The Knife of Peace Comes to Chemnitz

A few days ago a German man was stabbed to death by culture-enrichers in the town of Chemnitz, in the former DDR. Large demonstrations have occurred as a result, causing palpitations in the media about “neo-Nazis”.

Notice the equivocal tone in the news report below: “An argument… became physical” and a man died. There’s no word about the ethnicity of the murderers except that they were of “different nationalities”. However, according to the translator, a day or so after the attack it was finally reported that one was an Iraqi and the other a Syrian.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Media reports on Chemnitz:

Video transcript:

00:00   A German man dead. As a result, the organizers have canceled the city festival.
00:05   An argument between men of different nationalities became physical,
00:09   a 35-year-old German died.
00:13   Yesterday evening several men got into a fight; a 35-year-old died.
00:17   Two other men were seriously wounded. According to media reports,
00:21   a knife was involved. The police do not want to confirm that. How it came
00:25   to the dispute is unknown. The state attorney’s office and the police
00:29   are investigating the case as a homicide. Police Officer: “After
00:33   the dispute, several people had fled from the scene, the assigned officers
00:37   immediately began their murder investigation. We then also apprehended
00:41   two men who had fled the scene of the crime. Whether these two
00:45   men were actually involved in the offense will be determined.”
00:49   In the afternoon after noon, several hundred people came together for rallies
00:53   in the inner city of Chemnitz, organized over social media.
00:57   A Twitter post claims that a spontaneous march of Chemnitzer Ultras soccer fans
01:01   had reached around 1,000 people in the afternoon, who marched through the city.
01:06   The police controlled the situation with numerous officers.

3 thoughts on “The Knife of Peace Comes to Chemnitz

  1. Rules for dealing with Muslim men. In the context of a verbal altercation, if the Muslim approaches you, and is within striking distance, you MUST assume that battery (with knife, or club) is imminent. When the Muslim is within striking distance, it behooves one to step back if one can. If the Muslim pursues, or there is no way to retreat, the Muslim has forfeited all expectation of civil exchange. It is imperative at this point to strike first, and strike hard, with the aim of incapacitating the Muslim agressor. One must learn to drop one’s gentle composure. I know that this goes against the grain of our natures, having lived in civilized society now for centuries, but it is necessary to do so, if one wants to survive with dignity, and one has a right and duty to survive with dignity. This defensive tactic probably runs afoul of the law. The police will likely persecute the defender, but juries will see otherwise. The sense of the people and the law will ultimately change with this new reality of confronting the Muslim.

    Also, in the context of dealing with Muslim men, it is necessary to carry a defensive weapon of some sort. One’s confidence in their ability to grapple with hands is not sufficient. A club with a long enough reach can be suitable. A knife may be necessary. A gun would be best. Learning and training on how to thwart knife thrusts are important. Never give the Muslim man your back.

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