Administrative Expulsion for Culture-Enrichers Who Attacked Nightclub in Frankfurt

The following video is a follow-up to earlier reports on the attack by Syrian migrants against the Frosch (Frog) nightclub in Frankfurt. What makes this report notable is that the mayor of Frankfurt, who is a member of the political party Die Linke (The Left), has dismayed his fellow leftists by announcing his intention to use his administrative powers to expel the perpetrators after the judicial process against them has been completed.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   But right now we need to ask what is going on in Frankfurt? Why would Mayor Wilke,
00:05   a left-wing party man, want to deport asylum-seeking Syrians?
00:09   Apparently a lot more than just property damage happened over a week ago.
00:14   Yes, more than what the police described or what we even reported.
00:17   Now it is becoming clear that was an attack on the guests of a Frankfurt club
00:21   who just wanted to have fun, and suddenly they were afraid for their lives.
00:27   They were attacked by a group asylum seekers well-known to the police in
00:31   Frankfurt. Michael Nowak with the details.
00:35   The Frog [Frosch] Club in Frankfurt this afternoon. According to eyewitnesses,
00:39   a party evening turned into scenes of horror. A group of men from Syria
00:43   broke windows, attacked guests with knives and iron rods.
00:50   There were scenes of panic inside and outside the discotheque, according to
00:55   witnesses. Some of the guests outside sought protection by diving under parked
01:01   cars to avoid further attacks or being killed, because the attackers shouted
01:10   “we will kill you all,” and in Arabic the phrase “Allahu Akhbar” several times.
01:18   It seem a providential that just two people were injured. The suspects were already
01:22   on the police radar for several crimes committed in previous weeks. The sense
01:26   of security among the population has been seriously disturbed.
01:30   We are all required to obey our constitution, German or not. This shouldn’t
01:34   even be questioned. —It is not OK that they attacked people with knives.
01:40   There are always black sheep to be found in every nation.
01:44   For Frankfurt Mayor René Wilke of the Left Party, it was the last straw.
01:49   After lengthy deliberation, he has decided to have several criminal asylum seekers
01:54   removed from Germany. As administrative authority there is the possibility, which is
01:59   used only in really exceptional cases and very seldom. Aside from criminal and
02:06   asylum law, local authorities may use a measure for defense, the so-called right
02:12   to expulsion. —We will apply this measure now to achieve the expulsion of serious
02:18   offenders who pose a risk to our society.
02:22   Mayor Wilke has set himself on a confrontation course with his own party.
02:26   The violent criminals from Syria are to be isolated from the other 1,500 refugees
02:30   in the city. The public prosecutor’s office is investigating and a suspect sits in custody.
02:35   It appears to be a group of 15-20 Syrian youths, all around 20 years of age,
02:44   who show up in different teams. They stand out through their violent crimes and threats
02:51   of violence, as well as breaking weapons laws and possibly also criminal narcotics offenses,
02:56   and in that context we have been investigating for some time now.
03:01   According to the Interior Ministry, expulsions are quite possibly a way, but
03:05   at the same time there is criticism of the police. They were late in informing the
03:10   public as well as the minister about the attack. — This was a significant event, and
03:14   for such incidents a so-called w.e. notification which was supposed to be sent.
03:18   It wasn’t, and we will have to find out why. I suspect an oversight and nothing more.
03:25   This attack produced huge waves on the internet. On their website the Frog Club’s operators have
03:29   requested that the issue not be abused for political
03:33   reasons, neither by the left nor the right, and appeal for more security in the city.
03:37   Last weekend the interrupted party was repeated, without incident and
03:41   with a police cruiser in front of the door.

7 thoughts on “Administrative Expulsion for Culture-Enrichers Who Attacked Nightclub in Frankfurt

  1. Usually , when it comes to nightclubs , it is accompanied by drugs and associated gang extortions . The Magrebi , Turks or other gangs usually approach businesses to pay under threat of damage . It seems that in this case they told them to go to hell and they came back to punish . It is very common in Cape Town and most major cities in the world. Only , in Cape Town, the local gangs gave them such hideous punishment that they wont dare step in again , guns or no guns.

  2. Stpupid Germans ,They never learn from own mistakes, huge mistakes , deported them all!!!, send them back to rebuild own country, if they apeal , Deport, deport , if they say, it’s dangerous over there , judge should say , “ You should think before You committed this crimes “ simple like that ..

  3. It was only because the Syrian migrants did not have access to guns that no one was killed. This was a terrorist attack plain and simple. The use of the religiously charged phrase “Allahu akbar” is clear this was no business dispute.

  4. Safe Europe, who are “the Germans”? It’s the German political class and establishment who are not deporting them. Yes, the common sense view is “deport them all”; I recommend a ‘one- strike-and-you’re-out’ approach, the one to which I and my colleagues in a certain Moslem country were subject to (without complaint on our part, since to have been ‘sent home’ meant that we had broken some rule or other, a transgression for which we held ourselves responsible).

    In Germany, however, something that might not meet every eye is, I suggest, at play. Keeping them here (and punishing them lightly, if at all, is part of The Plan, the plan which aims to sow chaos, to break down our societies, our way of life. Merkel never ran as a communist but she is one, isn’t she?

  5. Just to make it clear, this is Frankfurt (Oder), a city of 60,000 on the Polish border in eastern Germany. It had avoided this kind of cultural enrichment prior to the late Merkel era.

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