The End Times of Albion: Hirsch + Hirsch and others — BAME Racism Echoing Through Feminist Megaphones

The essay below by Seneca III is the latest in the “End Times of Albion” series. Previously: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6A, and Part 6B.

Hirsch + Hirsch and others — BAME Racism Echoing Through Feminist Megaphones

The End Times of Albion, Part 7A

by Seneca III

Black, Asian* and Minority Ethnic racism is endemic in the UK. It surfaces in all private and public spheres of activity in many different guises and to a far greater extent than does white racism despite the latter demographic’s constituting a far greater proportion of the population as a whole.

Apart from the playing of the race card at every opportunity and despite the relentless implementation of ‘affirmative action’, it is particularly prevalent in the professions and the public services where, indeed, it is virtually mandatory, because it functions as a point-scoring, virtue-signaling exercise for the powers that be.

It incarnates most publicly as insular racist organisations within the Police and Legal spheres. Notable examples are:

  • The National Black Police Association (NBPA) is a lobby group for the Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) staff of the UK police forces. Founded in September 1994, it claims to seek to “…improve their working environment, to enhance racial harmony and the quality of service to all communities of the United Kingdom”. It may well do the former through preferential advancement and appointment for its members, but it certainly does not ‘enhance racial harmony’ or the ‘quality of service’ nor encourage integration. In fact it does the exact opposite. As many people have pointed out in anger that were there to be a ‘White and Long-Heritage British Police Association’, the multiculti cries of RACIST!, RACIST!, RACIST! outrage would be of epic proportions.
  • Coming in next from stage left during the same period, 1993-1995, was The Association of Muslim Lawyers. It became active in 1993 and was officially launched in 1995. Its membership and influence have grown steadily ever since. From its website: “The various talks, seminars, conferences and careers workshops organized by AML since its inception have helped bring Muslim lawyers together — both professionally and socially. They have also assisted lawyers not only to provide invaluable advice and assistance to the Muslim community, but also society as a whole.” Hmm. “…to provide invaluable advice and assistance to the Muslim community, but also society as a whole.”?

Yeah, OK. I may be gullible but even I won’t venture beyond the envelope of credulity. Tell me, BAMEs, what’s wrong with the Law Society, which represents lawyers ‘as a whole’, as does the Police Federation, which represents all rank-and-file police officers likewise?

In case it hadn’t occurred to you, forming your own closed, ethnically exclusive organisations is the antithesis of integration and assimilation, and as such it obviously cannot thus benefit ‘society as whole’, so what precisely is your agenda here?

Considered answers from the Religion of Peace are most welcome provided they are not delivered in a ticking black backpack left on my doorstep. Thank you.

Finally, BAME racism reaches its crescendo in academia and across whole swaths of other established institutions and the media where its endless vomitus fouls every utterance and muddies the waters to such an extent that that rational dialectic is no longer possible — as it is intended to be so on pain of the disestablishment of any who would care to present an alternative perspective or analysis.

[Note: Black residents constituted around 3% of the United Kingdom’s population, according to the 2011 census, although that will have no doubt increased significantly during the intervening seven years: white 87.2%, black/African/Caribbean/black British 3%, Asian/Asian British: Indian 2.3%, Asian/Asian British: Pakistani 1.9%, mixed 2%, other 3.7% (2011 est.)

Hence this garbage is being peddled solely based upon the melanin density of a person’s skin and thus, ultimately, it is racist anti-white propaganda and socio-political engineering… yet again.

Mind you, if you look closely at the commercial/retail advertising world or crime reports/statistics one would have to conclude that the UK demographic is at least 40% variably tinted.]

Two brief, recent examples of its pernicious effect, one resulting from ‘affirmative action’, for want of a rational explanation, and one, inevitably, from that Hallowed Hall on the East River follow, but we should take heart and bear in mind that all shibboleths crash to earth eventually:

I met a traveller from an antique land
Who said: Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
Stand in the desert. Near them, on the sand,
Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown
And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command
Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,
The hand that mocked them and the heart that fed.
And on the pedestal these words appear:
”My name is Ozymandias, king of kings:
Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!”
Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare
The lone and level sands stretch far away.

(Percy Bysshe Shelley, 1792-1822)

Shibboleth crash one

Recently an Ex-Metropolitan Police poster girl, Carol Howard, crying racism and discrimination, lost all 33 claims after a tribunal heard she complained of prejudice whenever she was unhappy at work.

Quod erat demonstrandum; the judgement of the Tribunal was damning:

Dismissing all 33 of Miss Howard’s allegations, Judge Joanna Wade said her claims to be the victim of a ‘witch hunt’ were unfounded… the judge suggested a £37,000 payout in a previous action against the Metropolitan Police four years ago lay behind her claim against the IPCC.

The former firearms officer suffered from an ‘astonishing’ lack of perspective and ‘very poor’ judgment, it was said. Judge Joanna Wade dismissed all 33 of Miss Howard’s allegations and said her claims to be the victim of a ‘witch hunt’ were unfounded…’We are left with the uncomfortable conclusion that the claimant has an unshakeable but incorrect belief that if she does not like what is happening or is prevented from doing the work she chooses, this is discrimination [or] victimisation.’

Miss Howard, of Coulsdon, Surrey, rose to prominence after appearing in an official Scotland Yard poster…

… to promote the 2012 London Olympic security operation holding a firearm. She served fourteen years with the Metropolitan Police but quit in 2015 after she won a discrimination payout.

A tribunal (in 2014) found she was bullied, harassed and victimised while serving as one of only two black women officers in the force’s 700-strong Diplomatic Protection Group. She went on to apply for a temporary post as an investigator at the IPCC, now known as the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC), but she resigned after just five months while facing suspension and dismissal for submitting inaccurate timesheets.

Her final month was spent on sick leave for ‘stress’ and after suffering a ‘laser injury’ to her neck. (Daily Mail — 10th/11th May 2018)


Obviously, the Met has forgotten, or prefers not to remember, the Ali Desaei debacle. Promotion and preferential appointments based on ethnicity rather than on ability and commitment to impartiality and equal treatment for all is a standard formula throughout British institutions.

The public parading of affirmative-actioned BAME placements may be very PC and oh! so multicultural but it is always a two-edged sword.

Shibboleth crash two

Next, we come to the sublime utterances of a certain Zambian ‘academic’, Ms. Tendayi Achiume, Race Relations Envoy for the United Nations no less — I am of a mind that the UN would perhaps be better named ‘The Assembly of United Despotocracies and Kleptocracies’ — who has recently graced us with an Imperial visit.

Addressing a press conference in London today (11/5/18), she said Britons are in a state of ‘national panic’ about terrorism — even though the UK was hit by five terror attacks last year killing dozens and injuring hundreds more.

And she accused the UK of a string of failures which have fostered racism and inequality — singling out the Brexit vote for particular criticism. She said: ‘I think the environment leading up to the referendum, during the referendum and after the referendum has made racial ethnicities more vulnerable to racial discrimination and intolerance.’ The UN rapporteur is a Zambian academic linked to a group which wants jails abolished…

…She slammed Theresa May’s ‘hostile environment’ policy which she oversaw in a bid to crack down on illegal immigration while Home Secretary. And she added that the picture for young black boys in Britain ‘remains grim and has actually worsened’… ‘The structural socioeconomic exclusion of racial and ethnic minority communities in the United Kingdom is striking.

‘The harsh reality is that race, ethnicity, religion, gender, disability status and related categories all continue to determine the life chances and wellbeing of people in Britain in ways that are unacceptable and in many cases unlawful.

Austerity measures have been disproportionately detrimental to racial and ethnic minority communities. Unsurprisingly, austerity has had especially pronounced inter-sectional consequences, making women of colour the worst affected.’…

…Four years ago she claimed attacks against foreign nationals threatened the lives of refugees in countries including the UK, comparing it to Libya. Describing her mission previously, she said: ‘Xenophobic discrimination and intolerance aimed at refugees, migrants and even British racial, religious and ethnic minorities will be an important focus’…

…She is the latest in a string of dignitaries sent by various branches of the UN over the past decade who have criticised Britain’s human rights record. (Daily Mail — 11/12 May 2018)

Well, yes, Ms. Achiume, your somewhat less than erudite lecture to us when viewed from outside of its ethno-cultural context sounds rather sweet and so humanitarian, but the humanitarian record of your country of origin does leave quite a bit be desired:

The Country Report on Human Rights Practices in Zambia for 2012 by the United States Department of State noted the following serious human rights abuses:

  • abuses by security forces, including unlawful killings, torture, and beatings;
  • life-threatening prison conditions;
  • restrictions on freedom of speech, assembly, and association;
  • arbitrary arrest and prolonged pretrial detention;
  • arbitrary interference with privacy;
  • government corruption;
  • violence and discrimination against women, child abuse, and trafficking in persons;
  • discrimination against persons with disabilities and based on sexual orientation;
  • restrictions on labor rights, forced labor, and child labor; and
  • that the government generally did not take steps to prosecute or punish officials who committed abuses, allowing impunity to remain a problem.
  • unlawful arrests and application of wrong charges on wrong cases. E.g. the treason case of Hakainde Hichilemain in 2017.

Zambia, indeed. Very much the epitome of the New World Order, methinks!

However, that said, I do understand the siren call of Londonistan; it is such a perfect place for you and a very clever choice of venue to lecture us from, so congratulations on your perspicacity in that respect, if not for the brutal, bloody record of your government. But I must now move on to the second half of this fascinating journey into the heart of darkness so, “Farewell and fair wind back to Africa, young lady.”

— Seneca III, Middle England, this 17th day of May 2018

*   ‘Asian’ is a British Establishment codeword for Muslims. How the Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese and others feel about this casual generic and derogatory classification they politely keep to themselves.

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17 thoughts on “The End Times of Albion: Hirsch + Hirsch and others — BAME Racism Echoing Through Feminist Megaphones

  1. The top illustration is by Thomas Cole and is on display in an exhibition of his work currently on show at The National Gallery,Trafalgar Square,London until 7th Oct.

    Cole (1801-1848) is described as the founder of American landscape painting.

    The above is from a series of five called `The Course of Empire`.These show the same scene over the ages : nature in the raw; pastoralism; a great city ; destruction (above) ; return to nature.

    There are various items on this : such as below at 3min.08

  2. *‘Asian’ is a British Establishment codeword for Muslims.’*

    I don’t think so. It’s also used to refer to Indians, who are, in the most part, Hindu.

    • South Asia or Southern Asia (also known as the Indian subcontinent) is a term used to represent the southern region of the Asian continent, which comprises the sub-Himalayan SAARC countries and, for some authorities, adjoining countries to the west and east.

      The rest of Asia is comprised of West and East Asia and collectively all are Asians.

      Consequently, when the code word ‘Asian’, often coupled with ‘youths’ or ‘men’, is used by British politicians, Police and a compliant media it is done to try to obscure the fact that perps are either Pakistani or Bangladeshi Muslims. This attempt to cover up reality no longer works because we Brits know precisely what it means and precisely who it refers to.

      Furthermore, I have never heard or seen it used to describe Sikhs or Hindus because those integrated citizens do not tend to gratuitous public violence nor to the serial paedophile rape of white and, indeed, Sikh children.

      • Yes, it’s taken as a given by us in the UK that the ‘Asian’ tag in upcoming criminal cases will be code for that which the craven establishment fears to say: ‘Muslim’. It didn’t take us long to read between the lines and the subsequent release of the surnames has left no doubt.

  3. They use emotions and exagerate and make big fuss like little children, and you know how it is with children: As long as the grown ups play along, they are happy, and play the more, but when you don’t let them win or stop the play – all hell can break loose.

  4. Informative post, SIII. Sone reservations:

    1) I’d be surprised if the percentage of “black” people in the UK had increased much beyond the 3% figure you quote from 2011.

    2) The mostly appalling Ms Achiume has a legitimate point about the “hostile environment” policy at the Home Office; numerous Afro-Caribbeans who were perfectly entitled to be here have been treated disgracefully, a process which began under the last Labour government (who ordered the destruction of records relating to their status) and has continued under the Conservatives. This “Windrush generation” (after the ship which brought the first ones, in 1948, to the “mother country” for which some had fought, as volunteers, in WW2) helped to fill labour shortages, often taking jobs of lower status than they had enjoyed as the “middle class” in their countries of origin. In short, a policy presumably intended to rid us of “undesirables” demonised many of the wrong targets.

    3) Carol Howard got her come-uppance in the end.

    • Nationality policy and the home office :

      The “hostile environment” is actually something else. What you have is an unaccountable technocratic body that has no idea what it is doing, and completely unapproachable. They have basically given the composition of the UK to a bunch of sinister idiots who have no real world experience beyond whatever dogma is running through their collective minds, spewed into vacant think tanks composed of post-graduate pathetics whose only goal is to express their own politically correct concocted views in the pre-required silence, so that “litmus tested” can be stamped onto some forgotten document at the bottom of a drawer in a sealed archive which says “Resolved, do you have another question?”

      This goes for all brits and would be brits, the whole system has been obfuscated and now streamlined into efficient non example. There used to be, not very long ago, “somebody there”, whether for passport issuance, complaints, and when abroad the handling of any process. It is like they actually don’t want to deal with citizens, but instead subcontract the whole show to just about anyone who would like a vested interest somewhere so as to hold undue influence, and just so as the establishment can avoid absolutely any sense of responsibility and so act as above it.

      I do like writing on this blog because I know who reads it.

      • So take windrush in part of that

        and you see how they spin it. They are calling for relaxation of all limits as the answer, in other words have set up one incident to justify adjusting all other policy towards open borders. Being cynical, and from experience, all that is going on is a managed battle of two incompetent extreme mindsets, those statist nationalist being directed (purposefully or to satisfy) towards committing errors that then give the hand to the statist socialist open border club. Poor show, where no one is taking a reasoned or proper defensive stance of UK.

        Remember these authorities are who society turns to as set and practical example of what UK stands for, no avoiding as when you walk down the street, when you turn on the news, their reality is what you have to share no matter if in agreement or argument.

      • “the whole system has been obfuscated and now streamlined into efficient non example. There used to be, not very long ago, “somebody there”.

        I have noticed a general trend towards cutting off access to customers and users. This is particularly noticeable in the medical area: the doctor cannot be accessed directly at all, and you have to leave a message for the nurse, who might call back (or might not).

        The same for behemoths like Amazon, Twitter, Paypal, Facebook: even large revenue producers are cut off from business revenues, and there is no way to speak with an actual human about it.

        I suspect the steadily-increasing productivity of automation and computerization of manufacturers and services cover up the increasingly massive appropriation of goods and services by the government. In other words, massive and unaccountable bureaucracies are living off the surpluses that might otherwise be going to actual families.

        By the time the mandated inefficiencies and idiocies of the unaccountable bureaucracies become apparent, they are so powerful, it’s almost too late. The drama is quite apparent in the defiance by the FBI and Justice Department deep state inhabitants of the elected Congress.

        As soon as a few more illegals are brought in to vote and buttress the massive welfare state that already exists, the deep state bureaucracies will be completely untouchable by a Congress evenly split between the looters and the wishy-washy Republicans.

        • Denial is a very powerful weapon, the more so when it occurs without accountablity in the current ersatz world of empty pseudo reply, which seems designed to lower the moral and spirit of all who innocently encounter it, leaving room only for frustration, disappointment and eventually confused anger.

  5. affirmative action is a leftist plot to force western countries to hire less competent people instead of the best person for the job. the minority are just the weapon the left uses to force western countries to hire the less competent people. after all it is better to destroy your country then to be called a racist.

    • Yeah. First they rig the game by making allegations of “racism” the equivalent of heresy…when in reality it’s the second most common experience of human beings

      [the first being to notice whether the person is male or female, but noticing is “sexist” so we can’t do that, either. We won’t notice that the first thing strangers say to the parents of an infant (after “oh, how cute”) seems to be “is your baby a boy or a girl?”…]

      Lotsa minefields out there and they’ve been set up by the po-mo leftists.

      • I think the ideological root of a lot of affirmative action is the cultural-Marxist world view that Western culture must be destroyed at any cost.

        Most of the black lives matter leaders are too stupid to adhere to a coherent philosophy other than a raw racial-identity consciousness, but they claim to be Marxists because the talking points are similar, and nobody challenges them anyway.

        Cultural Marxism is the home philosophy of high-verbal incompetents who resent people who actually produce goods and services of value to other people. Karl Marx, unqualified for so much as a railroad clerk’s job, is the embodiment of the cultural Marxist.

        Once you realize most of the grievance group leaders are cultural Marxists, the contradictions such as feminists supporting FGM and Muslim wife-beating go away: the concern for women is merely a front to conceal a blatant hatred for Western culture.

  6. If you are a brilliant black surgeon in the U.S. or U.K. how humiliating and appalling to have all your patients secretly wonder if you are a competent surgeon or an Affirmative Action darling.

    • Ben Carson, the former head of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins, didn’t worry about it. During his active career he took on hopeless cases no other peds neurosurgeon wanted to do.

      [I don’t know if you’ve ever been unfortunate enough to run into a pediatric neurosurgeon with the honkin’ big ego most of them have, but it’s most unpleasant. I was fortunate to have a wonderful boss when I had that misfortune (the fellow was white, btw). I’d not done anything wrong but he needed to vent on someone. The director of the hospital had him apologize, which must have galled him, but the problem ended there.]

      Anyway,I’ve been following Carson for several decades. He was beloved by his patients and their parents and many of the staff. I’m sure he had his neurosurgeon moments, though.

  7. Harvard medical school have recently announced that their trainees are too white. Paintings of famous doctors have been removed from the school walls. So called minorities are now favoured to enter the school even if their results are lower than whites.
    Basically they are saying, it doesn’t matter if they are mediocre doctors as long as their skin is the correct colour.
    This is crazy and puts peoples lives at risk all for so called affirmative action.

    • Has anyone asked black Americans, who may be patients, how they feel about this? Thought not.

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