Allah Willing, America Will Be a Muslim Nation

The following video shows an imam named Sulaiman Jalloh preaching a sermon in a Virginia mosque (typing that last phrase makes me grit my teeth).

The only specific location mentioned in the notes to the video is the Dar Al Noor Mosque in Manassas. Fairfax County has long been a teeming nest of Islam, but in my experience from the last fifteen years or so, Manassas has been mainly Mexican (or Salvadoran, or other Latino points south). The last time I was there I didn’t notice any hijabs or men wearing beanies and dresses.

I guess Prince William County must be in the process of being absorbed by the Ummah, just like Fairfax and Arlington. And to think that my great-great-grandfather and great-great-granduncle fought for our sovereign Commonwealth on that blood-soaked battlefield just to the northwest of Manassas…

As Riddley Walker said (in the eponymous novel by Russell Hoban), upon seeing the “shyning of them broakin machines” at Fork Stoan: “O, what we ben! And what we come to!”

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

5 thoughts on “Allah Willing, America Will Be a Muslim Nation

  1. At least, this guy has seen a tiny light: no muslim nation has accomplished anything good for its people. But the US can do that.
    Mind you! Intellectually impaired like all disciples of allah( minuscule) , he does not know that the US did not fall to fascism under conditions worse than in Germany or Italy after WW I. And the US are not disarmed yet. So mind your gluteus maximus, you followers of the right faith.

  2. …………..NOT if Sam Colt, Winchester, and the brothers Smith and Wesson have anything to say about it.

  3. Some years ago, me and my family moved into a subdivision in Virginia. On the main road less than a mile away, was an empty field.

    At the time we moved there, I was still a complete innocent about Islam. In my mind, it was just another of the world’s great religions, and I mentally busied myself mostly with daily life and raising our family. I believe I thought that 9/11 was just the work of a small subdivision of crazies, who were mostly focused on Israel and attacked the US as some kind of outgrowth of that idea.

    Just after we moved into our new home, a Muslim family moved into the house next door. The wife of the family cultivated a friendship with me, which I accepted. We visited each other at our homes, exchanged recipes, went shopping together, and I spent some time with her at her place of business. It was actually one of the best neighborly relationships I’ve ever had.

    Once I was invited over when they were having a party for some one’s birthday. A couple dozen family members showed up, the women wearing gorgeous traditional clothing. After initial greetings, all the men went to the downstairs kitchen and family room, the women stayed upstairs, and the kids scampered back and forth between the two floors. My kids came over with me, enjoyed some of the great food, and went back to our house. I stayed to eat, but oddly, my friend seated me all by myself, with a plateful of delicious traditional food and a can of pop, while all the other women ate together in the next room! Odd, I thought. Also odd was that all those women, after saying hello to me, did not speak to me again, and I thought I noticed many of them deliberately turning their faces away from me, some even giving me the evil eye.

    Some time after this party, it occurred to me that I never did talk to or even see my friend on Fridays. Even then, when I was still ignorant about Islam, it occurred to me that that was their holy day and maybe she was showing respect to her religion by not having anything to do with an unbeliever on that day.

    One day, I saw what looked from a distance like a flea market taking place on the field across from our plat. I stopped my car there, but quickly saw that the sellers were all hijab-wearing women sitting on rugs on the ground with their wares, and all giving me unwelcoming stares. So I left. Then came the day when I noticed a group of men in religious dress sitting together at a long table in the field, and it hit me that a mosque must be in the planning stages. I mentioned this to my husband, who didn’t believe me.
    But within a year after that, the mosque was on that spot. On what must have been holy days, cars from there overflowed their parking lot and lined the sides of our street. Meanwhile, our friends next door began to have trouble with their neighbors on the other side, who were also Muslim but from a different country, and who threw empty beer bottles into our neighbors’ backyard, which was a big insult, of course.

    Towards the end of our time in Northern Virginia I began to inform myself about Islam. What a huge threat, worldwide. I now think my pal next door was outwardly friendly to me for the purpose of lulling suspicions among the local infidels. A sort of taqiyyah. The eating separately and the mean looks, were based in the belief that infidels are unclean. To any apologist for Islam who says, “They assimilate when they come here!”, I can cite this experience, and others before and since, and say, “I really don’t think they do.”

  4. I can only hope Mohammedan terrorist will get 72 Virginians of the type of the Baron in heaven. That’ll teach them!

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