Beatrix von Storch on Chemnitz: “The People in This Country Are Angry”

As we reported yesterday, the murder of a native German by culture-enrichers in Chemnitz in eastern Germany has resulted in mass demonstrations on the streets of the city. The situation has spiraled out of control, with the more kinetic of the demonstrators chasing down migrants and/or leftists (it isn’t clear which).

Beatrix von Storch is a deputy leader of the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) and a member of the Bundestag. In the following TV appearance, Ms. Von Storch holds her own admirably against two VERY hostile interviewers.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   It is a topic that concerns people here in this country, and we are speaking
00:05   with Beatrix von Storch, Deputy Chairwoman of the AfD. A warm welcome.
00:09   If you look at the pictures from Chemnitz, the demonstration, what do you see there,
00:13   a government which has lost its monopoly of power? Or one that is effectively
00:17   asserting itself with force? —I see chaos. I see chaos, that the government obviously
00:21   has trouble getting a handle on, or in any case attempts to not to make bigger.
00:25   We see unpleasant scenes and unpleasant images, and we have to ask ourselves
00:30   where did that come from? What is the cause, what is the cause of this? — It is
00:34   the question you asked to begin with and I think it is the right question.
00:38   I think before you have analysed the situation as a whole, you have to wait for the police
00:42   while they ascertain all the facts. There are some questions still open. There are
00:46   some allegations still in the room. Here we wait for what the police say.
00:50   But what we know — what is proven or what is there — is the fact that a man
00:54   has died. He has been murdered. He has been stabbed by what
00:59   appear to be a Syrian and an Iraqi, for whom arrest warrants have been issued.
01:05   Correct. They have been arrested. They were already in detention;
01:09   the rule of law was working. Just as a constitutional state should work. There
01:14   is no reason to go out on the street and to chase other innocent people
01:18   who are completely uninvolved. —Yes, well, again, that was the cause and
01:22   then the people go out on the street, the people in this country are angry
01:26   about what is happening, then it got out of control — that’s not nice,
01:30   and there are ugly scenes— that we all have seen without question. Everyone will…
01:34   The pictures are more than ugly — what’s not nice is those who were chased
01:38   — it’s dangerous as well. (Yes) So when you say these images aren’t nice,
01:42   isn’t that trivialising the situation? No, I think what is happening — you are doing
01:46   it as well now, trying to pour oil in the fire and dramatise it because you
01:50   want to get away from the cause. I’ll say that again. We clearly reject the
01:54   violence but we have to understand — you have to understand — the people are angry,
01:59   a lot of people are very angry, and then we see when the state has no control
02:03   over the situation, this chaos breaks out then the police no longer
02:07   have it under control, at least there obviously, because there were people injured,
02:13   there was rioting, there were confrontations— it definitely got out of hand.
02:19   and that is not right and… Just a moment — you just accused us,
02:23   or me, quite concretely of pouring oil on the fire, but when Alice Wiedel,
02:27   your party colleague, writes on her Facebook page that someone
02:31   was slaughtered, which is prejudice, given that the investigation is not yet complete,
02:35   how is that not pouring oil onto the fire? So, when you recognize that a
02:39   human being has been killed with a knife in the street, I don’t know how
02:43   you should portray it differently. I find it pointless, honestly, to argue about it;
02:51   the fact is that people are upset about the fact that
02:55   people are constantly being murdered here, more than ever before,
02:59   and if you look at the numbers then we see these numbers increase significantly,
03:03   and that’s the rage we see on the street.
03:07   One is allowed to be angry and to voice one’s opinion — we have freedom of opinion
03:11   in Germany. You can go out on the street and say I think it’s wrong, what’s going on,
03:15   and I’m angry, but that is no reason to chase innocent people.
03:19   Without a doubt, that’s not a question at all. The police have also called
03:23   for pictures, proof — to be submitted so that this can pursued. And it must be pursued.
03:27   That’s not a question at all. The police are calling for it.
03:31   I have not seen the pictures yet and if that’s the case, then charges will be laid.
03:35   What does your party do specifically about this anger? Because with anger alone
03:39   we won’t get anywhere, not even on the political level. So how do you suggest
03:43   curbing this anger in a constructive way in order to demonstrate in the street without
03:47   turning into an angry mob? What is your party doing?
03:51   We make very clear political demands, and we say we need border protection.
03:55   We cannot keep going the way we have, and continue to take on about 15,000
03:59   illegal migrants a month. The number of illegal immigrants in this country
04:03   is increasing. It is not decreasing — it is rising, and we are not in control of the situation;
04:07   crime among immigrants is increasing in absolute and relative terms. That is to say,
04:11   we have to tackle the cause, we have to pronounce that truth, and we have
04:15   to say this cannot go on any longer. This does not solve these problems immediately,
04:19   but it does not make them worse, and we say that in all clarity — which hurts. I believe
04:23   that many do not want to face this truth, because no one wants to take
04:27   responsibility for what has happened. If we had had border control…
04:33   Yes, yes, that’s a political demand you have, that’s perfectly legitimate,
04:37   but now in this situation where the mood is so heated, it would actually
04:41   be your chance to go and say, yes, you’re angry, and look, we represent your
04:45   political interests — interests — and we try to enforce that, but stay calm. You are
04:49   not allowed to hunt another human being. —That’s what we do, we said just that.
04:57   Honestly, that’s not my impression from the deputy parliamentarian
05:01   who publicly endorsed that citizens take to the street.
05:05   No, he wrote that the night before this happened, and if you read it
05:09   very exactly, then it… I read it exactly. Well, now you are just trying to find
05:15   someone to blame. We brought out a press release today. We aren’t
05:19   trying to find someone to blame. It is about the fact that the state
05:23   has the monopoly on violence, and should enforce it. (And has to, exactly).
05:27   No citizen in this country is allowed to practice self-justice. —Absolutely, that’s
05:31   perfectly true — that’s the rule of law — that’s how it has to be, and I believe
05:35   that I communicated that, we’ve communicated that, again the responsibility
05:39   for the situation in this country is first and foremost the CDU, who have governed for the
05:43   last 13 years and in Saxony since 1990. When we (the AfD) install the next
05:47   minister-president in Saxony after the next state election, we will restore real order.
05:51   We’ll see if that’s how it turns out, Ms. Von Storch. Thanks for being in the studio.

12 thoughts on “Beatrix von Storch on Chemnitz: “The People in This Country Are Angry”

  1. I struggle to find the words to describe the surreal: the German State’s propaganda machine ‘argues’ for civility, while their own ‘kin’ are being slaughtered, inch by inch, slice by slice. This reminds me of one of the 911 hijackers who directed his captives to, Just be quiet and everything will be alright.

  2. Merkel and her “Progressive” allies think people should not react to having their previously peaceful countries, towns and villages being utterly ruined by an influx of aliens, that the UN itself says are not real refugees but 84% at least, falsely claiming to be “Syrian” or some other nationality? In one report I saw 94% of the supposed “refugees” were fake and nothing but opportunists seeking to live off the welfare teats of Northern Europe for life. There was even a group of Trinidadians claiming to be from Syria. Whole towns and villages have been forced to accept these freeloaders and Hotels emptied of tourists and homes given over to Merkel’s pets. And we are supposed to shout hooray?

    I have relatives in Koln and they say it is a “Dreadful situation all over Germany- chaos in fact”. Women no longer go out alone. I know Koln well and for the townsfolk to state this it must truly be awful. Same with Aachen. A Christian Arab pal of mine and my fellow Bishop just came back from Germany and he stated that he had only heard the lowest forms of “Peasant street Arabic” spoken by these latest incomers.

    He was also told by a policeman that they now know that “90% of the incomers appear to already have criminal records in the countries they came from.”

    Merkel is lucky that she has not had to face a new “DDR 1989 Moment” and open rebellion from those she has blighted “The German Volk”. She calls then “Far Right” and “Nazis” just as we see in UK too. I think something is stirring across EU and it does not look good. To label 95% of the German people as “Nazis” is an appalling label.

  3. The mainstream media, of which these two liberal attack dogs, are an example, don’t much care what the stupid people think. That’s why they will never get it, never understand it. I watched a BBC video and read a report of the demonstrations, by “far right extremists”, when clearly most were just ordinary Germans who were fed up with being ignored and imposed upon by the political elite. The BBC story even had the jaw dropping nerve to claim “polls suggest” most German were more concerned about climate change than migration policy. These media liberals are bubble living fools, that remind me of Dylan’s Ballad of a thin man.

  4. What is wrong with these “mainstream people”? The two interviewers deem as if they were living on another planet. One cannot but think they are very much afraid to say something forbidden, or so overpaid to be underplaying the utmost serious situation in Germany.

  5. The two apologists carrying out the interview are no doubt
    Driven to and from the studio by limousine and live in an
    Area free of the influx of third world violence that mutti
    Merkel has inflicted on the rest of Germany. They would be
    A shoe in for any job in the BBC.
    Have read a report today that Merkel is throwing open the
    Borders Again to fill 1.6 million job vacancies with 3rd
    World migrants. There is mass unemployment of youngsters
    In the EU, the current influx of 3rd World migrants have
    Proved to be illiterate and unemployment, what am I missing

    No wonder the Germans are angry!!

  6. I couldn’t listen any more to those two imbeciles. The question is not about curbing the anger it is about curbing the killing, raping and other crimes carried out by mostly muslum foreigners against Germans. If nothing is done about that then the anger is justified and not just anger.

  7. Funny how pro-migration folks never let the other side finish before they start their yapping.

  8. I wonder how much the ruling parties resort to actual voter fraud to rig elections so they can be kept in power. For those in Europe, this happens quite a lot in America. Only our electoral college tends to contain the damage.

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