Denmark’s Yuge Sense of Humor

This is a good example of the Danish ability to laugh at themselves and others. This time “others” is (mostly) Donald Trump, but it’s a broad brush they have, managing to paint the Netherlands, too.

Some good sight gags, to boot.

I love the Danes, the last sane country in Western Europe.

NOTE: Leave the subtitle button on…unless you speak Danish, of course. Wrong. The B told me that and I forgot to check for myself. Them Danes already put it in English, but the TV people make you click on the YouTube video itself.

Oh, please don’t tell me you’ve seen it already. Except for ketogenic diets and Angelina Jordan, I don’t get to YouToob much.

8 thoughts on “Denmark’s Yuge Sense of Humor

  1. Yes, they do have windmills, much better windmills than the Dutch wooden ones 🙂

    • Yeah, I’d like to know who that is…great ear that guy has. But the humor is magically Danish. Remember when they ran the collage of Obama moments when he described each small visiting country as “punching above its weight”??

      And the humiliation of BHO when he flew there at the behest of the Chicago money boyz to get us The Olympics? I was never so glad to see us lose anything. Poor Chicago, as if it weren’t besieged enough.

    • My only critique is that Donny seems to say ‘yuge’. The Danish narrator pronounced much too nicely!

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