Cuddly Justice for a Culture-Enriching Lunatic in Germany

The following video was produced by AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany). It shows a vicious attack on an elderly German woman by an African immigrant. The court has reduced the charge against the attacker because of his alleged mental illness.

It’s funny how closely lunacy correlates with Islamic religious belief.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

WARNING: THIS VIDEO CONTAINS FOOTAGE OF A VIOLENT ATTACK. Even though there is no gore, and it was shot from a distance, sensitive readers may want to skip this video:

Video transcript:

00:00   A 25-year-old African, who brutally attacked a retired woman of 73 last December and seriously
00:08   wounded her while furiously jumping on her head and neck,
00:12   is allegedly not competent enough to be culpable.
00:15   From presumed attempted murder, the state court of Nürnberg-Fürth dropped it to attempted manslaughter,
00:20   following the example of the state prosecutor. The reason: the African, clad only in his underwear
00:23   during the attack, was allegedly suffering from schizophrenic psychosis. He shares
00:26   this diagnosis, incidentally, with a remarkable number of suspects of similar origin.
00:35   Yet one more time German “cuddly-justice” has showed what soft trials await those
00:40   who haven’t been living in Germany for a long time.

12 thoughts on “Cuddly Justice for a Culture-Enriching Lunatic in Germany

  1. “the state court of Nürnberg-Fürth dropped it to attempted manslaughter”

    They should drop his legal status to “attempted immigrant”, and then send him back to Africa once he has served a lengthy prison sentence.

    • Does the victim of the Pirate prophet know any chick who raised the banner : “refugees welcome.” “They are in danger, They are not dangerous.”

      Oh Europe . . . allah has justified for us your riches, cities, women, and all your possessions. Proof: you beg us to invade you and you never learn a lesson.

    • Remove the leg he used to kick a woman in the head – a woman almost 50 years his senior – and send him back to Africa immediately upon his being released from post-op.

      Why should the German taxpayers bear the cost of sheltering and feeding him for the duration of ‘a lengthy prison sentence’?

      His mental illness be damned. (And add to the charges “Indecent exposure” … he appears to have been standing in the middle of the street wearing only his underpants.)

      • You are all to civilized here.And that is the problem.
        Simplest solution: [redacted].Why loosing all this money with jail, hospitals, etc?
        Imagine how terrified that old woman was,how painful.
        Now don’t tell me that I condone violence .Violence is there, I am just trying to get an upper hand on thinks.
        No judgment, lunch linching, that is the solution for all that do trouble.
        For the others, deportation as soon as possible .
        No helping Africa either , Africa was helped so many times by so many , the only think they do is increase the rate of births.So the parasites overflow to Europe .
        Let them at their own devices, and make sure Russia and China does the same.

  2. Obviously enough, before this man was admitted to Germany he underwent health checks of various kinds, not only as regards his mental health but also for diseases such as TB and AIDS. Also his educational and professional qualifications would have been carefully gone through, and all in all, his general suitability for life in Germany determined.

    At what stage of all this, then, did the procedure break down?

    Another question, on what grounds are deductions from the wages and salaries of working Germans going to be used to support his sojurn in the country?

    And have working Germans said they’re OK with this? Yes, actually, they have. Enough of them voted Big Puppet Merkel back for another term. Be careful what you vote for, Germans. This is one of those times when your chosen political leader is going to keep delivering. A bit of smoke here, some more mirrors there, but all the while the Big Target is clearly in sight.

  3. I wouldn’t put much faith in Germans and elections. After all, Hitler too was elected before he outlawed all other political parties.

    Of course, we here in America are not too far behind; we elected the Kenyan muslim twice before electing Trump by a hair… The fact that almost half the population voted for Hillary should be deeply disturbing, and a wakeup call for those who don’t believe the Third Reich could also happen here.

    • It’s looking better in the U.S. all the time. Call us The Big Hungary.

      Or, to paraphrase Robert Frost,

      Two roads diverged in a yellow wood;
      Hopeful Americans took the one marked “Trump”
      And that has made all the difference.

      Hillary *is* disturbing but the Left is locked into utopian dreams that can never be realized. That as many of us did indeed choose “NOT Hillary” is amazing. We were changing our country. It was/is a race where “almost” doesn’t count.

      So now we’re likely to get our next strict Constitutionalist on the Supreme Court before the Senate breaks for recess. Rejoice and be glad, our country is being restored, one brick at a time.

  4. This is a simple connect the dots teaching moment.

    The open borders (Schengen Agreement). This is its dystopic metamorphous into this event and multiple others. This occurred because Western European elites zombie-like refuse to acknowledge broken human beings are a huge portion of this so-called “hijra”.

    America’s political elite (Democrat and Republican) advocate the same; even the same resulting violence and mayhem. Vote but vote smart.

  5. All the stretch has gone out of the “tolerance” elastic.

    Just strain left now.

    Then snap.

  6. How the heck can “attempted manslaughter” be a thing, when manslaughter is defined as the accidental killing of someone without malice aforethought?

  7. Germans and many other European citizens – like even my family-members – are blind with open eyes. After having killed six million Jews, seventy years ago, they are now importing an equal number of Jew-haters. This blindness fits perfectly in the prophecy of Him about ‘the end of days’ in whose Name these useful idiots are pretending to act.

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