Rinkeby Police Fortress Under Attack

Here’s the latest news from Modern Multicultural Sweden: While Prime Minister Stefan Löfven was busy hunting down Nazis, “youths” attacked Rinkeby’s new police station.

Rinkeby police fortress under attack

by Svenne Tvaerskaegg

Building work on Sweden’s new police fortress in the ghetto of Rinkeby has been interrupted after an attack early on Tuesday morning (August 7). At 1:31am a car smashed through the gates and onto the building site. The car’s masked occupants leapt out of the vehicle, set it ablaze and hurled flashbangs at security guards.

Stunned guards called for police re-reinforcements, who quickly arrived but were met by a hail of flashbangs and rocks. The fire brigade had difficulty extinguishing the blaze because of the risk posed by exploding flashbangs in the burning vehicle. The attack is believed by police to be in retaliation for a narcotics raid in the Rinkeby ghetto earlier in the evening. It is a clear warning to the police to stay away from Rinkeby.[1]

The new chief of Sweden’s National Unit for International and Organised Crime has called Rinkeby a “war zone” and the high-tech police station under construction there is intended to be an important pivot in the battle by the authorities to bring Rinkeby back under the control of the Swedish state.[2]

Building work on the police station is not an easy job, and it was difficult at first to find a building firm that would take it on. None of Sweden’s largest builders were interested, as it was considered far too dangerous, but a building firm was eventually found and work is slowly progressing under round-the-clock police protection.[3]

When the station is ready it will be an armored fortress, with bulletproof windows, steel plate-reinforced walls and surrounded by a security fence. It is officially designated as a “protected installation”, a classification used by the armed forces for military installations, and it will be secure against sabotage and terrorist attack. Taking photographs of the station will be punishable by a five-year prison sentence.

Working in the station will be a high-risk job. Concern has been raised about security for policemen traveling to and from the station after it has opened, as they are likely to come under attack as soon as they enter the ghetto, and any private cars parked close to the station are likely to be firebombed. A proposed solution is for police to assemble outside the ghetto when changing shifts and be ferried into the fortress under guard.[4]

Last night’s attack is a portent of things to come. The station is going to need all the high-tech protection the beleaguered builders can provide it with.


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15 thoughts on “Rinkeby Police Fortress Under Attack

  1. A 5 year prison sentence for taking pictures? That’s ridiculous.

    How about a 5 year prison sentence for attacking the place? Actually ENFORCED. Basically, toss anyone who attacks the place or the cops within it in prison for 5 years. Rinse and repeat until it’s no longer a problem. I’ll bet that it’ll stop pretty quickly if they ACTUALLY did it.

    That’s what it really gets down to: a willingness to make an example of a few.

    Another method would be to shoot at anyone throwing firebombs (etc) at the place.

    It’s a war, and that’s what’s needed to win in a war.

    • FIVE years in prison and mandatory immediate deportation upon release with all privileges to travel into the country permanently revoked.

  2. It’s quite obvious what should happen were Sweden interested in solving this problem.

    The Swedish army should surround Rinkeby. Heavily armed soldiers go door-to-door, apartment to apartment, backed up by heavily armed troops and military vehicles in the streets.

    Every building is searched, cellar to ceiling. There is no doubt but that large caches of weapons, hostile literature, and explosive materials will be discovered. Fighting should be kept to a minimum, but any resistance is met with overwhelming force. The entire population of Rinkeby is deported back to its country of origin, uninjured (will vary depending on whether there is violent resistance).

    The problem of Rinkeby is not a police problem. It is not a problem for the criminal courts or criminal law. It is a problem for the military. The Geneva convention applies.

    • Agreed. Mostly.

      Geneva Convention only applies if both parties are signatories, Islam (the opposing force) has not signed on to the convention (formal recognition), nor upheld its spirt (informal recognition), see how they treat prisoners (beheading, burning alive…)

    • With heavy sarcasm I propose the swedes try a two state solution or maybe they can form a South-African style “rainbow” nation by giving all power to the arabs. With the current leadership this nightmare scenario might even happen.
      The only hope is Sweden Democrats and Alternative for Sweden do well in elections.

      • Actually, it could make sense.

        Imagine that you take the most left-wing 100 sq km of Sweden, declare it to be the Islamic Republic of Swedenistan. Anyone who can’t be deported gets tossed in there along with the leftists.

        It would turn into an [excremental mess] soon enough. Everyone is, of course, free to leave. To anywhere other than Sweden that will take them.

        That type of technique would solve the “deportations” difficulties in very short order. Lots of people would “find” their documents, etc.

    • I agree. Until they do this, there will be no reduction in crime or violence there.

  3. Sweden is reaping what they have sown. Unfortunately the Swedes who are running the nation and the Swedes who vote them into office are as The Bible states “under a strong delusion”. Sweden will not save itself short of an armed revolt against it’s own government and a purging of it’s institutions. Only after that act of self-preservation could Sweden remove the invited Islamic invaders. Be happening in…never.
    We are all facing the same threat. We are all at different stages of the same threat brought about by our governments, institutions and NGOs. The destruction of Christianity and families in the West has led to below replacement birthrates, an empty culture and a people willing to believe any lie they are continuously fed.
    Demographics, the schools and universities, Information Warfare (De-platforming/Censorship/Lies), Anarchist-Communist-Islamic Goon Squads, State Power and imprisonment are the weapons currently in use against us. The future looks very dark for all of us. In that darkness, Jesus Christ is the only Light of the world.

  4. This supposed “fortress” looks like Sweden’s version of the Maginot Line. Sweden would do better to take trucks and arm them with 81 mm mortars. Every time a policeman is attacked, 10 81 mm mortar shells get fired on the Rinkeby ghetto. Perhaps the Swedes should study how Hitler reduced the Warsaw ghetto.
    But that would make the Swedes “Nazis who want to kill six million Jews”. So? What if anything else might bring order to the Rinkeby ghetto?
    I disagree with Pedric. I would not send soldiers door-to-door. Sweden should show no concern for the lives of the residents of the Rinkeby ghetto. The Geneva convention does not apply to “irregular combatants”.

    • With your techniques, eventually the residents would put pressure on the “militas” to stop behaving like this…

    • There are good reasons why international law forbids the deliberate targeting of civilians, which is what you appear to advocate.

      • Mark, please suggest a good alternative to halting the terrorism being carried out by the armed immigrants in Sweden’s no-go zones.

      • I once read an article about the Vietnam war.
        In it a soldier remarked that he went to a barber and had a shave every week without problem. And two days later a Vietcong Insurgent was killed while trying to assault the base.
        Guess who this guy was?
        Yes, it was the same barber.
        The same happened and happens in islamic countries where western soldiers are. You cannot distinguish between civilians and insurgents because the insurgents hide among the population (Remember Mao: fish in the water?)

        The “solution” reminds me of something I read about India. If a muslim terrorist kills someone or more, the Indian Police goes home.
        Then the Indians are free to do what the want. And when enough muslims have been killed, the Police shows up for work again. But they do not investigate the counter-crimes of the Indians. The Police does not see them, they dont exist.
        According to this story the muslims of India are informers par excellence, you know the word stukach?

  5. I have stated many times that dealing with the Islamic invasion of Europe is for the military and is not suited for police action. If Europe wants to survive as a part of Western Civilization, they will form up an army and start cleaning out the Muslim hellholes one by one until the rest of the Muslims get the idea.

    If not, then bend over and kiss your butt good by

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