Aldo Sterone on the Benalla Scandal: “The Elysée is Rotten With Thugs!”

In the following video the Algerian-French auto-pundit Aldo Sterone discusses the furore about Alexandre Benalla, a top bodyguard for President Emmanuel Macron who was videotaped beating up a street protester while dressed in police gear.

The part of the scandal that I don’t understand is why it took this long for the information to surface. The video has been around since May — why did it take until late July for the affair to surface? Someone must have leaked it, but they waited until last week to do so. Which probably means that timing was important, and the best moment to sandbag Mr. Macron was calculated to be right now — for reasons I don’t understand.

Anyway, here’s what Aldo has to say. Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

News in English on the Benalla scandal:

Video transcript:

00:00   Good day my friends. Today I’m going to talk to you about the case
00:04   of Lahcène Benalia, a.k.a.
00:08   Alexandre Benalla, OK, that’s what he chose to be called
00:12   in France; and that absolutely abominable polemic which is shaking up political life
00:16   in France today. So, as a “third-worlder” [from the third world — Aldo’s neologism]
00:20   — I’m originally from a third world country— I’m not at al surprised
00:24   by this type of behavior. We are used to that. We are used to seeing that
00:29   in our countries. In the countries we’re fleeing. But it’s the first time
00:33   that I’ve seen it in France. But, OK, you’re going to tell me:
00:37   given how long France has already been third-worlding herself, it’s truly time
00:41   that we see this type of behavior become the norm.
00:45   Well, I’m going to tell you something:
00:49   this guy, this close collaborator of Macron, he was terrorising
00:53   literally the entire “farm” . Nobody dared touch him.
00:57   The gendarmerie wouldn’t touch him, neither would the police, the army,
01:02   the administration, including prefects
01:06   Nobody dared touch him. There was even a report to the hierarchy
01:10   of the gendarmerie, there was a report to the IGPN — the police of the police —
01:14   and NOBODY reacted. He TERRORIZED them.
01:18   He scared them, just like happens in third-world countries.
01:22   Because the person who might upset him, who refused
01:26   him a cigarette, who maybe looked at him the wrong way,
01:30   would have his career terminated. And they knew it very well. And this is why
01:35   They kowtow in front of him. It’s like in 1943 the
01:39   Geheime Staatspolizei [GESTAPO]: even the high-ranking military, when they saw
01:43   those people passing by, what would they do? — They would look elsewhere.
01:47   And in the countries — if you have family coming from the third world countries —
01:51   start talking about it with them and you’ll see: it can happen
01:55   — I’m giving you cases that you can research —
01:59   like: a guy, a “protégé” say, of the powerful, he’s on holiday somewhere.
02:04   And then one day there’s no flight home,
02:08   and after a simple phone call the national company
02:12   [airline] will divert a plane, with passengers. They will divert it
02:16   to an airport where it doesn’t usually land, or never.
02:20   They wait for him, he arrives with his family, he and his family board, and they take him
02:24   wherever he wants to go. OK? And everybody shuts up. The CEO of the airline
02:28   the pilots, and everybody else shuts up, because
02:33   this is someone who is a “protégé” of the powerful.
02:37   It goes — in extreme cases — all the way to, for example in Iraq,
02:41   the two sons of Saddam Hussein — Qusay, the “little tough one” — that’s what his name
02:45   means; there was Uday, the “little aggressive one”. He [Saddam] had two children, and he called them
02:49   the “little aggressive one” and the “little tough one”. A diminutive of aggressive and of tough.
02:53   And if they see a woman passing by, OK,
02:57   if they want her, they totally could kidnap her and rape her.
03:02   And if the police were passing by, they perhaps could help them
03:06   subdue her, or look away, OK? So, this guy,
03:10   I was telling you, he was terrorizing everybody. He even had
03:14   access to the National Assembly. This means that today,
03:18   who can investigate a similar person? He is more powerful than Macron himself!
03:22   In fact. He is OMNIPOTENT, this guy, in France.
03:26   There is, I don’t know, we will have to, maybe, ask
03:31   the international agencies to help you. You’ll have to ask the UN to come
03:35   to help you with his case. Because the guy, I don’t trust anybody to investigate him.
03:39   Even Macron doesn’t dare to talk. He walled himself in with silence,
03:43   all while he’s usually tweeting all the time. See what I mean? It’s completely
03:47   astounding, what’s going on in your country! An Algerian newspaper alleges
03:51   that this guy is close to the Moroccan Mukhabarat [secret police].
03:55   So, I know very well that an Algerian newspaper
04:00   — given the tension between Morocco and Algeria —
04:04   there are many Algerian sites that would be ready to come out with this type of information
04:08   — even based on an extremely tenuous indication —
04:12   just in order to associate Morocco with the case.
04:16   But I can tell you something:
04:20   if we imagine that he has no link to the Moroccan Mukhabarat, he still
04:24   has the behavior, he still has the attitude.
04:28   A guy who really thought he was in Morocco,
04:32   in fact, OK? The guy,
04:37   he couldn’t bear — he was so zealous —
04:41   that he couldn’t bear that those wretches,
04:45   that those lepers — those whom his boss incidentally calls “lepers” —
04:49   that those lepers went into the street
04:53   and dared to express their discontent, OK?
04:57   Concerning the activity
05:02   or the laws which the “Lord” [Macron, who called himself “Jupiter”], wants to pass, OK?
05:06   And therefore he couldn’t stop himself from
05:10   taking to the street in order to — himself,
05:14   with his bare hands — hit these types of lepers. OK?
05:18   And what is horrible is that this guy was protected
05:22   by l’Elysée [presidential palace]. He wasn’t arrested
05:27   because suddenly [unintelligible] thought that he had
05:31   crossed all the limits. No! No!
05:35   The guy, if he didn’t have this sadistic side,
05:39   like the Mukhabarat have, and if he didn’t have
05:43   the wish to leave his luxury and go
05:47   and hit civilians with his bare hands, he would have wreaked havoc
05:51   during Macron’s entire term. OK? Everybody would have
05:55   kowtowed to him, and God only knows what kind of crimes he would have committed against the people
05:59   because he was up to no good, big time. He was really, really up to no good.
06:04   Nobody dared touch him. So, voilà, it’s…
06:12   it’s a sort of Watergate. It’s a kind of Watergate.
06:16   At the French level. Never has the French Republic
06:20   stooped this low. And it isn’t even the first,
06:24   because I was expecting that this type of discussion, a discussion of this magnitude.
06:28   I was expecting that it would start when
06:33   Makao [sic], the other close collaborator of
06:37   the other [bodyguard] of Macron, was photographed
06:41   two days after a meeting — he was at Macrons’s house, just to fill you in, he was at Macron’s —
06:45   he tweets a picture [unintelligible] girls with him.
06:49   Two days later he was playing video games
06:53   with Jawad, the landlord of
06:57   the throat-cutters of Bataclan, OK?
07:01   What do you say to that?
07:05   From the president to the landlord of the Bataclan terrorists! OK?
07:10   I expected, at the time, something this huge.
07:14   Well, it was reported, but people said: “Well, it’s Nazi fake news.” [“Fachosphere”, Fascist zone]
07:18   “It’s carrying water for the Fascists, and so on…” Voilà! It was ignored.
07:22   There we have a chap who [he means Benalla]
07:26   who could even — there, recently, during the World Cup, it’s not ancient history;
07:30   it was two weeks, ten days ago — the guy was at the front
07:34   of the bus of the French team. He crossed through security,
07:38   so you can imagine the level of security.
07:43   It means that there are gendarmes of very, very, very high level! It wasn’t
07:47   manned by some little cops, the security for the French team. Because it’s a world event;
07:51   all the cameras in the world were pointed at them; we are in a country
07:55   where there have regularly been terrorist attacks. So a security cordon
07:59   practically like one for a foreign head of state,
08:03   especially from a country… well, a little delicate.
08:07   The guy, with no form of legitimacy
08:11   he was in the bus, at the front, in the bus
08:16   of the French soccer team. Voilà: he crossed through security!
08:20   And he made all the high level gendarmes who were there shut up.
08:24   They had no recourse other than to report to their hierarchy,
08:28   who probably, well, hierarchy, didn’t want to make waves, because, well, voilà,
08:32   you offend one of Macron’s thugs and you will be transferred.
08:36   I don’t know where in the province, where your career ends, or they sack you, or something else.
08:40   Voilà. You know it happens
08:44   in third-world countries. I mean, you cannot upset this kind of person!
08:49   This kind of person, nobody can refuse them, really.
08:53   They drive down the street, and they say: “Oh, this plot, at the seaside” — it’s true, I tell you;
08:57   it’s authentic — “This plot by the sea, I would like to take it. It’s mine.”
09:01   OK? “I have the dream of appropriating it.”
09:05   Except, that it belongs to the state. Voilà. You go to see the prefect, you ask
09:09   him to give you the title for this property. The prefect says “no”.
09:14   and the next day the prefect is packing and the new one arrives, and the first thing he does is
09:18   to sign [the title]. OK? That’s what it is. I can tell you that
09:22   we allowed this country to become gangrenous
09:26   with the real scoundrels, the real thugs at the level literally of Mukhabarat.
09:30   Those are Baltajiya, as they are called in Egypt. Those are
09:34   people, you know the Baltajiya are those people who — but probably
09:38   they don’t earn €10,000 a month and probably don’t sleep in a palace, just to let you know —
09:43   they were those little thugs who were
09:47   initiated by the former president, this eternal Egyptian president,
09:51   that “pharaoh”, as he was called: Mubarak. Mubarak.
09:55   When the street was against him, he sent the Baltajiya, and those were people
09:59   with sticks, who would go and hit people randomly, they were killing people randomly
10:03   and all that; they had all the rights, and voilà:
10:07   and this guy was playing Baltajiya. But it’s kind of crazy that I should be forced
10:11   to look for Arabic words today, because I can’t find this vocabulary in French
10:16   in order to describe those disgusting things that are happening in your country!
10:20   But, well, voilà, what did you expect? You voted for that little thug,
10:24   who likes, who has a penchant for the scoundrels, he likes those thugs.
10:28   I don’t know, I’m not close to him, I cannot tell you more, but
10:32   he truly has a PENCHANT for thugs. There the plenty of them. The Elysée is rotten with thugs!
10:36   And everybody shuts up. OK? So, there, voilà!
10:40   I can tell you, if I were a general in France today, I don’t want…
10:45   if I were a general in France, I can tell you the guy would spend tonight in jail.
10:49   I swear, I would carry out a f****ing coup!
10:53   À la Africa. And since we are in Africa today, we stop and we play the African way!
10:57   So I put your ilk in jail in a cell and then I arrive in front
11:01   of the cameras on TV and I say: “I’m here to save the revolution and bring
11:05   the revolution to the glorious way of the popular will.”
11:09   A classic. And then the country is rotting worse than before. Well.
11:14   I’m leaving you, my friends. I’m leaving you.
11:18   An astounding thing, anyway. I’m astounded. Astounded.

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  1. Thank you for posting Aldo Sterone’s “take” on things. He is quite interesting and refreshingly blunt.

  2. With the level of access Aldo describes, you have to wonder if the relationship is much closer than “protégé”. I mean, Macron already has the least convincing “beard” ever.

    If the OAS were still around, Macron would already be under arrest and awaiting trial for treason, and rightly so.

  3. Following up on my prior comment…

    …the article is incredibly damning. Benalla is 26 and has never been a policeman yet he is head of Macron’s security apparatus? That does not pass the smell test on any level.

    The final photo in the article takes the cake. That’s two secret lovers on a bike ride in the park with their security person on the right. The expression on both men’s faces clearly shows they wish they were somewhere else in that moment.

    Poor Napoleon’s body must be rotating so quickly that his angular velocity is approaching the speed of light!


    has the timeline. A Le Monde journalist says he was reviewing the footage later (July) , questioned who the masked officer was, Elysee confirmed Benalla, the paper published in July, the story took off. Quite possible the journalist was pointed to the identity by insiders and followed up…so still room there to wonder about timing.

    As far as POV it might go from M……../En Marche being partly a cooked up naive outfit (yes), a fostered stooge serving liberal financial interest to bridge socialism with neo liberal nwo a la frankfurt etc (yes – well documented) , a deeper corrupt alliance with MENA influence/ambition as described in the video ( possibly, but yes to this event representing a battle line between that direction and what is left of “old school france” ). Very clearly M….. allowed and fed from the presence of Benalla.

  5. Aldo is 100% correct, this is how Muslim and sub-Saharan African countries work – always, without exception. It has been my unfortunate experience to have spent time in many of them. They and their inhabitants are are a purse string suture in the rectum of sub-human progress and they are now in Europe…and heading for the USA in ever increasing numbers.

  6. I believe Aldo originates from Algeria (if only all North Africans thought like him), but lives in the UK (his cab has right-hand drive). Without putting him in danger, can anyone flesh out his history?

  7. Unfortunately you just advertised for a ennemy of Europe, who has never critized islam (Coran, Muhammad, Allah or 5 pillars). He defends Tariq Ramadan, he speaks in chiites mosques, he does the ramadan, he says “my country Algeria” and “I belong to the arabo-islamic nation”. Check it out :

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