The EU May Be Dying

Dr. Turley thinks the whole globalist dream is Humpty Dumpty – or at least, it soon could be ol’ HD:

He seems to be saying that the German people’s rejection of open borders may well cause Mutti Merkel to be strapped into her rocking chair for a well-deserved rest. Further, if her coalition fails, then ultimately so does the globalist, multi-cultural project known as the Europe Union.

Perhaps it’s too early to break out the champagne, but certainly, it’s time to order a bottle before supplies run out. Or maybe some Rhine wine would be more appropriate? Or, if you don’t imbibe, at least have some sauerkraut; it’s also fermented.

Meanwhile, think how nice it will be to use the past tense when describing the over-reach of the EU. It’ll be just as much fun as saying “Former President Obama” or “failed candidate Hillary Clinton”. It can’t come too soon, though, for the Germans who have died under Merkel’s Madness; for those tragedies and for their families, it will always be too late.

10 thoughts on “The EU May Be Dying

  1. Call me cynical but I think that he may be too optimistic. The powers that be will try to put another Merkel-like (and deceitful) politician in her place.

    We’ve been hearing that the EU is dying for years now–but it still persists and will continue as long as the conscienceless EU apparatchiks are able to hold on to their fat pay checks and perks.

    • See this story, the headliner at Drudge:

      ‘We might have a new situation’ German MP predicts Merkel could be OUSTED end of NEXT WEEK

      Speaking on BBC World at One, the German politician claimed clashes between Angela Merkel and German interior minister Horst Seehofer could result in a “new political situation” in Germany by the end of next week.

      The Christian Democratic Union (CDU) politician said it was still unclear in Berlin what the essence of the disagreement between the Chancellor and Mr Seehofer was and that other members of the coalition had been left “in the blue”.

      Mr Whittaker said: “We are in a serious situation because the question of the migration crisis evolved into a power question.

      “The question is who is leading the Government? Is it Angela Merkel or is it Horst Seehofer?

      Berlin/Merkel have been leading the EU around by the nose for years. When you got all the money, you call the tune, eh?
      We’ll see what happens when she falls…

      When the cracks start appearing in the broken dike, there will be a flood to the exit.

      • If Seehofer goes his own way Merkel will have to fire him.
        She will try to continue with a minority cabinet soliciting support among the opposition on a case by case base.
        She will go eventually but she won’t go without a fight, the stakes are to high. So don’t sell the skin before the bear has been shot.

    • you must know what it is like to vote for the republican party in the united states. the party that exists to see that no one that opposes the policies of the democrat party ever gets elected.

  2. does anybody know what side angela merkel was working for when the wall came down in berlin in 1989? was she working for the communists or was she working for freedom?

    • As far as I know she mostly kept a low profile politically and joined the civil rights movement in Eastern-Germany rather lately during the revolution. Before she had held a minor function in the Freie Deutsche Jugend, the youth organisation of the communist government. In other words what she did or did not is – even in Germany – not quite clear. One interesting fact is that she was allowed to go to university although her father was a parson (is that word still used today? I’m not really sure) which was at least unusual, because it is known that other young people in her situation were denied an academical career.

  3. As Jean Monnet said years ago, “Europe will be forged in crises and will be the sum of the solutions adopted for those crises”. The EU has been about rule by crisis far more than their left-wing copycats in the USA have been; everything is about getting the people to demand a solution and then imposing a solution that nobody expects.

  4. Although I have no medical qualifications I would venture to suggest, quite unequivocally, that you can not cure a malignant tumor by scratching it. Yet everybody wants to be the doctor in charge of treating the patient though few of them suggest any kind of surgery. I can only assume that left-wing ideologues, and their retinue of useful idiots, believe in the power of wishful thinking. The rest of us know the pain and trauma coming our way.

  5. From PI;

    Update 17.06.2018, 16:20: The Bild newspaper reported that the CSU party executive Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) will give a final deadline of two weeks at its meeting on Monday to a “European solution” for the rejection of migrants who are already registered in other EU countries. This learned BILD from circles of the CSU-top.

    I won! That’s how we know Drehhofer! [Seehofer]. And again he fell over. In 14 days they will come up with something else again …

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