The Knife of Peace Comes to Hannover

It seems that this Syrian “youth” must have been preparing for Eid al-Adha by practicing his fancy knife moves on a young Mädchen in Hannover

Many thanks to MissPiggy for this translation from JournalistenWatch:

German Woman slashed — Syrian Declares in Court: “As a Muslim, I am allowed to”

An allegedly 17-year-old Syrian was in court because he nearly killed a 24-year-old German woman in a brutal knife attack. The “refugee” Abdullah A. slashed the woman from her chest to her lower abdomen. He told the judge that according to his religion, he is allowed to do so. The victim survived only by a miracle.

With the knife, the “refugee” not only broke the ribs of the victim Vivien K., but severely injured her liver, stomach, kidney, intestine and pancreas. The young woman fell into a coma. Her spleen and parts of the pancreas had to be removed. The crime happened in Hannover.

In court the Syrian stated, that in his country it is normal to solve conflicts with a knife. If you are insulted, stabbing is permitted. In worse cases, it is also permitted to kill a person. These are the customs in his homeland, which the defendant insists upon. The defendant’s lawyer reflects what his client has said, “His behavior was not objectionable according to religious requirements. Abdulla A. does not understand why he has to be detained,” according to the Bild newspaper.

His making statements of this sort shows clearly why mass immigration of Muslims to Western countries will lead to a clash of cultures. Especially once the cause of this beastly attack is understood. The defendant’s brother and cousin were involved in a dispute with Vivien’s boyfriend at a supermarket — in which the 17-year-old joined. This trio first began to beat the boyfriend on the street, causing Vivien K. to intervene in an attempt to calm the situation. At which point, the offender stabs her and slashes her entire torso from breastbone to the lower abdomen. A 40-centimeter long scar will bear witness to it for the rest of her life.

Abdulla A., who has to answer to the juvenile court for attempted manslaughter, describes himself as a “model refugee”.

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  1. I would have to agree with this Mohammadan that he *is* a “model refugee”. Unless the incompetence is Himalayan, there’s no possible way Immigration Officials do not fully understand just who and what they are bringing into formerly peaceful lands and what the implications of such WILL be.

    Wars used to be fought to prevent invaders like this “model refugee” from entering in order to protect women and children. Today, it is a crime to maintain what the ancestors fought for us to enjoy.

    This period will be known as The Great Betrayal.

  2. I’ve always understood “manslaughter” (in the bright new future “personslaughter”) as meaning accidental killing. Am I wrong?

    Isn’t this attempted murder and absolutely ruining the whole of the rest of the victim’s life? Or does Germany try to “downtalk” these horrors?

    • In the UK, “manslaughter” means murder which was intentional, but not premeditated; it may be different (or lose in translation) elsewhere.

  3. As shocking as this is, it’s rather tame compared to what we’ll be seeing in one year’s time. A great shame of the modem world is that George Soros, Angela Merkel and Barack Obama are still alive to watch their machinations’ ruinous consequences take root.

  4. There’s really no reason the court should forgive any of it. Throughout Europe civil laws are above religion laws and not knowing a law doesn’t excuse anyone when he or she breaks it. I doubt he’s really 17, but carrying a big knife (I doubt a regular pocket knife would be capable of so much damage) at his age should be seen as problematic and harden his sentence. Either way it’s definitely attempted murder with severe consequences for life and he should be sentenced for that and deported straight from jail after serving his time. Or better yet, rent a prison somewhere in Russia and have him serve his time there and then be deported back to Syria. Straight deportation wouldn’t solve anything, because he would be set free right away. Though perhaps president Assad wouldn’t be so kind, he knows how this scum has to be treated, but I’m sure lib[eral]s would drop the scumbag somewhere out of Asad’s control.

  5. It is absolute madness to bring people who have a mass murdering, child abusing rapist “prophet” as their role model into any Western country. Utter blatant madness – yet all Western countries do it. And even more insane – you risk being arrested if you oppose this madness!

  6. If this young Muslim committed the same crime in Saudi Arabia, I am sure he would be punished much more severely than in Germany.

    If Muslims in Europe insist on living by their own customs, why not introduce Islamic punishment for Muslim offenders? Cut off their hands when they steal, for example? Give them fifty lashings for relevant offences. And chop off their heads when they kill someone (or what is the sharia punishment for murder)?

  7. Abdullah A., (full name not given in order to protect his privacy?) whose actual name may not even be known, is doing his level best to demonstrate what his the-best-of-people really is. Those of us not blinded by ideology can see what he is showing.

    He and countless others like him have been telling us for well over a thousand years.

  8. I don’t buy that the refugee has no idea at all why he is being detained. I think this is a game the refugees play to see how much they can get away with: men with beards and receding hairlines claiming to be 15 years old; destroying their passports and claiming to be Syrian, Libyan or whatever the war-torn-hellhole-of-the-moment; establishing their harem of four blushing bride wives in different households all on welfare.

    I’m not saying the difference in values is not dramatic or that there is any chance at all that these Muslim “refugees” can become productive citizens. I’m saying they’re not as stupid as they make out. They use their supposed ignorance of their host society as a means of eliminating consequences for their behavior. Just pretending to not understand the language makes the police much more hesitant to arrest you, knowing they will have to arrange for a translator and generally go through a lot more hassle.

    This ploy apparently often works with judges, who give light sentences for heinous crimes on the basis that the perp didn’t understand that cutting someone open with a knife or beating them almost to death in the street was illegal. “Why”, they claim, “we do it all the time in my native country. It’s as common as shaking hands.” So, I guess, the judge doesn’t feel that sending this 15-year old youth with the mustache and receding hairline to prison would be good for his development.

  9. I am glad that the Western European ‘dialogue’ with Islam is no longer one-sided. It is a heartening sign that young Muslims are sincerely trying to explain their ‘religion’ to us.

  10. As witnessed today (again!) near Versailles, the French have the right approach to deranged ones yelling Alluha Akbar.

    Shoot them dead.

    It makes things so much easier … and a little bit safer for normal people.

  11. He is definitely a model Mohammedan! He will get away with being forced to attend some integration classes.

  12. Is it allowed to write a very dark comment?

    When I hear this ahem defence of this guy I would like to answer like this:

    I remember a historian writing a book a few years ago saying that we Germans have it in our genetic code to be mass murderers. Wasn`t it Daniel Goldhagen?

    According to this guy it should be totally normal if I would go around and commit one mass murder per day. After all: mass murder is part and parcel of being german.

    Why is everybody scrambling to get away from me?

    But back to normalcy.
    In an article of the dailymail about the training of lybian officer cadets there were crimes committed – by the officer cadets.
    When the head cadet was asked why they did such things he answered the same as the guy above and added: Nobody told us that here in England are other laws then in Lybia.

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