O Canada!

This mosque in Ottawa lost its status as a charity for hate speech against Jews, gays, and women.

As the narrator, Alexandra Belaire, points out, they have many verified incidents of hate speech plus one member who tried to join ISIS (who is now sitting in prison), and yet they haven’t been brought before the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal?? Hey, if it was good enough for Mark Steyn, why isn’t it suitable to stitch up these guys?

You’ll notice some wind interference, but it was shot by Vlad Tepes, so blame him, eh? Turning on the caption feature eliminates any problems with comprehension. That’s why it’s here…for your edification.

One thought on “O Canada!

  1. This is good news. It shows (somewhat to my surprise) that the Canada Revenue Agency is doing its homework—and is willing to investigate areas where Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s feel-good multicultural mantra usually squelches all inquiry.

    Of course, the usual excuses are being proffered: this was all under a previous mosque administration, we didn’t know what these speakers preached, the speakers preached hate somewhere else, not on our premises, etc. None of this holds up.

    And here’s another denial of responsibility, as quoted in a CBC article: “In its submissions to the CRA, centre officials said those talks were organized by other members of the mosque community, and that they have since closed off most of the basement to stop people meeting there without approval and permission.” So, you see, the mosque officials were in the dark as to these nefarious goings-on. How can we say it’s their fault? Just close off the basement and all will be well.


    Alexandra Belaire does a very good job of reporting on this. Hope to see more of her work. She’s right about the apparent impunity given to those who preach against the equality of women, gays, and the kuffar: why is the mosque, including its officials and speakers, not hauled before the Ontario Human Rights Commission for promoting hatred and discrimination?

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