Dutch Culture-Enricher Goes Berserk at a Gas Station

The following video from the Netherlands shows an encounter between a native Dutch motorist and a culture-enriching Muslim. The translator includes these explanatory notes to provide context for the incident:

At a gas station, before the video starts, the Muslim threatens the Dutch guy. The Dutch guy doesn’t back down, so the Muslim gets a metal rod to hit him. When that doesn’t work, either, he flees into the gas station’s convenience store. Then he plays the victim, wants the police, says he was attacked and that it’s all on camera.

It is, and it shows the Muslim beating the guy with a metal rod. Also, he’s driving a business van, with lettering on the side. At least I assume that’s why the guy filming says he’s going to call his boss.

Brain-dead stuff like this happens every day around here.

Many thanks to C for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   I don’t care. —What are you saying? What threat did you make?
00:04   I’m going to call your boss!
00:09   Going to call your boss! I have your license plate, huh! Photo of your license plate!
00:13   Your dirty f***ing face! Hey f**k off you f***ing bald [?]
00:17   I’m going to f**k your mother this evening. —With that little d**k!?
00:20   Hey, make him stop! —Hey! Freek, sit down now. Walk, now!
00:25   F***ing child of a whore! —Hey, come on! I’m daring you, come! —Child of a whore!
00:29   Freek, you’re coming with me. You have the kids here.
00:33   Now! Freek, now!
00:36   He’s going to hit me, I’ll have it on my mobile. Come on!
00:39   Freek, we have children. Stop it.
00:43   You’re getting in the car now, we have children! Stop it.
00:48   Come on! Come on!
00:51   What do you want? —Are you going to hit me?
00:55   You hit me, I have it on video, buddy!
00:59   You hit me, didn’t you? —Are you calling police? Hey, piss off with me!
01:04   Idiot! —Dirty wetneck! [?] —You hit me didn’t you? —You calling police!?
01:09   You have to keep him away from me! Keep him away from me! No! I won’t let go!
01:13   Give it to me. —Keep him away from me! —That’s what I’m doing!
01:16   Police, you calling police? —I’m filming you for private use. —Madam, are you calling police?
01:22   I’m being attacked! —You’re not being attacked. —No! Police, police.
01:29   Everything is seen on camera. —Absolutely, I recorded it.
01:32   I recorded how you were hitting me. —Everything has been seen on camera! —You hit me, buddy.
01:37   Everything can be seen on camera!

11 thoughts on “Dutch Culture-Enricher Goes Berserk at a Gas Station

  1. A kaffir is not allowed to defend himself against a soldier of allah.

    What’s the world coming to?

    The Mohammedan rightfully expects the dhimmi police to come to assist him.

  2. 01:04 Idiot! —Dirty wetneck! [?]
    The word being used here is “mafkees” colloquial Dutch for weirdo or moron not wetneck.

    The green minivan has 83-BB-KZ on his licence plate.
    I quick check in the register shows it is a clapped out Renault Kangoo 1.9 dti first registered in 2002 that makes it 16 years old and barely road worthy.

    There is no point calling the morons boss [00:09] who I presume would be the owner of that bucket of bolts, most likely he would be the moron’s first cousin twice removed making him a moron too.

    Yes patience is wearing thin. And getting thinner by the day.

  3. This is how troublemakers operate,

    When you stand up to them, resist them, fight fire with fire,
    they then play the”victim card”, go crying to the authorities or police;
    this is what troublemakers do.

    That Dutch guy should have just defended himself with brutal force.

    Carry pepper spray, and a baseball bat, be prepared for troublemakers.

    It’s sickening how they pretend to be the victim.

  4. there are several guys of young age hanging around at the scene, but the only person who literally ( no violence) confronts him is a woman. I would not say they are [cowards] but certainly intimidated by central European justice, who would judge their intervention as assault (had they put him down) and robbery (had they taken the bar away from him). The consequent permanent disability of the enricher( muslim doctor’s testimonial) would have cost them a fortune in lifelong payments.

  5. “……. who would judge their intervention as assault (had they put him down) and robbery (had they taken the bar away from him).”

    herb, are you exaggerating? I’d like to hear others’ views.

    • well…. ok, it is exaggerating, satirical. I meant a decent, no- nonsense intervention that would have brought the moron to medical care and to reason and would thus be rightfully qualified as an excessive case of self defense. The german justice system is pityless versus its own folks. Enrichers frequently get away with a parole order and leave the courtroom with a smirk. In few cases, a judge ordered parole instead of confinement due to ” the high sensitivity of the defendant considering imprisonement” .( you get the picture: deficient skills of wardens in foreign languages, dietary problems, lack of privacy when picking up the soap in the showers a.s.o. ) No kidding!

    • add.
      Joe Creho, thanks for giving me a chance to repent.
      satire, irony, sarcasm all are exaggerations of reality and are a traditional method of coping with helplessness or cluelessness.

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