Help the Migrants and Win a Chance to be a Sex Slave!

Below is a propaganda video put out by the German government. It’s very disturbing, not just because it’s a glassy-eyed promo for more invaders, but because it exploits a pretty little barely pubescent (pre-pubescent?) girl to sell the wonderfulness of immigration. It’s as if they had put up a billboard with a picture of her as an inducement for more “refugees” to come to Germany — “Here you go, boys! This is Li’l Sex Slave — your reward for making the trip!”

The translator adds this context:

It is in the news a lot here in Germany that they are running out of volunteers for the refugee centers and the government is looking into forcing high school graduates to do a social year (like Macron’s idea). Forced labor for Merkel’s guests.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   ZDF Children’s Channel “Logo” from July 31, 2018
00:06   We had a school project, and we were able to pick the theme ourselves.
00:10   I decided to take as my theme refugees because it a very current topic (last year),
00:14   and then I worked with refugees, well more like played with them.
00:19   Through that I learned about all their terrible experiences,
00:24   even young children. So then I started to record all these stories
00:29   and to collect newspaper articles
00:32   from a newspaper that we always read. Now I have a whole notebook full.
00:38   From there I found facts that fit the stories I heard.
00:42   So that’s how I developed my story about the girl in my book.
00:50   Well, I donate the money from book sales,
00:54   but a little of the money is used for printing the books,
00:59   the printing costs, every book needs to be printed,
01:02   and the rest of the money I donate completely to the UNICEF emergency fund for Syria.
01:09   Yes, of course, it is important to help refugees because, I think, they come here and have nothing.
01:15   They have perhaps lost their family. We just live our lives here in Germany,
01:19   and we have everything. One can donate clothing, help repair bikes,
01:26   or doing something that’s fun; that can also help.
01:31   It’s not difficult at all to help, and we are the future,
01:35   and we are the ones that have to take care of this.
01:38   On your mark, get set,
01:41   Gooooooo!
01:47   Anyone have a cute young daughter available to send to a refugee center
01:51   to “help”? For risks and side effects, please consult
01:55   the countless videos at YouTube that show deaths and murders caused by “refugees”.

33 thoughts on “Help the Migrants and Win a Chance to be a Sex Slave!

  1. “It is in the news a lot here in Germany that they are running out of volunteers for the refugee centers and the government is looking into forcing high school graduates to do a social year”

    Reminds me of an an old Science Fiction novel. Young women were forced to serve as sex workers for the state for one year.

  2. I read that headline too quickly, and my brain saw “Help the Migrants, and Win a Sex Slave.”

    First I thought “What the Hell’s got into the Baron now? ! Has he snapped? ”

    Then I realized I may need to get my eyes checked.

    Then, belatedly, it occurred to me : “I need to see my confessor, and then a shrink!”

  3. Wow, what warped set of thoughts. This youth is totally lost to madness. The needs of hostile strangers are put before her own people. It’s like the only thing that matters is helping people who come only for money. It’s like they have some moral superiority because they managed to destroy their own country. The kind of damage this person has done already to the German society is so high, that it makes me sad. This madness seems to never end. When will self-destructive things like this be considered totally insane by academia?

    • She is young, and like all the young, thinks with her heart, not her head.

      She likely has liberal parents, and imbibes their ‘values.’ The media in her home, newspapers, television, radio, all spout the same line – the Merkel spin.

      At school, she gets a steady diet of politically correct nonsense. She doesn’t much, if anything, about the abusiveness and complete lack of gratitude of the ‘migrants’ … because the media, and everyone, conceals it.

      You asked : “When will self-destructive things like this be considered totally insane by academia?” Never. The academics ARE the propagandists and brainwashers.

      So, all in all … not much different than throught most of North America.

      [And not to forget : this is a government video, so the script was put into the girl’s mouth. Again, how are we different in N. America? Our governments are doing it to us, too.]

      • No, Frank. It is a free TV production.The logo shows ZDF. Big public channel.But that doesn’t make it any better: it is government propaganda.
        And the setting chosen is – judging by the decor,studio or not, upper middle class.
        Get me out of here.This kid has to work for my pension and will gladly see it reduced in order to pamper useless invaders…..if she survives,which I doubt.

        • In a way, you make my point for me – only in spades. If that video was a ZDF production, that’s even worse, isn’t it? The government doesn’t have to do it, when they have the ‘free,’ ‘private’ media in their pocket. Political correctness, all the way ’round the circle.

          So ZDF put the script and the words into the girl’s mouth … the message remains the same – a lie. Aimed at the sentimental and the young.

        • No, it may look like a free TV production, but it isn’t. Or rather it is, but the organisation of wireless and TV in Germany is somewhat complicated. ARD and ZDF are not directly owned by the state, but they get their funds through taxes and the several governments in Germany (like the USA we have states with their own governments), the political parties, the church and others to some extent control the programme . So essentially this is a government video even though it gives the impression of an independent production.

          That person is a very young girl who does not know what she is talking about. She has been brainwashed like most of her generation, and is being used to brainwash other children of her age. This is what makes me sad.

  4. What a horrible set of thoughts. This person thinks that the most helpful thing she can do is help with the arrivals of hostile strangers. What about her own people? This is pure madness. This youth is totally lost.

  5. … and the sheepies are compelled by law to pay a monthly ‘brainwashing tax’ of 17 € for the privilege of having this produced for their viewing pleasure!

  6. Why the need for all the volunteers at these centres? If these “refugees” don’t have the skills to do simple things like cooking and cleaning, then what hope is there that they’re employable or even desirable to work with?

    • As long as they vote for the correct candidates, TPTB don’t care if they’re otherwise completely incapable of supporting themselves, after all it’s just the taxpayer’s money.

    • Well said!

      Perhaps it is time to bring back the good ol’ boarding schools tutors and have them teach the migrants how to behave properly. I’m certain getting whacked for every misstep is a language they would speak.

  7. Actually, I like the idea of forcing high school students to “volunteer” in these refugee places, in a perverted sort of way.

    They’ll never vote socialist/liberal/communist again after that, trust me!

    This is the “great idea” that could backfire on the pols…

  8. Why should we from CEE care about national suicide countries like Germany or France?

    After all it will serve our political interests to get rid of these troublemakers…After what they did not long ago I don’t see much difference between Savages and Them.

    It’s some sort of Historical Justice what [is] happening there…

    Please, someone explain this to me…

    • @Goral: if your name means lovable or charming for Hindu people and not a type of mountain goat:-))

      CEE will be Central and Eastern Europe, I think.

      1. CEE has various countries in it with ancient hostilities eg Romania and Hungary, why do you speak of “our” political interests? what “our”? Also, CEE is wedged between Russia with a growing Muslim population and Muslims in France and Germany, ditto.
      2. what did France and Germany do “not long ago”? are you talking about the war in Yugoslavia against Serbia? And if so, well, your historical justice against such “savages” will not resurrect the dead. can be sure all CEE foreign ministries have allocated analysts to study the impact upon CEE of 2 and 5 and 10 and 20 million Africans and Arabs, most of whom are Sunni, in France and Germany and other EU countries.

      I have no access to those CEE analysts, but I would say that impact will affect all the foreign relations of CEE, e.g. trade (lower quality of German precision goods made by German Meister (master craftsmen) as Made in Germany becomes Made in Dakar, CEE will have to source its high tech imports more in Japan); tourism revenues (Budapest replaces Paris); education (ban on/discrimination against CEE students because they are White and because their governments refuse to become dhimmis)

      But because CEE is a low-Muslim zone between two growing parts of the future ummah, (Russia and western EU), CEE will have to play off two sets of dhimmi politicians and their Muslims against each other: one in Russia, one in the western EU.

      CEE uses NATO, that is US, weapons. But re-tooling to Russian weaponry once the western EU threatens to stop arms deliveries to CEE means moving much closer to Russia.

      • O dear…
        Franco-German dialectics and ” cheap shot”.. for the answer…

        [REDACTED please check the commenting guidelines. You may have violated nearly all of them]

        • Ok. Your site your censorship..
          One side sentiment noticed..
          Just for the record…
          Your side represent “Western” narration and rationals…..
          Europe is no the one place..There are 2 Europas..
          West vs CEE..Different aims and purpose,different mentality..
          Very much different.
          Our CEE sentiment is clear and sound..
          We don’t care what will happen to Germany,France, Benelux. and others.They are addicted to Wars,Pillage,Theft..This is the source of their wealth..
          Last 500 years of theirs History it’s the Tale of Imperialism,Colonization,Occupation ,Enslavement..War after War..
          They mastered parasitic way of political existence..and the are addicted to it…They need a another fix..That is why 3 World War is coming..
          We CEE doesn’t want to be a part of it..
          I know it must be hard for you to read my account..
          I wish you and others to have enough courage to reflect on what you read here …Because Wrath of Historical Iniquity is coming after West..and already is here (West Europe)..

          • @Goral: it is impressive (sic) how you claim to speak for all CEE, your hubris is breathtaking, whereas even within Poland or Hungary (for example) there are severe and bitter splits among the people. By the way, do you include the Baltics among CEE?!

            You remind me of the panslavic stance, except that you do not ever mention Russia or Alexander Dugin at all (Lauren Southern and Brittany Pettibone met him recently ).

            It is not possible to discuss CEE and its foreign relations without addressing Russia. But this is what you do.

            Due to Western desire to get hold of Russia and all its raw materials, it may well be as you say that WW3 is coming. But CEE is involved in that at all times: how can NATO materiel get to the front line if not through CEE airspace or across CEE land? Get real!

            Mankind is generally unpleasant. So while it is true that the West has done all the bad things that you say, it seems you are trying to whitewash Polish-Ukrainian relations (Wolhynia ; Stepan Bandera) or Russian expansion into Siberia and elsewhere at the expense of indigenous peoples. Or many other historical conflicts inside what became the CEE,

          • No, it’s not difficult to read your account (s). We require that you keep it shorter, though.

            Do you have any idea how many hundreds of people in the last twelve years have appeared on our comments threads with prescriptions for what to do? Some form of “all you have to do is…” and this prescription is always quintessentially logical and utterly un-doable. Somewhat akin to “all you have to do is grow wings and fly”. When it’s 700 words’ worth of “all you have to do is…” we often cut off the long paragraphs. Sometimes, if it’s late and the Baron is tired, we just delete it.

            Again, since you give no indication that you’ve done so, I strongly urge you to read our commenting guidelines, particularly the ones about maintaining civil discourse. We don’t let Americans post things like “Europe is done; stick a fork in it”. You’re sailing right close to that kind of talk.

            As for what the citizens of Central and Eastern Europe do or don’t want, they’ve had darn little say about their futures. That’s why we had so many immigrants from there.

            It takes more courage to maintain this website than it takes you to get on here and lecture us about it.

    • I’ll try……………

      France–has long-range bomber aircraft and intermediate-range ballistic AND cruse missiles. (AND a crappy aircraft carrier.)
      Lotsa moslems.
      ……………………………………..AND ATOMIC/HYDROGEN BOMBS.

      Great Britainstan–has much the same, except they rid themselves of the longest-range bombers. They have better missiles, long ranged fighter-bombers and a new-ish sort-of aircraft carrier thingy (no aircraft) that may actually work someday.
      Lotsa moslems, too–they call ’em “Asians” for some reason.
      ……………………………with ATOMIC/HYDROGEN BOMBS too!!

      Deutschlandstan–Not much air, navy won’t float, submarines won’t sub–no military to speak of. BUTT……. Huge industrial capacity and filling up with lotsa HOSTILE moslems.
      They have the CASH IT WILL TAKE, folks.

      Yeah–they’s a bunch of troublesome, stupid , hostile, arrogant ingrates. No argument here.
      That’s what it will take.
      That’s why I care, and maybe you should too.

  9. add.: I checked the room again.It is a setup. There is absolutely nothing that tells this room is inhabited by a teenage girl.No disorderly placed items. No personel items, one book on the nighttable,” compulsive obsessive” ( rf.teenage) folder of paper clip-outs, pastel colored linenware chosen by an art director in advertising, the kind of room every teen dreams of but will never have. Dressing room, private bath, hhmmm…Reminds me of tobacco ads in the sixties.

    • It could very well be genuine. Most people in Germany are not into clutter. They like to have a place for everything and everything in its place. She is young and probably has not accumulated much. I bet she has a fair amount of stuff under her bed: in organized, slide out boxes.

      The big exception is books. I don’t think you can’t have too many of those – until they encroach on the floor and furniture. They are looked at as a sort of wall paper.

      • John, did you take a look into my room? Are you spying on me?
        It is just like you described, books on the floor and on the furniture. I better put duct tape over my Ipad’s camera eye next time I join in on GoV.

  10. Goral: I understand your point, but – then the rapefugees will have Germany’s wealth, industry, production and population at their service. It’s bad enough my kids may have to fight these invaders in their future diaspora. It’ll be worse with a bunch of Nordic/Aryan Janissaries in the invading force…

  11. 00:14 and then I worked with refugees, well more like played with them.

    “Played with them”. That will certainly pique the “refugees” interest.

    00:38 From there I found facts that fit the stories I heard.

    I think she means “facts”, not facts.

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