The Pakistani Veto

Geert Wilders has cancelled the Draw Mohammed contest:

Right-wing Dutch politician Geert Wilders has canceled a planned ‘draw Muhammad’ cartoon contest in the Netherlands after Islamic terrorists threatened to attack the event.

The announcement follows a threat by a Pakistani Muslim who posted a video to Facebook vowing to assassinate Wilders before he was arrested.

“The threats resulting from the cartoon contest are running out of control,” Wilders said in a statement posted to Twitter. “Now other people are in danger because of extremist Muslims who see not only me but the Netherlands as a target.”

“If innocent people are murdered then they and no one else are responsible. To avoid the risk of victims from Islamic violence, I have decided to cancel the cartoon competition,” he added.

Wilders made the decision to cancel the event after an Islamist posted a video to Facebook announcing he was in the Hague and ready to kill the Dutch politician.

Tweet by Geert Wilders:

Here’s the video (thanks to C for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling):

As everyone who reads Gates of Vienna knows, Geert Wilders has lived with tight security protection since 2004. It’s too bad Pakistanis — or any other majority Muslim country — can publicly tell the world about life-threatening attacks against those in the West they disagree with, ensuring a shut down of the venue.

Fox News has the latest.

We saw what these miscreants did in Denmark, and then in Texas. Now they repeated the same game plan in the Netherlands. Threaten, attack, and silence. What other country would be willing to host this contest? Which country is free enough?

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  1. And here is how Wilders and the Dutch become dhimmis.
    How unfortunate.How disastrous.
    And the criminals won again.
    We are truly lost.All western civilization has no escape.

    • I was opposed to such an event supposedly being put on in London two years ago. I knew that there would be no venue that would permit it, I knew that the police would refuse to protect those who attend or even arrest them for behaviour likely to cause a breach of the peace. Of course, the event did not happen for precisely the reasons I predicted.

      Wilders should have known better. He should have known that the consequence of this going ahead would be more innocent people killed by Muslims. That wouldn’t have been his fault. If Dutch workers/citizens in Muslim areas around the world started to be murdered because of a cartoon event, then perhaps the Dutch would wake up and understand what evil they’ve imported and elect Wilders to root out this evil. If most Dutch people think “Islam is a religion of peace” then let them work out why suddenly all over the world peaceful Muslims are slaughtering Dutch people whom they’ve never met before.

      It’s a decade since Pastor Terry Jones said he’d burn a Koran (something the Saudis do to Bibles with great glee and no consequences). Muslims around the world started to kill because of the idea of a Koran being treated the way Muslims treat Bibles. Muslims resorted to the same killing of innocents as far back as the Rushdie Affair (1989) and with Jyllands Posten (the Danish people were set up by disloyal “Danish” imams in 2006).

      Wilders is no closer to being PM and no closer to banning Islam. And once again the Islam network all over the world have had their belief proven once more – the Kuffar are cowards who will not stand by our avowed principles.

      Better to let people suspect they might have you on the run, rather than to prove they have all the power by pretending to square up to them and then run away.

      My respect for Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller is heightened. They know they are not responsible for what Muslims do to other innocents.

      What happens if Wilders gets to be PM and gets close to passing his law banning Islam. And then Muslims start killing Dutch people. He’s now demonstrated to Muslims that he will back down if they up the stakes.

      • Geert Wilders wouldn’t have been “closer to being the PM” if he hadn’t sponsored the cartoon contest. The elites responsible for Dutch irresponsibility have been trying to get him on bogus charges for years.

        I wonder if he knows “Me and Bobby McGee”? Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose…

      • Mike Rivero of (a site I like except for its massive anti-Israel slant) once said that the best way to expose a tyrant is to force them to act like one. I made a comment further down that publicly bear baiting, backing down, then exposing all the things Islam threatens death over might both increase public awareness and create reasons to talk about issues like free speech (creating “teachable moments”) but that’s only valid if it IS a part of strategy and the required follow-up IS observed in the first place.

        People didn’t get converted to leftist insanity overnight and they won’t be deconverted either, it takes the weight of a thousand small moments, of tossing little rocks of paradox into a backpack of a broken culture until it’s so heavy you can no longer carry it around with you anymore and are forced to ask why you are even bothering.

        All of these problems go deeper than Islam and come back to globalism using Islam as shock troops to keep people so busy fighting against that they aren’t paying attention to everything else occurring – the universal loss of national identities, destruction of especially unique European cultures, corrupt schools teaching absolute garbage meant to stunt your thinking (at least in places like the USA, Europe beats us still so maybe not as bad there, but they still get heavy leftist indoctrination so they aren’t all good either), bankers owning and pulling the strings on every country, coming mass unemployment from robots/AI, staged wars…

        Islam benefits from all these things, Islam is a participant in several of these things, but these things did not start with the fairly recent bona fide invasion of Islam into western countries. There is a bigger picture at play here of which Islam is a massive, very powerful and substantial pillar but is not at all the only thing at play. The opportunity to talk about how they fit into the bigger picture needs to be encouraged as well.

        Consider for a moment in every western country practically in unison “someone opened the door for Islam” and people need to ask WHY…

        • it takes the weight of a thousand small moments, of tossing little rocks of paradox into a backpack of a broken culture until it’s so heavy you can no longer carry it around with you anymore and are forced to ask why you are even bothering.

          If you read the YouTube #WalkAway stories, they sound like what you describe here.

    • Wilders is not a dhimmi. Nor will he ever be. He recognizes there are worse things than dying.

      I disagree that Western civilization has no escape. We are already seeing the rising populism in central/eastern Europe, Italy, and the U.S. We are NOT “truly lost” nor do we lack an escape. The globalist transnational nightmare is, in fact, ending. At the very least we are seeing the beginning of the end of borderless empires run by the elites.

      Time to look around, jan.

      • I hope you are right. I am a pessimist; majority of people that are around me are lefties. I convinced one or two to “look around” and they finally agreed to do it.
        However, they do not understand their history. They do not understand current events. Like, yesterday I mentioned South Africa White genocide… no one knows about it; no one cares about the serious implications for the white race.

        In 2015, I was the only one in a group of intelligent (I know they are) people that sounded the alarm …I was told to accept the colored future. But none of them gets it. It is not only about the colored future.

        Then the other day I met some people from Boston… they smell of left, talk like left, a disaster.

        To be honest, Wilders made a big mistake, one that will have consequences in his life majorly, I feel. I was hoping people will take him seriously, but they did not, and now they will not at all.

        I keep chugging along between twerps… and that makes me very pessimistic.

        • You need to find a different social environment peopled with folks you can respect. It’s not easy, but it *is* possible. If you keep engaging with people whose views are not yours, your heart and soul will suffer and you’ll believe those “intelligent” ignoramuses. You’re right: they don’t know history.

          Boston? A leftist hell-hole, as is every major urban area owned by Dems.

          • People are staggeringly ignorant, and it isn’t just the obvious Leftists.

            Around 2012 I attended a lunch-time meeting in the City of London of an organisation called The Freedom Association, reputedly one of the most right-wing organisations in Britain. They had funded (or at least part-funded) a tour of Britain by Raheel Raza, who was telling the assembled 100 or so rich, well-educated, right-wing, not young crowd about her plans to reform Islam. They lapped it up.

            During the Q&A I attempted to pour some cold water on this fantasy, by telling that whilst they were deluding themselves in small gatherings like this, Hizb ut Tahrir was holding conferences in the UK with thousands of Islamo-Nazis in attendance. I briefly explained what HuT’s constitution for the coming Islamic State would be (little knowing that in a couple of years such an entity would in fact come into being, precisely along the lines that HuT had been advocating for decades).

            To my amazement, I was shouted down. These educated, rich, right-wing people told me: “Hizb ut Tahrir was banned in Britain years ago”. I told them they were wrong and they were ignorant. There was someone there who ran a think-tank related to Islamic terrorism, and she backed up my assertion that Hizb ut Tahrir were still very much alive in Britain. Another man I knew there was nodding in agreement. A couple of years later he was kicked out of the British political party UKIP, because he gave an interview to the media where he (accurately) described Mohammed the warlord. To this day, he is still persona non grata in UKIP, the only party in Britain that has any elected political representatives who will speak about Islam at all.

            One of the leaders of The Freedom Association was assassinated by the IRA in 1975. You’d think that this group had some sense of the reality of history. But no, they were willfully blinding themselves. They wanted to believe that just because PM after PM had promised they would ban Hizb ut Tahrir, and since the media had stopped reporting about HuT’s conferences and planned Islamic State, they wanted to believe that HuT was no more and that people like Raheel Raza had some realistic hope of reforming Islam.

            This was a huge tactical blunder by Wilders – submission or violence are the only predictable outcomes of standing up to the religion of war (and Wilders should have known this, since he attended the event in Garland Texas). I’d long ago given up any hope of the Dhimmi Dutch defending themselves, and this confirms my belief that country has no hope. There’s more hope for Sweden waking up than there is for the Netherlands or Britain or Spain. Allowing the consequences of standing up to Islam to unfold was Wilders best hope of making the Dutch wake up.

            This was a win for Islam. Wilders life will still be in danger. And the Dutch people who he has prevented from being killed will never vote for him anyway. After this climbdown I doubt there is any country in the world except the USA where anyone would dare to put on a Draw Mohammed event.

          • This is really directed at Peter below but I can’t comment in that deep.

            I would say misinformed more than ignorant. Both the left and the right are under different kinds of information control. This is why the republicans in the US aren’t THE answer and even Trump is not THE answer but anything and anyone that stands more in the way of the planned agenda is at least a step in the right direction until such time as someone even more able to hold up things gets into position.

            I find it very enlightening to watch videos of John Guandolo talking either to people who disagree with him, or reporting stories of when others disagreed with him. The mental gymnastics the other side does and has to do is downright astounding. Supposedly top secret level people who are supposed to be fully informed not knowing a damn thing and being far worse informed than even an average poster here for instance because of MB infiltration to the highest levels. It’s hard to fight against that.

            I agree this is a win for Islam, I proposed further down that it might not always be if handled correctly though it’s just an opinion and untested idea admittedly.

            I don’t think anything is hopeless but many of the potential solutions seem to be increasingly severe and “politically incorrect”. There are many people who “vote left” because their television tells them to, or their friends bully them to, but they hold secret doubts or resentments over being told what to do – that’s how Trump got elected in the US afterall, even with all the vote fraud of fractional voting and similar they notably underestimated the turnout of rural white people tired of being told they are the garbage of the planet who should just shut the hell up and hand everything over to anyone demanding it of a different skin color and then roll over and die. Some people in the US finally started to grow a spine after years of capitulation, and it’s possible it could happen in other places too. Not every EU country is bowing down to the immigration plan and i’m surprised at some who are saying no to be honest. Not everything is always as bad as it appears to be.

        • Jan from your nick and post I infer you are Dutch, like I am.

          First of all I’m not overly worried about attacks on Dutch soil.
          I get the impression our intelligence services are rather on top of things.
          But we have military personnel stationed in Afghanistan and other places and they would take the brunt of any terrorist attacks. A high casualty rate could lead to a withdrawal of Dutch troops from these places. From an international and political point of view this would be a disaster far outweighing the importance of a cartoon contest. A withdrawal could have serious implications for Dutch foreign policy.

          Second take Dymph’s advice. Why hang around with the left crowd? They will only drain you. Let them stew in their own juices in their little bubble. A bubble that is getting smaller and smaller every day as more lies and treacheries are being exposed.

          We are at war, a war for the hearts and minds of people.
          This is going to be a long war. I’m 68 and I expect not to see this war come to a conclusion in my remaining lifetime.
          We’re in it for the long haul mate.

        • It’s important to realize that many people are awake to the threat but not understanding what the best strategy to take is. Doing the same thing and expecting a different result was the problem here, it was no more likely to succeed than before making it potentially pointless – unless the purpose was to expose Islam as an endless maker of death threats over something so childish.

          When people are exposed to the truth, the real deep truth, they change opinions. I too in the past thought it was “senseless to antagonize Islam” until I saw Bill Warner’s Why We Are Afraid after which everything made sense. It’s one reason why I don’t share the opinion of some others that there’s no point propagating “better understandings of what is wrong with Islam” once you’re already against it. I already disliked what it did, but I lacked mental understanding, historical perspective, and grand strategy picture of what was going on, how it was going on, and where it would end up at that time. His video turned all that around.

          It’s important to understand other aspects of the big picture – such as how globalism drives all this, and how and why every western nation in lockstep opened their doors to the hordes using the same propaganda and against the widespread but only lukewarm and not very well defined resistance. (post 9/11 there wasn’t alot of Islamopandering going on, by 2005 that inverted and so did seemingly many opinions about who was right in the Israeli/Palestinian argument)

          Most are leftist because when kids they had their heads filled by leftist teachers. On television they watch leftist propaganda. Monkey see monkey do. Ignorance is almost universal, all mainstream news is fake news, most western governments don’t represent their peoples at all, etc. Yet all those things happening and were well underway before Islam got involved, there’s a bigger picture.

          The most important right is freedom of speech and to be heard not censored, if tech companies like facebook or youtube are able to track which messages are going viral (they are) and have the power to throw water on the fires driving them (they do) this is a new information weapon that has never before existed in history. Organized online trolls that take over most message boards are another example, look at those lists of how trolls disrupt real debate anywhere on the planet and then look at what happens anytime anyone criticizes Islam nearly anywhere – you see all those weapons being deployed, keyboard jihad, the nonsense warriors typing out lies and disinfo calling everybody racist when Islam isn’t even a race and similar.

          The battle is not hopeless but the battle is very serious for the soul and cultures of the West. People at least are doing the first step of anything which is talking about the problem, even if only places like here where it’s not under disinfo control are any apparently real conversations about the problem even occurring. Furthermore people with strategic insight into the problem are too easy to silence if they get too successful when opposing a religion that swears to murder any critic even quoting their own holy book back to them.

  2. I think it’s brilliant and believe it was his/their plan from the start, but the Dutch, they just won’t step up. Sad.

    • It is sad. But at least Geert Wilders is no longer a voice crying in the wilderness. There are good prospects with the Visegrad Four, Salvini in Italy, etc.

  3. So, let me state my take-away from this news: Pakistan, a sovereign nation in Asia, can complain about an activity in the future in a European sovereign nation… and the latter changes to what the former desires?

    Guess I’m with Jan on the “hopefulness” scale, except that GOD is always in control

  4. Let him hold a virtual exhibition.
    I even had an idea: Muhammad teaches Aisha the alphabet.
    Pig – haram, Dog – Najis, Marriages with children – halal.

    • Exactly – have the contest over the internet. Then they can virtually scream their Hail-a-Hack-bar with their keyboards. No deaths and a jolly good time laughing at them!

  5. So a Sovereign European nation-state has caved into to a bunch of ignorant illiterate savages claiming that their supposed alleged “Prophet” cannot be drawn? As a professional historian and still practising Archaeologist, I have read professional report after reports by academic colleagues that believe that “MHMD” never existed.

    There are academic aspects too that I will not discuss herein due to room but they were enough to convince me, a well known sceptic in my field that show MHMD was a totally invented persona and a heresy that arose among ancient illiterates who failed to understand or comprehend the Jesus story. MHMD was an acronym for the “Praiser and servant of God”. The taking of such an acronym that refer to Christ and inventing a supposed “Perfect Man” like “Mohammed” demonstrates the heresy and falsehood of the whole Islamic religion.

    As a Bishop with a deep faith in Christ I am deeply offended by this blasphemy of The Saviour by ignorant barbarians in Pakistan or anywhere else. The ready resort to violence shows the falseness and fraud of Islam- a “religion” that has no real historical roots and nothing in the way of what I would recognise as theology. When somebody tells me that Christ did not exist or draws him, as they have, do I threaten bloodshed and international incidents? Of course not as we are strong in our Christ! Nor does any other Christian.

    I don’t care one iota over their arrogance and frankly innate childish ignorance. Islam is fake and has killed millions in the 1400 years of its falsehood. MHMD is the man created Anti-Christ. Islam will collapse in a few decades after revelations by serious colleagues of mine in Academia that show just how ridiculous MHMD and his supposed “Holy” Koran is.

    The findings are indisputable, Islam is fake from top to bottom which makes surrender to this idiocy even for shameful. Gert Wilders had no choice but to cancel but our supposed leaders are an absolute disgrace. We must resist Islam unto death. We simply cannot allow bandit states like Pakistan and its hordes to takeover the West. We can win this and we will!

    • Unfortunately, the Royal Dutch Air Force has neither nuclear weapons, nor the reach, nor the payload capacity to carpet bomb Pakistan.

  6. “If you keep engaging with people whose views are not yours, your heart and soul will suffer”

    Dymphna, this is so. I had a good friend, a pro-more and evermore-immigration German who denies what the human eye and mind can see. I tried to engage with him about our differences. Our friendship has ended. Nothing gained; instead, a friendship based on the small part of him I could relate to, lost.

  7. So these idiots that say they are a peaceful religion do threats on this scale for a drawing but WILL never put out threats to the terrorists who continue to kill and maim in their name. (if they have I have never seen it happen)

    • Terrorists are criminals and should be punished. I say that as a faithful muslim. Unfortunately, muslims have become deeply ignorant, arrogant, liars and hypocrites for the past few centuries. Because that is how we have been raised. We have been dealt with a very bad hand. Misguided Muslims today have no idea what faith is, what is the purpose, what is the basic message. They have completely lost their way. But I believe nothing lasts forever and one day evil will lose and truth will win. You can’t be a good muslim if you are not a good human first. That’s it. No ifs, buts or however, etc., etc. Muslims need to be high on moral, ethics and humanity.

      Other than that, I don’t know what’s up with this cartoon issue. What’s the need for that, what’s the purpose. Don’t bring Muhammad into this. This is not about him. This was never about him. This is about power and ego. muslims need to understand that. I wish muslims educate themselves on the extraordinary life of Muhammad and all messengers of God, who are dear to hearts. We love and respect them. they all preached the same message and they were amazing people with patience, love and unbroken spirit. Muslims stop spreading lies about messengers of God, please so other people know the truth. Get your history straightened out and don’t buy into the narratives of the extremists. We have to answer God for each and every little to big pain we caused to others.

  8. “This was a win for Islam. Wilders life will still be in danger. And the Dutch people who he has prevented from being killed will never vote for him anyway.”

    I’m glad to see there is still time for some dark humour on these pages 🙂

  9. So sad… why is it that there are so many leftists, or left-influenced people, in the whole world, intent on destroying the Western (Greco/Roman, Judeo/Christian) Civilization, by far the best that has ever existed? Is there a way to fight against that? Let’s try to do all we can, in ideas and actions, against this suicidal way of thinking! God help us!
    Thank you GoV, JW and similar workers of the good cause!

  10. The end is near when even Geert Wilders is giving in to the muslim psychopaths.

    Freedom is something you assume. You’re born with it like with your eyes and ears. When someone try to take your freedom away the degree to which you resist is the degree to which you are free.

    On what party can we vote next election? PVV proves not to be an option anymore. Probably Denk; the sooner this country turns into an islamic hellhole the shorter the painful process will be…

    • I think you are being too
      somber. We are at war and in any war you have minor victories and minor setbacks.
      We’ve been here before. Our ancestors were forced to go to war for 80 years to gain their independence, we can do so again.

  11. What terrifies me about progressive liberal (marxist) thought is the nihilism manifest social relativism. Nothing has merit, nothing is right is wrong, moral or immoral; it’s all a point of view.

    I had recently experienced yet another liberal extending that to the new normal of denying universal constants as a matter of opinion; in this case, earth surface average gravity constant (stuff falls down, not up unless something’s gone dramatically pear-shaped). Having been taught how to think, and not what to think, denying observable phenomena – things fall down – is a profound denial of reality.
    This is the textbook definition of psychotic.

    We see a leadership caste who think like this, reinforced by an intelligentsia who subscribe to this gestalt. Therefore, people thinking like this will make psychotic decisions that narrow societies choices down to a few really bad options that will force outcomes incompatible with retaining a civil society. This is an observable phenomenon.

    Pakistan, under the new Kahn, is seeking global blasphemy statutes at the UN. The new Kahn is surrounded by people who are seeking re-imposition of public crucifixions of disagreeable people like Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Ahmadis, and whatnot.

    The anti-gravity liberal didn’t see a problem with that, either.

    It’s going to get a whole lot worse, so tool up now.

    But that’s just another point of view.

  12. I am not so sure he really expected the contest to go through. I think his intent was to show, yet again, the raging intolerance and hatred of the Muzzies. Like a Pavlovian Pooch, they obliged. Not that any more evidence helps – the blind will simply refuse to see.

  13. Lest you forget, our Defender of the Christian Faith (barf) Pope Francis, after the Charlie Hebdo mass murders basically said they ‘deserved’ it for making fun of someone’s religion. Look it up. He took the side of the psycho murderers and this is the man who is against ANY capital punishment anywhere.

  14. You know it might be possible to turn the sword of Islam on itself.

    Declare ‘draw mohammed’ gatherings on a weekly gathering in every single city everywhere on the globe. Literally every single week.

    CANCEL it the moment Muslims make threats. Then make it public why it was cancelled. Yet declare an open discussion about the threats of Islam in it’s place, since they just PROVED it.

    Point out nobody else issues threats over frigging cartoons, showing up every single week, everywhere, and use the opportunity to talk about the violence DEMANDED by Islam as the one religion that can’t get along with anybody. Yes they will kill you over a cartoon, and they’ll kill you over endless other reasons, including being dumb enough to give them a red carpet entrance into your country and no matter how much gold you shower them with.

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