What Really Happened on Danforth Avenue in Toronto?

Last Monday a mentally disturbed young man named Faisal Hussain went on a shooting rampage at a café in the Greektown district of Toronto. Two people were killed in the unfortunate incident and thirteen more wounded.

The gunman’s motives remain mysterious. It is thought that he frequented extremist websites, and in the past had traveled to Afghanistan and Pakistan, but Toronto police said that he had no apparent connection to terrorism. One thing is certain: the incident had nothing to do with Islam.

A few days ago Vlad Tepes interviewed the former CIA station chief Brad Johnson about last week’s events in Toronto. In their discussion Vlad and Mr. Johnson speculated about some possible angles to the Faisal Hussein case that the Toronto police might have missed:

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  1. Toronto police need to do a little more digging. If their thought processes have reached a dead-end and they’re ready to conclude that Hussain had no apparent connection to terrorism, I can suggest a few lines of inquiry for them:

    What is the timeline of Hussain’s international travels, going right back to his high-school days?

    How did he finance his trip(s) to Pakistan and Afghanistan? He apparently held two part-time jobs in retail and lived with his parents. Where did the money come from?

    How extensive were these trips? Whom did he visit? Where exactly did he go? How long was he out of Canada? Who supported him?

    Where exactly did he learn his shooting skills? His ability has been noted as being superior.

    What mosque did he attend? What does it teach?

    How can a “depressed”person (the way his family statement described him) be also described by a co-worker as being “always bubbly” with a “million-dollar smile”?

    How could it be that the release of Hussain’s name to the public (delayed for almost 18 hours or more after his death) was followed in minutes by the family’s carefully-worded statement (prepared by a professional Muslim PR person) attesting to his mental illness? Who set the stage for this orchestration? Why was this done? Who is being protected here? Why was his age released to the public first, and not his name?

    Why did Hussain choose The Danforth (as it’s called by Torontonians) to carry-out his atrocity? What significance is there in that this area is also known as “Greektown” – a Christian, open, Westernized neighbourhood – alive in the evenings with males and females mixing as equals? Dare we ask how Hussain’s religion views the Greeks?

    We can hope that the police will rise above the flood of media coverage stressing “mental illness”and “gun violence”as the roots of this atrocity and start some independent thinking, as per the likes shown by Brad Johnson here in this much-appreciated video.

    I’m particularly moved by this massacre because it was carried out in an area I know well: as a young adult I spent several years working for Bell Canada at Danforth and Logan, right where these murders were carried out. I can remember browsing through the various Greek stores during my lunch hour—a whole new world for me then, a recent immigrant from Scotland.

    • “Toronto police need to do a little more digging.”

      What Brad Johnson is actually saying, listening carefully, is not that the police are incapable of digging into the real roots of the murders, but that they are submitting to the political pressures that cause them to consciously avoid digging any further into the murders than they already have.

      These political pressures come from the fact that the Muslims are a sizable component of the Toronto electorate, and that they vote as a bloc. The politician who acts without principle (“amoral” is the way Johnson put it) in order to secure his political office and receive the perks and benefits of the office, will try to please the Muslim community by squelching any suggestion that the terror acts have anything to do with Islam. And if you find a politician of principle, there is always an amoral challenger, and most elections are decided by 5% or so of evenly-divided electorate.

      So, the scary thing is not that the police are naive or inefficient, but that they, and the political establishment controlling the police, are perfectly aware of the situation, and consciously choose to downplay the real cause of the murders and also downplay the cause of the inevitable future murders.

      The dynamic is precisely the same as the dynamics of police toleration and acceptance of the Muslim rape gangs in Rotherham England and other cities. The police and city officials were perfectly aware of the activities of the rape gangs, and either tolerated or facilitated them. The rationale was, they didn’t want to be accused of racism, but the reality was, they didn’t want to rile the Muslim voting bloc.

      • I’m very aware of the truth of what you’re saying and I’m under no illusions that the whole police response was orchestrated to fulfill a politically correct mandate. What I was addressing was what the police response should be in a straightforward world, devoid of political machinations. One lives in hope.

        But, the individual police investigator on the job isn’t reacting to votes or the lack thereof. Nor is the media, whose coverage has been so badly skewed. How great is the power of the political establishment that it can control these societal institutions so efficiently? It appears to be very great indeed, as you point out.

        And what of those individual Canadians who see any suggestion of the possibility of Islamic influence in these murders as racist, bigoted, or xenophobic? What are they reacting to? No doubt, the politically correct narrative (that Muslims in Canada are oppressed, that Islam is a religion of peace, etc.) influences their thinking greatly. But the really scary thing is that these “ordinary” people can suspend their thinking faculties in order not to be labelled “Islamophobic.” They aren’t looking for votes, but they toe the politically correct line anyway—there’s the real conundrum.

        The power of the Muslim voting bloc, both in the UK and in Canada, is formidable, but it doesn’t explain how individuals can eschew full and proper inquiry into criminal acts, even when their children are being abused and murdered.

  2. The best bit was getting out my copy of the islamo-marxist spin control cribsheet and checking off the boxes as the goat rope staggered along.
    A)Unknown shooter, unknown motive. Check

    B)Twist into halal pretzel to avoid naming the shooter. Check

    C)Hunker down with NCCM mulah’s and majid mosk nabobs to get stories in sync.
    Restrict investigation to shooter-police interaction, investigation carried out by highly secretive SIU in thorough one-day investigation. Check

    D)Reluctantly read out the muslim name, canned statement of victimhood delivered even before news conference is over. Check

    E) Reiterate that the shooter is the victim, it has nothing to due with islam, despite plentiful evidence to the contrary. Check

    F) Remind people that muslims are fearful of a backlash, and they are the real victims. Check

    G) Call critics racists and run away. Check

    H) Call for Gun Control. Check

    I) Hold teddy-werfer virtue signalling event, call critics racists. Check

    J) Demand islamophobia laws to protect the real victims, muslims, because this has nothing to do with islam, and muslims are the victim, and you are all bigoted crackers. Check

    It would be funny if children weren’t dying.

  3. Based on the description of recruitment strategies, I am convinced that the van attack in Toronto in the spring was also Muslim terrorism. A vulnerable person (Minassian) was recruited and brainwashed into committing the attack. The politicians and police hope that these stories quickly disappear from the news, and often, they do. We need people to continue asking questions until the truth is known.

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