No Hijab for Underage Girls!

A group of feminists in Germany is calling for a ban on the wearing of hijab by minor girls. These women not only identify forced veiling as a form of child abuse, but also as the sexualization of a child: in an Islamic context, a veiled child is implicitly identified as a nubile female, one who would therefore be sexually available to men in appropriate circumstances.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   With this petition, Terre des Femmes calls for a ban on children’s headscarves
00:05   under the age of 18.
00:11   Terre des Femmes calls for a fair set of rules rather than saying
00:17   it’s forbidden, so that girls can have equal rights, live freely and self determined.
00:21   And we demand this for all girls — no matter what their cultural background.
00:31   This is no longer about exercising one’s faith but about abusing children
00:36   for fundamentalist purposes. For Terre des Femmes, the child headscarf
00:42   is a child rights violations.
00:49   For some time now, there has been a prevalence of veiled girls. It is
00:53   no longer an isolated phenomenon. This decision is controversial.
00:58   The spread of this petition arduous.
01:07   Many are afraid to be labeled as racist and right-wing populist.
01:13   ”Children’s headscarf as religious duty”
01:17   There are studies concerning girls and women proving that vitamin D levels
01:21   are significantly reduced when they are veiled.
01:32   The restriction of movement, that is, for children who are veiled, girls who are veiled,
01:36   show they are much less agile, and do much less sport.
01:41   ”As soon as these girl start menstruation, then the headscarf must be put on.”
01:45   Now of course you could say this is a cultural habit — but the Koran, for example,
01:49   nothing at all about the headscarf and in the Sunnah, the second largest
01:53   religious source for Muslims, there it is also theologically controversial — so even
01:57   with the headscarf for adult women,
02:01   you could ask if it is an intrinsic religious symbol at all.
02:09   ”Women are increasingly resisting being forced to cover themselves up”
02:13   Second, implications of wearing a headscarf on the head of a minor would be
02:17   early sexualization. That would mean that an underage child
02:23   a six-year-old, five-year-old, and seven-year-old become sexual objects
02:29   that sexually arouse men. If you follow this line of thought,
02:33   then all of these men would be pedophiles.
02:39   Actually, I would expect a cry of outrage from within the Muslim community
02:45   and that the Muslims themselves would take the initiative to stop Muslim men
02:49   from having such thoughts —especially among the Conservatives Muslims—
02:58   that they would declare decidedly against the headscarf on the head of minors.

4 thoughts on “No Hijab for Underage Girls!

  1. No, no “cry of outrage” to be expected, least of all from among conservative Muslims. The “perfect man” was a paedophile.

  2. be sexually available to men in appropriate circumstances.
    Extroadinary! What “appropriate circumstances”???
    There are no such appropriate circumstances ever!

  3. If she really is concerned about Vitamin D levels, she can deport them back to hot sun of Middle East so they can get a healthy dose of it. Sunlight is something non-existent in Germany, so covered or uncovered really does not make a difference.

    Furthermore, she does not seem to be concerned about grown women’s Vitamin D levels. To be honest she does not seem to be concerned about Vitamin D at all. All she wants to do is to distract Germans. Left feels the uprise and wants to distract the demonstrators in Chemnitz and elsewhere. Germans better not distracted by this woman.

  4. Indeed ordinary people should realize and discuss these posts, however, muslims, especially the invading conservative kind, won’t, because pedophilia is legitimized and supported in their society.

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