Tommy Robinson: Prime Political Prisoner

Tommy was due to get a hearing on July 10th but the Crown Prosecution has set up a new obstacle. Sadly, one has come to expect this kind of ominous shoe-dropping from the thuggish “justice” system in the UKSSR:

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  1. On July 14th let the people gather in London and all over this once green and pleasant land as planned. Let the people sing and then let them turn upon the oppressors in full voice.

    Javid is behind this, he wants a confrontation now because t he thinks he has enough resources on the ground for President Trump’s visit to deal with it.
    Prove him wrong. Learn how here:

  2. The authorities are courting [problems] in treating this individual in such a way as to confirm that the justice of communistic enslavement has entered the UK.

    Maybe, just maybe, with the UK leaving the socialistic European state there stands the opportunity to right these injustices to Tommy Robinson and such as Britain First whose captains have been wrongly incarcerated in Prison. But I can only hold my breath and hope, hope that people will wake up to the evil that is surrounding them every day.
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    which is interesting because Leveson’s syntax is that Tommy’s acts did represent contempt, for which he was later sentenced. Trying to disassemble his viewpoint to encompass that the later sentence therefore, to someone with a legal priority, implied that he must have been in contempt originally for that sentence to have been passed, and so assume that the verdict of the sentence dictated prior reality enabling Leveson to give an established opinion that Tommy’s acts were contemptuous and so justly received that sentence, leads me to this :

    Leveson is not impartial, not because he has a biased opinion of the correctness of the prior verdict ( which is the initial impression and may also count) , but because his opinion is fully shaped by the prior verdict.

    This in turn renders hypocritical his talk of reporting of a trial representing contempt due to the impact that reporting might have on the outcome, as he himself, under the second definition above, would be displaying prejudice due to reporting of a trial, in this case Tommy’s sentence.

    • I understand that TR’s lawers are not appealing the verdict per se, but perhaps the way the trial was conducted and particularly the length of the extended sentence beyond the original three months.

      • They will be smart and know what approach has any likelihood of success, that is the role of lawyers and also why they are called bloodsuckers – they tend to play into the powergame that is authority instead of confronting it from a hard moral stance (and losing).

        A bad compromise is better than a good lawsuit counts for lawyers also, because they know if you tangle with the bureaucracy of law by going for the absolute, the delays and answer are likely to not be worthwhile. So I suppose first priority is to get Tommy out a.s.a.p. , but with the heat then off it means there is no impetus to challenge the reporting restrictions and possible false arrest for contempt/breach of peace. I suppose it is a rough battle where you have to know when to cede ground to continue fighting, so respect for Tommy’s choice because he and his family are on the line more than anyone.

        I would like to hear the full version of Tommy’s trial to get a better idea of what went on, but that won’t be for a while I think, not until he is released probably.

        So you see why he is in danger, he is likely to later keep publicly questioning how he has been dealt with, and that will not please some of those who know this.

  4. The CPS might be the foot soldiers but the decision must have been handed down from at least the Home Secretary and quite possibly the Prime Minister herself. Perhaps with strong support from the cesspit that is our Civil Service.

    • And now we have an equally politically corrupted decision by the electoral people on Vote.Leave. They have leaked the result to the media before the proper time; they decided on the verdict at the beginning; they used “witnesses” and “whistleblowers” who have all three miraculously turned into activists for a second referendum, and they have refused to listen to the other side of the case, not interviewing the real people at Vote.Leave at all!

  5. Funny how the State can get an extension of time to prepare, but Tommy couldn’t at trial.

    My guess is that “they” will do something along the lines of reduce his sentence to “time served” in some manner, but with a bunch of conditions, to make it appear like Britain isn’t fascist, but to nonetheless screw him up from opening his mouth any more.

    If this is the case, I think that the time may have come for Tommy to seek refugee status somewhere, and to operate remotely, because at this point, he’s worth more alive remotely than dead in person. Not to speak of the risk to his family.

    • Mike:

      Tommy didn’t actually get a trial at Leeds. He had already had a trial before, when he got his three month suspended sentence. All the judge at Leeds did was to decide he had broken the terms of his suspended sentence, and so activate it. But he then added ten months for good measure. How this is allowed I don’t know.

      Did Tommy really break the terms of his suspended sentence? I don’t know, and I hope this will be a point of appeal, if it ever happens.

      We all know what happened here, and it wasn’t justice. But then justice, and the actual practise of the law, are two very different things.

  6. Britain’s long history of homicidal monarchs, interspersed with periods of occasional freedom and enlightenment, show that Britain is more than capable of becoming a vicious police state in or out of the EU. 1984 looks more and more like a current events textbook, and less like a dystopian warning.

    Tommy’s case is a win-win for the bureaucachy (my own term for rule by unaccountable bureaucracies). Even if he makes it out alive, the message will have been sent that y0u might make it out if you are an internationally-known figure with large crowd-funding and highly-paid barristers, but if you are simply a prole who complains about the Muslim immigrants pushing you off the streets and molesting your daughter, you can be thrown into prison and left with radical Muslims with impunity.

  7. Speaking of contempt, I wonder how Leveson is being regarded by the Lord God Almighty and what sort of sentence awaits him when he is brought before the Bench in heaven.

  8. No doubt the authorities believe that this despicable action
    Will slip under the radar during the national euphoria
    Surrounding England’s continued World Cup success?

    Hopefully though enough people will remember Tommy
    Robinson and his family, keep them in their prayers and
    Continue to call for his immediate release.

  9. The so-called Crown Prosecution Service is packed, wall to wall with muslim lawyers. This is nothing more than a stitch up which the muslims are being allowed to get away with.

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