Tommy and the Growth of Populism

So what do “we” need to do? In the case of Tommy Robinson, Britons could consider holding a Gratitude Parade, just so those in charge notice that people care about due process. Failure to show up means that no one will come when it’s your turn…and in a soviet like the U.K., if you live long enough it will be your turn eventually.

I like Dr. Turley’s inferences for the wider victory this represents.

3 thoughts on “Tommy and the Growth of Populism

  1. I’m pleased and relieved that Tommy Robinson, England’s No.1 political prisoner, has been released from prison, albeit on bail.

    At least I can sleep soundly knowing that I did something, however small a contribution, to help this man, over the past few years; for example I’ve got his book, mohamad’s koran, co-written with Peter McLaughlan.

    And it’s reassuring to know that there are many thousands of my fellow countrymen and women who also know wickedness when they see it; a wickedness that is so ingrained in our public bodies including the judicial system, the police and prison services and the media – the press and the radio and TV stations, – that it’s difficult to know how or when the draining of our swamp can begin.

    I don’t think Tommy Robinson’s battle with the forces lined against him by the state has ended. Rather the swamp dwellers will no doubt retreat, regroup, reassess their situation and begin their renewed attack on Tommy and those like him who won’t shut up and go away so they can complete their destruction of our civilisation without interference.

    For me, I’d like to see Tommy take legal action against the Leeds judge who sent him to prison in May of this year with such alacrity and relish.

    I’d like to see him take action against the Leeds police chief and senior officers for their part in his arrest and the lies they told to keep his lawyer from coming to his aid.

    I’d like to see him take legal action against the prison governors who kept him in inhuman and dangerous conditions, knowing full well the severe threats to his family and himself.

    Until there are consequences for actions, the swamp dwellers in my country will do it again, repeatedly, until they are stopped. And I’m willing to continue supporting Tommy Robinson to pay for the legal team he’ll need to bring these wicked people to justice.

  2. Tommy was fortunate in the quality of his lawyers. I don’t think the extra Curial pressures had much impact. It was plain in reading the judgement that plenty of rules guaranteeing procedural fairness were broken and the judgment of the court below could not possibly stand.

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