A Missed Opportunity to Save Sweden

A Missed Opportunity to Save Sweden

by Fjordman

Some Swedish patriots and sympathizers abroad had hoped that the 2018 general elections would mark a breakthrough for more nationally-oriented parties and restrictive immigration policies. This did not happen.

The elections were held on September 9, 2018. The final election results were not ready until September 16, a full week later. For a technologically sophisticated nation, it should be possible to count votes faster than this.[1] This is yet another reminder that Sweden is no longer the efficient and well-functioning country it once was.

The right-wing Sweden Democrats (SD) did gain 13 seats in Parliament compared to the previous election, now holding 62 seats in total. Virtually all opinion polls had predicted that they would grow. Yet SD did not grow as much as some opinion polls had indicated. Many polls had suggested that the Sweden Democrats could surpass the Moderate Party to become the second-largest party. Several opinion polls from 2018 had SD receive about 21-26% support.[2] One opinion poll published a couple of months prior to the election gave them as much as 28.5% support.[3] This would have made them larger than the Social Democrats.

The Swedish Social Democrats have been the biggest party in Sweden continuously since the early 1900s. If they had been dethroned from this position, this would have had a significant psychological impact on Swedish society. While the Social Democrats had their worst election since 1911, they remained the largest party.

The Sweden Democrats didn’t even become the second-largest party. SD retained their spot as number three at 17.5%, behind the Social Democrats at 28.3% and the Moderates at 19.8%.[4] Alternative for Sweden (AfS), a new party that wants even more restrictive immigration policies than the SD, came nowhere near receiving the 4% of the votes needed to enter the Swedish Parliament (Riksdag).

It is interesting to notice that the two largest parties, the Social Democrats and the Moderates, in 2014 combined received 54.34% of the votes and 197 mandates in Parliament. In theory, the two major parties could thus have formed a majority coalition government together. This would be similar to the way the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and the Social Democrats (SPD) have ruled Germany together since 2013.

However, in 2018, the Social Democrats and the Moderates together got 48.1% of the votes. This earned them 170 seats in combination, less than the 175 needed to form a majority in the Swedish Parliament.

Establishing the next government in Sweden will be complicated. Especially if all the other parties keep treating the Sweden Democrats as evil racists that they do not want to cooperate with.

That the Sweden Democrats performed less well on election day than several polls had indicated contributed to speculations about election fraud. No election in Sweden’s recent history has been mired by more allegations of irregularities or possible attempts at election fraud. One Swedish voter suggested to me that it might easier to tamper with early votes that were stored out of view for several days before being counted, compared to votes cast in public polling stations on election day. It is extremely difficult to assess the truth of such allegations. However, the fact that rumors of possible election fraud circulated widely in Sweden in the days after the election indicates declining trust in the legitimacy of the political system. This is noteworthy by itself.

For many Swedish patriots, the election was an anticlimax. Some of them reacted with resignation, even despair. On certain websites, you could read a few Swedes stating that this was the last chance to save Sweden. They would now emigrate, joining the thousands of Swedes who have already left their increasingly dysfunctional Multicultural society.

Others remain more optimistic. After all, the Sweden Democrats grew by 4.7% between 2014 and 2018. However, parties that support mass immigration received about 82% of the registered votes. Problems related to street violence and criminal gangs will thus probably continue to increase until at least 2022.

All things considered, the September 2018 elections represented a missed opportunity to save Sweden.


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13 thoughts on “A Missed Opportunity to Save Sweden

  1. “All things considered, the September 2018 elections represented a missed opportunity to save Sweden”.

    Well – as true as the statement about the “lost opportunity” might be: how *exactly* would even a (constitutional!) majority vote for SD “save Sweden”?

    How exactly would the (hypothetical) majority government supporter by its majority Parliament act to save Sweden?

    What exactly would be the actions, measures, laws, law enforcement procedures against the no-go zones, widespread lawlessness in there, attacks on native Swedes, rapes etc. etc. ?

    Pardon for having a poor imagination – I just can’t picture any viable, actionable plan to save Sweden from the fatal morass she is in.

  2. The establishment will have no qualms about fiddling the election result. Their intention is to hang onto power, and if they’re willing to flood the country with third world savages in order to achieve their goal, surely they will be willing to corrupt electuons.

  3. One straightforward change that is needed is to have one ballot paper with all the candidates on it.

    The Swedish system of having separate papers, one for each party, on show for selection outside the polling station, defeats the secrecy of the ballot and opens the way for interference (which happened) by “losing” certain parties’ papers.

    The social trust on which the system was based was long ago destroyed.

  4. The results of the election tell me a couple of things…………..

    1 – The heaviest vote for SD must have been in the equivalent of the French Banlieues where the oppressive nature of the Islamic migrants is most felt.

    2 – Therefore Sweden will in essence continue to shrink for the native Swedes as migration will continue apparently unimpeded and the Muslims spread out.

    The date Fjordman mentions for the next elections, 2020, 4 years from now will be most interesting to see if the native Swedes start looking out from their isolated neighborhoods to see what is going on.

    All that being said the question of course is whether or not those running the country will allow the airing out of the problem. So far apparently the Swedes are so psychologically blinded to what is happening that they may indeed be beyond saving. And as Lu said, if at this time things changed how would the Swedes ameliorate the situation. (Even I find myself saying ameliorate instead of FIX the situation).

    Suicide by country apparently.

    Question if anyone knows, were there public debates? On television? If so how many or were those methods of communication squelched like apparently the ability to think and discern information for oneself in modern Sweden?

    If so I wonder if the question of women dying their hair dark or wearing wigs or staying inside for those living near the Banlieues were brought up in debates? Or were allowed to be brought up?

    Mike from Brooklyn

    • Think of the actual vote in Sweden as being akin to voting in Chicago. The fix was in before the count even started. And it wasn’t even a very sophisticated fix: each party has a separate ballot which the voter chooses under the watchful eye of those in charge. If that kind of social intimidation doesn’t work – it’s very powerful in a consensus culture like Sweden – then the opposition parties’ ballots can suddenly be disappeared. In other words, no ballot, no vote.

  5. The issue here slowing or even stopping immigration into Sweden and other white countries is no longer a solution. Even if immigration in Sweden were stopped today, the Swedes will be a minority in their own country within 20 to 30 years.

    The Sweden Democrats were only about slowing down immigration – not good enough.

    AfS were the only ones closest to the solution which looked to be based on voluntary repatriation. Sorry guys, the 3rd worlders will not leave voluntarily and even if given a few thousand Euros, they still won’t leave.

    What I’m trying to say is that the West is beyond a political and democratic solution. This leads two potential outcomes:

    – War
    – Capitulation

    Deep down, we all know this to be the case.

    • Yes, yes, yes – but there are completely unknown factors which may bring something in between, e.g.:

      1. Brutal depression of world’s economy – no freebies for the enrichers any more
      2. Emergence of guerillas of native Swedes, making enrichers’ live barely palatable and forcing them to leave (voluntarily or not so much)
      3. World war event engulfing Europe once more time into a chaos of unimaginable destruction – the enrichers may choose to flee

      and other factors we can’t even fathom making the binary outcome less fatalistic.

      But if just the current state of affairs continues for decades, yup – two outcomes only.

      • The current state of affairs will not last decades. I think a few years at most. Even less if there is a financial downturn or crash. Once vigilantism and ethnic/religious violence begins anywhere, it will rapidly spread to every European country with a muslim underclass. Governments and citizens will be forced to take sides whether they want to or not. And governments that choose the side of the invaders risk alienating their majority ethnic european populations and sparking civil war.

        • A welfare state tends to deaden the lively spark of intellect and wit of any given individual. When one looks to the state as provider and problem solver, the probability of any bureaucratic behavior “sparking civil war” becomes more remote with each passing decade.

          How long since Britain was tamed? No doubt the denizens see their safety net as a net benefit when it’s really an ankle chain. The same is true of much of our underclass.

        • We shall see. We, all of us who see the situation more clearly, continually underestimate how (willfully?) blind the majority European indigenous population is.

          We don’t understand why they can’t see it.

          • They can’t afford to see it because the solutions seem so awful. To have clear vision when your culture and country is being obliterated requires more courage and insight than most of us have.

    • I watched the second video. Will view the other later.

      The fellow said it was fraudulent. So take that, Charles Johnson and your EXPO sockpuppet, “Dave”…

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