Rasmus Paludan Attacked by Culture-Enrichers in Vollsmose

Rasmus Paludan is a Danish lawyer and activist. In the past we’ve seen videos of his safaris into Nørrebro, the culturally enriched district in Western Copenhagen. Now he has ventured into the equally enriched neighborhood of Vollsmose in Odense on the island of Fyn.

Longtime readers will remember our reports from Vollsmose from years ago (see these posts, inter alia: Enrichers Attack Danish Police in Vollsmose [2009], Taught to Hate the Police [2009] , The Lack of Caring, Cousin Marriage, and Gunshots [2009], Welcome to Vollsmose — NOT [2010], “There is Nothing Left for us Danes” [2012], and No Christians Wanted in Vollsmose [2012]).

In the video below you’ll see Rasmus Paludan attacked by New Danes for merely standing around on a street in Vollsmose. The “youths” who confront him say they consider the mere presence of an infidel in their neighborhood to be a provocation.

Many thanks to Mr. Paludan for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:02   I am now standing at Beech Square in Beech Park
00:06   and… Hello, hello…
00:10   What? —Where are you from?
00:13   We are from a party. We protest. No, we do not protest, but
00:17   we wanted to protest. —You are wearing a bulletproof vest.
00:20   Yes, safety above all else.
00:28   Are those people dangerous, those coming from over there?
00:31   Maybe. Now, when the police are here, then they are not that dangerous. —Where are the police?
00:35   Oh, I see, over there.
00:38   But I haven’t bothered them. I’m standing here quite peacefully.
00:42   Yes, of course, of course. —This is a provocation. You are only coming here to provoke!
00:46   How so?
00:50   But, but…
00:58   But I’ve said nothing! —You provoke! —How so?
01:02   We’re just standing here.
01:10   You’re not so important that you need a bulletproof vest. —Why are you coming here to provoke!
01:14   I’m not provoking anybody. —Yes, you do, man! —Do you think this is Copenhagen?
01:17   What do you mean? —Why do you come here and provoke?
01:20   —Listen, I’m not provoking anybody, I’m simply standing here calmly.
01:24   I’m standing here peacefully. I am doing nothing. —Why are you standing with a bulletproof vest on?
01:28   Well, I have my reasons for that, which I am quite entitled to have. —Hey, don’t spit on me!
01:32   What the hell are you doing!
01:35   Nobody is spitting. —You just spat. Film that guy!
01:39   You must not film s**t. —Tell him not to film. —Why are you standing here with a bullet proof vest?
01:43   …Why are you standing here with a bulletproof vest? —Well, that is my right.
01:48   Why do you only take away the bulletproof vests from us and not from him?
01:53   One is not allowed to have a bulletproof vest.
01:56   Yes, hello? [Into the phone.]
01:59   He must be gone, man, he must go away! —You must not film, I’m telling you! Do not film!
02:02   He’s filming me. —He’s not filming.
02:08   I … I … I … I … I … I … I am not protesting. In no way am I in a protest.
02:14   Take your racist opinions somewhere. We are just as much Danes as you are, f***ing s**t!
02:18   Don’t film! —We’re allowed to film. —We’re just as much Danes as you are! —Why are you
02:22   filming here? It’s exciting here. To try and see how you guys are reacting!
02:29   I want to…well, I can dial 112 [like 911/999] now, because we’re being attacked by lots of Muslims.
02:34   …at …where there a far too few police officers.
02:37   Are you from the Danish People’s Party? —YOU MUST NOT FILM, I’M TELLING YOU!
02:42   You must not come that close. —Do not touch him. —No, but he must not come this close.
02:49   What’s up, you little s**t!
02:52   Don’t push me, man! You must not push me, man!
02:55   I don’t care. I’ll beat you up! Even though the police are here, I am going to f*** you up, man!
03:00   Get in the car.
03:03   What do you think this is! I AM GOING TO F*** YOU CHILD-F***ING MAN!
03:10   It is also best that you drive away man.
03:17   I guess we got some action there…
03:24   F*** you, you f***ing whore man!
03:35   You’ve locked the doors, right?
03:38   I have now.
03:44   How shall we drive away?
03:49   Yes, he has pulled out his truncheon. That’s it.
04:13   [BANG] —What was that? —It was a bottle of juice.
04:17   We will survive.

22 thoughts on “Rasmus Paludan Attacked by Culture-Enrichers in Vollsmose

  1. Why did the Danes give their citizenship to muslim gang criminals which would have been refused entry even in many African countries? Is it not absurd? I call this the freemasonry religion: the human-rights. Fighting back against the muslims will not move forward to the final solution, because the muslims are not the cause of this artificial mess and chaos created by the globalist and the financial new world order (IMF/ECB and many other international organizations).

    What is really needed is to dismount all the legal system of human rights.

      • Grate for what ? Are you serious ? It seems to me, that you are just repeating their empty propaganda, their void ideology, their atheist religion, which is against all of the nations of the world. They are not really preventing that people like Tommy Robinson, from being dump to jail for nothing. While at the same time they are protecting jihadis in western countries. And you do not see their hypocrisy ?

        It is such a condemnation to have such international foreign courts, like that of Strasbourg, which rule over one’s country sovereignty.

        You do not see the big picture, which the mainstream media always forget to report:

        While nobody of 0(ZEuRO)-pa, FR, GE, IR, UK, SP, etc, want the migrant boats, there is always some human-rights eurocratic commission to say no, to the (for them) unthinkable idea to bring them to their legitimate countries, or at least where they did they embark from. We have to share these people within western countries ? Why ? Human-rights violation in Lybia ? Really ? They said the same with Ghaddafi, then they bombed it, and the continue to repeat this lie ? And we should take all the migrant boats because of this scam of fake human-rights that have never existed before the financial free masonry came to power ? Christ said it clear that there is no salvation on earth for anybody, whatever the human-rights activists think, we have to die sooner or later. If you believe in Christ, only the soul can be saved, not the body. We do not need to save any single person crossing the sea at his own will of committing illegal crime. If God exists he will judge them, but it is not a Strasbourg court who can say that we have to save all these people, bring in our countries, redistribute them between western countries, give them welfare loans, etc. I call this just an international scam on western nations. Islam has always existed for many centuries and they have always been against us, but in the past it was unthinkable to let them coming in our countries to live. If you think you can fight Islam, without understanding that it is the human-rights religion which needs to be eradicated (the sooner the better) from this earth, you will never succeed.

        • I simply meant that human rights legislation (mostly) protects the innocent, as well as the guilty, from arbitrary abuse of power.

          • “Human rights” legislation is a canard, something the left hides behind while they punish those who stray from the p.c.-poisoned straight and narrow…

            One has only to look at the human rights showered on Tommy Robinson when he refused – lawfully – to become a toady for the state.

          • It is maybe the difference between positive and negative rights you are discussing.

            Negative rights defend an individual, from authority also, but they do not imply you have to do or contribute anything.

            Positive rights are entitlements .

            Just two random links from search that explain this:



            But it is not that simple either when you start to include base definitions , for example who rightfully owns what (even within one country you can end up with nationalisation or private monopoly) really ?

            Or hypothetically how would you balance say a negative right to dress freely including nude in public, with a negative right to walk down the street without being offended ( if you are conservative) ?

            Obviously people tend to think they are right, and argue.

          • “Equality before the law is probably forever unattainable. It is a noble ideal, but it can never be realized, for what men value in this world is not rights but privileges.”

            ― H.L. Mencken

    • The point is, we are not handling the challenges posed by immigration. How can we when ever more people are arriving because the EU has decided on a policy of open borders. Migrants know that if they set one foot on European soil, the chances of them ever being deported are negligible. The word has gone out all over Africa and the Middle East that if you can get to Europe you’re in, backed with the certain knowledge there is a suite of legislation that will ultimately guarantee your permanent residency status. That was the central message that migrants understood when Merkel treacherously opened the EU’s borders. And she did so even without consulting her party, her coalition, or her European partners. I believe that it was the 2015 refugee crisis that she orchestrated that tipped the scales, and brought us Brexit.
      We will never handle the challenges posed by never-ending mass Afro-Muslim immigration because we are not meant to. The late Peter Sutherland, UN Special Representative for Migration said in 2012, that The EU should “do its best to undermine” the “homogeneity” of its member states. (BBC) There is an agenda at work here, formulated and promulgated by the UN, EU and our very own political traitor class, and their stenographers within the media and academia.

      • Undermining the “homogeneity” of European countries only takes one to another level of homogeneity–this one, continent-wide.

        • Yes. The EU can be a force for good – it’s in the wrong hands at the moment, but a Europe of independent sovereign states acting in the interests of the ethnic European peoples is the way to go.

    • I agree, the problem is not so much the Muslim as those that facilitate the Muslim. The politicians are to blame for the disaster that approaches.

      Human rights laws do not apply to White men – their purpose is to undermine him.

  2. Denmark was an experiment by the NWO to test if illegals could be integrated or would destroy where they were placed. Either result worked for them. Now the west is in a position of no return.
    On another note click on to Breibart news and see the photo of the so called French football fans rioting in Paris etc. take a close look at the enrichers looting and smashing.

  3. The population of Denmark is only about 5 and a 1/2 million people with their own language, an array of traditional customs, attitudes and freedoms that are as seriously endangered as the rarest wildlife preserve that is overwhelmed by invasive parasitic species. The parallel is quite close.

  4. Yes, corrrect, its the laws mudt be recinded, these laws, hate speech, human rights,mare estabikished bybleft wing marxists to destroy us all.

    The real enemy sre left wing ideologues, people in power ho are socialists, its these. Creeps, traitors,nwho have empowrered these muslims against us all in our own countries.

    Leftists must all be rounded up, deported to an island, and given life sentences hzrd labour.

    Its a real war now, if u even dare talknabout trump in a bar or cafe, these sjws are everywhere, can attack u, defame you, damage your reputation, u have no freinds, and these leftists they target and victimise anyone who has opposing views.

    Its timento stand up and fight back againstnany person who supports thecdestruction of our civilisationn, countries and western culture.

    The war has started.

  5. I don’t understand why the police are so weak. They are not protecting the man who is just standing there. It’s disgusting. Why no guns? Lock up these culture enrichers!! They know they can get away with agressing–and more–a native Dane, so they’ll never stop till they are stopped.

    • Because they are being ordered to do so by their line managers. They have a choice, obey, or be side-lined and made so miserable they resign. They aren’t trained for much else, and have families, mortgages and credit card debt to finance. They are only following orders.

    • The police have guns. Watch the three cops getting out of the van. Better still, watch at 3:19. You can clearly see (from behind) the gun on the cop’s right hip.

  6. Why would you want these people in your country? Notice how quickly they get enraged, the bullheaded guy in the blue T shirt was itching for a fight.

  7. this is all caused by your left-wing politicians. you voted for them in the past, are voting for them in the present, will vote for them in the future. all because they have you trapped with the dole. do any of you realize that once a country has a left-wing dictatorship there is no dole. you are voting yourself into slavery.

    • “They do get quickly enraged, but just as quickly that rage burns out.”

      Tell that to the guy who is beaten to a pulp by Mohammed and his buddies Mohammed and Mohammed before their “rage burns out.”

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