The Meat Cleaver of Peace Comes to Kerpen

Kerpen is a town in North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany. Yesterday a Turkish culture-enricher attacked two people in front of a supermarket in Kerpen. This was not just another incident of enricher-on-enricher violence, but also an instance of the Eternal Triangle, Middle-Eastern Style — which in this case was resolved in the time-honored manner preferred by Turks and other varieties of Muslims.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Today in Kerpen a 43-year-old Turkish man attacked two people
00:06   in front of a supermarket with a meat cleaver, injuring them severely.
00:11   The victims are a women (47) and a man (44) — both were severely injured.
00:17   According to the fire department in Kerpen,
00:20   the male victim is in critical condition. Witnesses say that both victims
00:24   left the supermarket together. Then the perpetrator rushed in, hacking at them multiple times
00:29   with the meat cleaver.
00:32   The perpetrator was apprehended near the crime scene.
00:35   The investigation is ongoing.
00:39   Whether or not this is a case of domestic violence
00:43   caused by jealousy, the police declined to confirm or deny.

4 thoughts on “The Meat Cleaver of Peace Comes to Kerpen

  1. An “honour crime”, this time acid was not used. But it raises the point for any women contemplating a relationship with a muslim man; remember that they don’t take rejection well.

  2. We’ll know that our state apparatchiks here in the West are serious about dealing with the violence of these invading animals when the death penalty is reintroduced and used against them.

    • Funny you should mention it.

      I wrote in another thread that honor killings in the West should be dealt with not by imprisoning the main organizer of what is usually a family affair. Generally, the father of a murdered daughter gets some prison time and the family accomplices, often including the wife, brothers, uncles and aunts, get off with probation.

      This allows the murderer to profit from the crime, as he sees his “honor” as being worth some prison time.

      So, the way to deal with the conspiracy to murder is the death penalty for all knowingly involved, even to the smallest extent. A father will not blink at prison time, but might have second thoughts seeing his sons, brothers and wife on death row along with him.

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