A New Zimbabwe…

…because the first one worked so well. South Africa can’t wait to devolve. Angry boys love chaos and mayhem.

I hope enough farmers make it out alive now that the legislation is going through. “Stand your ground” here would be suicide.

Russia and Australia will be the net beneficiaries if the farmers can get out in time.

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  1. Well, when they start to starve they can show a child in a mud puddle and the west will send aid. But I personally won’t donate a penny.

  2. One guesses that lots of money will come into the hands of high government officials in South Africa, with the expropriation of all those farms, as the general economy tanks in consequence and the specter of famine looms.

    One further suspects that the prospect of extreme personal fortune is what is driving the theft.

    The bitter irony is that the blacks of South Africa arrived after the Dutch and British settlers. South Africa was nearly empty when Europeans arrived. It was home to only a few thousand bushmen.

    The sub-Saharan blacks who live there now are Zulu and Xhosa, who migrated down from the north (conquering along the way). They have no moral claim of prior occupancy, or any standing as having been dispossessed.

    The Zulu and Xhosa are not ‘native South Africans’ in the sense of an authochthonous people such as the Native Americans.

    The land-grab is theft pure and simple. An expression of greed and racism.

    • and the blacks will soon discover that wine plants provide excellent barbecue wood, especially the cabernet-sauvignon species. Window frames are less appropriate to barbecues, but let aside the aftertaste of the paint, they do that job better than worn car tires and aren’t needed anyway because there is no next winter.
      BTW. Once driving through an upscale neighborhood in a heavily golf- infested area of Kwa-Zulu Natal, I could spot the mansions built by blacks on the drive-by: they were telltale by their pompuous architecture and decoration. Cheap copies of roman emperors style, columns,shiny metal grilles a.s.on.

    • Your history is entirely accurate. What is happening in South Africa is emphatically not an instance of a native people taking back from alien colonizers what might be considered as rightfully theirs, as the European settlers got to South Africa before the negroes did. No, what is happening now in South Africa is simply what negroes do to whites whenever they get the opportunity. Haiti, 1804.

      • I’m not an expert on the history of the area, but blacks there are racist against other blacks too. As I recall the Zulu have taken by force from other blacks and are unrepentant over doing so, I believe some of the non-Zulus were even closer to the ‘original’ holders of the land in some parts of South Africa before the Zulu took it from them. So it’s about the same logic as the “Palestinians” trying to reclaim land from Israel after they pushed out others who were there before Islam pushed it’s way in. Even an argument about first nations peoples doesn’t put south africa back in the hands of the Zulu, the southwest of the USA back in the hands of mexico, or modern Israel in the hands of the Palestinians. In each case to varying degrees (by what I understand – someone with more knowledge feel free to expand) a conquering people were themselves conquered and turned back.

  3. A recent video from Stefan Molyneux

    He provides a bit of perspective to me at least with the statement around 7:30 citing a 2016 race relations survey that less than 1% of South Africans think land ownership is a serious unresolved problem. He goes on to speak about past efforts to transfer land have failed. So I would suspect the missing puzzle pieces here are greed and hate by a minority in the majority and not some desire for justice to be served. I suspect China will end up in control of the land.

  4. South Africa will become the Venezuela of Africa another country that was rich in resources , had people who knew how to run things .Kill or drive off educated people who run things ,have the government confiscate the means of production ,have the government run things into the ground. Foolish people repeating looking for the communist utopia for over a hundred years not country that has try it one has come close.

  5. If the global news media ignore (or even worse, excuse) the unfolding genocide of South African whites, then whites around the world will begin to understand what is in store for them, and they will prepare and act accordingly.

  6. My favourite thing about this whole ordeal is the fact that back in 2012 (or so) South Africa had to import food for the first time in 25 years, because a draught struck and black farmers lost all their crops (while white farmers had barely any issues). It’s as if nature itself is showing us the proper way of things.

    • It’s called Darwinism, which the left believes in until it affects those adored by the left, then they are victims of racism.

      • Not quite Darwinism I had in mind, althought it can certainly be proposed in this case as well. However, the “survival of the fittest” has nothing to do with nature handing out severe draughts the moment black farmers start their shenanigans.

        • It’s about K-selected people vs r-selected people. People who lived where resources were abundant and easy to get didn’t have to be very intelligent or cooperate very well to stay alive and for whom the best survival strategy was simply to breed without control or limit. Leading to lots of single parent households, 4-10 kids ‘per’, and similar things. (sound familiar?)

          People who lived in places like the north where resources were scarce would literally die out without intelligence and high social cooperation/strong family bonds and such, therefore they know that bad times follow good, either put aside savings for those times (or plan how to mitigate them) and can prevent much of the randomness of nature from wiping them out.

          A fun and hopefully useful article:

  7. Pure Socialist economic doctrine of course, discredited completely after the same nationalizations created an economic nosedive for Zimbabwe and more recently Venezuela (where 2 million have left already). The country’s food supply is in danger if they evict the Afrikaans farmers. and it will be the poor blacks who will actually suffer the most. Next they will lose foreign investment, big international companies will pull out of the country (like what happened in Congo) the mines will close, thousands of black workers will be made redundant. That’s Socialism for you and stupid pimply faced kids in the West are toying with it now, simply as they can’t remember the 1990’s. Bernie should know better by now.

    • This goes as far back to the 1960’s – some may recall the
      Rhodesian Federation of North & Southern Rhodesia
      With Nyasaland?

      White families had to flee to the UK with no assistance
      Offered to them on arrival.

      Have these three nations prospered since driving thr
      Whites out? Patently not, but the British Government
      Dare not admit the truth and still pours millions of
      Pounds into black depots pockets under the guise
      Of foreign aid.

      My heart bleeds for the white farmers, their only
      Hope is that Russian and Australian governments sanctuary
      Offers are genuine, Europe will quietly and unashamedly
      Ignore their plight.

      • I just want to see the Boers get out safely, but America is a fool to pass up the opportunity to invite in PRODUCTIVE and intelligent human stock that is likely to vote conservative, finally offsetting some of the useless and identity politics types that the left has been importing for decades watering down the integrity of the culture and attitudes of self reliance that the Boers share with earlier Americans.

        I don’t understand why America is allowing in (via anchor babies and chain migration) ANYONE who doesn’t love American values “more than the average American” (which has become seriously watered down after decades of decadence, leftist brainwashing in the schools, and self absorption) because we could actually use as many as we could find of those people. Even if we brought in 5 million in one year we’d be the better for it, and any expenses borne to get them here would be paid back within 3 years of productivity, i’m sure of it.

        There are lots of countries for useless people to go to and where useless people come from, very few for productive people who want to be productive anymore it seems.

  8. Seems like this, unfortunately, ends one of three ways (or some combination of the three)…
    1. Exodus, at least for those who can
    2. Partition, unlikely to ever be accepted by ANC or UN
    3. Genocide

  9. People, my concern is for the Boer farmers. Michael Savage, talk show host, has started a petition to president trump to give the white South African boers priority entry into America as refugees. If there is any group of people who would assimilate well in our country, it is the boers, who have a similar ancestry, values and religion as many of our oldest American families. Please go to Dr savage’s website to sign this petition to allow the Boers Entry into the USA. Thank you.

    • Amen. I have a Boer in my family with a sister in
      Johannesburg. A language, Frisian, is spoken in the Netherlands and in western Denmark and is said to be the closest language to English.

    • Better yet, support politically the withdrawal of white South African farmers into a mainly-white enclave where they can protect themselves and form their own state.

      I don’t think a breakaway, white, Christian state would have trouble keeping out the black invaders wishing to loot the farms for themselves. The bigger problem would be the globalist international organizations, like NATO, EU, UN, which would happily send military forces to suppress a peaceful, white, breakaway state in Africa.

      But, there may never be a better time. Trump is President and unlikely to approve US forces in any attempt to suppress the white farmers. If the Democrats get a house majority, Trump will have impeachment charges brought against him, and although he might not be convicted in the Senate, his range of discretion will be dramatically shrunken and he might not be able to resist the Communist and neocon (but I repeat myself) pressures to suppress any white assertion of self-determination.

      Incidentally, according to Simon Roche, one of the leaders of the Sudlanders, South Africa actually was perfectly capable of maintaining its existence as a formal or informal apartheid state, but the Afrikaners chose to not do so because they felt a Christian obligation to bring in black proportional representation.
      The Fall of South Africa Simon Roche and Stefan Molyneux

      Hopefully, they wouldn’t make the same mistake again.

  10. Complete disaster, as always awaits them, as any degree of socialism-communism dictatorship (“degenerated “bully” democracy”-ala socialism), plus total lack of needed knowhow and traits. Wanting what the other guy has is not enough, ever. All will learn, and pay in pain, and earn nothing of what they “wanted”.

    This is the enemy to the west, vapid and criminal minds like this one: August 21, 2018
    The South African Leader Who Is Seizing White-Owned Farms? Obama Thanked Him for ‘Inspiring Great Hope’ [And not a racist communist globalist’s halfrican’s snowball’s chance in hell for economic prosperity, by seizing property!!!!!] ~ https://www.chicksonright.com/youngcons/2018/08/21/the-south-african-leader-who-is-seizing-white-owned-farms-obama-thanked-him-for-inspiring-great-hope/

  11. No more oranges from SA at my local Cub market. The Florida growers will be delighted as they replant their weather devastated groves.

  12. This reminds me of what happened to the Jews in pre war Germany. Laws changed to seize property. Targeting a specific group. It is only a matter of time until any white person’s property will be at risk
    My fear is for those who own land in the nature reserves such as the Greater Kruger National Park. When will they be targeted and their lands taken away? They must be valuable assets with tourism. And if that happens what fate for the wildlife?

    • The first two farms targeted are small private game reserves. Our misinformed youth may not care about “white privileged” Boer farmers but they will whine mightily when the animals suffer.

    • Considering blacks in other parts of Africa don’t shy from slaying giraffes for food it’s easy to imagine what’s gonna happen…

  13. Most of you have forgotten that Russia is a member of BRICSA , Brazil, Russia , India , China ,South Africa and while China is putting SA into financial bondage , Russia is taking the farmers . Dont forget , Russia was our old arch enemy, and the present ruling Marxist goverrnment , and is supportive of SA in its present and future state. Those who go to the former enemy (Russia)who supports the present enemy ( The SA Communist party as well as the ANC who are Marxist ) are taking you for an idiot in your desperation. Later those same farmers from SA who farm in Russia will be supplying the Marxists in SA with food from Russia ( from the Boers )while the remainder in SA are being murdered out of existance and the rest starved. Do you find that ethical ?

    How about some narrow minded people who say , ” Come to the states ” or “get out and leave the country”, ” Just emigrate ” . [ad hominem redacted] Not only is it not feasible due to finance and logistics , but also because of patriotism based on culture , language , history , religion etc etc , all 360 years of it , and we must suddenly be someone else , somewhere else and its so easy , easy as pie, yes? . There are 800 000 starving whites who sleep outside , who dont get any state assistance because they are white . How much will it cost to ” Ship them out to another country”?With nothing to their names ? What about the 5 million people who are mixed with white and whatever ? They are also loathed by blacks as halfbreeds .

    No, people , the numbers are too big and those left behind , after the USA and Australia et al have made their rich pickings on the most skilled applicants , will have to fight to the death . They also are a few million. And if you encourage the skilled to abscond , then when and if we win a part of the country to ourselves , there will be no skilled people to develope it . Good or bad ? I would say very bad , especially for the long term . Outside organisations should be established for the support of us when the SHTF. Whether its food , weapons , logistics , temporary security for children and elderly , medicines etc etc . We talking ship loads at a time for so many people.

    This is not a joke . […] . Its bigger than you think.

    • No one ever said it was a joke. I have known some ex-pats and their pain was very real.

      How about the poor white underclass in South Africa? Those are the ones I feel sorry for. No one wants them, including their fellow white South Afrikaans.

      I don’t know that the U.S. has made any offers like Australia and Russia have. We’re too busy with social media distractions.

      • I am afraid that there is so much ‘anti-racist’ (meaning ‘anti-white’) hysteria, that white South Africans might not feel exactly welcome there.

      • Unfortunately, the last I heard of it a proposal to award white South African farmers refugee status in Australia was knocked back by Julie Bishop, our Minister for Foreign Affairs – or voted down in Parliament, I suppose. Reverse racism at its most heinous.

        • Slow karma, no? Wasn’t there a time when Oz didn’t permit anyone but whites to immigrate there?

          [I remember vaguely an uncle telling me about it. He’d served in Burma with the RAF (like many Irish boys, he lied about his age –15, for him — when he signed up. At any rate, he spent some time after the war in NZ and Oz, but eventually came to the U.S. Back when such as he had to have a sponsor (me mither) and promise of work.]

    • Are you implying Russia, the US, Australia, etc. should invide South Africa instead?
      Aren’t the Suidlanders doing what you are proposing? Building defense lines and act in accordance with international law? Certainly the aforementioned countries would have the resources to prepare big ships and take refugees, the question is: would they be willing to take white refugees? Russia probably, the US if the next election goes well, but anyone else? The Netherlands refused to take their citizens back and instead allows their country to be flooded by Morrocans. It’s a bad situation no matter how you look at it…

      • “The Netherlands refused to take their citizens back”

        Do you have a link for this? I can’t find any.

    • Russia may be friendly to the SA – for the same pragmatic reasons that the US is friendly to Saudi Arabia – but it is no longer Marxist. And political correctness has not yet come into fashion there.

      I wonder if the present SA regime can be fairly called ‘Marxist’. The predominant ideology seems to be not Marxism, but good old African tribalism with its archaic brutality and superstition. As the whites lost power, South Africa began to go back to its Bantu roots. And Bantu civilisation, whatever good or picturesque aspects it might have, does not care much for Christian or post-Christian humanist values. African peoples tend to consider only their tribesmen fully human. Solidarity is strong within a family, clan or tribe, but it does not exist in relation to alien people. And when their tribe or tribal federation wants to take the land or other goods of another people, they take them without any qualms if they can. Killing, raping or enslaving the defeated enemy people is regarded as something normal. Just remember what Bantu conquerors did to SA bushmen and Hottentots. They did not need Marx or, for that matter, Hitler to do it.

      Russia, for all its faults, is not a Bantu nation. And ethnic Russians have long lost their tribal mentality (unlike some ethnic minorities in Russia). So, moving to Russia for a white Afrikaner is not a crazy notion. Especially for a conservative Christian Afrikaner, for Russia, for the time being, has no gay pride parades, no sex lessons for children and very little multiculturalism. Though, of course, to get Russian citizenship, most people have to go through a bureaucratic nightmare.

      • This is a good analysis and agrees with what i’ve read and understood elsewhere. One reason why the black run countries are so corrupt is the same reason communist countries in general were so corrupt, “some more equal than others”. The youngest and dumbest might be united over an ideal of brotherly love for one another but the smarter individuals know it’s all a scam, and just a useful strategy for getting rid of their primary enemy so that the state can assume power – and then they happen to be in charge of the state. Predatory blacks of one tribe have zero qualms about killing any number of other blacks, especially of any other tribe, that disagree with them. Ideas of “black unity” are largely a fantasy (they may unite in “white hatred” but that is not the same as black unity) and one more easily sold in places like the USA where slavery and often forced Christianity wiped out older tribal identities to some degree… the reason this is a problem is that Africa did NOT go through that ‘erasure and unification’ process so blacks in America for instance supporting a fantasy of black unity in Africa just dont get it. (and those in Africa would probably kill blacks from America who complained as quick as anything if they were not useful to those in power oppressing others of their own race)

    • “Outside organisations should be established for the support of us when the SHTF. Whether its food , weapons , logistics , temporary security for children and elderly , medicines etc etc .”

      Well, I think you need to look into, and support, your own local organization which is taking exactly the steps you describe.

      You’re correct about the desirability of staying and carving out a place for yourself. Apartheid, as carried out prior to 1948, would be an excellent model. 1948 was, I believe, the year that the British-dominated South African government made apartheid into a formal law, rather than relying on the informal customs of separation that had worked for centuries.

      The Fall of South Africa Simon Roche and Stefan Molyneux

  14. When the early British colonists in S. Africa put natives to work with wheelbarrows they came back later to find clusters of natives carrying the wheelbarrows on their shoulders. These were people who HAD NOT INVENTED THE WHEEL. Let that sink in a minute.

  15. I’ve been a critic of Trump over a number of things, but that he actually tweeted about it (despite stupid leftist outrage) gives me a bit of hope. I would love nothing more than for him to get involved. If were going to have wars lets have them actually accomplish something, but i’m not talking as much about physical war but things like sanctions, forced “inspections”/oversight and stopping the attempts by the ANC to prevent whites who want to leave from leaving. If were going to have refugees lets have them people worth saving – I would bet money that the vast majority of Boers would be self sufficient within 1-2 years of being brought here, and if it was made a requirement to stay that they employ an American (or European, Canadian, Australian) within 3 years as part of staying they would figure out ways to do so.

    I for one would happily welcome millions of Boers to America, that’s a refugee policy I could get behind. They would make us stronger if anything. Immigrants (legal or illegal) are only bad if they weaken the culture they are coming into, we need people who love freedom and self sufficiency and cultural pride coming to the West, people who have learned certain hard lessons about pandering to the left and how it comes back to bite you in the rear, I would think they know the lessons better than anyone. The left has been importing communists, losers, islamofascists, and socialist voters for decades and it’s time to start bringing back the kind of hardy, self reliant, pioneer mentality types that originally carved this country out of the wilderness. We would be improved.

    A note to the original poster – “I hope enough farmers make it out alive now that the legislation is going through. “Stand your ground” here would be suicide.” – South Africa is NOT ALLOWING WHITES TO LEAVE THE COUNTRY. They are refusing to issue passports, they are tying people up for arbitrary reasons, some people are literally trying for years to get out and can’t and that’s including rich people. There are many who want to leave and even have the money to leave but are being treated as prisoner – because SA wants them trapped until they can legally seize not just the farms but their bank accounts too, and probably kill them in the process.

    Also, these aren’t just murders but torture-murders going on and even children are not being spared, in fact it’s common to tie up the father and cut off his eyelids (so he can’t not watch) and then rape and torture his wife and children in front of him, then to leave the father with the memory of that. Due to the belief of the zulu types and others there that the ancestors are happy when as much suffering as possible is caused to the ‘enemy’ and these fires have been stoked to insane levels by the ANC. If this is allowed to occur it will result in horrors suitable for the record books.

    I don’t have multiple links handy but others giving on the ground stories have some very disturbing stories to share:

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