Rasmus Paludan and the Hag of Hell

Rasmus Paludan is a Danish lawyer and activist who is notorious for his provocative street events in Nørrebro, Vollsmose, and other centers of cultural enrichment in or near Copenhagen.

During his latest event, Mr. Paludan was confronted by a Muslim man and his wife. The husband was a more or less reasonable fellow, at least on the surface, but the wife — well, she was a piece of work. As Vlad says, “She is a casting-call reject from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.”

Many thanks to Rasmus Paludan for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:01   PALUDAN: You must speak proper Danish here. You must speak proper Danish here, otherwise you must go home!
00:06   PALUDAN: Film that one!
00:08   WOMAN: Shut your mouth about my prfff profet!
00:11   WOMAN: Are you stupid?
00:13   WOMAN: Is it Christmas? (Probably meant to be the word “Idiot”)
00:14   WOMAN: Iiiiss iiiit Chriiistmaaas? (Or “Iiiidddiiiooooot”)
00:16   Woman: Idiot!
00:17   WOMAN: Shut your mouth not talk about my profff profet Muhammad!
00:21   WOMAN: You are animal! You are stupid!
00:24   WOMAN: Shut up!
00:26   PALUDAN: No. I am not at all stupid. I am very clever!
00:28   WOMAN: You are stupid! You are dog!
00:30   WOMAN: You are pig. Big pig!
00:32   PALUDAN: The prophet Muhammad he loved to have sex with dogs and pigs!
00:36   Muslim crowd: How do you know this? ALLAAAAH!
00:40   WOMAN: Racists! Racists!
00:42   WOMAN: You are like Shaytan! You look “as like” him!
00:48   PALUDAN: … but this one, she has never learned to speak Danish.
00:50   She has never learned to speak Danish.
00:53   And that is the prime example of the kind of losers that we must have away from Denmark.
00:58   A person who cannot function in society.
01:01   Who cannot learn to speak Danish.
01:03   Who does not contribute in any way whatsoever.
01:05   And indeed it is those things that are very important.
01:08   Can you speak the language? Can you contribute to society?
01:11   If you are unable to do that then beat it! Go home!
01:13   And the facts are that we here have an example of a person who simply cannot … I mean see how she yells!
01:22   She is so stupid (laughing)
01:27   Yellow boy: You are going to hell, when you grow up! WOMAN: Shut up! Shut up!
01:30   WOMAN: Is it Christmas? (Or “Idiot”)
01:32   PALUDAN: I am not going to shut up!
01:34   PALUDAN: Do you know the favourite colour of the Muslims?
01:36   WOMAN: Shut your mouth. Not talk with Muslims!
01:38   PALUDAN: The favourite colour of the Muslims is the HOOOMOOOO colour!
01:44   WOMAN: Shut your mouth! Shut your mouth!
01:45   MAN: You must talk … PALUDAN: Yes, I may indeed. The prophet Muhammad …
01:48   MAN: Hello! I respect you. You MUST respect me!
01:52   PALUDAN: No! Man: Yes!
01:54   PALUDAN: There exists no such rule.
01:57   MAN: Hello! You are a man. I am a man!
02:01   MAN: You must not talk about our prophet PALUDAN: Yes. I must! MAN: No!
02:04   PALUDAN: Yes. I would say that we are men in very different ways!
02:07   MAN: Hello! When you talk about Zionists. When you talk about the Israelis. After that, you may speak with me!
02:17   PALUDAN: Does the prophet Muhammad not say in his teaching that as a good devout Muslim one must exhibit self-control and self-restraint?!
02:24   PALUDAN: So if somebody criticizes you religion, you must be strong in your faith and shake you head and not run wild?
02:30   FEMALE: That is what he does!
02:31   PALUDAN: Yes, but SHE does not! She scream and yells and swears like a fishwife.
02:36   WOMAN: You big pig!
02:40   WOMAN: You look like pig! It is true! MAN: (To woman): Shut up!
02:45   MAN: Hello. My wife she understands not about religion!
02:51   MAN: I have said to you my address! You could come! I can tell to you what I know!
03:03   MAN: If I need something [knowledge] I can call some imams. Whom I trust them.
03:09   MAN: They could explain good to you!
03:12   PALUDAN: Yes. I am happy you have provided your address. Then maybe I will contact you, and we can have a further dialogue.
03:16   MAN: You are welcome, but I hope … WOMAN: Wallah. Come you NOT by me! No No! That is my husband!
03:25   WOMAN: You not come by me. You are idiot. And pig!
03:35   WOMAN: I say to you, your mother calls you and you go and sleep at home!
03:45   PALUDAN: I will call in case. MAN: You are welcome!
03:49   WOMAN: NO! NO! PIG! NO!
03:56   MAN: You are welcome! PALUDAN: Thank you. Thank you!
03:58   WOMAN: No. Not come!

8 thoughts on “Rasmus Paludan and the Hag of Hell

  1. If you go to the husband’s house, he’ll give you what he thinks is a reasonable view of Islam. If you reject that, then what does he do?

    I suspect violence is not out of the picture.

    I love the woman, though. Her attendance should be de rigueur at all anti-immigration gatherings, particularly those where the male and female feminists proclaim how women are the victims of Islam and Muslimas should be viewed as the natural allies of those opposing Muslim takeover.

  2. “She’s a casting-call reject for Monty Python and the Holy Grail.”

    I don’t think that’s fair. If I were Monty Python, I’d love to have her. 🙂

  3. I thought she was a cute little Muslima – like a female version of a little Chucky doll.

  4. I would be very wary about visiting that man or his family in their own home. It would be easy for a set up to have yourself arrest on some kind of trumped-up charges. Like the old trials for witches in the middle ages: threw someone in the water, if they drowned they [were] innocent if they floated they were a witch.

    If you visited his home you either would be arrested on some bogus crime, or have great violence delivery on to you. If you want to talk to this man have it in a public place with other people around, possibly a coffee house in the good part of town. The woman is just being normal in way Mohammad would like the woman of Islam to act, I am sure her children are being raised in the proper way to commit Jihad on the people providing them a safe welfare haven from the hell hole they fled.

    Monty Python has nothing on this women she is a living, walking breathing cartoon, and sadly her numbers are increasing in the Western world.

  5. I ask Muslims to quote one verse of the Koran where Allah says he loves non-muslims. They partially quote 5:32. I then recite 5:33.

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