Punishment Reduced for Somali Gang-Rapists in Sweden

This is what passes for “justice” nowadays in Modern Multicultural Sweden. In case you didn’t already know.

Many thanks to K. from Germany for translating this article from the Swedish dissident site Fria Tider.WARNING: WARNING: WARNING: THIS REPORT CONTAINS EXTREMELY DISTURBING DESCRIPTIONS OF SEXUAL VIOLENCE. Sensitive readers may will want to skip it:

Gang-raped girl gravely injured — Punishment halved

July 23, 2018

The three Africans filmed their bloody and drawn-out gang rape of a 13-year-old girl in Västerås, Sweden. Then they spread the video in social media. But now the Court of Appeals chooses to almost halve their sentences — from eight to four and five months in juvenile detention, respectively. A fourth rapist has escaped all punishment, since it was stated that he is a child.

On June 14, 2017, a 13-year-old girl was gang-raped in a flat in Västerås. In April three Somalis, whose year of birth was given as 2000, were each sentenced to eight months juvenile detention for child rape.

The judgment was appealed by the prosecutor, who demanded their sentences be increased.

But now the Svea Court of Appeals has instead chosen to lower them drastically, and also free one of the Somalis from the charge of child pornography — after it could not be determined from the gang rape video that the girl was still in puberty.

Two of them have now been sentenced to five months in closed juvenile detention, and the third got away with only four months.

The total combined damages of SEK 186,428 ($21,301; €18,154) they were ordered to pay to the girl have been increased to SEK 196,428 ($22,442; €19,128).

“In consideration of the defendants’ age, the maximum measure is a quarter of the punishment scale, and furthermore it should be taken into account that there is no furlough from closed juvenile detention,” writes the Svea Court of Appeals in its judgment.

Before the gang rape, the Africans had invited the girl to drink alcohol until she became highly intoxicated. One of them took the 13-year-old into the toilet and raped her. After the girl came out, she was taken in there again and raped by three persons at the same time, which caused her vaginal tissue to rip, and blood began to flow.

When she went out on the balcony, crying, she was raped yet again while the others watched. It came out later that two of the Somalis were filming during the rapes. The videos became the prosecutor’s strongest pieces of evidence, and were shown during the court proceedings, wrote Swedish Television.

In the lower court’s judgment it was mentioned that after the incident the girl has been cutting herself and has become cold, angry and short-tempered. Since then she has had a high level of absence from school, suffered from nightmares with loud crying, and a sleep deficiency.

The video of the rapes had gone viral by then, and the girl was subjected to name-calling and rumours.

About three weeks after the incident, the girl became afflicted by glandular fever, which according to doctors she may have contracted through “sexual contact”. The fever even went up to 40 degrees Celsius (104F).

Official documents disclose all three convicts have both Swedish and Somali citizenship — and therefore it is not possible to deport them to Africa.

A fourth person who participated in the gang rapes has evaded punishment entirely, since he was registered as under 15 years old when the crime occurred.

The Court of Appeals’ sentence was handed by the Court of Appeals Councillors Bertil Ahnborg and Agneta Munther, associated Court of Appeals Assessor Joar Söderlind and lay judges Sonja Leikrans and Lars Molin.

See also: The report by Jihad Watch.

28 thoughts on “Punishment Reduced for Somali Gang-Rapists in Sweden

  1. White genocide at work, full steam. Just imagine the roles reversed. Would be in the breaking news every day for the next 50 years.

    • Yep, and the perpetrators would get exemplary sentences, life-long without chance of reconsidering, and put into a “friendly” prison with the guards turning a blind eye to whatever the other inmates would do to the white guys.

  2. I recall the filthy 1970’s Swedish pornography having a shock value as well. Seems the Swedes have completed their bucket list with self immolation.

    In all, they won’t be missed.

  3. WARNING: I refer to an earlier, also VERY disturbing case, below.

    “the Svea Court of Appeals has instead chosen to lower them drastically, and also one of the Somalis from the charge of child pornography — after it could not be determined from the gang rape video that the girl was still in puberty.”

    This is (in a way) one of the most disturbing passages. The Swedish courts have a history of similar, openly insane argumentation. As when one perpetrator was aquitted of participation in a 7 hour long gang rape in Mariannelund by 8 men which left the victim in a wheelchair, unable to control bowel movements, and in a state of mental absence… aquitted because he had not penetrated her. He masturbated beside her face while the others raped. His semen was on her clothes. Yet he was not only acquitted of all charges, but rewarded a compensation higher than the victim’s… 130.000 Swedish crowns, no less… for his jail time. This has become a way of earning money for criminals in Scandinavia. They sue for compensation and usually get it. Especially if they are from a certain segment of the population.
    The woman had two small children, who effectively lost their mother, as she became physically and mentally unable to care for them.
    I wonder if the judges can be unaware of the sadism of their judgment, its open mockery of the victim, and its further traumatizing effect on her and her family? Hardly. How did the Swedes become so twisted, even before they have converted to the religion of rape?

    To return to this case: The girl has a birth certificate: 13 years old. She is a minor. What has the stage of her puberty got to do with it? That is Sharia argumentation. Who pays the judge and lawyers to enforce that?

    I do believe that Sweden is still the only European country where such argumentation is possible in a secular court. Even in Britain, I don’t think this one could have been pulled off. And that says a lot.

    If a video of a gang raping a 13 year old till blood bursts from the abdomen is not child pornography, I don’t know what would qualify.

    Time to write a protest letter to the Swedish embassy.

    Swedish Embassy in Washington, D.C., United States
    2900 K Street, NW
    Washington, D.C. 20007
    United States
    TELEPHONE(+1) 202 467 2600
    FAX(+1) 202 467 2699
    EMAIL ambassaden.washington@gov.se

    The ambassador is a woman, Karin Olofsdotter.

    https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=4cd_1354203918 (On the Mariannelund rape)

    http://speisa.com/modules/articles/index.php/item.2505/he-is-behind-the-worst-gang-rape-in-swedish-history-gets-to-stay.html (Same rape with the detail on the compensation for the perpetrator)

    http://10news.dk/48-stains-of-semen-found-after-refugee-gang-rape-mother-of-two/ (Other details)

    Since the Mariannelund rape, which was dubbed “the most gruesome rape in Swedish history”, gang rapes have become common in Sweden.

    They used to not be a phenomenon at all in modern Scandinavia.

    • Meanwhile the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs informs us: “This is key to Sweden’s feminist foreign policy.”
      “Sexual and gender-based violence is used as a tactic of terrorism by a range of today’s violent extremist groups. This makes it essential to address violence against women and girls as an integrated part in countering and preventing violent extremism.”

      Bitter irony or extraordinary hubris just doesn’t cover it.

      However, when the self-declared ‘feminist’ Swedish government did speak out about the treatment of women in Saudi Arabia, what happened next was instructive;
      Accusations of ‘Islamophobia’ and ‘not respecting diversity’ (oh the irony!) came from OIC members, unsettling the pc feminists, while the Saudis threatened economic penalties, which unsettled Swedish business, not least the arms industry.
      Sweden’s ‘progressive’ friends in the EU were silent.

    • Sorry, it’s not just Sweden. The same absurd judicial excuses are used throughout Europe. The chief judge of Austria’s supreme court reduced the sentence of the “swimming pool rapist” (the sexual emergency guy) because he didn’t know that it was wrong.

      The Marxists have infiltrated everywhere and indigenous white populations, white women & children in particular, are just collateral damage.

      • Yes there are similar events, albeit sometimes in different forms, (rape gangs in the U.K. able to act with virtual impunity for decades for example), happening across Europe. Sweden is just further along the path to suicide by mass immigration than most and is the template many globalists would like to apply to the rest of Europe.
        As such it is the canary in the multikulti coal mine.

        • The Swedish canary fell from its perch a long time ago.
          Today not even God can save this Nordic House of Horrors.

      • If I remember correctly they even questioned the child if it gave consent. It was underage. The law literally says an underage person cannot give consent, because it is not mature enough to understand the whole aspect of the act of sex. I really don’t understand how the public doesn’t protest against such argumentation. It was child rape, period. If you don’t understand your own laws, please stop being a judge!

    • It’s impossible to imagine what that woman must’ve been through. I worry making an appeal to any Swedish agencies won’t make a difference though. Making an appeal to someone like Mr. Trump might get us some results though. I would say the same about Mr. Putin, but we all know the media would make it look like Russian aggression instead.

        • I was refering to the case mentioned by Jean and asking for an appeal at the Swedish embassy in the US. This might not be very sensitive of me, but while it’s definitely extremely traumatic for a child and/or adult virgin to be raped, brutally and from several men no less, it’s hard to imagine the brutality of the attack if a woman certainly experienced in sex (considering she gave birth twice) is just gone because of it…

          And one more thing: rape obviously isn’t ok in any form, but I just can’t wrap my head around how that scum is even getting it up while seeing someone in so much pain. Sure, they consider women pleasure objects, but can anybody really find pleasure in seeing someone weeping, bleeding and crying for help while someone else is abusing them? That sounds demonic, to say the least!

          The only adequate sentence would be eye for eye and no right for medical treatment afterwards. After all, a sentence should leave the criminal worse off than the victim, otherwise it doesn’t serve justice.

          • The only adequate sentence would be an eye for an eye and no right for medical treatment afterwards. After all, a sentence should leave the criminal worse off than the victim, otherwise, it doesn’t serve justice.

            I would amend that a bit. The talonic kind of “justice” you require isn’t necessarily just if you’re in the Western system of justice. OTOH, the primitive ‘justice’ of Islam would have to move up the developmental ladder to be considered on a par with Western justice.

            Also, justice must be seen to be done. In this, seen as such by these perps. So some of the extreme retaliation being talked about in this thread would seem to fit immigrant culture.

          • Overall I agree with your statement, I just find it hard to apply modern judicinal systems on rabid medieval or prehistoric behaviour. Such behaviour deserves punishment from the same era.

            And so do the judges and politians involved and allowing such atrocities to happen. So the only hope is they will face proper sentences once people take matters in their own hands and justice is indeed served.

            I’m thinking along the lines of the late Ceaucescu here (and they would have it very mild if the public lets them off the hook that easy). Or take the piracy in Somalia as another example – Russian and Chinese vessels were the only ones save for a long time, because those countries took it as an opportunity to give their marines some real life target practice experience – much in the spirit of this 18th century practice.

    • I’ve seen enough of how courts work around here to think that this is accidental It’s not. Cases are deliberately assigned to judges that will pass sentences like this.

      That’s how insane verdicts come about. Deliberately.

      What do you think normal people would give such [excrement] as a sentence? The absolute maximum possible, OF COURSE.

      Now, imagine that the father of this girl grievously injured one of these [excreta], was charged with assault GBH and that the readership of GoV was the jury – what would likely happen? The outcome is just as fixed with the “courts”, is what it seems to me.

    • My God. That’s the most shocking thing I have ever read – I wish I hadn’t read it.

    • Well, Youtube is far too busy trying to stifle Sweden’s Alternative party to be bothered with a little pornography.

      And, for that matter, why should it even matter if she is a minor? This was not “consensual”! […]

      You know, a nation makes its policy so as to increase some things and decrease others. If you reward rape and tolerate it and blame or further punish the victim you should not be surprised when rape becomes a commonplace occurrence. The people of Sweden have decided they want more rape and they want their women and their little girls to suffer. It makes them feel good, it virtue-signals for them. They feel a bond with these poor rapists and feel their pain. The victims don’t matter to them. Swedes in Minnesota are the same way. Is it a genetic flaw? Who knows?

  4. How many times do we read that a country’s laws prevent the state from doing what most people know is the right thing. Whether it is deportation of illegal immigrants or execution of gang rapists and killers?

    Well, these are all man made laws and can be changed. So, what the state is saying is in effect, we don’t want to punish these miscreants and therefore we will not change the law to ensure they are punished.

  5. These sentences do not meet any criteria of justice. A judge’s job is to be just, not to follow either a political fad or fashion, or anything else that deviates from that requirement of administering justice.

    Sweden has the government it deserves and the judiciary that goes with it. Swedes voted their government into power and have allowed it, through the ballot box, to remain in power. Swedes are therefore complicit in what is happening to their country.

    Sweden has become evil. Fall soon. Fall fast. Fall as messily as possible.

  6. “A fourth person who participated in the gang rapes has evaded punishment entirely, since he was registered as under 15 years old when the crime occurred.”

    Time to change the laws to keep up with “Modern” Times. There probably wasn’t much raping done by under 15-year-olds before mass Muslim immigration into Sweden; now there is and it’ll only get worse. It’s absurd that a “child” can rape a girl and then not receive any punishment because he is a “child.” If you are old enough to rape a girl you are old enough to be punished for that rape. I am surprised that a few Swedes (a father, a cousin, a brother, or an uncle of one of these raped girls) haven’t yet taken the law into their own hands after watching the law pat the wrists of Muslims who violently raped their loved one.

  7. I’m at a loss of forming a commentary that will not break GoT’s guidelines, so let me just say that I am not capable of wrapping my mind around Swedes not rioting and sparking a revolution yet or how the father of the girl isn’t sentenced for quadruple murder yet?

    Allow me to share a story too: I have this colleague, she’s good hearted and incredibly naive, she supports migration because she thinks those people are in need. She doesn’t follow the news so she has no knowledge of even the bare minimum the mainstream media bring, let alone of what actually is going on in Europe. She claimed some of her friends went to Greece to help in refugee camps back in 2015 and how all those poor people were suffering. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that we get into the occassional debate, with me questioning her views and she considering me somewhat extreme. One time, I believe it had to do with another gang rape case from Sweden, she kept saying I’m blowing the problem out of proportion and it has little to do with immigration. So I explained to her the drastic rise in criminal activities in Sweden after a certain number of immigrants got it, and how the Swedish police had to establish new crimes, like gang rape (and I’m sure you all are well aware of this, I’m just writing it for context). She laughted and belittled me, saying that that’s nonsense and rape has existed in Europe forever. I looked her dead in the eye and answered “why yes, rape has, but I’m talking about gang rape…” “I don’t know what that is…” Not wanting to crush her naive little heart too much, I searched for words that would describe it as mildly as possible. I ended up saying “imagine ten guys taking turns on the victim.” Her face was priceless, she had no idea someone would be capable of something as horrible. And then, instead of questioning her views, educating herself on the topic and possibly changing her views at least somewhat, she said “you know what? I don’t wanna talk about it anymore” and went back to work. I think that’s a great example of how liberals work.
    P.S.: I was able to change her views somewhat ever since, because she’s not completely ignorant of facts, so now she at least thinks immigration should be controlled (originally she said nobody has the right to check another person, then she realised bad guys could get in that way too and understood why having an ID, birth certificate, passport, or anything of the like, is good, lol.)

  8. This is pure insanity.

    A sane system would have immediately canceled their Swedish citizenship and imposed capital punishment.

  9. Huh?
    These perps have DUAL CITIZENSHIP (a classic misnomer on its face–but I digress)………so…………they CANNOT be deported back to their (redacted)hole country from whence they slithered?

    On which planet of what universe does this make ANY sense at all?

    Of course, I beg your pardon. I beg EVERYBODY’S pardon. What could I have been thinking?? After all–dees iss Sveeeedihnn und dey be all of them Sveeedisssh.

    Lock and load, boys and girls. Iffen ya don’t got ’em—GET ‘EM!

  10. These rapists should be chimically castrated, plain and simple. And who are these impious judges? How can they defend the rapists and not the victim? This poor girl is crippled for life and these specimens are almost free to continue their work of destruction. By these decisions these judges are cumplicits , they are great sinners in the eyes of all the society and mostly in the eyes of God. Remember St Mathew 18,5 :”And he that shall receive one such little child in my name, receiveth me.
    But he that shall scandalize one of these little ones that believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone should be hanged about his neck, and that he should be drowned in the depth of the sea. ” May God, have mercy of Sweden.

  11. Europe is committing culture suicide if it does not protect its own children it has no future .The MSM silence on this speaks how being P.C. is more important then protecting innocent children from monsters.

    • While you are right, I like to point out that you (and others saying similar things) have Western Europe in mind when you say “Europe”. Please note that Europe is a much bigger territory and everyone east from Germany does take care of their own children. Not perfectly for sure, there are some bad cases here and there, obviously, but nothing like the above.
      Our media are trying very hard to change that, though. Starting last week, one of our biggest news servers/newspapers started posting articles about “Muslims in Czechia” and tries very hard to paint them in extremely nice colours. Luckily not that many people are buying it. For one, we all remember the claims of the guy that’s leading them over here (I don’t bother remembering his name), some of which were border-line sharia. And then we are aware of how it came around in the UK, Sweden, France, etc. etc. etc. They pretend to not care about their religion at first, but once they reach a certain number, they start placing demands and it goes downhill fast from there. I feel like 1683 is still deeply rooted in our people too, after all Osmans never had a good name over here and our second biggest city is pretty close to Vienna (less than 140km/90miles).

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