The PVV’s Draw Muhammad Contest: November 10, 2018

As reported here earlier, Geert Wilders and the Party for Freedom (Partij voor de Vrijheid, PVV) in the Netherlands are holding a “Draw Muhammad” contest, which will take place (under tight security, one hopes) at the parliament building in the Hague.

We now have a date for this illustrious event: November 10. I recommend marking it on the calendar, because that’s the day when Muslims the world over will torch cars, stab pedestrians, and burn down any Western embassies that have less than top-notch security.

As a reminder of what this is all about, here’s a video about the contest from the PVV:

Better send in your entries pronto — the deadline is September 1.

10 thoughts on “The PVV’s Draw Muhammad Contest: November 10, 2018

  1. Can anyone here draw?

    How about a picture of Mohammed sitting in his cave with three thought bubbles containing the words “Koran”, “Allah” and “Islam” with the caption “Who says Muslims never invented anything?”

  2. Kindly ensure submissions fit within one of the preferred themes:
    1) Mo raping 9-year old girls and boys,
    2) Mo preaching to a crowd of clearly low-IQ inbred sheep herders,
    3) Mo french-kissing bearded followers,
    4) Mo drunkenly imbibing from an earthenware jug as a line-up of captives are beheaded, one by one,
    5) A multi-pane graphic showing Mo indulging in bestiality with 4 or 5 favored Islamic animals deemed ‘clean’.

    Please abstain from drawing anything that might offend any of our Muslim readers. 🙂

  3. How about asking the dwarfish muslim mayor of London to fly a large balloon in the shape of the mass murdering paedophile, on that day, to commemorate the event?

  4. It would seem that neither side can win as the fight between the west and Islam is now a “Draw”
    Besides, is there any proof that Mahomet, aka Mo-hammed, actually existed?

    • It doesn’t matter if Mohammed existed or not. What matters is what people believe. Belief triumphs historicity every time.

      • That is true if the belief is delusional or convenient for one’s vested interests. My belief has historical proof, both foretold and recorded. It has passed forensic testing and review which is more than can be said for the other, especially when any questioning is regarded as heresy, blasphemy, or both with the Red Queen immediately crying out, “Off with the head!”

  5. And there you must manually draw? I would have done a photo collage.
    My husband draws well, but he refused to help me, said that my ideas will not bring me to the good.
    Is it possible to send anonymously?

  6. Sent mine, but they should move the date, 11 november is Polish national day and I will be there! Wanted to come to parliament aswel in holland….

  7. How could people ever come up with this blasphemous idea again? It’s not about the countries or politics rather the 1.3 billion people whose faith is under-attack. Why do we forget the feelings of humanity which knows no color and religion. Whether you are Chirstian, Muslim or Jewish the feelings you have for your religion is equally crimson. The issue may lie in the display of their faith but inside they feel the same intensity of relatedness to their faith. It’s about the human emotions not only looking down upon Muslims. Come forward for human beings and save them getting hurt again.

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