The Resistance Takes to the Streets of Chemnitz

As we reported earlier today, the murder of a native German — who was stabbed to death by culture-enrichers — in the city of Chemnitz has prompted a series of street demonstrations in the city. As I understand it, a second victim stabbed by the “refugees” has since died, leading to an even larger street presence of people who object to mass immigration into Germany.

The presence of so many “xenophobes” on the streets has brought on an acute case of the Screaming Nazi Heeber-Jeebers in both the German and international media. See, for example, The Guardian, or the BBC.

It seems that the German government has also been spooked by the demonstrations in Chemnitz: according to the first video below, the authorities are now jamming video communications during demonstrations to prevent demonstrators from live-streaming what is happening. I don’t know if they’re jamming wireless signals, satellite, or something else; perhaps the more tech-savvy of our readers can make an educated guess about what the Bundesrepublik is doing to silence its citizens in Chemnitz.

The second video shows a series of street interviews with people in Chemnitz. As you can see from the interviews, not all of those who take part in the demos are “neo-Nazis”.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

Video #1: Jamming video signals in Chemnitz:

Video #2: Man-in-the-street interviews in Chemnitz:

Video transcript #1:

00:00   So dear people, if you see this video here, that’s because it is no longer live,
00:05   but it is the next day and the reason is — they have installed jammers here,
00:10   so that we cannot broadcast live, and the constitution states
00:14   (in Article 5): “No censorship shall be applied.” Well, now we see how
00:18   far we’ve come in our country. We have a bit of marching to do now.
00:24   There are about eight to ten thousand people and… “resistance, resistance,
00:34   resistance, resistance, resistance…”
00:42   So… we’re going to resist… See you later, Ciao.
00:46   “Merkel must go, Merkel must go, Merrrkel mussst go away…”

Video transcript #2:

00:05   Message: “Whoever still remains silent is complicit”
00:09   From my point of view, what I have experienced until now
00:13   is that they don’t have to be afraid. I have never seen any violence against
00:17   refugees or have experienced anything like that. Well, until the recent
00:21   events that happened, so… In my opinion they should not be afraid of anything here,
00:27   because there are many people here, who have courage. Yes, it is not a city of fascists,
00:35   so, they should not be afraid of them.
00:43   Yes, I think the people here are afraid because of the situation, and
00:47   they’re afraid to go into the city. For example, my parents say:
00:51   “Don’t go in the city — stay at home”
00:59   Yesterday I was at the demonstration. —Which side?
01:04   I was on the pro-Chemnitz side; that’s a little bit on the right side.
01:08   Because here there are a lot of problems with immigration. Yes, and I think
01:14   the German News don’t speak about everything. Now we have two deaths,
01:20   not one. Yes, and if you see this place here, behind me, there is a lot of crime;
01:26   they deal drugs and so on. They steal everything and so on, and
01:30   it is too much in Germany! I think we must help people, but now it’s too much. Yes.
01:34   So it is not about refugees? Yes, Yes, it is.
01:38   It is about a lot of problems with refugees. And a lot of refugees did not come
01:42   from countries where there is war. They came from Morocco,
01:45   they came from Tunisia, and that is a problem. And they commit the crimes.
01:48   Often the people from Syria are not the big problem, yes, but the people from
01:53   North Africa. That’s a problem. Which we have in Germany, yes.
02:01   I think there were 3,000 persons at the demonstration. There you will always have
02:06   50 or 100 persons who want violence, who make stress and trouble, but that’s not the city.
02:12   That’s not the city. There were a lot of people who came out
02:16   because they have become angry. Children can’t go outside, women can’t go outside, and
02:20   at last year’s party — they had to stop it too, because there was a lot of sexual violence
02:26   by the refugees against German women, and they don’t talk about that, yes.
02:34   I am very shocked about what happened here yesterday.
02:42   Actually, I am ashamed for this city that such… right-wing
02:46   Radical people spread their hate. Actually, we should live in peace
02:54   with each other, with refugees, whatever the reason they came here,
02:59   and examine whether they should go back or not. But I think that
03:03   with hate and violence it is never possible to solve problems.
03:13   I would say that the hate between the people who are for immigration
03:17   and the people against immigration is very large, and that’s a problem for our country
03:24   or our city. And it’s not so good to live together when so many
03:30   people are against immigration.

11 thoughts on “The Resistance Takes to the Streets of Chemnitz

  1. According to reports I have seen the 2 German men who were killed by migrants, had tried to stop the rape of a German woman .The migrant rapists stabbed the German men so that they could continue their gang rape unimpeded .

  2. Chemnitz, like Dresden is situated in the heartland of what a few thousand years ago was know as the Territory of the Saxons. A nation of ruthless fighters who gave no quarter nor expected any.
    Their weapon of choice was a single edge short bladed sword they referred to as “Seax”, in their language a “long knife”.
    It was carried in an almost horizontal fashion in a leather sheath on their belts with the edge upward to protect said edge.
    It looks like in Chemnitz their Saxon ancestors are beginning to stir.
    Like I said before in another thread here on GoV; nothing in Germany ever truly dies.

    A historical note on the side;
    The expression “Night of the Long Knives” is well known and usually attributed to Nazi Germany.
    Not well known is the fact this expression in a somewhat different form is found in English midieval literature under the heading “The Treachery of the Long Knives”.
    Historians are still out on this one. Is it a true story or just a fancy tale?

    • If I remember correctly, “Saxon” is also cognate with “saw” and “sierra”, with a common root meaning more or less “long blade”.

      • Even the Scandinavians use the same word for “scissors”, spelled “sax” in Swedish and “saks”in Danish and Norwegian. The Icelandic word is “skæri”, which is cognate to German “Schere” and Dutch “schaar”. (Note: Icelandic is still closely related to old Norse). Hence the word must first have entered the other Nordic languages in the Late Middle Ages, after some Vikings had settled in Iceland (in the 10th Century). This means, that even the (once) fierce Vikings were impressed and intimidated by their continental brethren, the Saxons, and borrowed that word to describe their most feared arm. The fact that in English one still talks about a “pair of” scissors shows, shows that it originally meant to describe only one blade.

    • Chemnitz is also the city formerly known as Karl-Marx-Stadt, if memory serves me correctly.

    • “…situated in the heartland of what a few thousand years ago…” centuries, a few centuries ago is the timeline we’re looking for here. And the region nowadays called Saxony was Slavic before Saxons moved in and assimilated the Sorbs (not to confuse with Serbs) living there. The actual ancient homeland of the Saxons is Lower Saxony in the north of Germany and islands like Helgoland.

  3. From what I could find, Merkel and the German media went into overdrive to condemn the “riots” … but did they have anything to say about the murders?

    • They grudgingly expressed their condolences after the protests had started (usually such cases are covered only by local media, apart from the AfD, politicians don’t talk about them), but that was about all. One of the killers seems to have a criminal record (bodily harm and drugs) and was currently on probation. Our politicians said nothing about that or about the fact that the crime rate of “refugees” in Chemnitz is about 9 times higher than that of German citizens of the town or why criminal “refugees” are not deported. So, in their opinion, these murders just happen, like accidents. I’m so fed up with it!

  4. If governments prohibit their citizens from telling others about a protest (by not allowing live-streaming) then we have reached a whole new level of censorship and control. My guess on how this could be implemented in practice would be with either the cooperation of the streaming services (like Facebook and Youtube) or by throttling the data transfers on the mobile network base stations in the area (voice requires less data than video). That being said, it is more likely that the live-streaming doesn’t work because of the large number of people and their devices concentrated in one small area (a mobile network has to handle many more devices, therefore data transfer speed between a device and the base station goes down, like for example when trying to make a call at midnight on New Years Eve from inside a city and failing because almost everyone else is trying to do the same thing), rather than an entity throttling data.

  5. Obviously this can only happen in East Germany, in West Germany, no one would care about these murders.

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