Matteo Salvini: I Feel Sorry for the Prosecutor of Agrigento

The following interview with Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini was published before his meeting with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. Many thanks to FouseSquawk for this translation from the Italian daily Il Fatto Quotidiano:

Diciotti (ship)

Salvini: “I want to be tried. The case will boomerang on the prosecutor of Agrigento. I’m sorry for him”

Investigated by Sicilian magistrates for illegal detention, illegal arrest and abuse of power, the interior minister, speaking to Il Messaggero and Libero [newspapers], talks of having received many messages of solidarity and that he will waive immunity. “I want to see how it will end.”

“In Agrigento, everything will come out positively, and therefore I thank the prosecutor because it will boomerang.” For Matteo Salvini, the investigation opened by the Sicilian magistrates regarding the ship, Diciotti, which sees him accused of illegal detention, illegal arrest and abuse of power, “Everything will come out positively,” says the minister to Messaggero. And remembering having received many messages of solidarity, also on the part of judges and prosecutors, speaking to Libero, beginning today there is a signature collection [petition] in his support. To the question of whether he will ask the Senate to say “no” to an authorization to proceed, he responds, “Absolutely not.” If the tribunal says that I must be tried, I will go before the magistrates and explain that I am not a kidnapper. I want to see how this will end.”

Besides the waiving of immunity, he commented also on the choice of the Agrigento prosecutor. “I have only done my work as minister, and am ready to do it again. For the rest, I am sorry for the Agrigento prosecutors. I think that with all the problems that Sicily has, the priority is certainly not to investigate Salvini. And he was the same one who some months ago said, ‘The risks of terrorists on board the boats is high.’ Has he changed his mind?” He then turned to the idea of reforming justice. “But not for the investigation into Salvini — exactly — but because we have millions of trials delayed and this is one of the problems that stops investment in Italy.” He then remembers having received “a tide of messages of solidarity”, and continues:” I believe that (the prosecutors) in Agrigento have misjudged if they thought they could intimidate someone.” Among the many messages of support, there are some from judges and public ministers from various prosecutors’ offices.

As to the opening of a judicial investigation Sunday, also weighing in is vice-premier Luigi DiMaio, who while defending the Lega (Northern League) leader has called for respect for the judiciary. A point on which today, weighing in the columns of La Repubblica, the president of the ANM (Associazione Nazionale Magistrati) Francesco Minisci, who deplores the “union of the togas”, alongside the prosecutor of Agrigento, Luigi Patronaggio, and maintains that Bonafede should support the work of the magistrates: “He who covers institutional duties, in particular the minister of justice, should defend the constitutional prerogatives of the magistrates.” “One thing is certain, underlines Minischi, “as we have already done, we will react every time in which there are attacks on the autonomy and the independence of every single magistrate, from whomever it comes. On constitutional principles, we will not take one step back.” And he adds: “Nobody should be able to interfere in the work of colleagues. If, in the case of the ship Diciotto, crimes have been committed, and in a positive case, whoever has committed them, it must be established who will investigate: This means autonomy and independence for the magistrate(s)”.

Salvini then, in the interview with Libero, spoke of political support in the case of Diciotto. “I am pleased by the words of [Silvio] Berlusconi as well as those of [Giorgia] Meloni. Not so much with representatives of Forza Italia. Hypocrites for the way they are behaving in Parliament”. Turning finally to his relationship with countries of the EU: “ They have shown themselves to be totally absent, deaf, untrustworthy, but because they do it with the Italians’ money, this is the thing that bothers us. Conte has done well in announcing that when they need us, we will pay them back with the same money.” He makes it clear, however, there is no way out. And to the question of whether he will ask the Hungarian premier, Orbán — who he will see in Milan on August 28 — to accept some migrants, answers: “No. I know his position on this point. Just like the position of the Germans and the Austrians. Orbán wants a Europe that controls and protects the external borders. This is our final objective.”

2 thoughts on “Matteo Salvini: I Feel Sorry for the Prosecutor of Agrigento

  1. This case is an example on how the financial and humanitaris freemasonry is trying everything to get the migrants in.
    1) the guard coast ship, Diciotti, went outside of italian responsability zone to rescue the migrants from their boat.
    2) while the migrant boat was in Malta responsabilitu zone (SAR Search And Rescue), they were asked by Malta authorities if they need any help. The migrant boat replied: we do not have any problem we want to proceed toward italy. So this was not a savage at all, the migrant boat could go wherever they like. But the mainstream media still fool us calling this a savage.
    3) the Diciotti ship, under the orders of italian coast guard went into this rescue mission, without obeying to the new italian elected government. The coast guard complained to the government that there are international treaties (New World Order, the UN, the UNHCR) that ties italy to not stopping illegal boats.
    4) after the rescue of the migrant boat, the coast guard ship diciotti, was not given the final port destination where to unload the migrants. Most of italian media and also some part of the italian prosecutors start to say we could not let to wait the migrants.
    5) Italy gov said they would order the coast guard ship to bring back the migrant to libya. The EU started to say this was illegal, because Lybia is not safe port and would breach the human rights of the illegal migrants.
    6) when the italian coast guard ship Diciotti finally came to italian port, it was denied to unload the migrants. The leftard started to protest in front of the ship and the sicilian prosecutors started to say it was illegal kidnapping of the migrants.
    7) months before, in southern italy, there were some accidents of these illegal migrants, where they mostly work as slave with slave pay. In one accident 12 dead. Now in south italy it is time to pick fruits and many workers are needed soon, because fruits on the plants cannot wait to be picked. This kind of phenomena is called “caporalato” and has always existed in the south of italy, it is mostly controlled by gangs of criminals (mafia and andtangheta and similar organizations). The prosecutors in this cases are not able to arrest the criminals: they do not even try. It is well known that the criminal bosses are also in some important lodges where they call each other freebrother, inside also with prosecutors.
    8) italian government asked for days to EU commission who wanted the migrants. After days of delays Ze(u)ro-pa replied that they could not enforce any member state to get the migrants. So why did they say that italy had to take the migrants instead of bringing them back to lybia or to their country of origin?
    9) The italian gov at this point said italy does not want no longer to pay the member fee for europe 20mld €. And they started to find alternatives wayadking single countries to take some of the migrants.
    10) in the end they let disembark the babies and children, so they said on italiant news media. The shorter and thinner was 1.80m tall for 80kg of weight.
    11) for the others they made an agreement which consists in 20 to albania, 20 to ireland and 100 still to italy (the Vatican said they will take them, but lied because none of the migrants is going into vatican city, they are just piling the migrants in some other church or monastry where they already have lot of them).
    12) the ze(u)ro-pa disunion spoke again condemning the move of the migrants to albania, because albania is not same standard of living as high as in rest of europe and is not part of the union (good for them).
    13) it is not done, there are things happening rifht now.

    – Europe is the biggest scam to taxpayers. They never found any single solution to any problem. Instead they always find new legal problems to the solution that italian government is taking. Europe is made by the worst kind of people of the leftism and liberal progressivism, also from italy, who hate italy. They think to be above all and they want to get more and more migrants. They want to replace christianity with multireligious paganism, and it is going to end straight like Babylonia, the sooner the better.
    – freemasonry in the legal system want to break the government. (As they already did in the 90s). The italian mafia need slaves to work in agricolture, right now that it is the hot season, in southern italy.
    – Liberal progressivism in italy is dead, despite what the mainstream media tells, nobody want and never wanted the migrant boats. But the leftards insist that we have to get them.

  2. The situation of the magistrates claiming priority over the legal actions of a government minister and the EU bureaucracy preventing the sensible return of the refugees to the port from which they embarked reminds me of the situation in the US. Here, any low-level federal judge claims the right to hold up the actions of the President, who is following the explicit mandate of legislation.

    It seems a bureaucracy will always choose procedural integrity over actual security for citizens. Why is Italy responsible for the long-term safety of “refugees” who were undoubtedly not safe in the slave-market-infested Libya of Hillary and Hussein? Simply because someone chooses to throw himself into the swamp doesn’t mean you have the obligation to shelter him and nurture him for the rest of his life.

    The globalist agencies will threaten officials from countries they perceive as weak. Israelis would certainly not be safe traveling in Europe were it not for the support of the US. That is, the virtue-signalling West European governments would be happy to seize Israelis in their territory as “war criminals”.

    Probably the safest course for any threatened country is to withdraw from all international legislative or regulatory bodies and depend on bilateral treaties and agreements.

    I think Salvini was wrong to put himself under the jurisdiction of any tribunal he didn’t need to. What happens if his plan backfires, and he is found guilty, against all evidence and intelligence? Then, the globalists and bureaucrats have gotten the upper hand. Better to win the fight in the national, rather than international, arena.

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