Goat in a Baby Stroller: A Sacrifice for Eid al-Adha

It’s that festive time of the year again: Eid al-Adha, when blood flows in the streets and the laughter of children mixes with the sound of animals screaming in pain.

A culture-enriching boy in Italy was pushing a bound goat in a baby stroller, intending to sacrifice it during the festivities, but a WAYCIST Italian intervened, and the goat’s life was spared. (Vlad says he thinks it’s a sheep, not a goat. And the guy who took the video also says “sheep”.)

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below is the accompanying article from Il Sussidiario, also translated by FouseSquawk:

Islamic Feast, Goat in a Baby Stroller for Slaughter

A goat in a stroller ready to be slaughtered. Storm in Naples for the Islamic feast of sacrifice. A Moroccan is charged with mistreatment of an animal.

August 21, 2018
by Silvana Palazzo

[Photo: Goat in stroller ready to be slaughtered]

The polemics continue in Naples for the Eid al-Adha, the Islamic feast of sacrifice, which will continue until Saturday 25 August. The tradition provides for the sacrifice of an adult animal, sheep, cows, and camels. Reporting the incident in Naples was Salvatore Iodice, a counselor, who when he saw a boy with a goat in a baby stroller, confronted him, “Stop — don’t slaughter it.” “I have always done this ceremony in my country, and so I will continue to do it,” the young man declared. Immediately, four police cars showed up, but nothing could change the mind of the Moroccan. In Naples, the citizens continue to be worried about this custom.

Storm in Naples

Polemics in Naples over the feast of sacrifice celebrated by the Islamic community. The tradition of Eid al-Adha provides for the sacrifice of goats and lambs, through slaughter. Therefore, the worry has grown among residents in the area of Garibaldi Square and animal rights activists. “None of this has happened, though attention has remained high,” assured the representative for immigration, of CGIL Campania*, Jamal Qaddorah, as reported by The Messenger. But the video tells a story that was about to end with the killing of a goat. It was filmed by the counselor of the II Municipality, Salvatore Iodice, who told of seeing a youth with a stroller in which could be seen the legs of an animal. “Alarmed, I got out of the car shouting at the boy to let the animal free, and I called the police who quickly intervened with four squad cars. The boy said that he had always done this ceremony in his country and that it was his intention to continue to do it.” The intervention of the counselor and the police who identified and charged (without taking him into custody) the young man of Moroccan origin for mistreatment of animals, averted the worst.

Naples, Goat in baby stroller ready to be slaughtered

The animal was visibly suffering, and with the arrival of the police, and next by the ASL (Health Department), we succeeded in freeing it,” stated Iodice. The counselor for the Greens then added concerning the Islamic feast of sacrifice: “We are for the freedom of religion, but we don’t permit anyone to torture animals. The police checked the detained persons and called ASL. A report was made for mistreatment of animals.” Francesco Emilio Borelli, also from the Greens, also intervened in the issue: “We cannot permit that in the name of a religious rite they may commit injurious violence against animals. In Italy, violence against animals and slaughter in public are absolutely forbidden, fortunately. A religious rite doesn’t render it legal.” The ritual is explained by Rinaldo Sidoli of Animal Rights Italy: In ritual slaughter, the animal must be conscious at the moment of killing, turned upon itself, and subjected to cutting of the trachea and esophagus to allow the slow bleeding out. It is a cruel practice which should be replaced with alternative methods of electronarcosis.”

*   CGIL Campania = Confederazione General Italiana del Lavoro (General Italian Labor Confederation of Catania Province)

Video transcript:

00:15   I have called the police.
00:24   I have called the police. You can’t [unintelligible] That is a crime.
00:29   You are torturing an animal. I have called the police.
00:33   You cannot do this. —It’s a festival. — You can’t go around like this.
00:38   No. [Woman’s voice unintelligible]
00:41   Look, you can do the festival, but that is torturing an animal [Woman’s voice unintelligible]
00:45   No, I didn’t say you couldn’t have the festival.
00:48   I said that this is torture. [Woman’s voice unintelligible]
00:52   Here this isn’t done. [unintelligible] In Italy you can’t torture animals. I’ve called the police.
00:57   [unintelligible] arrest. [unintelligible]
01:00   [unintelligible] —You are right, dear.
01:04   I also saw it. —What is that thing there? A sheep [unintelligible]
01:08   But no, you can’t think of doing something like this.
01:11   [unintelligible] — I have already called the police… It’s either a sheep or a goat.
01:16   [unintelligible]
01:29   It’s something irregular.

11 thoughts on “Goat in a Baby Stroller: A Sacrifice for Eid al-Adha

  1. Prosecute this bloodthirsty miscreant beyond the extent of the law. This is utterly unnaceptable in the West and must not be tolerated.

    This is not the only animal they treat so badly – their hatred towards dogs is well known.

    We just can allow this cult to commit atrocities against our animals in the name of its deranged customs.

  2. Commendable.

    Sadly, there have been millions of these poor creatures slaughtered in the most barbaric manner.

    They just live for slitting throats!!!!!

    I am just awaiting the day of reckoning.

    • I agree but halal slaughter and kosher slaughter should also be outlawed as they are done without stunning. Practices that in the case of kosher go back maybe 3000 years have no place in modern society.

      • sacrificial meat….
        The Islamic shake-down is growing exponentially with the introduction of more and more halal abattoirs to satiate the hunger for sacrificial meats. Halal slaughter bypasses the humane western technique of stunning the animal prior to killing it. Halal Sacrificial slaughter slices the animal’s throat while it is conscious . The animal slowly bleeds to death, in pain and extreme anxiety. In an halal abattoir only practicing muslim need apply for work, there is a fee for prayers by the imam on every cruelly sacrificed animal, prayers offered to the most benevolent the most merciful~!?!
        And there are fees for halal certificates, all paid for by unsuspecting consumers……. quite a ludicrous ‘ Shake-Down ‘ for the Islamic coffers !
        Islam is controlling our meat industry except pork of course…. Islam is growing rich on the sharia-compliant sacrifice of animals and unsuspecting consumers pay for the privilege….. often because the halal abattoir is becoming the only source of meat… other than pork of course….
        Sacrificial meat cruelly slaughtered & blessed in the name of the most ‘beneficent’ most ‘merciful’ …….. you cant make this sh-t up ….
        It’s a multi-million islamic shakedown …… only practicing muslim allowed to work in halal abattoirs……. the fee for the imam’s sacrificial blessing & the fee for halal-certification all passed on to {often unsuspecting} non-muslim consumers of sacrificial meat….
        Halal abattoirs are growing exponentially in the West to satiate the barbaric taste for sacrificial meat and the blessed money that comes with it….

  3. This poor creature was sadly just one of thousands and thousands of meat animals treated cruelly in the past two days all over what is known as “the Muslim world.” The Feast of the Sacrifice is a time when amateur butchers vie for the “honour” of slaughtering an animal for the family, with some of the meat being given to the poor. The result is that blood literally runs in the streets. I lived in Turkey and have seen this myself: blood on apartment balconies, blood on the sidewalk, blood dripping up the steps onto a public bus, blood soaked yards of country houses, blood soaked dumpsters full of raw hides and discarded animal body parts (behind a Hilton Hotel, of all places), women sitting on the sidewalk grinding raw meat into plastic basins, uncovered pails of raw ground meat being lugged around by grateful recipients.

    To make the cruelty particularly macabre, it’s the custom to decorate the animals prior to slaughter. Ribbon and flower-bedecked sheep can be found tied to parking meters along busy city streets. They are awaiting a buyer and subsequent slaughter. It’s customary for those who can afford it to buy an animal, have it slaughtered by a family member at the family home, and then donate some of the meat to the poor. Hence the buckets of raw meat being taken home on public transit.

    I’ve seen a sheep being wheeled on a child’s wagon in the heart of a big Turkish city on it’s way to be killed. It was on it’s back with its four legs tied together—and was barely struggling. It was killed in an old bazaar not long after I saw it, as I knew it would be, but it was still an unnerving sight. And that was not during this festival, just on an ordinary day.

    How does one begin to fathom the unfeeling nature of the young man pushing the stroller with the young sheep in it? We bring up our children to care for animals, to treat them kindly, and not cause them undue pain. Many of us cannot bear the thought of an animal such as this one made to suffer in this way. This value of ours to prevent animal suffering as much as possible is simply not shared by most of the world—this example involves Islam, but similar examples are found throughout much of the developing world.

    Any benefit from the charitable nature of the Feast of the Sacrifice is annulled by the massive toll of unnecessary suffering caused to meat animals.

  4. One additional thought: it seems that we’ve finally found something that will trump Islam. Freedom of religion is allowed, of course, but torture of an animal, even during Eid al-Adha, will not be tolerated, according to the spokesperson quoted in the article. It seems that compassion for animals has pierced the armour of the cultural relativism argument.

    • Yes, quite ironic that the slaughter (albeit in a manner that makes westerners squeamish) of animals for a religious observation can move Westerners to speak out, while the brutal and savage rapes and murders of numerous innocent humans by the same followers of the religion of peace do not.

      Maybe the muslims should make it known they are only slaughtering animals from the far right and then Western liberals will go back to their selfies and pet parenting and leave them alone.

  5. When I was a child a Greek family moved into the suburban house next to my grandmother. One day as Easter was drawing near, Nana reported that her new neighbours had a sheep in the back yard. Then one day she looked over the fence to see a dead sheep hanging from the Hills Hoist. Christos aneste!

      • I believe Salome was referrng to her grandmother’s new neighbours, who presumably were not Greek.

  6. “What a fantastic contribution muslims make to this country!”
    – David Cameron

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