Alice Weidel: “This is a Script Taken From the Madhouse”

Alice Weidel is the leader of AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany), the anti-immigration and anti-Islamization party that now has a presence in the Bundestag.

In response to the recent media frenzy over events in the eastern German city of Chemnitz, Ms. Weidel addressed the prevarications (either deliberate lies, or inadvertent falsehoods) about what happened during the recent demonstrations in Chemnitz. It has now been definitively established, by both local and national law enforcement authorities, that no “right-wing extremists” chased down or hunted any migrants. Yet Chancellor Angela Merkel and her Mini-Me continue to retail their fictive account of events, so the AfD leader is now calling them on it.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Fake News from the Chancellor’s office
00:04   The lie about foreigners being hunted down that Chancellor Merkel
00:08   and her press spokesperson Steffen Seibert put out is a full blown government and media scandal.
00:12   Merkel and Seibert are doubling down against the facts and stubbornly cling
00:16   to their claim that at the demonstrations, after the knife murder of Daniel H. (35)
00:20   by an asylum seeker, foreigners were being stalked. Until this day no evidence
00:24   has been provided. And there you have it, Fake News from the chancellery.
00:31   The police in Chemnitz have no knowledge of anyone being hunted down; nevertheless,
00:37   Merkel and Seibert stand by their claim.
00:41   Torsten Kleditzsch, the editor of the Chemnitz Free Press, says there were no
00:45   events that one could label as hunting.
00:49   “We didn’t witness any stalking.” His reporters, the only ones on location,
00:52   can verify this from their own experience.
00:55   That still makes no impression on Merkel or Seibert. Wolfgang Klein, the spokesman for the
00:59   Attorney General in Saxony confirmed, upon request, that evidence provided does
01:04   not show stalking took place in Chemnitz. Merkel and Seibert stick with their
01:12   false assertion. And Saxony’s Minister President Michael Kretschmer
01:16   explained in the Saxon Parliament, “There was no mob, no stalking, no pogrom.”
01:22   The Chancellor and her press secretary simply continue to lie. The Chancellor
01:26   escapes into her illusory world — isolated from reality. A left extreme Antifa
01:30   agitator provides her with enough propaganda to slander Chemnitz and all of
01:34   Saxony with a campaign of cruelty. Instead of admitting their mistakes,
01:44   she remains self-righteous in her false assertions and as a result continues to
01:48   destroy Germany’s image in the eyes of the entire world. This is a script taken from the
01:52   madhouse. Stop dragging your own countrymen through the dirt, Mrs. Merkel!
01:58   Fire your press secretary and formally apologize to the city of Chemnitz
02:04   and your fellow citizens in Saxony. Until that happens, there is no need for you
02:08   to show your face there.

9 thoughts on “Alice Weidel: “This is a Script Taken From the Madhouse”

  1. Blimey! Even the smug little minister president of Saxony agrees that there was no hunting down of migrants! Mutti Merkel’s out of her tree.

  2. Under the pressure of truth published by law officials, A.Merkel bypassed an admission of error by saying that she” saw hate” . See sentiments on grainy cellphone videos? That is new and my compliments go to the actors who manage pefomances worthy of film academy merits.

  3. Mutti Merkel is spining down and is taking Germany and the rest of europe with her. Even the Chief Spy (Hans-Georg Maassen of BfV) said she is a lier -no man hunt!

  4. Why Germans still don’t vote massively for AfD, their only hope, is beyond me.

    Anyone here have a clue?

    • Sweden is significantly deeper than Germany, yet they still haven’t given anti-immigration parties the majority of votes. My country, Czechia, still has thousands of people that believe they were doing better under communist rule, that we self-sufficient and everyone had a job – neither is true and the resources for that are publicly avaiable. If you’re faced with propaganda your whole life it’s not easy to check facts and most importantly to admit your world-view is a lie and you need to adjust it. This gets worse as you get older. And first-time-voters are extremely vulnerable to propaganda too, be it from the parties in question or their families who have been voting the CDU or SPD for decades (or, on the contrary, voting those parties just because the own parents don’t and you want to be a rebel). There’s your answer, most people don’t care about the bigger picture, people are lazy and don’t understand how democracy works, it’s so much easier to be a sheep and let someone else decide. That is, until you or a loved one finds themselves in the midst of a wolf pack.

      • I’m curious: what made you wake up? Why are you not like the others that you describe so well?

        Was there something in your formative years that made a difference? Here in the US, there is the #WalkAway movement. It’s not big, but there are enough people who have described their change on YouTube to make it an interesting phenomenon. They don’t say they’re walking toward anything, just that they now see the futility of leftism here in this country. Here is the first such video, but there have been many others:

  5. People sometimes forget (or ignore) the fact that Merkel (codename ‘Erika”) is a trained Stasi operative, with expertise in propaganda, counter-propaganda, subversion & infiltration.

    When the wall came down in 1989, Merkel was still a red hot communist. 13 years later she became the chancellor of the united Germany. Nothing to see here… tell me again: who made Obama happen?

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