Clarence Thomas Hearings, 1991: Echoes of the Past

The whole thing runs about twenty-three minutes but it’s worth your time. This is one of those plus ça change moments, frozen in time.

The left hasn’t changed at all: look at their younger (and some of their mortal) selves posturing on that Committee. It still sticks in the craw that Ted Kennedy could leave a young woman to die while he went off to panic somewhere and yet have the audacity to challenge Judge Thomas.

The only change in this moral mess is that the justice under consideration is white. The Left is still terrified over our abortion laws and whatever other laws they’re sure will mean the end of programmed life – or death – as they know it.

Thomas has proved to be an excellent Justice and Roe v. Wade remains intact even as Planned Parenthood sells fetal body parts.

This Cavanaugh circus had better be over well before the election or the Blue Wave will be a blue trickle. Those panderers know it, too.

9 thoughts on “Clarence Thomas Hearings, 1991: Echoes of the Past

  1. This whole Cavanaugh circus has been rigged up for one purpose and one purpose only.
    To sway the womens vote to the dems. by means of riding the #metoo wave and injecting more men hatred.
    Will this tactic work?
    Some percentage of women are already on the radical left and have been for years.
    They can be written off anyway.
    The more sensible women, how will they vote?
    Will they be swayed by this one way or the other?
    We don’t know.

    As for the Cavanaugh accusations here some interesting reading about Christine Blasey Ford.
    Or to be more precise her credibility.
    I came across this information via an Australian website.
    It gives us an insight in the highschool years of Ford.
    Quit a shocking insight I must say.

    • The private school, Holton Arms, much like others of its ilk, allowed licentious behavior in its students. A “party school”, at least for the cool girls. This may have improved since, but a large number of private schools in the area speaks to the numbers of wealthy families in the D.C. area. They don’t send their kids to public schools.

  2. The difference is that, compared to today, black man (and forgive me for not knowing who that is) had [manly generative organs].

  3. I’m so pleased you posted this, Dymphna ; it’s an episode from American history I wasn’t aware of, and I was moved, and impressed, by the bearing of Justice Thomas and Senator Hatch, and interested enough to check out your link to the Wiki on Thomas.

    Having said which, I guess the jury is still out, so to speak, on the allegations against Judge Cavanaugh. I sincerely hope that they’re groundless, but it has to be a possibility that the’re not.

    • I knew the nuns who taught Clarence Thomas in grade school. It was Sister Virgilius, my maternal aunt’s best friend (they were both Franciscans; Sister Celine – my aunt – was at Tybee Beach, also in Georgia*), who got him into the minor seminary that he left eventually to attend Holy Cross, outside of Boston. It wasn’t until Thomas got to Yale Law that he met John Bolton, who took him under his wing. Up until then, it had been rough going as far as being bullied by the lower life forms among his white classmates. They would do creepy things like break any awards he got. He’d glue them back once and then when they were broken again, he’d leave them, not throw them away (as his tormenters expected).

      IIRC, he spoke Gullah at home (a black dialect common to the coastal South) and only learned white English under the tutelage of Virgie.

      When Thomas was sworn in as a Supreme Court Justice, he invited Sister Virgilius up for the ceremony. And paid her way.

      *(Aunt Celine was later to desegregate her own Catholic parish grade school, incidentally integrating the parish Masses w/ the white parents at the same time. The only school to ever integrate ‘backwards’ – i.e., white kids moving into a black school. For that, and her work with registering illiterate black domestics so they could get Social Security, Augusta GA held a dinner in her honor where she was given the keys to the City and a number of personal gifts, which she in turn distributed to the poor. I swan, those Franciscans were something…)

    • The charges against Cavanaugh are groundless. I went to school with ‘boys’ like those – they really were well-behaved for the most part. Those who had “roman hands, russian fingers” found it difficult to get a date.

      I think they had keg parties, but they were mostly boys, not mixed parties. Or maybe things had changed by then. OTOH, he went to Mass and Communion with his family every week: that’s a lot of pressure to toe the “Catholic gentlemen” line, at least in high school. He has stated publicly that he was a virgin till “some years after high school”…

    • “…but it has to be a possibility that the’re not.”
      That’s what the communists would like you to think.
      They like to sow doubt, they know that doubt clings to the mind like manure.

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