Tommy Transferred to 71% Muslim Prison. Why?

Tommy Robinson has been moved from a relatively safe prison to a place where his manager thinks he’ll be killed.

An American Congressional representative, Paul Gosar from Arizona, has spoken from the floor of the House so that Tommy’s predicament will become part of the permanent Congressional record here in the United States:

Mr. Speaker, I rise for the following purpose.

I want to share my concern about the arrest and conviction of Tommy Robinson in Great Britain. I am well aware that England does not share our free speech values and does not have the equivalent of a First Amendment. Indeed, the restrictive practices of England led directly to the birth of this great nation and the freedom we enjoy here.

Mr. Robinson, a British activist and journalist, was arrested and jailed for simply filming outside a public courtroom, and was sentenced to 13 months for this “crime.” His real crime is not taking pictures; His real crime is his refusal to agree to the government’s efforts to cover up crimes by Muslim gangs who are raping British girls, almost with impunity, and with little apparent regard by the British government.

If this act violated a term of probation, it would mean the court system in England is a key part of the problem, covering up for criminals by imposing gag orders as terms of probation.

Dissent is patriotic when the ruling class are illegitimate and oppressive. The ruling class in England appears fearful of the truth. When it bans discussion, and when it criminalizes the truth, any such government can fairly be labeled as both oppressive and tyrannical. I object to the suppression of the truth.

England has a proud history and America is its progeny, but it needs to take back its liberty and freedom.

“It’s all for nothing if you don’t have freedom.” Braveheart (1995)

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  1. As American I am glad that this was raised on the House floor and heard by his peers.

    The assault on freedom of speech transpiring in the UK is unprecedented.

    As a Czech by birth I can’t resist to feeling N. Chamberlain’s karma reaching the transgressors.

    Well, well, well.

    • I neglected to add one recent episode in the U.S. of being stitched up for prison due to your speech. It was under Obama’s regime, when he and Hillary were desperately trying to find a fall guy for Benghazi.

      As Mark notes in his comprehensive coverage

      The attack on the U.S. mission in Benghazi, Libya, Tue 11 Sept 2012, was initially blamed on the film. But it later emerged that there was no protest about the film in Benghazi. It was an attack by dozens of armed militants carrying heavy weaponry. The attack was planned entirely separate to the film protests.

      The last I heard that Copt had served his sentence and was in a half-way house.

      Clinton and Obama are still at large.

      • Yeah, but just wait until they stand before the Great White Throne. Their indictments are being prepared. I would not want to be anywhere near them or their shoes.

        • That’s beyond my pay grade. Ain’t gonna judge ’em and I’m confident that wherever I’m standing I will be safe and secure, busy dealing with my own past mistakes.

        • We need to concern ourselves with the here and now and let a Higher Power worry about their appearance for final judgment. In the meantime great wrong is being perpetrated here under our watch. We need to deal with it – not just pray (although that helps). Too many leave it up to the Almighty and little girls suffer for our negligence. Thank you Gates of Vienna for publicizing this and holding Britain up to the light for all to see. Let’s act so that this can never happen (again) here.

      • Hillary made it completely clear in her 2011 UN speech in favor of criminal actions against Islamic critics, that there would be no whiff of freedom of speech in any government she headed or influenced.

        The “conservative” neocons can be easily bought off by the promise of more useless, expensive military operations in forsaken, inconsequential regions of the world, specifically Africa and the Middle East, with a missile ring around Russia for a topping.

        Even liberals like Alan Dershowitz are recognizing the people he used to think of as liberal allies are jettisoning the idea of individual rights in favor of a hobnail-booted collective.

        • I think Hillary did the same thing when speaking to Erdogan – “shame and shun them”, she said. Since her speech was uttered about the same time that ABB slaughtered the people on Utoya, I wondered if ABB was set up by our 3-letter “consular” staff before they fled out of Norway due to Wikileaks…in a hundred years, someone will write that chapter.

        • BTW, did you know we have troops in Norway? I didn’t until I read the Marine Corps Times. They are supposedly training for near-Arctic conditions – why Alaska wouldn’t do just fine was never made clear. Anyway, it’s focused on – wait for it – Russia.

  2. Why would the British Government and Judicial system transfer Tommy Robinson to a 71% Muslim prison?

    Isn’t it obvious to everyone they want their Muslims there to kill him?

    Isn’t anyone paying attention to how this is being played out?

    This is the same reason why the National Socialists in Germany imprisoned those they didn’t want in their society where they could then murder them with virtual impunity and away from the public eye. This is why so many high-level German National Socialists were Anglophiles and why certain British Royals loved the Nazis.

    Tommy Robinson’s predicament represents a crime against Humanity and if nobody in the high levels of British society does anything for him then the British Government and its Judicial system has just officially pronounced itself the enemy of the British people after having successfully disarmed them.

    Go figure.

    • …if nobody in high levels of British society won’t do anything for him then the British Government and its Judicial system have just officially pronounced itself the enemy of the British people …and created a martyr figure against themselves. Tommy Robinson will be the 21st Century version of William Wallace and I can only guess this is exactly what they want him to be to them.

    • So the Cliveden set is alive and well even still.
      It figures, they always wanted docile lambs and goats that they could milk and then slaughter when it became inconvenient for them.

    • The Soviet gulag camps were run by murderers and such like criminal convicts who dealt out the punishments on political prisoners.

    • Apparently they have forgotten not to make martyrs. The 60s are a little far back, I guess.

    • Why does a 71% Moslem prison exist in the first place?

      Moslems are a small minority so why are they not spread out more or are the authorities trying to create religion (Moslem) specific prisons on the sly?

  3. The days may come, when the long echoed and well deserved battle cry of the Texas Republic, “Remember the Alamo” could well transliterate into, “Remember Tommy”, for an uprising yet to appear against modern oppressive British tyrants, newer than King George, or perhaps as well expressed King George Redux! Or was that perhaps, “Mary” and something about “cake”? Do you recall? Before she lost it all?

    This from an observer of current history, a Christian Constitutional conservative, who considers PDJT to be a God Blessed miracle, one who, as many do, fits the ancient well known Biblical verse: ”FOR THERE IS NOT A JUST MAN ON EARTH, WHO DOES GOOD, AND DOES NOT SIN.” -Ecclesiastes 7:20 Such God Blessed miracle appears likely to be Viktor Orban, also, which time will enlighten, due course.

  4. “Will no one rid me of this turbulent priest?” comes to mind. The Brits are doing a Thomas Becket.

  5. When the Muslim refugees came, I didn’t protest-they were just poor refugees.

    When they built mosques and Islamic cultural centers, I didn’t protest—they had the right to pray to Allah.

    When they demanded only Halal food in schools and prisons I didn’t protest—they can only eat what the Koran allows them to eat. http://www.thenewstribune.c…When they demanded Ramadan accommodations at Amazon, I switched to Abe books.

    When they gang-raped women and girls I didn’t protest- -rapes occur in every culture, and they have nothing to do with Islam.

    When they carried out terror attacks, I didn’t protest- -it was only a few extremists, who didn’t represent true Islam, and besides Obama said, after San Bernardino, two of them had gone down the dark path of radicalization, embracing a perverted interpretation of Islam that calls for war against America and the West. Even after 9/11 Bush said “the face of terror is not the true faith of Islam. That’s not what Islam is all about. Islam is peace.” Got that dhimmi?

    When they demanded Sharia Law zones in Michigan, I didn’t protest- -they needed their own space, and we live in a free country.

    When the Muslims took their places in Congress, I didn’t protest they’re 1% of the US population now, and they have their rights.

    When they introduced Islamic Sharia Law, demanding that it apply to the entire population, it was too late to protest.

    • Abe Books is owned by Amazon…

      But one piece of good news is ALAC: American Laws for American Courts. It has been employed successfully in several states. Not Michigan or Minnesota, though.

      • By sending Robinson to a high security, 71% Muslim prison, the Home Secretary—Sajid Javid—is issuing a covert invitation to inmates to murder the infidel.

        • Yes, that would be right. And it would be a painful death, too. Later events proved that only a wing of the place is 71% – but it’s a good excuse to put him in solitary, which he admits to finding VERY difficult. The limit is supposed to be a fortnight or so, but they got around that the last time by sending him on to another prison – sometimes just putting him in a cab sans any policeman or guard. The next place could then lawfully put him in solitary again.

          His confinement was in the midst of the prison population and the other prisoners were free to spit on him; Tommy wasn’t allowed to put up a piece of cloth or paper to protect himself, either.

          He’s scared he won’t make it home this time and I don’t blame him.

    • Every Islamic population, no matter where it settles and reaches 1% are nice to locals. At 2% they ask for a small mosque to pray. At 3% muslim shops open. At 4% they demand and any refusal is met with accusations of racism. Be careful. Don’t become like Britain, France, Germany and the Netherlands

    • Agent rose: And now it is too late with W. Europe/UK, Australia, now soon to be here and Canada because of ignorance, decadence and nihilism. We have the right to defend ourselves, no other country can. Switzerland may still have that right.

  6. There’s no hope for the UK. It’s only a matter of time before their nukes are in control of the mohammedans.

    • I hope you won’t take this the wrong way but I get xxxxxxx, xxxxxxx, xxxxxxx [angry] at foreigners telling me in a variety of ways that Britain is finished.

      Maybe we will simply fold and accept our subjugation or maybe we will fill the streets with blood or maybe we will wake up and make up the necessary changes for national survival in time. But the last thing we need is foreigners crowing about our situation. Look to your own bloody country. How are things there?

      (this comment has been pre-redacted out of respect for the house rules)

      • So glad my ancestors left England, then fought against your German King who brought over 40000 Germans to kill us. We have free speech and you now have an Islamo-Fascist Regime. ECAW, get a gun, get a cricket bat and start defending yourself in groups or you are done. Your police only need a Hackenkreuz on their uniform to identify who they really are. They are traitors run by your traitor class.

      • Fair enough. But my sense (because I often feel similarly) is that people are frustrated by what they see happening in the UK, and angry, wanting and hoping to see more resistance. But most of all, I believe, there is an underlying fear, perhaps sometimes bordering on despair: if the UK falls, is anywhere safe? So they assume the “worst”, as it were. to try to steel themselves for what is coming.

        • PaulW – I feel the same. Of all the people I have personally urged to inform themselves about Islam not one has done so. I fear it will take something serious, like the decapitation of a TV baking competition host in mid souffle, to rouse them.

          But there are more positive than negative signs on this side of the Atlantic at the moment, don’t you think – Brexit, Italy, Austria, the likely collapse of Merkel’s immigration policy (if not government), Hungary, Poland, the seeming imminent collapse into chaos of Sweden as an example to us all. I suspect the EU could disintegrate sooner rather than later. If the AfD got into a position of real power at the next German elections (in the autumn I think) it could happen in a rush just like with the USSR.

          • ECAW.

            There is a very simple non-violent solution to all of this:

            Make British citizenship by descent ( or double descent even if you do not want the recent migration to expand by descent etc.) and limit the naturalisation of migrants to much stricter conditions ( e.g. born in UK to both parents being legal permanent visa holders where other nationality is not possible) .

            There does not have to be any conflict in an adjustment like this, as you switch to visas, permanent visas, for everyone else, which grant similar rights but not access to benefits system ( visaholders will fund own private out of tax deduction because they came to work right? ) , and not access to voting rights.

            Nothing need visibly change even if it is done correctly, the restrictions would not be people walking around imposing laws, but a change of options to all involved… some would see theirs narrowed but that would NOT be fault of UK – it would just be offering less to certain groups of people, it having no obligation to anywhere.

            It could still be made to remain attractive to talent pools that it needed.

            It is complex to explain out in detail in a few paragraphs, but the idea itself is very very simple. Many other countries already work like this.

      • ECAW: Best Brits and the other invaded countries over there (if it’s not too late) for patriots band together and take their countries back like Galt III says. Police and leaders in these countries are complying to their leaders commands because all they want is a paycheck and they will do anything they are ordered to do, to keep their jobs. Apathy and lack of critical thinking skills continues.

    • Removed by YouTube for violating its policy on “hate speech”. Or in other words they “hate your freedom to speak” and will therefore censor it. Such are the tactics of the totalist, the tyrant and the technocrat.

      • I guess they will get confused when confronted with free silence instead, going to think everyone is chatting behind their backs… could lead to obsessive behaviour like creating a surveillance state, or misusing the existing one.

  7. Tommy Robinson’s treatment is much worse than Czechoslovak communists treated dissident Vaclav Havel (President Havel later on). At least they didn’t imprison him with people who wanted to kill him. Can the UK sink any lower?

    • No, I don’t believe they can sink any lower. Moving TR to a 71% Muslim-inmate population is a de facto State-imposed death sentence. Why wasn’t he kept in Hull Prison?

  8. The death of Tommy will be the first official day of the English Caliphate or in other name: the United Islamic Kingdom.

  9. No justification to move Tommy from a low security to a high security prison. The man is a non violent prisoner, and given his history and experience of previous attacks by muslim inmates, the actions of the prison service are at best negligent and at worst homicidal. If Tommy is harmed “inside” there will be repercussions for Britain’s ruling class, that 20,000 on the streets could swell to 200,000 or more.

  10. Not wise to make a martyr out of Tommy. They’re not wise at all. They need to only observe how his imprisonment has been a rallying cry ’round the world. Just what do they think the response will be should he be killed in this prison?

    • If I were being very cynical I would say it could be used to settle the matter of ” independent patriots” (for want of a better expression) once and for all – you only have to look at msm coverage and ALL those who protest are far right extremists. That means it could be used to draw out those with strongest sentiments of outrage to be targeted – just a bunch of poorly educated hooligans to msm. If they feel they can control the blowback to their advantage, they might go that way – on the average person’s screen “rioting yobs” is going to look worse and be open to more disassociation and criticism than a quiet court case that people don’t like mentioning…. they might think.

      But who knows, I can think of other reasons, from creating a distraction through to wanting a theme to use to reform the law some way stricter on dissent, even just proving beyond a disconnected incompetence by authorities is difficult. …we really are guessing at the motives I think.

  11. Being an Englishman these days in our own country basically means no rights at all. Our speech is suppressed our social media sites are monitored by our snowflake police force. Tommy Robinson exposed the muslim gangs, the press call them grooming gangs, I prefer to call them, pimps, paedophiles and rapists. The police, local authorities and central government covered this up for fear of upsetting muslims. The truth of the matter is that if this gets exposed and a deeper investigation takes place it will lead right to the top of government and royalty. Anyone who shows dissent is arrested and jailed. Please look up Melanie Shaw, others like ex police officer John Wedger are threatened with having their kids taken away. Britain is no longer a free society and by silencing the people there will be only one option remaining. In the future you may just see white Brits asking for asylum in America and that’s not a joke.

  12. Why? It takes only counting one and one together. The interior minister is Muslim. And a fatwa on Tommy’s head is issued immediately. Islam always takes “justice” in its own hand, given half a chance. All that counts now is getting “it” done. Even if the politician still stumbles over this, he will go with the smug conviction of having done the righteous thing.

    At least Tommy’s ordeal got a prominent place in the top left corner at Drudge Report right now (timestamped version for later reference):

  13. Of course this is DEATH SENTENCE, silly people.
    Given past events, it cannot possibly BE anything else.

    Why, you ask?
    Think only about what Tommy is/has been protesting AGAINST–for a change. AND (finally) is getting some traction in our formerly oblivious media. Let’s just call it “coerced prostitution/pedophilia (CCP?)” for short. Forget the islamic angle for the nonce.

    Lots and lots and lots of nice, clean, juicy, innocent–AND ALONE AND UNPROTECTED– young white Christian girls.

    Now–after an obscene ‘break-in’ period for the poor souls–what happens NEXT?
    Where do they go?
    Who gets the use of ‘THIS PRODUCT’ until its ‘commercial’ value depreciates and is no longer worth maintaining??
    For CHEAP.

    I suspect the very [expletive] ones now doing the persecution.
    Yeah–the ones in uniform, too.

  14. There’s an update by Caolan Robertson on twitter. He was in contact with Tommy some 2 hours ago. Situation is bad, but no further details tonight.

    It’s not clear to me where Tommy has been taken. I’ve read Leicester Prison and Onley Prison, which is perhaps 40 km from Leicester (or so google maps tells me). The 71% figure (I’ve also seen 73%) seems to be a corruption of an earlier report by Caolan, who quoted Tommy as saying that his wing seems about 70% muslim. Inaccurate retweets of this made it sound as if Tommy is in a prison whose entire population consists of 70% muslims. Some intrepid souls searched the UK prison statistics and found no prison with anything near such numbers, and have therefore concluded that Tommy Robinson is in fact Elvis Presley, living it up on Mars.

    At any rate, the 70% figure is a only a rough estimate, and it comes from inside the prison, so wherever he is, the danger seems very real. On the other hand, Tommy has been in this situation before, and has evaded the danger by contriving to be sent into solitary confinement.

    Keeping my fingers crossed.

    • In the video excerpt, he says that Tommy is terrified because the section he’s in is 70+% Muslim and it’s an open wing – i.e., no solitary. The fact that it’s not clear where he’s been taken is probably an attempt to alleviate some of the danger.

      • UKIP leader Gerard Batten says Tommy Robinson is now at Onley prison, with a Muslim population of 30.4%. Leicester prison has 14.3%, Hull prison has 7.4%. These are the most recent figures (2011), but there is no way Leicester could have leapt to 71%. There appear to be more RCs in these prisons than Muslims.

        • It may be that his producer, who reported on this, misunderstood Tommy’s message, and that he meant the portion of the open prison he’s in has that high a majority. I heard him say, “Tommy is terrified”.

          If you haven’t watched the video, I suggest doing so. BTW, this change will mean another new address for sending him things. I used to work with a prison population and for the most part, individual prisoners found being moved about to be quite destabilizing. They’re all suffering from PTSD to begin with; moving them around – just because they can – leaves even the most stalwart prisoner feeling off-balance.

  15. The fact that it’s not clear where he’s been taken is probably an attempt to alleviate some of the danger.

    I think you mean that the lack of clarity is meant to sow confusion for his supporters; why would the Crown officials care about alleviating some of the danger that their own actions placed him in?

    • Honestly, they should lose their royal status. They bring nothing to the table. The Queen or one of her progeny should have spoken out by now if they had one ounce of power left.

  16. Re “Braveheart”, while not defending the way the English treated the Scots (and others), William Wallace raped nuns and killed prisoners.

    Not that this would worry Mel Gibson, who seems to hate us almost as much as he does the Jews. He even made a film, “Enigma”, crediting the Americans with capturing said machine from a u-boat. Actually, it was us, Mel, and it saved many American, as well as British lives.

    Now I think of it, didn’t Errol Flynn make a film called “Objective, Burma” in 1945? It was banned in the UK for seven years as it made no mention that Britain bore the brunt of the war against the Japanese in Burma.

    • They sure did, Mark. One of my Irish uncles signed on with the RAF at age 15 (lied about his age with a wink on both sides). He was there for years. Emigrated to the U.S. with my mother as his sponsor, back in the day when sponsors were required. When he got his citizenship, he went into the USAF and did air traffic control until he retired.

      A long-gone world. The U.S., under that criminal Roosevelt, treated the Brits with contempt. Loved Uncle Joe, however.

      • ” The U.S., under that criminal Roosevelt, treated the Brits with contempt…”

        Those who have read Dianna West’s book “American Betrayal” are certainly familiar with the crimes and atrocities associated with Allied forces during World War II. An interesting question for me is, to what extend did Churchill identify with the Allied compulsion to placate Stalin, such as ignoring German and Japanese peace feelers? Churchill showed that he was as aware of Soviet dangers as he had been aware of Nazi danger in the 1930’s. On the other hand, Churchill might have felt England totally dependent on US military shipments and forces, forcing him to swallow any doubts about Allied tactics.

        My own feeling is that Churchill was a thorough colonialist, intending to maintain the British empire, and thus was complicit in very questionable actions for reasons beyond the strict necessity of defending Britain itself. Churchill had fought in the Boer War, a prime example of naked British colonial aggression and use of genocide against a resistant civilian population.

        • A better defender of democracy than practitioner, RonaldB. Nevertheless the leader we needed at the time.

      • George feared for his life from both Hitler and Roosevelt. Both wanted Edward, who was a Nazi and abdicated in the manner of a strategic retreat and fully expected Germany to win the war and place him in power over England. Both Roosevelt and Hitler were anti-Semitic and the British foreign service was just about as bad.

        The world breathed a sigh of relief when Elizabeth ascended the Throne as she was the symbol of a new day dawning as the bad old days were passing away. BTW, Roosevelt was Dutch and from a long line of Dutch elite. We both know how the Dutch and English get along, both being maritime powers. It is a wonder that they haven’t fired on each other’s ships.

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