The Cultural Enrichment of Boostedt

The following video reports on the attitudes of the residents of the German town of Boostedt towards “refugees”. Boostedt has a population of 4,600, and 1,200 migrants now reside in its asylum center and hang around the town’s public areas.

That means the influx of migrants caused a 26% increase in the population, and one out of every five local residents of Boostedt is a culture-enricher.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   The city of Boostedt, part of the Segberg district in Germany has a population of 4,600.
00:04   In the last three years many migrants have arrived. A former military barracks
00:09   houses 1200 migrants.
00:13   The major of Boostedt speaks about the growing problems in the area.
00:18   Major Koenig: “It’s quite simply the behavior. For example, in shops
00:22   things are stolen. I experienced it myself: three refugees walking on the sidewalk, not making
00:27   enough room for a woman with a stroller and a child coming in their direction. They make no room;
00:34   she has to move onto the street to get around them.
00:37   That’s just one incident, but it shows the entire picture.
00:42   Besides that, they leave piles of garbage and use every
00:45   available space to sit around and drink beer.
00:50   At 10am in the morning, it’s just my opinion, but
00:53   it doesn’t have to be done this way.” The main reason for this development is that these migrants
01:00   are mostly young men with little chance of permanent residency in Germany, who are
01:05   waiting for deportation. Although the enthusiasm to help was great, in the beginning,
01:08   the opinion has gradually changed.
01:11   “Down there, by Edeka [grocery store] they sit and drink.
01:15   They don’t have anything to do — They aren’t occupied;
01:19   What should they do all day?” — “When there’s any contact [with them], while shopping,
01:26   then one could be asked to translate for them.
01:29   Usually they speak English, then you give an answer.
01:36   I really can’t report anything negative, at least not for me.”
01:42   “Helping makes sense, it’s our ecclesiastical obligation,
01:45   but the way things are going — that these people are being
01:48   left to themselves, walking around, sitting everywhere in the city;
01:54   no one recognizes our city anymore — Boostedt used to be a beautiful place
02:01   and a nice place to live. Now, it is a little different,
02:04   and no one knows what the future holds.
02:07   Many, many citizens of Boostedt are concerned.”
02:10   The interior minister has already agreed to lower the capacity to 500 by 2019,
02:18   but for Mayor Koenig it’s not fast enough.
02:22   He’s insisting that a third anchor center be opened
02:25   in addition to existing centers in Boostedt and New Munster.

11 thoughts on “The Cultural Enrichment of Boostedt

  1. Germans are too concerned with what the world thinks. The US and other non-European countries such as Australia, New Zealand and Canada did not absorb WWII European refugees to the extent that the EU has absorbed from the Middle East. These young men should be repatriated. There is no future for them in Europe.
    If Europe has a labor shortage, they should look to the Philippines : Christian and hard working.

  2. This video shows the great challenge of integrating newcomers. Down by our local Edeka, they sit and drink, and apparently don’t have anything to do. Those guys would not hurt a fly. They are, however, autochthonous bums.

    • But the article states that the men are awaiting deportation. If so, then get on with it!

  3. The Mayor mentioned migrants walking down a footpath and not leaving room for a woman with children to pass, so they had to walk on the road. Now, clearly bad manners, but it’s more than that. With muslims involved, we know the Islamic teaching is that the subservient kuffars, the dhimmis, should be forced to walk on the road not at the same level as a muslim. So even by their actions they are sending a message to the good people of Boostedt. The dhimwit media will never notice though.

  4. Astonishing that as usual Germans just let it happen, but not surprising. The residents of this town seem as tame as sheep, considering their docile and stupid comments: “Helping makes sense, it’s our ecclesiastical obligation, ” Ecclesiastical”? Whatever does he mean? As in the Churches’ established laws? It’s the secular Communista Merkel who really got this thing rolling. And the fact that they are being housed in former military barracks. How appropriate. The Germans even provide barracks to house armies invading their country. And I doubt these and the of Germany’s unqualified migrants will ever leave.

    • As a good Christian, he has a duty to help his fellow man.

      A couple days ago, the editor of Bild wrote an exasperated editorial that no country in the world lets their worst enemies live with them and makes them so comfortable as Germany.

  5. There will come a point when late at night some invaders just disappear. Nobody knows and nobody cares, but the message is obvious.

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