Write to Tommy Robinson in Prison

Let him know that there are literally MILLIONS of people out there who support him and want him released:

Stephen Lennon
Prisoner A2084CG
HMP Onley
CV23 8AP

This address originated with Hel Gower on Facebook and was forwarded by two sources independently, so it has a fairly good chance of being the correct one.

14 thoughts on “Write to Tommy Robinson in Prison

  1. So HMP Onley is in Rugby… I lived nearby up until recently. One thing about that area – it’s far less culturally enriched than Coventry and Birmingham, and most of the enrichment is Eastern European. Not sure though if that’s replicated in the prison population.

    • Dear Dymphna

      I contact you here as I do not know any other way how I can submit something to you .
      This link will take you to the channel of Rea Bow , the clip is about the “ Marrakech political declaration “ signed a few weeks ago by almost all European ministers of foreign affairs as I understand from the paper .
      I think it will interest you and the Baron .
      Below the video there is a direct link to the EU website where you can download the pdf file .
      Greetings from Michael living in Warsaw .

  2. I will write. Certainly they have sent him there to have him killed. There exists only one way to save Tommy. Make so much noise now that his foreseen death causes global havoc. That scares globalists to death. Globalists are already locked in a narrow lose-lose path, their only hope being to silence us.

  3. It seems you can also send Tommy an Email.
    In Raheem Kassam’s latest live feed (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mS5E1EJBJ4c) he mentions a service called “Email a Prisoner”. I believe this is the correct link, though I can’t double-check it right now: https://www.emailaprisoner.com/

    Apparently, for the cost of 40 pence you can send an email to any prisoner in the UK. You need the prisoner’s number (A2084CG, quoted from above) his prison (Onley) and his name (Stephen Lennon, or possibly Stephen Yaxley-Lennon).

    There is good reason to believe that Tommy is receiving mail, both based on Raheem’s livestream (which came after a conversation with Tommy’s family) and no a letter from Tommy when he was still in the Hull prison: (https://www.patreon.com/posts/tommy-robinsons-19506875). This is a transcript, the original in Tommy’s handwriting can be found on George Llewelyn-John’s twitter feed: https://twitter.com/georgellewelyn/status/1008126114340966400

    • That is the right access point to send an email to a prisoner in an English prison.The link explains it all. Somebody (on Facebook?)wrote Tommy looks forward to getting email and letters as he is in solitary for 23+hours a day.

  4. 10 days ago there was a Free Tommy Rally here in Brisbane. Queensland. Australia. About 250 people gathered with placards and waving flags and chanting , outside the British Consulate in Eagle Street and feelings ran high.
    There were no counter-protesters nor was there any Media within cooee of the event. On the whole people here who care about Islamic Infiltration of Sovereign Countries are furious and deeply concerned about the way Tommy Robinson was betrayed by his own countrymen. Personally I have nothing but the most profound contempt for the British Constabulary;
    the Judiciary and the Government. All three have sold their people down the river and should be utterly ashamed of themselves.

  5. Emails to prisoners cost 40p a page – they are printed out and given to the prisoner in hard copy. But you have to buy a minimum of £5 credit to start off with – still not much to fork out. I hope he likes Kipling, because apart from telling him how heroic he is, all I can think to send him is poetry.

  6. I imagine all mail is first screened by prison authorities. Does one have to write PC style and must one omit all mention of his unjust imprisonment. I want to write to him but want to make sure that it gets through to him.

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