Populism and Free Speech Pushback

Trump turns his attention to the shutdown of conservatives on social media:

Perhaps the president had to wait until the pressure valve indicated a danger zone?

At any rate, as Dr Turley says, “liberals” are self-contradictory. Their calls for shaming and blaming (as Hillary called it) are anything but liberal.

2 thoughts on “Populism and Free Speech Pushback

  1. I wonder whether Dr. Turley is under some obligation to speak for a certain length of time. Dymphna summarizes his point well, and he could have expressed it pretty fully within a minute. Maybe it’s just me, but he seems to be repeating himself until he fills up ten minutes.

    • Enh. I find him entertaining, though I do wish his voice were pitched a notch lower.

      In that ten (or so) minutes, he often gives tidbits of information I haven’t heard before. The next time one comes up, I’ll mark it for you…if I can remember that long.

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