Curse Your Infidel Machine!

The following video is the latest in the Angry Turks series from The Netherlands. I’m not sure exactly what sort
of machine our Turkish protagonist is interacting with, but he is plainly unhappy with it.

Many thanks to C for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   You just indicated that you were entered into the system.
00:03   I received two! TWO! I got TWO!
00:06   We have no card in this system at this moment. —Why is your mother…
00:09   What’s up with you mother, man!?
00:12   You’re out of line, sir. —THEN COME HERE [TURKISH OBSCENITIES?] MAN!
00:18   We’re not on location, we’re helping you remotely. —He says remotely,
00:23   I’m going to f***ing [?]—Yes? So, if you’ll just act like a civilized human being, I’ll try…

2 thoughts on “Curse Your Infidel Machine!

  1. My God, these people are so ridiculously short fused in a way that makes me less afraid of them. Not able to act according to the challenge of any given situation. Just inferior.Is there such a thing as ” subhumans” like Albert Schweitzer, the eminent philanthropist called it?

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