The End Times of Albion: Organising for the Present: Planning, Preparation and Execution

The essay below by Seneca III is the latest in the “End Times of Albion” series. Previously: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, and Part 6A.

Organising for the Present: Planning, Preparation and Execution

The End Times of Albion, Part 6B

by Seneca III

Just over a year short of the Bicentenary of the Peterloo Massacre, we now stand on the lip of a similar abyss. Little in the political stratosphere changes, and rarely for the better. Power is both a mind-altering drug and an aphrodisiac.

The lives and circumstances of us working- and middle-class peasants mean nothing to the entitled power class and their beneficiary drones, despite their protestations to the contrary, and we must not walk naked and unsuspecting into that same trap as did our ancestors. In the days, weeks, months and years now ahead of us we must go carefully, with good planning, strong mutual support and stout hearts — or don’t go at all if unprepared and full of fear, because such places will be no place for you, and you will become a burden on others.

This time of crisis is no longer just about the hasty, Westminster-ordained trial and incarceration of Tommy Robinson and his potential extra-judicial execution. Nor is it about the protected Muslim rape gangs in a singular sense. It is about the whole of the growing Islamic occupation of our Homeland and, who will determine our long-term fate — they and their enablers and protectors, or we, the native peoples.

Those who rule over us have long planned this coming mayhem; their intent is to pluck absolute power from out of the world of chaos that they are creating, and this nightmarish New World Order dream consumes their every waking hour. They are bereft of any love of country or for its now benighted original native inhabitants. They are beyond contempt and impervious to change, and must be neutralized along with their feral foot soldiers.

There will be no ‘Gandhi’ solution here. Believe not what they say, for their hearts are full of treachery. Their intent is to ascend above us all as if a bright shining Phoenix at the apex of its power and seat themselves comfortably there forever.

Thus, we are all Tommy now, and must look to ourselves and our actions as a free people determined to remain so just as much as we are determined to demand his safety before the eyes of the world.

I hope the following will be of help to all of you who decide to undertake this dangerous but necessary journey, first to those hopefully peaceful protests which I hear are planned for June 23rd and July 14th, and then in our coming battles for survival as a culture, a people and an ethnicity.

There will be many more events, perhaps even outright physical confrontation, because the Genie is out of the Lamp and a sleeping giant is awakening.

We must seize a safe future for our children, a future that is one without chains.

Rules for Resistors: Phase One — Peaceful Protests

Unity is strength. Only in unity will success be found. Join and work together so that out of many you become one: “When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall, one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle.” — Edmund Burke

Rule 1. Never walk alone in thought or deed, in private or in public, or you will be picked off one at a time. Do not give them any pretext to set upon you; they will invent one if they can, but if you don’t give them one the world will see theirs for what it is.

Rule 2. The success of any great movement is solely dependent on the depth and quality of the planning supporting it and the competence of those who lead it. Undirected anger and raw courage in the face of an incumbent tyranny are not enough; at a given point in time they must be channeled to where they will be most effective or held in reserve when no worthwhile purpose will be served.

Rule 3. All plans must be focused on achieving a specific, clearly defined objective. That objective must be simple and easily understood by all. Time spent on reconnaissance is never wasted, and neither is forward thinking.

Rule 4. Leadership must be appointed according to merit and ability. Leadership is not the province of the noisiest or the self-serving, but of those pragmatists of quiet, unshakable conviction who seek nothing for themselves.

Rule 5. Know your enemy; do not waste time denigrating him, nor should you underestimate his ability and strengths — he has his sinecures and livelihoods to sustain, and will do so ruthlessly.

Rule 6. Know yourselves. Do not overestimate your strength and determination; these can be variables depending upon personal circumstance and pressing needs.

Rule 7. When executing a plan, ensure that all are fully aware of any contingency plans therein, and are prepared to change course accordingly. Plan to your strengths and conceal your weaknesses.

Rule 8. Responsibility for command and control should be delegated and localised where possible, and especially when communications are poor or non-existent.

Rule 9. Ensure that all openly active sub-groups are equipped with necessities such as water and first aid equipment, internal communications etc. Leave no one lying injured and alone on the field. Plan for a hasty exit if outgunned… live to fight another day.

Rule 10. Carefully test your systems and procedures. Train and test yourselves quietly and out of sight. Test the ground, observe the enemy’s reactions, circumvent them and make them play on your ball park according to your rules, not you on theirs. Frequently change ball parks at the last minute by prearranged code once they have deployed their forces.

Rule 11. Stay alert for traitors and agents provocateurs, particularly the latter. Work together both on a national level and in local areas. By popping up then disappearing again once they have deployed against you, you will stretch their resources and tire them. Monitor their movements and give adequate warning to your own forces. Break up, scatter and reassemble elsewhere when necessary. Lay false trails.

Rule 12. Be aware that undercover operatives will infiltrate your public gatherings — and possibly your private ones as well. Their purpose is not so much as provocateurs attempting to bring down immediate retribution upon you but to mislead you, confuse you, and thus threaten your cohesive solidarity. This is why you must appoint and know who you leaders are at every level, and in public take guidance from them only.

Rule 13. Work together both on a national level and in individual locations so that the Establishment’s resources are stretched. Break up, scatter and reassemble elsewhere when necessary. Become a distributed network rather than a centrally organised and easily destroyed monolith. Cooperate nationally by all means. but, in the beginning, maintain a certain degree of separation so that you cannot all be taken down in one hit.

Rule 14. In all and metaphorically speaking ‘Dig your well before you become thirsty’. Plan, prepare and then execute.

Rule 15. Survive the day.

From elsewhere:

These are the repressive, dishonest tactics the British police used to try to suppress turnout for the Tommy Robinson protest:

About 30,000 turned out to the #FreeTommy rally over the weekend, but it would have been bigger except the government didn’t want that.

Just get a load of the tactics used to try to suppress, minimize, and discredit the protest.

Quite frankly the police tactics today just re-enforced the reason why we were all protesting. This government is operating a dictatorship style police state.

The police at Manchester Train station issued everyone section 35 dispersal orders and threatened people with arrest if they boarded the train to London.

The Press issued fake headlines today about the protest being cancelled to deter travelers.

The police were issuing announcements across the tannoy system in London train stations informing the public that the protest in Whitehall had been cancelled, again to try and reduce numbers.

The police moved the time back that the guys could get in to set up the stage from 12 noon to 1.30 at the last minute (just one hour to set up stage and scaffolding etc.) to try and mess the whole thing up.

The police refused to let the van through with the screen which we had hired for the protest.

They held a huge group of protestors from moving from Trafalgar Square to the demo point in Whitehall.

They applied extremely heavy-handed tactics with batons raised, pushing protestors and forcefully removing people signs! These tactics were probably ordered by the home office to cause chaos and provoke a reaction which is quite frankly a disgrace.

Despite all this tens of thousands of normal British citizens stood to support Tommy and tens of thousands more will be at the next protest! #FreeTommy #Policestate”


It has become obvious that the upheavals of this seminal time are about more than just Tommy. The Establishment understand that if they let what is essentially a Counterjihad movement get any bigger, they will not have the resources to handle it.

Theresa May has appointed a Muslim Home Secretary, Sajid Javid, with the express purpose of bringing this inevitable confrontation between the State and its citizens to a rapid conclusion whilst resistance is relatively small — they begin to smell their own fear. It should come as no surprise that all of the indications are that Javid is the one who ordered TR’s arrest and instantaneous kangaroo court and is also now in the process of importing tens of thousands more of his co-religionists to finally overwhelm us.

The Establishment doesn’t necessarily want TR dead because he is a threat, because he is a threat no longer other than as a symbol; they want him dead because they believe his death tomorrow or very soon will start the pushback now rather than later, and they are confident of a kinetic victory at this point in time. Prepare yourselves.

If you should choose to adopt a common credo to share and help bind you each to the other irrespective of class, education, money, faith or otherwise I would offer ‘Desiderata For Our Time’ [see Annex].

And, finally, the human voice joined in song en masse can be a powerful instrument and might be a useful non-violent reminder to those who would grind us under their boot heels that we are many, and they are few.

Below in Annex A are the lyrics; learn them if you can or carry a printout with you. Practise first if you get the opportunity, be it in a park, a choir, a social gathering, a club, a pub or at a football match or other sporting venues and, yes, even at your local lawn bowls club — you people remember what freedom really was.

The purpose of 23rd June and 14th July must be to sound a warning, one that the Establishment would be foolish to ignore; additionally, the song itself is very uplifting for those who render it.

Let those who would wipe us from the pages of history know that should they descend upon free men and women like a wolf on the fold, they will find that that fold is full of wolfhounds.

— Seneca III, at peace at last as our future is now defined for us by others and there is no longer any need to prevaricate, this 20th day of June in the year of our Lord 2018.

Annex A — Do you hear the people sing?

Do you hear the people sing?
Singing the songs of angry men?
It is the music of the people
Who will not be slaves again!
When the beating of your heart
Echoes the beating of the drums
There is a life about to start
When tomorrow comes!

Will you join in our crusade?
Who will be strong and stand with me?
Somewhere beyond the barricade
Is there a world you long to see?

Then join in the fight
That will give you the right to be free!
Do you hear the people sing?
Singing the songs of angry men?
It is the music of the people

Who will not be slaves again!
When the beating of your heart
Echoes the beating of the drums
There is a life about to start
When tomorrow comes!

Will you give all you can give
So that our banner may advance
Some will fall and some will live
Will you stand up and make your stand?
The blood of the martyrs
Water the meadows of this land! *

Do you hear the people sing?
Singing the songs of angry men?
It is the music of the people
Who will not be slaves again!
When the beating of your heart
Echoes the beating of the drums
There is a life about to start
When tomorrow comes.

*Verse modified for use in the UK and elsewhere other than France.

Annex B — Desiderata For Our Time

Go with stout heart amid the noise and turmoil, and remember what peace there may be in victory. As far as possible, without surrender, be on good terms with your own and forgive them their timidity for they do not understand what is upon them.

Give neither time nor succour to those loud and aggressive people who are inimical towards you; they are vexatious to the spirit and a threat to your person. If you compare yourself with them you waste your days in needless introspection.

Enjoy your achievements and those of your forebears, and stay true to your past. Keep yourself interested in your freedom, however demanding; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.

Exercise caution in your governance, for those who would presume to govern can often be full of trickery. But let this not blind you to what virtues there are amongst your own; many people strive for high ideals, and everywhere the lives of your brothers and sisters are full of quiet heroism.

Speak truth unto tyrants and listen to others who do the same. Speak of this even to those of your gentle neighbours who stand confused amidst the tumult; they did not ask to be defenestrated and consumed in an inferno of treachery.

Be yourself. Especially do not feign affection for those who hold none for you. Neither be cynical about your love for your own; they who do not possess this gift are in all their aridity and disenchantment as sterile as the sands of their deserts.

Take wisely the council of the years, gracefully surrendering the naivety of youth; it is not ordained that your bloodline be scoured from the pages of history nor that your lives and livelihoods be torn asunder on a rack of barbarism.

Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune. But do not distress yourself with dark imaginings. Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness, but if you are joined each with the other who stands beside you, fatigue will not bring fear as its handmaiden.

With a wholesome discipline be firm with yourself and ruthless unto those who would destroy you. You are a child of the universe no less than the trees and the stars; in absolute, you, and you alone, have the right to live safe in your ancestral lands all according to your ways.

And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is not unfolding as it should. Therefore be at ease with those actions you must now take in order to gift to your children a future free of chains, and give no mercy where none is due.

Hence, whatever your labours and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life, gather together, keep your wrath quietly within and your swords close to hand then let those instruments fall heavily upon the heads of those who seek to take from you your birthright and cast it amongst swine.

Even with all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, this world can be beautiful again. Be cheerful; be courageous. Strive hard and strike firmly; stride boldly into the encroaching darkness, for thus will you soon pass through it into light.

— Seneca III, Middle England, 28th of January in this the year of our Lord 2016.

Annex C — Format of an Operation Order Aide Memoire

The document below is a blank schematic, a structural framework to which or from which can be added or subtracted changes as the specifics of particular locales or rapidly changing circumstances demand. It must be viewed as dynamic, not static — once the first shot has been fired things change rapidly and the Op Order must change accordingly within the same framework so that these changes can be rapidly shared and often, with a bit of practice and a mutual understanding, an almost prescient anticipation.

Main headings and subdivisions under each are numbered sequentially so that users can quickly cross-reference and share any part thereof without elaborate explanation or reference.

Use your native ingenuity and local knowledge to create your plan, but a good rule of thumb is to keep it as simple as possible so that everyone concerned can understand it.

When printing out, use an old computer that is not and will never be connected to the internet, and with a direct cable connection to a printer which is likewise not nor ever to be connected to the internet.

Operations Order Aide Memoire

1. Situation and Forces

1.1   Theirs
1.2   Yours

2. Objective


3. Execution

3.1   Deployments (Who does what, where and when.)
3.2   Timings
3.3   Contingency plans
3.4   …etc

4. Command, Co-ordination and Communications

4.1   Command
4.2   Coordination
4.3   Communications (including alternatives)

5. Logistics

5.1   Transportation/Movements/Travel
5.2   Medical and CasEvac
5.3   …etc.

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51 thoughts on “The End Times of Albion: Organising for the Present: Planning, Preparation and Execution

    • No, words are not useless. Words must precede action, not the other way round.

      • Words can be concepts in little packages.

        “Bunker Hill” was an expression over in Nord America after Lexington and Concord.
        “Remember the Alamo” worked for awhile (words can be ‘correct’ or maybe misconstrued).

        “Liberty” might be the thing to remember. ‘Remember Tommy’ might work in the UK(?).

        • Another well written piece. ‘Do you hear the people sing?’ has been commonly adopted among populist movements for some time.
          Where you have mixed rhyming words from the original with new ones that don’t, it feels a little clunky (respectfully).

          Can I therefore offer an alternative which you can compare with the original below:

          Will you give all you can give,
          So that our banner may advance?
          Some will fall and some will live,
          Will you stand up and take your chance?
          The blood of the martyrs will water the meadows of France!

          Will you give all you can give,
          So that our banner may proceed?
          Some will fall and some will live,
          Will you stand up and meet the need?
          To live and to die for our freedom and liberty’s creed!

  1. If the British elite are sufficiently threatened and desperate, I can see them resorting to reprisals that would make Peterloo look like a picnic, in the same vein as Andijan or Tianenmen Square.

    • As horrible as Tianenmen Square was, to provoke an incident of this type in an emerging tyranny will be more effective than in the full blown tyrannical context of the actual event.
      A horrific massacre would cause many to stop and think just what they are doing/supporting, just like at Peterloo.
      I was aware of Peterloo from early childhood, because my parents told me about it, and I did not believe that it could have happened so I looked it up in the encyclopaedia and yes, it was exactly as my father indicated.
      Peterloo was the outworking of political religion, religion where the ends justify the means and too much power rests in too few, unaccountable hands.
      It is the accountability that matters, and the problem with the rape gangs, is not the victims or the perps as much as that the enablers have been left untouched, those social workers and senior policemen for whom the religious ideas of community cohesion were more important than the safety of young mainly (despised) white vulnerable children.
      I love the God of Creation but I hate religion, especially religions where men (and women) make the rules up as they go along. The religion of Communism is extremely dangerous for all of us, and socialism is its ‘Sunday School’ and it is an unmitigated disaster that Conservatism and Republicanism are now so tainted that they dance to the tunes of the left.

      Folks we have been infiltrated by both Communism and Islam, never forget it. They too now cry “racism” and let loose the dogs of deceit!
      (sorry Bill, I could not resist that one)

    • I believe that once Britain declares itself for Islam within the next few weeks, maybe Months all Hell will break loose. There is no way the Brits are going to take this travesty laying down. I was in Birmingham yesterday and watched an Islamic “Holy man” feted by thousands of Moslems honking their mouths off and shouting other peculiar noises.

      A passer by- a white Briton involuntarily exclaimed “Bloody Hell! What the hell is all this about?”

      A Policeman looked askance at us both. I ventured to ask him his opinion. He gave me two- the official policy about tolerance, then producing a lighter with a Union flag on it he quietly stated-“Its scary mate! None of us want nor support this travesty. We are told not to touch them by the high-ups.

      Rank and file coppers are flipped off as much as you guys! If this kicks off the Police will find little support from the Public. When we protest we are told our jobs are on the line. But there is a point that threat is meaningless if it allows these nutters to disturb the peace like this. The Managers are scared of them…..

      We need public support and that is being sacrificed to appease this shower! Don’t think we approve of this madness! We do not!” UK could easily become a war zone!”

      • I live in the place i.e .Birmingham. A trusted friend informed me that about two weeks ago a sizeable group of Muslims were conducting prayer in the open air near Marks and Spencers. A policeman approached them and one of them got up and raised his hand and said ” We only obey Allah who is higher than you”. The policemen just turned and walked away…………

      • Yes, the low rank coppers are on our side, they cant do anything, they just follow orders. I am tired of hearing this. Because those coppers have no problem beating us up when ordered.

        If they were really on our side they would do something. They can go passive resistance or they can go Count Stauffenberg.

        If they are ordered to arrest Tommy Robinson, then they can discover, that all of them forgot the handcuffs at the Police Station or that the handcuffs were stolen, no, borrowed by those nice multiculturell enrichers, or one of them injures himself and as they are in a dangerous white suburb they have to bring their comrade to the hospital together.

        And thats just the nice version of what they can do. Next to my place I have a nice book written by the swiss Major von Dach about Resistance. And this book includes a chapter about coppers working for a tyranny and what they can do.

      • Unlike some, I believe the professional military and police cannot be beaten in an open fight. However, an indigenous police and military does carry strong sympathy towards the people.

        My conclusion is that the rank-and-file police and military, and possibly the military command, will be strong but very silent allies. For this reason, the first principle is to not initiate or take physical action against the police or military, even if provoked or attacked. You want at all costs to not have the military see the conflict as being directly against them, and their own survival depend on suppressing it.

        So, the biggest part of the fight is to not fight, even when faced by brutal police actions. Allow the police who are horrified by their orders plan their own response, without having to be stabbed in the back by their own people.

        • Then please tell me where they show this sympathy?

          I am from Germany and our politicians always yell that we have learned from the 3. Reich and Count Stauffenberg is our greatest hero and we should follow his example and ….

          And the truth?

          When the bavarian secretary for interior affairs ordered the police to strike hard against right-wing people nothing happened.

          “Wir sind bei Rechtsextremisten härter vorgegangen als bei Linksextremisten – weil die Zustimmung in der Bevölkerung hier viel größer ist. Manchmal gingen wir sogar weiter, als der Rechtsstaat eigentlich erlaubt.” – Merkur, 15. November 2011
          “We moved against rightwing people with more power than against leftwing people-because the support of the people is much bigger. Sometimes we even moved farther than the constitution allows.”

          A court later declared his orders (to put a camera into the sleeping room of a suspect) to be unconstitutional, but NO police officer, no judge, no attorney said something.
          They all clicked their heels and “Yes, Mr Beckstein, right away.”

          And let me repeat something I wrote some time ago on GoV:
          For the left it does not matter if your KKK, Nazi-Party, NPD, AfD, conservative and friend of Israel.
          You are NAZI.

          This you can read on all leftwing pages and it was told to me by an anti-fascist friend (who has no idea about my true allegiance).
          For them we are all brown, just different shades of brown.
          (My “friend” did not use the word brown but he used the derogatory word that describes the brown solid waste that leaves our body.)

          We are NAZI.

          But back to the police.

          As I look at a lot of internetsites (yes, left and rightwing, too) I found a site that said something about the police.
          Yes, it is a Nazi-site, so I dont know if GoV will allow me to publish the address.
          Yes there is one chapter of this article that is Nazi, but the rest is a summarization of facts about the police and their behaviour.

          The article is
          “Law Enforcement & The Hostile Elite
          R. Houck”

          Just one quote:
          “Please, do not bother with the “good cop” argument. ….Where were all the “good officers” in Rotherham? I’ll tell you where. They were sitting there like absolute cowards, paralyzed with fear at the prospect of having to find a real job or losing their pensions. ……Where are the “good cops”? They are the ones who know all about it, the ones who watch it happen, the ones who refuse to testify against their “brothers in blue,” the ones who are too afraid to stand up and have some moxie for once in their lives.”

    • I don’t think so.

      Much of the british military is traditional nationalist and headed by old guard who know that that kind of action would be defeat.

      However it is possible to end up with a coup playing out within the top echelons, where a statist authority decides it is taking control.

      Very dangerous and a civil war direction.

      What would be very possible is a dirty war permitted by the traditional authority, much an extension of where we are at now but with greater use of targeted force.


      What is missing from this all is a clear set of demands. What is being proposed is a reactionary protest, rebellion, or revolution based on spontaneous themes of protest, which is a bit like loudly arguing the government into shape, or hoping to eventually overthrow it in one sense or another.

      Though the themes I consider just cause for confrontation (and personally I, and I expect many others, would look to remain as a moderate column of steady formal resistance) , to be understood as fair you must lay out a clear set of basic demands. “Free Tommy” is not a solution to media restriction or crooked justice, “too many migrants” does not offer a detail on resolution, “islam” does not provide the reason in law and method of legally restraining its practice.

      Obviously the momentum is with specific causes of outrage, and those may lead to argued solution, but unless you provide a clear front of demand somewhere you will be risking escalation for escalation’s sake, that the goals become disperse and unorganised, and that when opportunity of leverage or influence arises, even after whatever is imagined as outright victory, that there would then be a failure by lack of clarity of route and of unity .

      That might suit those who know who they have as enemy and why, who need no further explanation, but it would not keep wider efforts channelled to within a set of reasoned parameters towards clear and certain goals.

      That then just risks a natural fragmentation between the different groups involved, towards extremists and moderate for example, even though that can play out as achieving reform to satisfy a say moderate majority because it is seen as the lesser harm , it can also be used to disassociate and dissolve any movement.

      As I have said previously at some point , I consider myself moderated dissent, so I hold a “long war” view where I study the organisation that I dislike, disassemble it intellectually and try to propose reasoned solution along with the criticism. That is simply my circumstance, my version of moral integrity and resoluteness, and I also understand others will have a closer sense of urgency, will disagree that that approach is not active or effective – I will not argue with them except to say that all good contribution should be appreciated for what it is, that the restraint of one person is a refuge of support for another, at least where the objectives overlap and do not become exclusive .

    • …provided of course that it’s not their ‘favourite people’ that are doing the protesting, for as we all know, that would be dealt with by kid gloves.

  2. The government disarmed the people in the late 90’s knowing fulwell that this plan was already laid down decades before to genocide our race and culture by stripping our rights and importing an illegal army of muslims.
    What happened to TR can quite easily happen to us. The government had the Americans kill jihadi John and we all applauded but that set a precedent for them to be able to kill or arrest anyone who they deem a traitor by speaking out against the government.
    The police no longer look like the police of old, flat caps, blue shirts, tie and shiny shoes. They now look like an army which the government say are there to protect us when in fact it’s the reverse, they are there to protect the government and the corporations.
    We have been lied to for far too long and peaceful protest is not working. People say we should vote them out at the ballot box but they are simply replaced by someone exactly the same no matter what the party. Last wreck an MP said that parliament is sovereign which means they no longer listen to the people. How many of us have written to our local MP and never got a reply?
    They can’t jail us all.

    • The police no longer look like the police of old, flat caps, blue shirts, tie and shiny shoes. They now look like an army

      An evolution that scares anyone who gives thought to it. Throughout the world, constabularies have left off their peace-keeping mission to take up military weapons and tactics. It ought to alarm us all.

      In the U.S., SWAT teams have been used to break down doors of the homes of those accused of white collar crimes; the accused and their families have been terrified simply because those louts have been permitted to act like jackboots. Much like the police in Britain used military tactics on Tommy to imprison him for mortgage fraud.

      Obama gave a lot of military equipment to local law enforcement and also armed the internal revenue service after the rise of the Tea Party. This, in turn, led to the rise in gun sales to individuals who have no intention of being bullied into submission by an out-of-control bureaucracy.

      • In my hometown in Spain this happened almost overnight, and gave a very clear example of the process and effect.

        Traditionally the Guardia Civil, the military police, hold a well respected role. They don’t mess around, handle mostly serious crime and disturbance, and are distributed so as to be close and available to the population, and in a professional manner.

        The national police are a civil force, also dealing with more serious crime, they could be described as quietly efficient (all in relative terms).

        Then you have the local police, also a civil armed force by statute. They are under the command of the mayor and his placement of chief of force, as well as any judicial petition. Now, they were always basically administrative police, rarely armed, charged with the slightly more serious affairs of the town hall that needed a representation or show of authority, from traffic to guarding meetings to delivering notice etc.

        In 2008 the country became more tense due to the gfc, reforms were put into action, including police and security. The three police forces were combined under a single head of operations, and even though they continued with their own distinct roles as above, their actual nature was also changed.

        The guardia civil were given traffic duties with performance quotas for example, which they detested, their traditional role of respect getting corrupted by this. They outright rejected transfers from local police to their force for the lack of professionalism. The guardia has become more heavily armed, more distant, more nationalistic, and with more cases of corruption than before (few) – but they are still very straight and professional as a whole.

        The national police did not change much, not much new equipment etc. .

        The local police though, this was the biggest change, startling almost where I lived. They armed up, new large modern police station with radio jammers going that make my ears ring when I drive past (seriously), fleets of new vehicles…and the patrols. Before you never noticed the police there, but now there are endless patrols, at night always with lights on but not flashing. Very oppressive feeling compared to before, all for a display of control and safety.

        That would be bad enough, but they are not professional, so here there has been five jailed for robbing traffickers of drugs for later sale, a hanging in their jail, just recently a rape where two took a group of young people returning late and basically forced them all home and took authority of them there. Me I have been openly wrongly threatened twice by them, had one try to coerce a decision by inventing a menace… even the town hall started prevaricating and acting corrupt in vigilante style. For what had always been a relatively peaceful locality and quite self regulating, the effect has been very destructive to the traditional sense of peace.

        The last two local policemen I remember seeing before leaving were very heavily built, one completely tattood, and wearing stun guns…no longer the old local police in simple uniforms chasing around with message or standing patiently outside the town hall. The brunt of the change took place over maybe two or three years, NOT because there were actually more problems going on there (there weren’t) , and in the following years they then installed their sense of reality, day by day, door to door, event by event.

        They aren’t all bad people, but as a whole, well they are trouble , no other way to put it, in fact they seem to want to give off that impression sometimes.

        The worst? I don’t think it will ever go back to being as before, a whole machinery is set in motion that has no intention of leaving, an established presence that makes itself more and more nescessary.

        It is just unusual to see this happening so clearly and so effectively.

  3. “When printing out, use an old computer that is not and will never be connected to the internet, and with a direct cable connection to a printer which is likewise not nor ever to be connected to the internet.”

    Photocopy machines and computer printers are manufactured to print a hidden identifier on each printed page. This identifier is not visible to the human eye without the aid of a specialized lighting source. Photocopy machines also store images of any document copied via a hard drive inside the photocopy machine. “Old school” mimeograph machines do not impart any hidden identifiers. Purchasing mimeograph machines and obtaining the necessary ink discretely would require careful planning.

  4. It’s time to start thinking about the concept of evil, and the fact that it is a real thing and not some silly religious notion, and that we now face it directly as an adversary, as it grows ever larger and more terrifying by the day.

    It is also a time to realize that courage may be required from all of us, and individually.

    If we fail here, we slide into a nasty future.

    • With apologies to Dymphna at the outset, the only common denominator that I am able to derive from all that is happening in Europe, and to a lesser (thankfully) extent in America, is Evil itself becoming more pervasive, much like water seeping across the floor, soaking up a sponge and a towel and continuing onward. I am seeing people increasingly choosing self above others to the extent that there is no regard for the injury caused to others in the pursuit of the self’s desires. Here in SoCal this increased presence of selfishness at the expense of others has made driving, especially during commute times, increasingly dangerous. Along with this there is also a seemingly ritual celebration of lawlessness which lifts its fist and dares anyone to question its actions or prerogatives. Of course, the expected response on the part of the authorities has been the militarization of law enforcement, at all levels. the citizens who were to be protected are now regarded as the enemy.
      Two very famous statements by the men who worked tirelessly for nearly 20 years to establish this country come to mind. Benjamin Franklin said in response to a question regarding the recently enacted Constitution, “A Republic, if you can keep it.” John Adams stated that the Constitution was the best that could be devised to govern a Christian nation, it is wholly unsuited to the governance of any other.” It would appear that we are so divided that we can no longer keep our republic and as a nation, we are anything but Christian.
      I am sorry Seneca, but your rules, all 15 of them, assume a membership of persons who are capable of rational thinking. Your Desiderata assumes that rational thinking can and will take place in the absence of a superintending Divine authority. My observations and political involvements, both past and ongoing, show that both contentions are patently false. People become involved, take risks, adopt positions and come alongside for no other reason than personal gain, whatever form that may take. Altruism died in the 1960s and it is only a fool (myself included) who would allow exposure to the consuming greed and pride of the day by being altruistic.
      I am sorry, but this world is F.U.B.A.R. and beyond repair and hope. My focus has become setting a good Christian example while seeing to the needs and defense of a rather large, and growing family that I have been entrusted with. As such, there are only three commandments that I observe, “Love your neighbor as you do yourself,” “Love one another as I (Jesus) have loved you,” and “Be ye holy as your Father in heaven is holy.”

  5. The fact that Seneca III, who writes intelligently and with perceptive sight, can write this, the fact that Gates of Vienna, which I know to be a responsible source, can publish it, and the fact that I, a somewhat reasonable and level-headed native Briton, can read it all and have it make sense—all of these combine to indicate that the future scenario painted here is a serious probability.

    As Dymphna commented above about the transformation of the British police from a friendly neighbourhood force into a fully-equipped army—something that’s come about within the last generation and is seemingly accepted unquestioningly—the transformation of indigenous British society from a proud, but war-weary population, into a repressed, shamed, apologizing, cowed citizenry has happened before our eyes. This evolution (of both police and citizenry) is ongoing, a fact that is indeed alarming to those who give it a thought.

    • “the transformation of the British police from a friendly neighbourhood force into a fully-equipped army—something that … … is seemingly accepted unquestioningly—”

      Many of those that I speak to seem to be unaware of the changes that we discuss. But of those who are aware, we have all independently decided to avoid the police wherever possible. We understand that now they are not our friends. I find that response in some rather surprising circumstances.

  6. Does no one else think that secession is the answer? Either at home or, a better solution in my opinion, we buy land abroad and emigrate together. The powers that be are too entrenched. They are invincible. We’ve got left wing totalitarianism now and we’ll have an Islamic walkover soon enough when their numbers increase to a tipping point. I don’t see any other option but to flee. None. I’m scared witless for my children. I want to join a group that is doing something that stands a chance of success, but all that UKIP, For Britain, EDL, TR, Douglas Murray, Milo and others are doing is playing the enemy’s game by the enemy’s rules and just spectating/commentating on our demise.

    • I can understand your thoughts about fleeing, but part of me doesn’t believe that it has really come to this point yet. Surely there is still hope that Britain can pull itself out from the downward spiral that it created for itself. Yet, sometimes in my darker moments, I agree with you. I try to picture my hometown, the cities, the castles and ancient battlefields, when the newcomers have increased in numbers beyond the tipping point. It’s a dismal thought.

      I too need to direct my energies to a group that can accomplish something, but any progress that I see seems so very slow, and the uphill climb ever steeper.

      • Thank you for all your comments.

        In clarification, I actually meant that traditionalists might unite and found a new country, e.g. Anglia.

        In short, it would be a re-enaction of the “Mayflower.” We simply leave behind the hostile whites, the immigrant hordes, the regressives, the degenerates, etc., and just self-select from normal, traditional people looking for a normal, traditional life centred on individualism, the Protestant work ethic, the nuclear family, tradition, honesty, “small c” Christianity, support for societal norms such as “one man-one woman marriage”, no LGBTQWERTY bigotry and totalitarianism, very small and localised government, non-intervention overseas, etc.

        By simply upping sticks to the US, OZ or NZ, I personally feel it’s out of the frying pan and into the fire (or the reverse actually as Britain is worse than those places). Consequently, it’d only be a matter of time before they became as bad as the UK is now, so what would I be achieving by going there?

        Individually, we are feeble, fractured and emasculated. United, we “could” be strong, but we’d have to unite around something people can believe in.

        Personally, the “debate” at the moment in Britain seems to be centred on the fact that as Islam grows, women and gays will suffer. The implicit and, indeed, explicit suggestion therefore is that we can EITHER have “modern” Britain with it’s disgusting “pride” marches, white self-loathing, mass immigration, centralised/globalised government, rampant degeneracy in popular culture, OR we can have Islam.

        Personally, I utterly reject BOTH. I see that the societal weakness caused by the post-WW2 Marxist subversion of “traditional” Britain has created “modern” Britain, the rulers of which then invited the Muslims in, only to find themselves too degenerate and too weak to stop the invaders from taking over.

        There is no hope in Britain, I’m afraid. None whatsoever. It’s only a matter of time, and the mass flight and/or conversions will be rapid and final. As the elite convert, e.g. Blair’s sister, or when the Muslims just walk into high office and promote their co-religionists, e.g. Javid and Khan, it’ll only accelerate the process.

    • Try New Zealand, Alaska or the Canada’s Klondike region. Any place far away from nasty urban centers full of hostile whites and minorities. One of these days the welfare – police state state will collapse and every urban hive will become a abbatior

      • NZ has many dhimmi-UK-police imports doing there what the dhimmi-blues do in the UK.

    • Portugal is good, if you don’t mind stepping back a bit of a world. Property is not expensive, and even less so if you like remote. Bureaucracy is a bit slow, which is ok. Certain areas have a small expat population, English schools, some very informal e.g. at Aljezur, or Portuguese for free, or home schooling accepted/encouraged in some provinces further north . Beautiful country, cooler than Spain for the Atlantic. The people are ok, society more family orientated, as in Spain… but Spain is more difficult at the moment imo, unsettled, but also more organized… you pay your money and you take your choice.

      Otherwise Australia is good, lots of space and modern , but a long long way from UK.

      Don’t think I could stand returning to the UK now.

      My two cents, sure others have their suggestions.

      • I live in Thailand and on a daily basis, I have nothing whatsoever to do with expats of any description. I live in a small village but every quarter I have to check in at immigration and all the foreigners I meet there tell me the same thing. There is no way in the world they will return to their country of origin. The main reasons for this are government over reach and islam. After reading Seneca’s essay and the responses, we have two choices, stand and fight or leave. I made my choice five years ago. I am now 74 years old. I cannot fight any more.

        • I also tend to stay amongst locals. With children though most people like to transfer some English culture if they can, and in Spain and many countries the expat community is very welcome in that sense, as well as providing a sense of security for those that are not travelled (most people), and familiarity. As I am not tightly british I tend to find expat a bit difficult or limited etc., always relate to it and help out but without getting too caught up . Truth is most people in most countries are ok, but that does not spare anyone a few adventures if they go it alone, and sometimes being part of a expat community makes all the difference. Swings and roundabouts.

          A lot of countries are much more friendly for children, but at the same time not so complete in other terms for them… so it is a question of finding a balance. Generally the experience of growing up abroad is very enriching, but those that do end up more ” citizens of the world ” ( but NOT of nowhere – as per May) which is a privilege but also brings some difficulties sometimes ( as example standard national narrative or character can seem unusual or closed).

          First rule is you take care of yourself, that is demanded because otherwise you end up a burden instead of a help. By saying that I don’t mean at the expense of others, and not that anyone can also be helping others at the same time. You should not feel guilty at leaving the UK – the whole point of all of this contest with UK authority is to secure a better future and wellbeing for people. If you manage that for yourself outside UK that is also ok, there is no reason to reject that kind of diversity, I think it is very beneficial to gain an outside perspective on the country, and it is even in extreme a survival tactic for the English. So I don’t think you should feel like you should need to apologise. Enjoy what you have of life, no need to punish oneself unnecessarily, the only obligation to my mind is to try to keep a good example so other people who leave aren’t met with dislike or prejudice.

  7. I think the events will start when the queen will die.
    Charles is pro Muslim and he has no respect from population
    I guess that would be the perfect alignment of the stars

  8. Could anyone elaborate on Rule 1: “Never walk alone in thought or deed, in private or in public … “? I can see how it is important to be part of a movement, or a cause, especially in this situation where it would be more difficult for the authorities to step in and thwart the activities. But thoughts are private things. How can it be dangerous to think as a loner? Perhaps I’m missing the point here entirely.

    • Normally, having had my say, I prefer to let others have theirs in the Comments, but as yours is a fair and reasonable question, Jen, and one that concerns you, I will try to answer as best I can.

      No man (or woman) is an island, and if he (or she) is so then they are extremely vulnerable because of a lack of an overall perspective can lead to fatal conceptual errors.

      If he or she holds their opinions close to their chest in isolation as if immutable and do not share them with at least a few others, if he or she presumes that they know best, if they fear alternative analyses, if they choose to live within the confines of their own mind-sets then they stand ready to becomes the self-righteous ones, alone, ever confident yet never really knowing. Of such things are tyrants born.

      For example, every article I send to GoV is quietly edited by the Baron, sometimes quite ruthlessly (although not so much anymore now that I have the hang of things), and that is correct because whilst I don’t always agree with what he does I accept that that is the communal and necessary way of things and on several occasions he may well have saved my posterior from the focused attentions of the malignant UK Thought Police.

      I do have a bit of a tendency to rant on a bit when infuriated and very often a call for a bit of moderation or a demand for precise focus is necessary. 😊

      I hope that helps, Jen.

      Rgds, S III.

      • Thanks Seneca for elaborating on this point. I feel I do understand it better now—you’ve broadened it out and I’ve stretched my mind to grasp it more fully. I suppose I was hung up on trying to understand how one should not think alone, but of course, thoughts are continually being formed and re-formed based on newly gathered information and it makes sense to put one’s thoughts out there in order to get feedback.

        However, there’s the alternative side of that coin (and one which probably influenced my thinking when I read your advice): the climate of political correctness which is pervasive in the UK and also here in Canada has had a dampening effect on the free spread of ideas/thoughts. Because of this, many of us, I’m sure, have learned the hard way to keep some of our thoughts to ourselves—whether they are related to the Counterjihad or to some other controversial issue. For some (not me thankfully), doing so is even necessary for keeping one’s employment. But I understand now that that was not the context of your advice; instead, you were specifically directing that one’s thoughts be shared with trusted allies in the times ahead in order to be evaluated and analyzed. Much clearer now, thank you.

    • “How can it be dangerous to think as a loner?”
      It is too easy to miss a basic fact or two and then build an elaborate house of cards on a missing foundation. By talking to others of much the same opinions you can have them point out errors that you cannot see. Then collectively you can build something much more reliable and useful to all. For example, all false religions seem to be the output of ONE person only who claims to have the guiding revelation that no-one else has been given.

      • I understand the point much better now (see my reply to Seneca III above). I think the key point is, as you say, “talking to others of much the same opinions … ” In this way we can fine-tune and clarify our own thinking and avoid pitfalls.

        Websites such as this one provide a good forum for just this kind of trading of thoughts and ideas with (mostly) like-minded people.

  9. I live in the United States, and while we have problems of our own, they appear to be nothing compared to the UK and Europe.

    The stranglehold that the authoritarians have on the government there is quite frightening, compounded with the much, much higher numbers of foreign nationals imported there, compounded with the exponentially more hostile nature of those foreign nationals. Extremist Muslims are far different from millions of mostly quiet Mexicans.

    What can fellow patriots in the US do to help? It appears as if the UK is headed for either revolution, civil war, or a final stamping out of whatever historic British pride remains, along with all of the rights we derived from the Magna Carta. The stories I see and hear sicken me, with how the godless, authoritarian dictators have conscripted and empowered the foreign Muslims to act as the mercenary enforcers of their new Allied Dictatorship, in return granting them full rape rights and privileged status to abuse the local populace with no fear of prosecution.

    It is an alliance of terrifying proportions. The symbolism of May & Javid’s alliance is dark in more ways than one, as they team up to oppress, chain, enslave, and murder their common enemy, the ethnic, white Briton, and with him, the centuries of Western Enlightenment and freedoms that he represents. Theirs is an ethos that is truly evil, and the power of the state media is such that many sheep, alternately cowed into submission or blissfully ignorant, stride compliantly along as their nation grinds forward to a murderous dictatorship.

    It appears to me, as a common citizen, that there is only one last, desperate chance for true Brits to regain their independence and freedom from those sinister forces which seek to forever enslave them. And my guess is that the Saxon began to hate a long time ago. I can only hope that our great President is somehow working behind the scenes to assist those freedom forces within the UK and Europe. I’m not sure what we here can do besides publicize the human rights violations, the oppression, and shout as loudly as we can.

    We in the West share a common bond, a common history, common rights, and an Enlightenment. We MUST stand together against these dangerous, evil forces of darkness that threaten to permanently end our freedoms. We simply have no choice.

    • You could start on preparing your government to accept white Christians and ex-Caribbean Christians as refugees. As we are driven into submission in our own land, many will want to go somewhere rather than Submit.

  10. This is the charter, the charter of the land,[if you will] rule Brittania, Brittania rule the waves[ borders]…Britons never never never shall be slaves.

    This song is not really a boast, it is, as it says, a charter. Regulate your affairs, or others will do so for you.

    That is my offering for the day.

  11. Patriots, Traitors and Invaders
    By me, dedicated to Tommy Robinson.

    Here’s a tale of Quisling traitors, sold their country to invaders.
    The first was shot in forty-five, but many more are still alive.
    When was there a referendum, ere our traitors thought to send ’em?
    Rivers of blood would be the cost, Enoch was right, now Britain’s lost.
    Bombs and bullets, acid and knives, vans on pavements destroying lives.
    Showing rape gangs now forbidden, poor old Tommy he’s in prison,
    While to jihadis flats are given, and ISIS killers all forgiven.

    Hitler’s Nazis could not manage, what our Quislings done in damage!
    If Churchill were around today, I’m confident that he would say:
    “In older and more modern time, treason must be capital crime,
    Patriots must be supported, and invaders all deported,
    Till our girls walk unmolested, after British metal’s tested.”
    Will saving Blighty come too late, before the Saxon learns to hate?
    If saving’s coming, it can’t wait, or Islam will be Britain’s fate.

    *Yes, metal. Mettle without metal is futile resistance.
    It will take British metal as well as mettle to win the counter-jihad.

  12. I believe Seneca overlooked a major area of resistance.

    His rules focus on the national fight and local fight, but entirely overlook the international fight. In fact, many revolutions and rebellions have been won or lost through international influence. The Israel War for Independence in 1948 was buttressed by thorough preparation by Zionists on the US government and others. The American Revolution was won by French troops, probably largely due to the influence of American expatriates like Benjamin Franklin in France and Europe.

    Serbia lost the fight against the Muslim aggression in Bosnia and Kosovo through the bombing of the US and NATO.

    So, in planning for a revolution, the international component must be addressed. My belief is that the integration of NATO with the growing EU military would have been well advanced by now, but the election of Trump threw a monkey wrench into the plans. This means that even national governments, such as that in Hungary, stand in significant danger of being invaded by the EU under some pretext or another. This possibility cannot be ignored, if an overthrow is to be successful.

    There may be a time when real patriots go into more-or-less voluntary exile and spend their time laying the international foundation to maintain a revolution, while waiting for the indigenous police and military to build up to a coup based on their contempt for the government. This is what Lenin did prior to the Russian Revolution.

    • This comment is from France.
      @ Ronald B.
      I have read Seneca’s article and all the comments and I notice that only you, Ronald B, point out the international angle of this whole sad affair. The forthcoming Islamisation of Europe is not a national conflict. The Identitarians have started a pan-european movement called ” Defend Europe”. Four East-European countries have joined forces in an alliance called The Visegrad Four . That’s the good news. The bad news is that the oligarchs and rabid pro-islam globalists like Macron, Merkel and Junker also have a plan: if a popular revolt starts anywhere in the EU, and it looks like the patriotic forces seem to get the upper hand, other European countries with pro EU governments will immediately send troops to squash the uprising. They are probably getting ready right now. Macron has been making noises recently about creating a Rapid Reaction European Force! To react against what? The USSR is dead and buried. Europe has no ennemies today. Macron and others only want this future European army to be used against European patriots hostile to the planned Islamisation of our continent. Maybe — I am only guessing there — they are already planning for some ” Orange Revolution” and a quick ” ” regime change ” for troublesome countries like Hungary for instance. Watch out Victor Orban !

      And let’s not forget: FREE TOMMY NOW !

  13. Seneca,
    Thank you so much for your inspiration and resistance. We must be prepared and understand what we might have to do to get our countries to expel the invaders.

    I would suggest changes to Feuilly’s verse to reflect our current struggle to take back our homelands in this critical time. The invaders have already claimed or damaged the lives of thousands, if not tens of thousands, of native Europeans:

    Will you give all you can give
    So that our freedom may endure?
    Some will fall and some will live
    Will you stand up and hope ensure?
    Tears and blood of our fellows
    now water the homeland we love.

    Also, the “Somewhere” (before Beyond the barricade) is an extra word does not fit with the music. The “beyond” is not far away – it is our homeland where we are battling islam (the aggressor) and the power elites and their paid minions (the facilitators).

    The song raises a feeling of unity and strength, but in Europe, we need to find and use alternative methods of resistance, not violent resistance, to achieve an islam-free homeland. The European state soldiers and police can so easily overpower us and kill us, but I know that – as individuals – policemen and soldiers agree with defending the true nations of Europe. They can turn to support and defend their people rather than the power elites and the EU, but they must see a massive resistance among us, the native white, black and brown Europeans who do not submit to islam.

    (It is not a question of race but of freedom and serenity in our daily lives. Freedom to own and bear arms we Europeans lost decades ago, freedom to walk our streets without fear of harm we lost with the arrival of millions of islam-proponents, and the freedom of expression is about to go.)

    This said, it must not be our objective to provoke violent confrontations in the hope that those who have arms will support us.

    No: We must ways to stand together to remove the power elites and the unelected globalists and to quickly safeguard our freedom by repatriating as many proponents of islam as possible.

    1. Explain to everyone you know how islam is not compatible with the values of your country. Get Bill Warner’s Sharia Law for Non-muslims to understand what the Koran advocates and how dangerous it is for us to have sharia-proponents in our societies. Sharia and islam are not private religions: they intend to order our societies and push us into submission and slavery. We don’t want the violence and misery that islam gives to every society in which it exists. We do not recognize islam as a peaceful religion – it is a violent political ideology that treats women as property and calls for the death of Christians, Jews, homosexuals and all muslim apostates.

    2. Vote for individuals and parties who are honest and will work hard to protect your country’s native population and their rights to freedom and an islam-free homeland.

    3. Use every opportunity to show up at peaceful demonstrations to demand that all sharia invaders be quickly expelled, and that pedophiles, rapists, assaulters, murderers, thieves and law-breakers of all persuasions who are not native to your country be thrown out immediately after their first offense.

    4. Put pressure on all politicians, including those who belong to the power elite that engineered the invasion – to expel the money seekers and unwanted elements (criminals, child rapists, murderers, jihadists, proponents of islam). Tell them how the repatriation can be effected. Keep at it; send many emails, picket parliaments and administrative offices – Be an ever-present reminder of what you and your countrymen want. Demand that citizenships of unwanted elements be revoked.

    5. Demand the release of political prisoners, for example, Tommy Robinson, Jayda Frandsen, and Paul Golding, the clearing of their prison records, and demand that they receive compensation for the wrongs imposed on them.

    6. Participate in all possible meetings for like-minded countrymen and women to show our numbers and the strength of our beliefs. Get off the sofa. Encourage like-minded groups to unite in their efforts instead of debating details. Work together.

    7. Do not trust the state media in Europe, who serve up fake news, inadequate news, twisted stories, information they don’t want you to know. The lying press has a globalist objective.

    8. Protest when the EU and national authorities try to shut down alternative news by preventing links to sources on the internet and demanding fees for linking. The scene is set for complete mind control, a la China/N.Korea/ Soviet.

    What can politicians in power be forced to do through public pressure?

    1. Many proponents of islam, even those who have been in your country for decades, can be enticed to return to their countries for money. After all, that is what most of them have come to your country for (not many muslims are persecuted in their muslim homelands!) The price you have to pay will vary by individual, but will be much less than the costs of having a sharia practitioner and her/his progeny in your country (For comparison, think of the all cost of having a sharia proponent set down roots in your country, including the rehabilitation and burial cost of victims (current and future- from progeny), the loss to your country because of the early death of your fellows, the extra costs of schooling unruly elements, the harm done to the education of your own children, the harm done to property by sharia-proponents, the wasted public funds for free lawyers for sharia criminals, the costs of prisons filled with sharia people, the cost of emptying and cleaning swimming pools because of sharia excrement, all possible costs in addition to direct support). Stress that the public representatives must negotiate wisely and not give common funds away unnecessarily. Leaving a European country under these arrangements is a permanent repatriation: no return to the exporting country or to any other European country.

    2. Proponents of sharia who have arrived in the last few years can be offered a free ticket to their homeland and a reasonable (modest) start-up sum for repatriation. If they don’t take the offer, they can be sent home by force, with little pocket money, see Caroline Glick’s explanation of Israel’s repatriation policies, which have been effective and fair. The home countries of sharia proponents can be forced to accept their citizens by reducing your country’s aid to said countries if they refuse or by making “contributions” to officials in those countries.

    3. Demand that sharia criminals be exported immediately. Especially those who have physically harmed or killed others or invaded homes or terrified peaceful citizens.
    Knock out a tooth, get the boot, and so on. One strike and you’re out.

    4. Demand the closing of borders and strict control of those allowed to enter your country. Do not let people without visas enter your country.

    5. Make politicians understand that countries can take exception to specific sections of the Human Rights Declaration that was signed by so many countries so many decades ago. Times have changed. Your country must make public its exception and inform the administrators of the declaration. Then your leaders must have the courage to go forward with border controls and repatriations despite threats from globalists (Juncker, Tusk, Mogherini and so many more) and countries controlled by globalists (Merkel, Macron, May/Corbyn (will there be a Brexit at all??)).

    6. When there is a war abroad, refugee camps must be set up in neighboring countries. Many more refugees can be served in this way, and served well, so that they can return to their countries when hostilities subside.

    7. Demand that your European country not participate in the civil wars of foreign countries. Americans: Demand that the U.S. stop its long tradition of getting involved militarily in hopeless civil wars in other countries. Stop the constant bombing. Stop destroying the peace in functioning states, even if they are ruled by a strong man. Stop meddling. Stop fueling the military industries that only want profit from killing. Concentrate on securing your own country. Use your resources well.

    8. Help Africans understand and practice birth control that is acceptable to their beliefs and beneficial to their families. Preventing egg fertilization is not the same as aborting a fetus.

    The will of the European peoples in each European country is being heard and will be obeyed. We can and will win the fight for our homelands. We natives in each separate European country have a right to our homelands, our languages and our traditions, just as other ethnic groups and countries have a right to their homelands, languages, and traditions. We will not be erased from history.
    Common sense knowns no bounds, and we are awakening.

    IN A WINK, we can dethrone Merkel, Macron, Juncker and cronies, and all their followers and agents. Perhaps the trade union will survive, but the “European Umaa” (EU Islamized and Submissive) will never come to be if we resist now and defend our countries.

    The movement to take back our lives in a peaceful manner is growing. We are fed up to our eyeballs. Talk about this with everyone you know.

    Seneca: Do not despair and try to prepare us to take up arms in battle out of frustration. We can make the political change by sheer numbers and sheer force of conviction. We must be unyielding without armed confrontation.
    Of course, let each of us defend ourselves in our homes and when we are attacked in the streets. Be prepared with pepper spray, hair spray, physical resistance, whatever defense you can muster and are prepared to carry with you. Every one of our lives is precious and must not be lost to the guns, knives, and sheer brutality of the invaders or the globalists. And may we help each other.

    • Your comment is 1,667 words long. We’re letting it stand this time but request that future comments be kept to less than 500 words.

      Not that you didn’t have some interesting things to say but you’ve written an essay, not a comment.

      Next time please break it up into shorter pieces. Longer is not better.

    • ” Thank you so much for your inspiration and resistance.

      And I thank you for your kind thoughts as well, DesiderataResist&Defend.

      ”I would suggest changes to Feuilly’s verse to reflect our current struggle to take back our homelands in this critical time…”…
      …”We must be prepared and understand what we might have to do to get our countries to expel the invaders.”

      By all means. Whatever works for you. However, otherwise and without malice and within a limit of 500 words I find myself in a position where I must take issue with several of your comments which in some cases I fear are conceptually contradictory to say the very least and suicidal to say not the quite worst:

      ”We can make the political change by sheer numbers and sheer force of conviction. We must be unyielding without armed confrontation.”

      A nice idea but an impossible dream if you are suggesting it can be done via the ballot box; see below.

      ”Seneca: Do not despair and try to prepare us to take up arms in battle out of frustration.”

      I’ve been active in the Counterjihad for over a quarter century, DR&D. If I was prone to giving in to the misleading demands of frustration I would have done so before now. I have also been deeply involved politically (UKIP) and worked long and hard to try to find a political solution. It failed because there no longer is one. In consequence, I offer you a quotation from the novel ‘Starship Troopers’, written over half a century ago by Robert Heinlein:

      “My mother said violence never solves anything.” “So?” Mr. Dubois looked at her bleakly. “I’m sure the city fathers of Carthage would be glad to know that.”
      ” … I was not making fun of you personally; I was heaping scorn on an inexcusably silly idea — a practice I shall always follow. Anyone who clings to the historically untrue and thoroughly immoral doctrine that violence never settles anything I would advise to conjure up the ghosts of Napoleon Bonaparte and the Duke of Wellington and let them debate it. The ghost of Hitler could referee and the jury might well be the Dodo, the Great Auk, and the Passenger Pigeon. Violence, naked force, has settled more issues in history than has any other factor, and the contrary opinion is wishful thinking at its worst. Breeds that forget this basic truth have always paid for it with their lives and their freedoms.”

      ”Of course, let each of us defend ourselves in our homes and when we are attacked in the streets. Be prepared with pepper spray, hair spray, physical resistance, whatever defense you can muster…Every one of our lives is precious and must not be lost to the guns, knives, and sheer brutality of the invaders or the globalists.”

      Really? A question, DR&D: Have you ever faced and armed and violent man? I can assure you that that under those circumstances hair spray is not an effective deterrent.

      Regards, S III.

  14. All the discussion about resistance is wasted if the issue of state surveillance is not addressed. Popular movements succeeded in the past because there were tides of opposition, which manifested themselves in public behavior. That is no longer possible because European governments can now flag every telephone call, email or sms and therefore there is no privacy left. Police forces have been shrinking because the technology of surveillance is so effective. How do you think all the ‘terrorist plots’ have been prevented? Here is an example – – so you cannot say ‘talk to each other’ or ‘never walk alone’ without explaining the threat of surveillance. To ignore this issue is simply to fill up the prisons with our own people.

  15. “…so you cannot say ‘talk to each other’ or ‘never walk alone’ without explaining the threat of surveillance. To ignore this issue is simply to fill up the prisons with our own people.”

    All in good time, Basil. Come the need, then comes the solution. It is not wise to fire off all of your ammunition during during a short, early skirmish for you will need it in the future.

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