by gangs, so yes,
02:22   Arab clans, and no one talks about THAT being a “manhunt”.
02:27   We have seen pictures of people who hate, attacking other people and bringing
02:31   incitement to hatred to the streets. People have been hunted down.
02:36   We try to differentiate.
02:43   Do you justify or explain away the racism with a killing that still is unclear
02:47   exactly by whom it was then actually committed? And once again Ms. Hayali attempts to
02:53   Play down the fact that a 23-year-old Syrian and a 22-year-old Iraqi
02:57   are already in prison for this crime.
03:01   I neither justify or make excuses for racism. Racism is unacceptable
03:05   and I think that all democrats have this position. I can really understand the people because
03:10   this is not an isolated incident, we have hundreds of these isolated incidents.
03:14   and I can understand that people’s sense of security is seriously damaged, and I can
03:20   understand absolutely when thousands of people then take peacefully to the street and
03:24   Demonstrate, and I have to tell them that I am really outraged the way people
03:28   are stigmatized there now, they are outraged, and legitimately so, because
03:32   an entire state is being accused of hunting down people and Mrs. Merkel talks about
03:36   rioting and apparently doesn’t know what she’s talking about, because that’s not
03:40   what happened. May I ask, who says that all Saxons are right-wing extremists?
03:47   Or even everyone in Chemnitz is? Who ever said anything like that? I was there and
03:51   heard it so often. I was just stunned. We try to differentiate. We just did by saying,
03:57   very clearly that there were worried citizens present and then there were
04:01   of course clearly identifiable neo-Nazis. Who says that all Saxons are suddenly
04:05   right wing extremists? —I can tell you that, for example, Jakob Augstein,
04:09   you also know him, the well-known Spiegel columnist, who recommended that at the
04:13   state line of Saxony there should be signs: “Welcome to Saxony”, but with the
04:17   ”S” and “A” capitalized. Quasi-defaming the entire state as Nazis. Another example,
04:21   is the Spiegel Magazine title from last Saturday. Anyone can buy at the kiosk.
04:25   Why do you march with Pegida, why do not you distance yourself? —Just a side note,
04:29   if we demonstrate, it’s called marching; for everyone else it’s demonstrating.
04:33   We’re marching. —You demonstrated with others, I didn’t say marching. —Yes, you did.
04:37   (5 seconds earlier) Why do you march with Pegida?
04:41   If Pegida decides to join us during this mourning march, that’s totally legitimate,
04:49   and it was strictly peaceful. —There is also the poster where the AfD logo
04:53   is next to the Pegida logo. The AfD decided that something like this wouldn’t be allowed.
04:59   This kind of thing should be stopped. —In March of this year,
05:02   the AfD agreed to cooperate with Pegida.
05:05   If you see this intermingling critically, you may do that, but I ask you why
05:09   the media doesn’t investigate the intermingling of left-wing parties,
05:13   such as the Green party, the Left and others with Antifa milieu.
05:20   There you are dealing with violence criminals and the like. Ms. Goering-Eckardt,
05:24   she comes up with the grandiose idea and writes “YES” you’re great”.
05:28   She is talking about the music group “Feine Sahne Fisch Filet” — Yes.
05:32   Right? You think they’re great? OK, pay attention here: “The cops’ helmets will fly,
05:35   their batons smashed into their faces, the next police station is just a stone’s throw away,
05:39   Germany shrivel up and die, that would be wonderful.” That’s what YOU think is great!
05:44   Just like your party friend Claudia Roth, who participated in a demonstration
05:48   with banners saying, “Germany shrivel up and die” and
05:52   ”Germany miserable piece of s***” — No, Herr Meuthen. — She did that!
05:56   And Mr. Hobeck said, “Patriotism makes me puke. I never knew what Germany is
06:00   and I still don’t.” And then comes your party talking about “Love of country”,
06:04   that is perfidious hypocrisy, what you contrive along with your scam
06:08   of moralizing chatter. Right there, I would like to look a little more closely.
06:12   Along with the fact that you won’t distance yourselves from Antifa. And the European
06:16   delegate Franziska “Ska” Keller goes there with a Antifa flag draped around her.
06:20   These people attack us physically, sending their victims to the hospital. That’s your milieu!
06:24   Maybe the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution needs to pay you a visit — not us!
06:30   Mr. Meuthen, you’ve said everything except that we’re scumbag communists.
06:34   During the G20 Summit, we also saw that the Green Youth were in solidarity with
06:38   the interventionist left, so he does not have a point? If violence occurs, then I have
06:42   nothing to do with it. Distance yourself from Antifa, go on, say, “We don’t want to have
06:46   anything to do with you anymore — you’re violent!” —I don’t have to distance
06:50   myself —Aha. —I don’t. The lyrics you read aloud, the band you are talking about,
06:54   they said themselves that they see things differently today, and… —What was sung on
06:58   Monday? Do you know the lyrics? They have not changed. They still do that,
07:02   they are left-wing radicals. —May I? No. They are not leftist radicals.
07:06   The “KIZ” Band at the “We Are More” Concert: “F*** her green and blue”.
07:09   (former Tagesschau presenter Eva Herman)
07:12   ”I ram the knife blade in the journalist’s pothole.”
07:15   No, they’re not leftist radicals. The 65,000 people there on the street holding a
07:20   moment of silence, took it seriously, they didn’t try to denigrate the deceased.
07:29   ”I want to begin with a minute’s silence for Daniel.”
07:33   Antifa during the moment of silence: “Shut your mouth! Shut your mouth!”
07:44   ”Get lost! Get lost! Get lost!”
07:48   What YOU are doing, is protecting Mr. Höcke so that you can pursue a common
07:52   cause with Pegida. That’s how YOU divide our country, that’s how YOU split our
07:56   homeland! If you love your homeland, you don’t cause division, you don’t call
08:00   for going out against the others on the street, rather you make an appeal for togetherness.
08:04   As usual, what you say is asinine. It’s really stupid stuff.
08:08   I’d like to get back to the discussion — What are you doing against right-wing extremism?
08:12   I’m ready to go if you suggest starting a committee of inquiry for administrative
08:16   incompetency. I’m ready to have committees of inquiry for both left-wing
08:20   extremism and right-wing extremism, because both are to be equally rejected.
08:25   Then one could start with right-wing extremist violence. —But for that, we first
08:29   have to have more evidence of right-wing extremist violence. —But we have
08:33   a huge amount of right-wing extremist violence, much more than
08:37   left-wing. Politically motivated violence by the right wing is higher, according
08:41   to police statistics. —Do we really want to talk about police crime statistics? —No,
08:45   we don’t, but the numbers are still higher.
08:52   Left-wing extremism is not reported. When my party colleague Uwe Junge was
08:56   beaten up by Antifa people, so that he had several operations, it was simply not
09:00   reported. When our homes are attacked, being defaced with paint bags;
09:04   when our cars are torched or when wheel nuts are loosened and then our people get in
09:08   their cars, that’s not reported in the German media — That’s not true. — That’s absurd.
09:15   You need to change your CD, no one believes you — We can prove it.
09:27   So, you’re saying if someone registers a demonstration, and they have contact with
09:31   AfD, an investigation by the constitutional protection agency is needed? — No. —Yes.
09:35   (20 seconds before)
09:39   A demonstration was registered, a “Merkel Must Go” demonstration. It turns out
09:48   the applicants had very close contacts with the AfD. Therefore the Hamburg
09:52   Constitutional Protection Agency said, a connection exists and must be investigated.
09:56   Shouldn’t we just agree that the radical left, which left half the city Hamburg in ruins at
10:00   the G20, that we should have a look at who supports them? And I can tell you,
10:04   it is the SPD, The Green Party and the Left. There is a connection there as well.
10:10   And we want exactly… — That’s stupid. Mr. Meuthen, stop it. No one from
10:14   SPD, Greens or Left supported violent excesses in Hamburg in any way.
10:21   Thank you for the discussion.

Fake Nazis:

00:00   With the title, “Chemnitz, who knows these Neo-Nazis?” The Bild newspaper
00:05   published pictures of three people doing the Hitler salute in Chemnitz.
00:09   There was a rumor about one of these pictures showing a man with a RAF tattoo
00:13   on his hand. The RAF(Red Army Fraction) is a left extremist terror group
00:18   Contrarily, there was also a rumor that the picture (the tattoo) was fake.
00:23   T-online has now posted, in the category “on our own behalf” (In eigener Sache)
00:27   a correction to their coverage on Chemnitz, specifically the “right” demonstrations that
00:31   occurred there last week, titled, “Correction to our Chemnitz Coverage”, they wrote:
00:36   We published a picture of one of the Hitler saluters in a photomontage which was
00:40   incorrect. After reexamining the photograph and comparing it with other similar images,
00:45   we have come to the following conclusion: On the hand of the demonstrator pictured
00:50   the characters “RAF” are in fact clearly recognizable.
00:55   They explained further that the RAF or Red Army Fraction is a left extreme terror group
01:02   which was active from 1970s until the 1990s and killed 33 people, according to T-online.
01:09   The tattoo was believed by demonstrators to be evidence that the man
01:15   in the photograph was a planted provocateur. However, there is no
01:19   evidence for this assumption at this time.

Kiddy propaganda:

00:00   I am Johanna and I’m six years old.
00:05   I heard about the many refugees and that they need help.
00:10   So then, I had an idea.
00:16   I’ll back cookies with Mommy.
00:20   I will sell them and then give the money I earn to the refugees.
00:25   With Aunt Sahna and Uncle Gert, I’ll weave bracelets from colorful threads.
00:29   Mommy and Daddy help too!
00:32   I will sell the bracelets too.
00:37   Silly looking caterpillars made from paper,
00:44   with them I can also earn money. For the refugees. Done!
00:48   Can you imagine, we sold almost everything!
00:56   And we earned lots and lots of money.
01:03   Five hundred sixty-eight Euro & seventy-six cent.
01:07   Everyone wants to help the refugees.
01:11   Johanna wanted to bring you something. For YOU! — Yes. Yes.
01:15   With the money I went to the refugee center.
01:19   And gave it to the children’s group there
01:26   Thank you! I hope they might be happy.
01:30   With that money they could make a trip.
01:34   Or get some ice cream and buy toys.
01:38   The refugees have no money of their own to buy things.
01:42   The other children and I started to play.
01:50   And you know what? Now, I have a new friend too!

Musical propaganda: No need for a transcript — all it says is: “If you don’t jump, you are a Nazi! Hey! Hey!”

Automotive propaganda:

00:02   We
00:02   Are
00:03   Not
00:03   GERMAN
00:04   We are everywhere.
00:05   We are on the go
00:06   On
00:07   Old
00:07   Paths
00:08   And
00:08   New
00:09   Ways
00:11   No matter
00:11   No matter where to
00:11   Count us in.
00:12   Never
00:13   Standstill
00:13   No
00:14   Borders
00:16   We
00:16   We are
00:17   We are the
00:17   ADAC — Germany’s largest motor club

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  1. As I recall from books such as “Icon of Evil,” by John Rothman and David Dalin, Hitler believed that Islam was a better religion for Germany than Christianity. And it sure wasn’t for its “peaceful’ nature. But instead of its love of crushing the enemies of Islam.

    • You are very correct, the Führer adored Islam aggression. I think his wish will come true with the German Caliphate.

    • Indeed, it should come as no surprise that many Nazi officials found refuge in the Middle East, it was their favourite location right after South America.

    • To believe you can impose religious belief on a culture is the epitome of ignorant folly. Hitler had many such deluded beliefs. So did Stalin. It is the weakness of tyrants, this top-down rule by fist and fiat…eventually they fail.

  2. It’s funny in the first video how the leftist woman blatantly lies with a straight face about the “non-violent” Antifa, and keeps the lie up, even when confronted face-to-face with solid evidence that what she says is a bald-faced lie.

    Or, it can be taken as evidence that leftists simply inhabit a different reality. I myself favor this explanation. Leftists are not within reach of logic. Normal people should not soften their arguments or their facts to appear more acceptable to leftists. It won’t happen.

  3. We’re living now in extreme danger times, it’s very dangerous in public places, bars cafes etc, or anywhere, to speak out the truth about what’s going on with islam, leftists, feminists, and their destruction of western culture, church. Our morals, and you are risking being labeled as a nazi, racist, you risk getting into violent confrontations with these leftist brain-dead lunatics; they will defame you, slander you, ostracise you, and the sheep around them will follow suit, for fear of being kicked out of the clique!

    I say have no fear, and out these feminazi feminists, commies, wherever you find them, and the pc promoters.

    We must fight to get our countries, cultures, and way of life back.

    Deport all [redacted].

    Confront them tooth and nail,

  4. What is remarkable in the age of the internet is that Germans (and others) show a distinct lack of curiosity. They could easily find out more information. That is the bigger sin.

  5. Regarding the ADAC Auto Club “Keine Grenzen” (“No borders”) advert, I suspect that this is saying “we are (or we go) everywhere”. (Wherever you need us, there we are.”) I don’t think it’s about borders of the kind we’re concerned with.

  6. In the Dutch video, in the last few seconds, do Muslim women actually wear scarves while eating at home? Or is a hijab required by the presence of a non-mahram infidel native-Dutch child?

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