Did We Forget?

Seventeen years is a long time.

Or it is for younger people; for someone of my advanced age, events of seventeen years ago seem like just the other day. Assuming I can remember them at all, that is.

September 11, 2001 is one of those days I can remember quite clearly: what I was doing, the course of events during the day and for the next few days. I assume it’s the same for many people in my age bracket: those hours are now permanent markers, stuck fast in the brain until the final dissolution removes everything.

In contrast, consider someone who has just graduated from high school. He was just a tiny infant back then, so everything he knows about 9/11 — assuming he is aware of it at all — he learned from his parents, or his teachers, or the TV, or his phone.

A young woman who just graduated from college this past spring is not that much better off. She was probably aware that the adults around her were upset and acting strangely. She probably saw some confusing and disturbing images of destruction and panic on television. But other than that, her knowledge of 9-11 would be from her elders, the TV, her phone, and her college professors.

The cohort who took their doctorates last spring — with a median age of what? 26, maybe? — fare slightly better. They were in grade school at the time, and in the days following surely they heard discussion in class from teachers who had not yet fully assimilated the politically correct line on what happened in Manhattan and Washington on that beautiful fall day.

And so it goes, on up through the age groups until you reach us geezers, who definitely remember. Or at least some of us do.

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I saw a hash tag yesterday: #NeverForget911.

My reaction was immediate and cynical: It should read #WeForgot911.

But how much forgetting has really taken place? Of those who were adults in the fall of 2001, how many paid attention, assimilated the memories, and incorporated them into a meaningful structure that was permanently retained? And how many simply went back to the way they had lived before, letting 9/11 become a brief blip in an otherwise undisturbed succession of life experiences?

I don’t know the answers to those questions. My intuition tells me that many younger people — who have been subjected to far more relentless indoctrination than I ever have — regard 9/11 through the politically correct lens that their education and the media have so painstakingly constructed for them.

My intuition also says that those of us who were over fifty when it happened probably retain a slightly less propagandistic memory of it. But only slightly, most of us — my generation stares at the vidscreen a lot, too.

For some of us, however, the events of September 11, 2001, were the beginning of seventeen years of close investigation of Islam. Back then I had read V.S. Naipaul’s Among the Believers. But nothing else. The Sword of the Prophet by Srdja Trifkovic was to come later. The writings of Robert Spencer later still. And then Reliance of the Traveller and Steve Coughlin. And much more in the years since.

In seventeen years I have learned enough to know that the dominant Western cultural narratives about Islam are simply false. If you do your investigations with due diligence — and especially if you follow Maj. Coughlin’s advice, and read sources written by Muslims, intended for a Muslim audience — you learn the extent to which you have been lied to and misled by your own leaders, who themselves have listened to the whispers of Muslim Brotherhood infiltrators.

The construction of what became the current Narrative began shortly after 9-11 with President George W. Bush, the man who inspired us all when he stood on the rubble of the World Trade Center. Islam was proclaimed to be the Religion of Peace (and eventually the “Religion of Peace and Love”, by Condoleezza Rice). A great religion had been hijacked by a tiny minority of extremists. The words “Islamism” and “Islamist” were coined to provide good cover for our friends, the nice Muslims, the “moderate” Muslims. The word “Islamophobe” gained greater and greater currency to describe those who refused to swallow the Narrative.

And so on and so forth, until we arrive at the present day, seventeen years later, when it is no longer possible to publicly assign the problem to Islam itself. Islam unmodified, without prefixes or suffixes. The core ideology, which is not religious, but political. A totalitarian ideology which has world domination as its long-term goal — 1,400 years and counting.

You can’t say those things and expect to hold onto your job, even if it’s with a private corporation. If you wear a slogan like that on a t-shirt, you risk a public beating.

And there are more Muslims now in all Western countries, and more official or unofficial rules against offending them, more public recognition of their sacred days and customs and sensibilities.

Yes, #WeForgot911.

At least enough of us did to facilitate the eventual victory of the Sword of the Prophet.

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  1. Reading your post, I am reminded that Donald Trump is a New Yorker. I wonder if there is any video extant of him on or near 9/11. He was prominent even then – and I’ll bet his sentiments weren’t colored by p.c. crayons even back then.

    We all wish he’d do more to eliminate this threat, but every time he does attempt to turn back immigrants from Muslim countries, some treasonous judge shoots it down.

    At least we finally have a president who gets it. Which is why George Bush (who allowed the bin Laden family members to go home immediately after 9/11), Obama the Unready, and John McCain have treated him so shabbily.

    History will give us a truer accounting than the MSM or their mouthpieces.

    • To answer your question, there is a video of him somewhere where he describes the chaos, and says he has some workers working down at ground zero clearing debris.

      As for my part, I was 11 years old, it was the first time I was introduce to what was a Muslim.

    • “History will give us a truer accounting”
      It has always been like that.
      Remember the time Reagan ran for the presidency?
      He was vilified by the left; “He is a Holywood actor. A third rate actor in bad western movies. How can somebody like him be president”
      As it turned out Reagan was probably the best president the US ever had.

  2. For me, it is dfficult to believe that the destruction of the WTC towers was 17 years ago. That tells me how much older I have become, and the intervening years and disillusionment have shaped my present ideology and beliefs.

    I was in the Air Force then; we were conducting a nuclear weapons exercise at that time. It was the largest such exercise we did each year, and every weapon in the inventory was loaded onto aircraft across the Air Force. In the immediate days, weeks, and months after the attacks, I swallowed the official story hook, line, and sinker. I eventually would transfer from the Air Force into the Army and served multiple tours of deployment in both Afghanistan and Iraq. I met my son’s mother during a deployment to Central Asia, and we often joked later that if it had not been for Bin Laden, he would have never been born.

    As someone who held a top-secret security clearance, I would sit in many classified briefings alongside theater commanders and was privy to much that the average soldier, let alone the average American, was not aware of. I saw how we were deliberately not fighting the wars in the theaters I was deployed to, and I became deeply disillusioned by the time I left the service.

    I have since come to believe that the attacks of 9/11 were planned and carried out deliberately by factions of the Deep State, and the hijackers and Bin Laden were part of a cover story designed to provoke Americans enough to involve us in endless wars over the coming decades that served to enrich many within the military industrial complex while hastening the arrival of the police state and eventual world government by the globalists. I used to angrily dismiss as crazies those who would talk about any version of 9/11 that did not involve terrorists or Bin Laden. And indeed, there is much misdirection and crackpot theories, much of it deliberate I am sure, to obscure the truth and discredit anyone with legitimate questions regarding inconsistencies in the official, government-approved narrative. One should do their own research, and make their own conclusions. I feel though, after 17 years we have been horribly deceived and misdirected, while anyone not alive during the attacks knows only that hijackers of the peaceful religion of islam attempted to discredit a peaceful religion, which is therefore why we must bend over backwards to show we are not waycisst or islamophobe by importing tens of thousands of somalis and other muslims into this country…

    • Islam is a violent, supremist ideology waging war with anyone/thing unislamic. It has a 1,400 year history. It masquerades as a religion created by the father of lies the evil genius. You need to read/watch all of what Dr. Bill Warner has to offer.

    • I was a CI guy at centcom before, during and after 9-11. Al Qaeda was real, they killed sailors on the USS Cole in 2000. Clinton did nothing. The FBI was as incompetent before 9-11 as they are today, and did nothing to stop a clearly dangerous plot that was on the radar. We are lucky the remaining planes were grounded before they killed more. I saw the beginning of the Iraq War when we were told to dust off the xcx book on Iraq. I couldn’t believe it, questioned everyone up the CoC and they all shrugged. What I’ve learned from 9-11 is the federal government is at least entirely ineffective and possibly incompetent. The o ly hope we have is Article V Convention of States passing and our nation can be restored.

    • Yes, indeed. Strange things happen. After Sept .11 the gates were wide open for muslims to invade USA. No Saudis were brought to task. Two billion dollars were spent by Americans the next day on islamic books to lear about islam and muslims. 1435 years were not enough.

      The worst: American, British and indeed all the western world and the women fell in a deep trance of abhorrent romantic live with muslims. And that perverted love is growing. Satan is at work.

    • You are like the guy at work who thinks the moon-landing is a hoax.

      Of course Islamic terrorists brought down the twin towers.

      Osama Bin Laden was a terrorist.

      Islamic terrorism exists globally.

      It is not some carefully Deep state orchestrated plot.

      If it were it would not exist in every country ,but only in the countries where America has influence
      The Muslim terrorists in China are not some Deep State pipedream ,neither are those operating in Russia nor those in Africa.

      How I wish it were all some Deep State fantasy but sadly that is not so.

      • I think that you have misunderstood my position. Of course the above are correct, however, the attack was allowed to continue and was helped (unbeknown to the terrorists) where necessary by elements of the Deep State to make sure it succeeded. The terrorists were patsies in a far bigger game. There are far too many inconsistencies that were swept under the rug, and the anger of most Americans after the attacks was easily directed into goals the Deep State wanted to achieve. You need to ask yourself, cui bono? Everything we have done in the last 17 years has benefitted the globalists and the islamists. We never attempted to fight to win the wars we ended up in, and even to this day we are still embroiled in Afghanistan. And most damning, anyone who attempted to question the official narrative was branded a kook and conspiracy theorist, and many real crackpots did come out of the woodwork with crazy theories like their being no planes involved, or small nukes used, etc. This has served its purpose to make anyone who questions the official narrative look like they are insane; kind of like the use of a few neo-nazis planted at the protests at Chemnitz to discredit everyone else who is legitimately upset. I too, believed the official story for a very long time until my disillusionment with the lack of action in prosecuting the wars led me to question everything else at the root of those wars.

        • I agree with many of your views. How could idiots that were unable to fly a Cessna direct huge jetplanes at 10 yards precise? Why did the perps have US visa and were under secret surveillance in the US? The events and follow-up stories raised more questions than they provided answers. Where was the USAF?
          It is an ancient stalinist tactic to pigeonhole critics as psychopathics or crackpots( cf.” islamophobia” ” Neo-Nazi” as it happens in Germany these days)

        • We know that the State Department personnel allowed the most flawed of visa applications by the hijackers to pass. We know that Jamie Gorelick, Assistant US Attorney General at the time, made a rule that intelligence could not be shared by the CIA with the FBI, for fear of tainting criminal cases. We know that a captured hard drive of one of the hijackers was not hacked because of department regulations.

          We know there were multiple connections between the hijackers, while they were in the US, and Saudi nobility and those who were allowed to leave the US right after the hijacking.

          We know that Iraq, which had no connection to the hijackers, and incidentally a great threat to Saudi Arabia, was attacked and destroyed at great cost to the US, not to mention to the Iraqis themselves. Destroying the Hussein government strengthened the Iranian position very greatly, but who can be concerned with keeping track of details.

          We know the Bush family had deep, profitable, and long-term relationships with the Saudi aristocracy. George W. Bush was as bad a businessman as he was a President, so the Saudis likely pulled his financial chestnuts out of the fire, prior to his becoming President.

          You know the saying: “Never attribute to conspiracy what can be explained by incompetency”. You can see the resistance to any faint move by the Trump administration, however faint, to control immigration in general or dangerous Muslim immigrants in particular.

          In short, I don’t see the need to postulate that members of the intelligence network knew about 9/11, and conspired to keep it quiet. They were forbidden by Justice department regulations (instituted by Jamie Gorelick, now attorney for Ivanka Trump) to discuss any domestic intelligence with internal security police, such as the FBI. So, where’s the need for conspiracy? Incompetence and corruption were built into the fabric of the US government, so the country was ripe for the picking by al-qaeda.

    • Thank you.

      Just plain common sense tells you that it was a ‘staged’ event meant to get us into the Middle East.

      It’s amazing how they say, “We fight over there so we don’t have to fight at home.” and EVERYBODY buys that nonsense.

      Just dont’ let them into the country! Problem solved!

      and yet, we now have active Isis camps all over our country.

      How stupid, are the American people. And how well controlled is our media?

      Thank you.

      I now, live among many Muslims on my middle of America neighborhood, and they ARE scary.

      Which is why…I cherish the 2nd amendment.

  3. The most stupid thing a Western leader did since Chamberlain trying to reason with the nazis was Bush saying the words “religion of peace”.

    So many muslims entering all western countries, using their clothes (let’s call it that), speaking their languages and living at the tax payer’s expense.

    If 17 years after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor there were millions of kimono wearing Japanese speaking Japanese in every American city, we would say, without any other knowledge of the past 17 years, that the Japanese had won the II World War.

    If there are so many muslims in the West, who won that war?

  4. Forgetting 9/11 is a small price to pay if the wests rich and influential get to retain the friendship and largess of muslims with lots of money from oil.

    • Black@bird…many anger issues arise inside my gut from your “small price to pay” remark concerning 9-11! Obviously you have no skin in the game. No next of kin or friends that have been killed by terrorists recently or on that fatal day 17 years ago! Please visit the 9-11 Memorial in New York City where the Twin Towers previously stood. See pictures of innocent blood shed by peering at a photo album wall of over 2000 people who lives were brutally ended as sacrificial lambs without warning. Acts of terror on our soil shook up Americans like none other since the fatal Pearl Harbor attack. American skies remained eerily silent for one or two days across the nation as far as California where I was serving in military uniform in 2001. My fists are clenched at remembering my sacred duty as a Squadron Commander sending communication troops to Kabul and Baghdad International airport to install high speed fiber networks. Another assigned involved 11 miles of trenching coral around Gitmo to provide high speed, classified internet services for the tribunals. And allow a high tech camera system to operate instead of having 24 hour Marine guards on the watchtowers. I remembered sending a commo team to Kabul and the local villages to provide Internet services for government officials and schools. And how proud my troops felt in their contributions in helping to establish democratic coalitions in the green zone. And seeing Muslim girls attend schools for the first time. Then the traitor Obama cane into office. He immediately drew down the military forces creating a power vacuum for ISIL. And the democratic coalition of Kurds, Shiite, Sunni and other ethnic groups went quickly by the wayside despite previous gains. In essence, the United States poured billions of dollars into rebuilding Iraq and Afghanistan for very little return on investment. The juice ain’t worth the squeeze! That wasted taxpayer money could have resulted in better American public schools, and more group homes and affordable housing for our homeless and mentally ill
      citizens. Hopefully, President Trump will eliminate the “nation building” funds to the Middle East once and for all!!!Let the OIC and Muslim Brotherhood take care of their own people and the fake Palestinians who refused to relocate to Jordan as agreed upon in 1948. They remain perpetual victims and refugees 70 years later! They have mastered victimhood and continue to expand and deplete their limited resources. We can no longer afford to be the saviors I of the world! Kudos to Trump for demanding that Europe pay its fair share for our military presence and protection.

      • For CL North,

        Thank you for your service. However, I believe you have mistook the irony in Blackbird’s post for his real feelings. He was obviously being sarcastic towards the US government, which is deeply dependent on the Saudis to finance its chronic deficit spending.

        You talked about “rebuilding” Iraq and Afghanistan. In the case of Afghanistan, I doubt there was much in the first place to “rebuild”. Our primary interest in Afghanistan was to kill Osama bin Laden. Our troops had him penned up in the Tora Bora mountains. In the interests of nation-building, we gave the honor of capturing him to the fighters of the Northern Alliance, who promptly let him slip away. Who knows if it was simple incompetence, or was it a Muslim instinct to always take the side of a Muslim against a kafir, even a Muslim who is your enemy?

        Personally, I don’t think the US ought to be involved militarily in Europe at all, let alone spending more money on defense. Defense against whom? Russia with its tiny economy and smaller population? The biggest threat to Europe, other than massive migration which is not a military matter, is Turkey, a member of NATO.

  5. I remember. I had left the service after 16 years for a quiet civilian life ten years before. It took me awhile to overcome the age issues, but re-entered service in 2004, and remained for another 11 years. I remember.

  6. My recollection from that time in England was the BBC Question Time a couple of days later, full of America-haters and a good few Muslims attacking America as a “terrorist state” , especially picking on one guy who came wearing a tie featuring the Stars and Stripes. And from what I heard from friends, and people at university, many of them didn’t think much different: The US of A had “brought it on itself” …

    From what I read, the lawyer of the “20th hijacker” who was held in the UK was a certain Sadiq Khan, who then went on to share stages with Islamists, and eventually became Mayor of London.

    So the seeds of our current demise were being sown back then, in the immediate aftermath of those attacks 17 years ago. Do we remember? Some of us do, and others have woken up since… the big question though : even if we awake, will enough of us do it quickly enough?

    • I hope this is info is correct.

      “You may have seen many claims that Khan “defended” Zacharias Moussaoui. He did not defend Moussaoui, the 9/11 conspirator and “20th hijacker. He merely consulted in his defense. Does that make you feel better? From The Lawyer, back in 2003, when no one knew who Khan was. Except terrorists.
      Sadiq Khan, name partner of Christian Khan, was a ‘consultant’ on the defence team of Zacharias Moussaoui and the only practising Muslim on the team, but he was not actually allowed to see Moussaoui when he went to the US in the role of consultant.”

    • I remember the BBC Question Time to which you refer. The audience was packed with muslims and leftists who, as you say, hated America. I recall that two hijab-clad haradons were seated in a prominent position and screamed blue murder every time a non-muslim uttered the word “islam.” One of the panel members, a former US Ambassador to the UK was almost reduced to tears by the level of hostility and bile levelled at the US by the audience which chairman Dimbleby failed to control. There was a lengthy debate in the press over the following week – it was before the days of the universal Lugenpresse- when even the anti-establishment columnist Richard Littlejohn concluded that the entire exhibition had been a “Cock-up” rather than a calculated, anti-American insult. Like many others, I swallowed it at the time though I am not so sure now.

      • I saw David Dimbleby in the street today (London is so interesting if you keep your eyes open), but he was off duty, and I stopped watching “Question Time” long ago.

        I don’t believe his father Richard (reporter on the Normandy invasion and the liberation of the concentration camps) would have been so ineffectual.

  7. Also, what is often forgotten: this has so far been not a conventional war but, first and foremost, a propaganda war – and on that front, we are losing it big time.

  8. We (not me) never knew about. Right after the fall of towers, while all muslim world celebrated, west politicians cried that Islam is peace. And nobody protested. Nobody was upset by the celebration of the Muslims. Including in west countries. So, the west world never knew about 9/11. In my country all TV channels were speaking about a necessary retaliation against Muslims. It was the normal reaction after something like this. Instead, the welcome refugees culture was born in the west. West never knew about.

  9. I think the fact the koran fabricates against the bible will be the ultimate undoing of islam. For example, in the new testament Jesus prophecied that the days of Jews being murdered by those who worship star gods will come to an end. This comment shows Jesus hated the murder of Jews. This passion of His was deleted by the koran. In its place is a comment that most Jews are treacherous and there are only a few good ones. This forgery against Jesus should be discussed more often.

    • Yes, I think it’s Pakistan. I’m not certain, though; it’s been a few years since I discovered it.

      • Statistically likely to be Pakistan as well. After 9/11, Pakistanis starting naming their kids Osama with incredible frequency—in some city, something like 70% of newborn males were named Osama in the months following 9/11. Support for Osama was above 60% consistently in polling in the years after 9/11. Stop all aid to Pakistan, and make friends with Hindu Majority, Democratic India. (I am a Hidu Indian: disclosure).,

        • I think most aid to Pakistan, at this point, is for the purpose of bribing them to do two things:
          1) Keep their nuclear arsenal out of the hands of Islamic terrorists;
          2) Prevent infiltration of men and arms from Pakistan into Afghanistan to support the Hakani network, Taliban, and other Islamic fighters;

          There is also the fact that the State Department gets the literal shakes if there is a country in the world we might not be giving money to.

          I fully support stopping all assistance to Pakistan, and tilt diplomatically towards India, although I do not support any sort of military alliance or foreign aid to India…not because India is not bad, but because countries need to stand for themselves.

  10. Excellent reflection, Baron. It seems we have indeed forgot 9/11, to judge by how Islam enjoys a preferred status in so many Western nations today.

    I have to doubt your good spouse’s assessment in her response (above), though. She wrote “History will give us a truer accounting than the MSM or their mouthpieces.”

    Sadly, it is still true that History is written by the winners, and the way things are going, the ‘Court Historians’ will all be Muslim.

    Awful though it is to say it, perhaps we will then be thankful that History is no longer taught in our schools.

  11. Islam will not win! Enough of are awake now. Its followers have made themselves utterly unwelcome in the West. Look at the newspaper comments. Only “Useful Idiots” still push the “Islam is love and peace” narrative. As a Churchman who actually keeps his ears close to the proverbial ground of his congregation and the general public, I am much heartened by the mass rejection of Islam and those that side with the fake narrative.

    Europe in general is saying “enough”. The PC politicians and their Moslem “clients” (for now) are on the wrong side of history. If it were not for the “useful Idiots” like Common Purpose and their “Thought Police” that now investigate politicians for supposed “hate speech”, the lid would have blown off years ago in the light of the atrocities in London, Paris and elsewhere. People are awake and surprisingly so.

    Events are taking place that will I feel swing the pendulum. Keep faith.

    • Having Turkey and Bosnia in the supposedly European continent is bad enough. And now many of them together with their families are invading Europe via imposing more and more of their Oriental originated nonsense.
      Surely, there would come a time when more and more brave Europeans would have enough and come up with a plan to end their nonsense.

  12. Hmm, not so sure history will give a truer account. My history teacher friend, a libertarian, says her entire department is full of socialists. If they’re the ones writing the history books, then I wouldn’t expect the truth.

    But great post, OP. Thought provoking. I remember after 9-11, I stood up for Muslims when my brother said something about the teachings being the issue. Years later, I had to recant and tell him he was right.

    • Government-funded institutions and organizations naturally attract leftists. It’s a symbiotic relationship. We know enough by now to understand the threat to liberty and freedom by taking the easy way of getting something done just by using taxing mechanisms rather than structuring the legal system so the free market can work.

  13. One of the things that sticks in my mind is referenced in the photo (of the presumably muslim guy in his 9/11 shirt) and that being the spontaneous joy at the attack demonstrated in the Islamic countries. Crowds on the streets cheering, the 9/11 souvenirs, it all was a jarring contrast to the horror the non-Islamic world was feeling. That pent up anger toward America and what America represented to them, “Christian” world dominance, was an eye opener to me. At the time I couldn’t understand where this hate came from. I know now.

    • The Christian ‘dominance’ is only the result of people preferring Christianity when they are given the free choice. that is what galls the Muslim soul. they are told their religion is superior to all others, and that they should enforce that BTW, but the reality is that were attendance at Friday prayers not compulsory the mosque parking lots would be empty, and the Imams know it. The fact that their calls for jihad are all the more strident is proof of that.
      As for the cheering crows, the rejoicing was that the ugly stain of 09/11/1683 was finally avenged, with a little help from their globalist friends.

  14. 9/11 is one of these days etched in memory forever. I remember coming home from work at the Austrian Embassy in Tripolis, Libya, turning on the TV, preparing lunch, when I watched the coverage after the first plane hit. Strangely enough, after that the satellite connection disappeared and, mentally exhausted from what I had just witnessed, I fell asleep on the sofa. When I came to, the feed had returned and the second plane had done its destruction and carnage. I was immediately sure that what I witnessed was not the work of the Amish; I simply had too much experience living in the Middle East by that time. This realization was complemented by my Libyan landlord storming into my apartment (without knocking) and yelling: “The Jews did it!” Pure and sheer madness.

    The madness has continued to this day. Just not on the Islamic side, but rather on that of the Western world. I have become disillusioned since. There is very little hope. NO Churchill in sight, only Chamberlains. What a mess.

  15. Forgetting 9/11 wouldn’t be so bad if we never forgot 9/12 or at least the historic and ideologic corelations, but you know how things are…

  16. In fighting the islamic monster the maxim attributed to William the Silent, the Dutch Father of the Fatherland, is my helper: “One need not hope in order to undertake, nor succeed in order to persevere.”
    [Translated from ‘Point n’est besoin d’espérer pour entreprendre, ni de réussir pour persévérer.’]

  17. Yes, indeed, seventeen years is (quite) a long time ago.
    At that time it happened, I was in my early thirties, starting on my newly married life with my British husband in London, UK.
    We must not forget about it. It, like so many other Oriental culture has ruined so many of our lives.

  18. MSNBC video clip within this tweet from The Columbia Bugle:

    Donald Trump in January of 2000: “I really am convinced we’re in danger of the sort of terrorist attacks that will make the bombing of the [1993] Trade Center look like kids playing with firecrackers.”
    Nobody listened.
    #NeverForget #September11th

    Image of quotes from book titled, “Donald TRUMP, The America We Deserve”, dated January 2000

    I really am convinced we’re in danger of the sort of terrorist attacks that will make the bombing of the [1993] Trade Center look like kids playing with firecrackers….”


    “One day we’re told that a shadowy figure with no fixed address named Osama bin-Laden is public enemy number one, and U.S. jetfighters lay waste to his camp in Afghanistan….He escapes back under some rock, and a few news cycles later it’s one to a new enemy and new crisis.”

    Also, archived footage of actor, James Woods on Fox News recounting his experience with 4 of the 9/11 hijackers on a dry run:

  19. It is important never to be stopped by the word “islamophobe”. I worked at both the pentagon and the World Trade Center. I may not have known the names of those who died, but I am certain I passed many of them walking the halls or riding the elevators. 9/11 is very personal to me and I utterly refuse to be cowed into silence by those who praise ignorance of Islam.

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