The Predictable End Begins Again

Three opinions on the hot mess of #WaitForMe South Africa, which is anxious to go Zimbabwe one better:

The main problems facing national entities in the African continent are corruption, corruption, corruption. Without a rule of law and robust property rights, no country can flourish.

All too soon South Africa will have begging bowls in the U.N. Or rather, a list of demands that “former colonials” had better meet. But those wicked colonials will be embroiled in their own troubles, many of them brought about by their imported African populations.

Not to worry. China – already buying up mineral rights throughout the continent – is waiting in the wings to pick up the pieces. Who needs to ‘own’ countries when one can simply strip them to the last yuan?

The end of this sad tale will be blood, death, and famine. However, the present instigators will get away, their pockets bulging.

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    Trump’s “hate narrative,” as it happens, is based on horrid facts. Over ten percent of all Afrikaner commercial farmers have been murdered since 1994, which makes them more vulnerable than active-duty personnel of the U.S. Special Forces in Iraq or Afghanistan.

    Between 1994 and March 2012, there had been an estimated 1,336 murders of whites on South African farms. This is by far the highest homicide rate for any distinct racial/socioeconomic group in South Africa, and one of the highest for a statistically comparable group anywhere in the world.

    The last comprehensive government analysis of farm attack victims by race was conducted 18 years ago, when the South African Police’s Crime Information Analysis Centre stated that of the 1,398 people attacked on farms, 61.6% were white.

    At that time whites already accounted for barely 10 percent of South Africa’s population, which indicates that they were targeted as whites.

    Gideon Meiring, head of the Transvaal Agricultural Union’s Safety & Security Committee, accused the police of failing to prevent farm attacks, saying “they are not part of the solution but part of the bloody problem.”

    Kallie Kriel of AfriForum accused politicians, including Agriculture Minister Lulu Xingwana, of inciting hatred against white farmers: “Those who inflame hate and aggression towards them have to be regarded as accomplices to the murders of farmers.”

  2. My understanding was that the “deal” was that South African Apartheid ended and that people would be treated equally from then on, with the quid pro quo of it being that the whites wouldn’t be harmed in their economic interests.

    That deal obviously failed.

    The Chinese, I think, actually try to sow discord and create problems, because it makes it easier to take over resources. Africa has been a favourite target, being resource-rich… and with enough problems that one doesn’t need to make much effort to stir them up.

    I suspect that similar techniques and purposes are behind a lot of the really stupid ideas that take over left-wing groupthink in the west: non-gendered bathrooms, “open borders”, many parts of the “green movement” and so on. I just don’t know who provides the funding to jump-start these idiocies. I think that the basic technique is used by several different groups. In some cases, such as the anti-pipeline activity here in Canada, the funding probably comes from American companies that benefit from cheaper “captive” Canadian oil and is fairly simple in its cost/benefit analysis. The stupidest of these ideas seem to be designed to weaken society generally, and I would suspect Russian (or maybe Chinese) influence. Places that have seen the negative effects of communism, and now realised that it is actually a much more potent weapon than nuclear bombs to wield against “competing countries” (that they view things in such terms is, itself, possibly a legacy of communism).

    All of this is just 100% guesswork and conspiracy theory on my part. I have no evidence. It just seems to make sense.

    • Re your understanding that the deal was that South African Apartheid ended and that people would be treated equally from then on does not appear to have ever been true in any real sense.

      At the request of the Chinese (residents? government?), the Chinese of South Africa have been officially reclassified as “black” since 2014, according to various sources, including Wiki (but not many mass media sources).

      Filipinos have also been reclassified as “black” for reasons not made clear, although most of them are definitely much darker hued than Chinese.

      Regardless, a state of apartheid (or apart-hood, if you prefer) never went out of style in that benighted country.

  3. Scott Ott suggests someone like Sharyl Atkisson needs to report what the msm refuses to report about the South African land confiscations.
    I’d be surprised if Scott isn’t familiar with Lauren Southern’s documentary…Farmlands

    Not mentioned also, the complicity of the UN endlessly dithering on the question of “genocide” as they did with Rhodesia, Rawanda, Biafra, and Zimbabwe. When it comes to the catatonic UN , one asks, do any lives (black, white, wildlife) matter?

    • I’m going to sound like Mark Spahn here, but the video is too long and ponderous for me to watch except in ten-minute increments. All those visuals detract from the message, imho. Nonetheless, her account of early South Africa is quite informative.

  4. is his description of the kind of journalist needed to investigate these atrocities Scott described Lauren Southern and her outstanding documentary called “Farmlands” about the situation for farmers in South Africa. She is one of the courageous Journalists who has investigated this. Another is Katie Hopkins. Lauren’s video is available on youtube,, at least for now. Excerpts of Katie’s documentary can be found at Hopkins World,

  5. Two years ago America had just 500 graduate students of mineral resource exploration (many of them were not even Americans!). China has an army of 50,000 graduates in mineral resources exploration and science.

  6. Game farm, too. If whites don’t protect the fauna in South Africa, there will be no fauna. Wildlife, habitat conservation, it’s a white thing, ya’ll wouldn’t understand.

  7. Oak-Town ☢ Unfiltered ❌

    Aug 24
    Please educate yourselves on the slaughter of white farmers in South Africa. Do not let #FakeNews tell you that it is only a White Supremacist talking point. Julius Malema is evil & openly chants “Kill the Boer ”

    Watch on youtube here and share ⬇️⬇️

  8. Katie Hopkins

    Verified account

    Aug 22
    Dear @SecPompeo

    I have filmed evidence of;
    The SA police arming farm attackers
    EFF operating as a terrorist organisation
    Farm attackers (discussing the rape of farmers 3 yr old)
    The ANC trying to prevent this footage leaving the country
    If helpful. Thank you

  9. Candace Owens

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    White farmers are being murdered by the South African government. As we learned from Zimbabwe, murdering whites eventually leads to economic collapse and starvation of black Africans.

    @CNN is justifying the murders bc @realDonaldTrump has condemned them.

  10. Maybe it’s time the Boers go “on Commando” again. What do they have to lose? Organized, Determined Men can do great damage to disorganized mobs of idiots.

    The O’Neill

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