Andrej Babiš: Czech Companies Don’t Want to Hire People Coming From Black Africa

In the following video Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš talks to an interviewer about his immigration policy — which is to import the type of workers the Czech economy needs, rather than the sort that multiculturalism (i.e. the EU) is trying to foist on him. The interviewer obviously thinks she has caught him out as a WAYCIST because he rejects the idea of bringing in migrants from black Africa.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Why isn’t there migration from African countries?
00:04   Because we don’t want people here… —This would, however,
00:09   solve the problems you mentioned; we have an exceptionally low unemployment level .
00:12   We’re taking care of this problem, we’re accepting people. —But why
00:16   not precisely from those countries? —Simply because our companies
00:20   are choosing other countries of origin. They don’t want to hire people coming from black Africa.
00:25   They want people from Ukraine, Serbia, Mongolia, and other countries. So we have
00:29   the right to make a choice; our companies can choose the employees they need.
00:33   It’s not the job of Italian Prime Minister Conte to choose for us.
00:37   Incidentally, HIS migrants don’t want to work.
00:41   They arrive only to get welfare. Those are people who
00:45   have paid smuggling mafia. —How do you know that?
00:50   I know it, because according to Europol they spent €5.7 billion.
00:54   It’s a business; it’s a smuggling mafia.

7 thoughts on “Andrej Babiš: Czech Companies Don’t Want to Hire People Coming From Black Africa

  1. Amazing how eager these foolish tools of the elites are to impose african and middle eastern savages upon the rest of the populace. I wonder if the news bimbo has to share her neighborhood with assorted third world and african rapists? Or if her multiculti tendencies extend to her personal life. Is she in a relationship with someone who is brown or black and unemployed?

    With these fools it is always a case of “do as I say and not as I do”…

    • A few weeks ago, my Nigerian neighbour invited me to a party celebrating her 75th birthday. Shortly afterwards, she retired from working as a district nurse.

      I’m not denying the existence of the lowlifes you describe, but some balance would be nice.

      • Your neighbour is one of the few people that came to Europe in order to lead an honest life and nobody has a problem with such people. However, this isn’t about balance, this is the exception from the rule and there’s a huge difference between the two.

  2. Same old same old – media again asking all of its questions from the globalist’ point of view. I don’t understand why politicians allow them to get away with it. Turn the tables, ask the interviewer why s/he’s coming from that direction. Why allow the media to set the agenda?

  3. I will not deny that there are good people in almost every culture. However, some cultures have far higher percentages of bad apples than others. The african blacks whom I have known until recently tended to be on the positive side of the equation; my welding instructor in college was also from Nigeria and he was one of the hardest working men I have known. I think it was precisely because it used to be so difficult to gain entry into the West that the ones who have been here for a long time tend to be above average and well integrated.

    When merit, education, or sponsorship by a western citizen who is financially responsible for the immigrant are primary criteria for entry into Western countries, then you get good people. These savages invading the West to take advantage of the cornicopia of welfare benefits put in place by liberal democracies do not meet any of that criteria. And recently, being next door to Minnesomalia has meant that almost all of the africans with whom I now interact with fall into the latter category. These people do not wish to work or integrate or assimilate. And in European countries where entry is as easy as paying a smuggler to be floated a few miles offshore the African coast, the types to be found there in the vanguard of the invasion are far worse than the ones who have to meet minimal requirements before being foisted upon American communities by Lutheran Social Services.

    Lastly, the reasons behind the invasion of the west by african and mid-eastern reprobates being allowed to continue should infuriate anyone with white or native european heritage. This is being allowed and encouraged by the elites precisely to break down western nation states, and to ultimately make whites minorities in their own countries. And the worse and more depraved the invaders the better for the purposes of these traitors to the west. So I will continue to call a savage a savage, because to sugarcoat the reality of what is being done to our unique heritage and our civilization and our children and grandchildren’s birthright demands no less.

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