This Is How They Rule Ya

A Brit subtitled this; otherwise I’m not sure it would be intelligible. The un-subtitled version has unfortunate audio problems and thus quickly becomes a desert flower…

I had gotten on YouTube to find some distraction and instead this was suggested. Owen Benjamin is an American, a right-wing (I think) comedian. But this effort, written a few days ago, wasn’t meant to amuse.

Leonard Cohen won’t mind. He’s past minding anything now.

4 thoughts on “This Is How They Rule Ya

    • The authorities would be unbelievably stupid to allow that to happen now, after the worldwide protests at his imprisonment, wouldn’t they? But perhaps they are.

      I was inclined to accept what we are told about Javid being a “non-practising Muslim” until I saw that clip of him swearing on the Koran when he had the option of simply affirming. That the accursed book is kept in a cover in Parliament so that the impure kaffir will not touch it and treated with the respect due to a religious text rather than something more like “Mein Kampf” turned my stomach. How far we have sunk in dhimmitude, and how we will have to change if we are ever to get out of this mess.

    • Thanks Baron, as helpful in writing up, and DG for finding another version.

      I heard there was a secret “court”
      Where journalists weren’t allowed to report
      But you don’t really care, for freedom, do ya?
      It goes like this with out the 5th
      The gavel falls and they cuff your wrists
      It is not ok, but this is, how they rule ya.

      How they rule ya (x4)

      Tommy has been, here before
      He’s seen this room and he has walked this floor
      Last time they tried to kill him, but he endured ya
      They need the votes for the growing state
      And won’t stop, who their voters rape
      And it is not ok that this is how they rule ya

      How they rule ya (x4)

      There was a time the press let you know
      Who’s really coming to your shores
      But now they never tell the story, true, yeah
      The Press [state] tries to say “Tommy has racial hate”
      But really it is a fear of a caliphate
      And they don’t care state says “No this is how we rule ya”
      [The state says “No Take it, that is how we rule ya”]

      How they rule ya (x4)

      Pedophiles are liberated [celebrated]
      While Tommy Robinson is incarcerated.
      But you never really care for children, do ya?
      The grooming gangs will dare on you [move in on you]
      and the kids look to you for truth
      Please don’t say
      “Baby this is now how they rule ya”

      How they rule ya (x4)

      There are a few versions, and I have put some alternative lyrics in [-..-]

      Get this spread, and printed up.
      A great moving peaceful protest song ! !
      100,000 ++ would be very moving!

      • It sure *is* moving. This fellow who wrote the song is an accomplished amateur pianist. Evidently, he does comedy, too – and VERY un-p.c. One funny song: “A Person of Color Stole My Bike”.

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