How the GOP Became like the UK Remainers

No one does these videos with the panache of Dr Turley.

In this one, he slices and dices the American prodromal midterm primaries, explaining how successful they were for Trump. Every candidate he hit the trail for won their respective primaries though turnout was low. While it’s always lower in the mid-terms, this time changeover is important for legislative purposes. Thus, the Dems will be energized; there’s nothing like the fear of sudden death to concentrate the mind. Thus, the GOP had better do what it generally does not do very well, i.e., get out their base. In other words, get all the disaffected who came out to vote for Trump in 2016.

Dr T reminds us that Trump called himself “Mr Brexit”. And he also points out that Paul Ryan is a demoralizing force. It may be that Ryan is still suffering from Loser’s Remorse. I can understand that he wants to “spend more time with family” but he fought for that Speaker’s seat and now he’s vacating it. Methinks it is hatred of Trump that sends him packing, but time will tell. If he stays retired, we’ll know he’s a politician of his word.

7 thoughts on “How the GOP Became like the UK Remainers

  1. the republican party needs to do what it does best get out it’s base. yeah well the republican party has done everything it can over the last two years to alienate that base. you listening mitch mc Connell and paul ryan.

  2. the republican party needs to do what it does best, energize its base. yeah well over the last two years the republican has done everything it possibly can to alienate that base.

    • Read my words more carefully…I said the GOP doesn’t do a good job on energizing its base. What I should have added was that the preformed Democrat base consists of government employees/union workers using their paid time to stump, plus benefit recipients, and left-wing clots of grievance complainers.

      Trump supporters don’t appear to be organized. He says he’s coming and they show up. Then everyone goes home. President T is going to have a VERY busy October/early November. He realizes he has to give those stump speeches to galvanize GOP voters. And if he should raise the midterm numbers above their usual dismal amounts, well – that’s all to the good.

      Perhaps before his time in the Oval Office is done, he’ll have written a book on “The Art of Energizing the Base”. One hopes so since GOP pols (with some exceptions) desperately need a manual and maps.

    • Give some examples to back up your assertion. I’ve seen some fine moments, some flubs. But I’d like to hear your examples since you are the one making this charge. Twice.

      • I agree with tommy mcdonnell’s assertion, and although he didn’t add this explicitly in his post, I happen to believe Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan are purposely resisting the America First, economically nationalist direction in which Trump is trying to take the Republican Party.

        One has reason to believe that at least Mitch McConnell has deep financial interests in maintaining a global system of finance and trade by design (in other words, not “free trade”):

        Is it really so silly to believe that other GOP politicians benefit from this system as well?

        I’m afraid I won’t provide further examples, but I recommend the website for immense amounts of thorough research and articulate, thoughtful explanations on this point.

        As for tommy mcdonnell’s duplicate post, it may be that he simply did not know that you moderate the posts and believed in error that his initial post simply didn’t go through. Perhaps not, but I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

  3. There is one good thing to keep in mind, individual Republicans usually do a better job then individual Democrats when it comes to motivating themselves to vote. Particularly in non-Presidential elections. This year may be an exception but we will see. The real question will be the people outside of both regular parties. President Trump did a fine job of appealing to them 2 years ago. Hopefully he can do it again in defiance of the usual election whammies. ^_^

  4. A big problem for President Trump in Ohio is Kaisch – a vigorous NeverTrumper – who will remain a problem. Kaisch is a globalist and/or an opportunist and is diametrically opposed to MAGA. His term doesn’t end until January 2019. arggggggggggg

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