The #FreeTommy Rally

I found this on Twitter. Short but clear. And the chant has mercifully replaced the cadences of “Who Killed Cock Robin” – which heretofore had looped in me noggin every time I wrote or spoke about the man.

I don’t usually upload videos to my channel. I save that task for our friends. But since this Bastille Day is also another #FreeTommy occasion, I couldn’t resist.

A longer essay, concerning the new #FreeTommy news will eventually be posted [After I get the quiche in the oven].

12 thoughts on “The #FreeTommy Rally

  1. Seems like YT etc are shadowbanning Tommy’s March today. Not even much on rebel media about crowds on 14th. Hopefully some enterprising individuals will post on bitchute or Mike Adams new “non-censored YT” called Hope the quiche was perfect!

    • Thanks. My goal in making a crustless quiche is to provide some protein and vegetables in a big enough dish to last the B several days… Moi? I had sauteed kidneys and sliced tomatoes. He was brave to put up with the smell.

      In a day or so, I will make a large-ish shepherd’s pie. Another B favorite.

    • There was a live stream…Rebel Media, iirc. But our miserable bandwidth doesn’t make that feasible. Since posting the short Columbia Bugle video, I have seen several more coming online at YT.

      I do wonder who the Bugle got that video from. It was quite a scoop!

  2. Pretty big crowd. I might say it reminds me 1989 and the end of communism in my home country. Police baffled, people in high spirit and chanting.

    If only this were so easy now … all what I can foresee is troubled Albion.

    Thanks for posting this, Dymphna.

    • Troubled Albion? That trouble is sadly self-inflicted by the elites who wanted – and still want – to replace its people with strangers who have no intention of ever being more than parasites.

      • Yes, ma’am. Even more sadly, this high treason and betrayal of their own country will most likely continue unabated, months and years on end. Is there any tipping point? Tommy’s busting should have been that trigger. Evidently not there yet …

  3. A good friend of mine attended the protest in London for Tommy’s release and told me they are protesting for his release from prison. I was under the impression that the protest was for free speech.

    No doubt on Wednesday TR will be released but under draconian conditions just like the two leaders of Britain First.
    Sad to say that the majority of Brits have no clue what is going on and go about their lives in a daze not noticing the cultural genocide happening around them.

    The MSM are obviously not reporting on anything and are part of the plan to feed us news that supports cultural enrichment. May said last week standing next to Trump that immigrants have made our society better but as usual failed to give an example.

    Peaceful protest is no longer an option. Action is now required.

    • Looks like good coverage, Margita.

      Ruptly had a live feed that went on for the best part of 3 hours but it’s only available now in snippets.

      Excellent speeches by Joy Miller and Geert Wilders (pre-recorded) and Filip De Winter (live) which was, in my opinion, the most powerful speech of the day.

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