Hungary Bans Gender Studies…and That’s Not All

We covered this in the newsfeed, but not with the nitty-gritty detail Dr Turley provides. As he observes, what we’ve got here is a genuine paradigm shift.

And none too soon for most of us. But at least we get to watch the ships of state begin to slow down and make their turn. C.S. Lewis’ “men with chests” are coming back:

3 thoughts on “Hungary Bans Gender Studies…and That’s Not All

  1. Return to Gender,
    Dresses here are unknown,
    You could be dumber,
    Just look what you’ve sown (sewn).
    Ba-doo-bee, bah-doo-bah

  2. Very interesting. Western Post Modern poison from the likes of neo-Marxist western governments and George Soros have been trying to murder the Free Market of Ideas in Hungary since 1990. Because of this I would argue that the “forced” approach of banning Post Modern gender studies in schools is the helping hand needed to counterbalance the monstrous breadth of these enemies.

  3. My beloved introduced me to the Australian writer Robert Dessaix (who is gay, as it happens). In an essay in (“and so forth”) from the 1990s, he ridicules “gender studies” on the grounds that students writing dissertations on the subject don’t think it necessary first to inform themselves about biochemistry, genetics etc.

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