Sweden: The Chaos Spreads

Sweden: The Chaos Spreads

by Svenne Tvaerskaegg

After decades of quietly growing like undiagnosed and untreated cancer tumors, Sweden’s immigrant ghettos have reached the bursting point, and crime is beginning to spill out into the ethnic Swedish areas of the country. Life is becoming dangerous in those once peaceful and culturally homogeneous areas. Ever-increasing numbers of ordinary Swedes are experiencing a grim awakening to the frightening reality of what has happened to their country.

The Stockholm subway was once a safe and efficient means of getting around Sweden’s capital, but it has now become a dangerous place and a conduit for the spread of crime and antisocial behavior around the city. Criminal gangs are taking over the subway and using it to commute between the ghettos and the inner city, where they fuel the ever-rising tide of muggings, assaults and rapes. Many subway stations have become open drug markets where dealers peddle their wares untroubled by the undermanned and overstretched police. According to police, 62% of all crime in Stockholm is now committed within a 500 meter radius of a subway station.[1] The situation is becoming desperate, and the Stockholm Transport Authority recently upgraded the security rating of four subway stations to red, meaning they are now considered no-go zones and unsafe for staff to work without a police escort.[2] A report last year showed that up to 30% of the capital’s inhabitants now avoid using the subway through fear of the escalating criminality.[3]

The degradation of daily life for ethnic Swedes is infecting all areas of the social space. A family outing to a public swimming pool, once a pleasant weekend activity, has now become a high-risk undertaking as gangs of immigrant men use public swimming pools as an opportunity to stare at exposed infidel flesh and sexually assault Swedish women and girls. According to a police report, 80% of all incidents of sexual assault in public swimming pools are committed by immigrant men, and often take the form of a gang’s surrounding a girl so that she cannot escape while being assaulted. The report says the escalating number of assaults “have created a sense of helplessness. The affected girls feel deeply humiliated and become frightened to go out.”[4]

Public libraries are being taken over by immigrant youths from the ghettos who do not see libraries as places of tranquility and learning. They regard them as their club rooms, where they can hang out, fight, cause trouble and deal drugs. They often don’t bother using the toilets but do what they must do on the floor between the bookshelves. Their behavior is driving away ethnic Swedes, who can no longer browse the shelves and read in safety. The librarians’ union reports that the peace and quiet of libraries is increasingly being shattered by gang fights, sometimes involving bookcases being toppled and books used as missiles. Librarians are routinely threatened, and dare not intervene. According to the union chairman, “We can see that the problems that exist in the rest of society are moving into public libraries.”[5] Alarms directly connected to police stations are now being installed in public libraries, but how effective they will be in calling for help from a thinly spread and beleaguered police force is uncertain.

Even hospitals in Sweden are becoming danger zones. Gang fights in and around the ghettos often end with multiple victims being taken to hospital with knife and gunshot wounds. The wounded are followed in convoys of cars by their gangs and clans, who carry on the fight in and around the hospital. Doctors and nurses are threatened with violence if they do not treat the ‘right’ victim first, and this has led to their covering the surname on their identification badges with tape so they cannot be traced and attacked at in their homes. Patrols by security guards are now standard in many hospitals, and personal alarms are being issued to hospital staff so they can quickly summon help when they are attacked. The chief of security at Scania University Hospital echoes the words of the librarians’ union spokesman when she says: “Medical services reflect society. It is dangerous when these kinds of violations against us become the norm.”[6]

Ethnic Swedes, especially women, are becoming ever more concerned over their deteriorating safety and security. One third of Swedish women report they feel unsafe going out at night, and over one in ten women choose to stay indoors after nightfall for fear of being attacked and raped.[7]

Police have described the situation as rapidly approaching “catastrophic”, and the inability of the police to hold back the waves of crime sweeping into ethnic Swedish areas has led to people’s taking matters into their own hands. Self-protection groups have started in many Swedish towns, while in others people are hiring private security firms to guard their neighborhoods.[8]

Some are taking refuge in the gated communities that are beginning to appear in Sweden, where private security firms patrolling behind walls keep out the multicultural Sweden the Swedes have created for themselves.[9]


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57 thoughts on “Sweden: The Chaos Spreads

    • Sweden must make islam illegal now and start deportations or there is no chance for the country to survive. Pass what laws must be passed to make it happen or perish.

        • The Vikings died out a thousand years ago. Sweden now has masculine women and feminine men. Sweden deserves what it invited.

          • No they don’t deserve it. It was not the Swedish people who invited this or voted for it either. It was their criminal government, who is still letting them in. Swedes, should rise up and get rid of the government and hang them, as they have blood on their hands.

    • The feminist ‘guvmint’ is 100% to blame and lives in a bubble. Why they don’t double the police force shows that they live in a bubble and don’t care about the citizens!!

    • It makes you wonder if Swedes read the news, do they realize Britons, Italians, Poles, Hungarians oppose the Islamization of Europe?

      • Well, if they look at Britain, they simply see where they were before the latest invasion. I don’t know if their police forces are soviet-style, though. After all, they’re admitting how bad it is. And it was the Swedish police who first published their no-go zones on their website. Politicians complained, of course.

    • Multicultualism….the extinction of ethnic Europeans. Charles Martell is rolling over in his grave…..Oh well.

  1. Sweden’s idiot politicians will respond by censoring honest reporting. Frau Merkel will encourage them to import more rapists and free loaders.

    Is the EU really this insane, this hopelessly stupid? It appears so.

    • Cultural and racial suicide has long been implied by the left’s indoctrination as the only path toward absolution of Western Europe’s ‘ancestral sins’ of racism and colonialism.

  2. But… but… but… but… but… I thought Sweden, the Humanitarian Superpower, also had the world’s first FEMINIST government??? Surely them dapper ladies can handle these trivialities????

    • What you don’t understand is the blindness of Sweden’s feminists. They can only see a vision of a multicultural heaven and blind themselves to what is really going on

      • It is not only Swedens feminists it appears to be all feminists that have that same blindness

  3. It repeats what happened in America’s great northern cities by 1960, and has never let up. The crushing of Western civilization, in exchange for votes for the Left from the vandals.

    • You are not allowed to talk about THAT. By that I mean the Democratic party’s ethnic cleansing of the cities to set up their new ‘black welfare plantation’. As soon as they took away my constitutional right to rent or sell MY property to whom I please, the rest was inevitable. My city of St. Louis was once a rich and vibrant crazy-quilt of German, Italian, Jewish, Irish, Slav, etc. neighborhoods with their own churches, community centers, proud work ethic and culture. And yes, even a strong black community with its own businesses, churches and social organizations born from years of struggle. I still get a shock when I cross the city limit and see the sign “St. Louis, Population 336,000” when I was a boy it was over 800,000.

      • Thank you for speaking up. What was done to St. Louis is, on a larger and more tragic scale, what happened in Charlottesville during the War on Poverty initiated by Lyndon Johnson. It was a war on poor people. In C’ville, Vinegar Hill was the black section but it was too near those places the city leaders decided could be rehabbed and turned into the “historic” district by using federal block grants.

        That was the death knell for Vinegar Hill. No rehabbing *there*. Instead, the people living there were shoehorned into two sets of “public housing” – where they own nothing and where there was no cultural history. Hardy Drive and Garrett Square are whited sepulchres.

        Ch’ville’s population has increased. It’s a favorite place for retiring federal workers – who by now are the only people who can afford to live there. But there is a whole gaggle of ’em and more coming as boomers retire. Meanwhile the workforce – teachers, nurses, firemen, etc. – have been pushed out to surrounding counties. It can be a long commute for some.

        And it has transitioned into Berkeley East, or the Republic of Charlottesville. Very blue, pretty on the surface, rotten at the core.

      • So true…and the Detroit of my childhood was the same…..no more, my friend, no more.

  4. Amids all these minor irritations there’s one major comfort.
    Sweden is now the proud bearer of the exalted title “Humanitarian Superpower”
    That should count for something.
    Shouldn’t it?………

    Shouldn’t it?

    Hello Svenska… anybody home?

  5. You’ve ever seen a Swede shooting craps?

    He uses a .22 in his outhouse.

  6. Waiting to take action is the main issue here. Once the attacks started should have been the precise moment the nation stopped all immigration from Islamic nations, deported all Muslims and secured the borders.

    The above actions by the refugees shows the true animal behavior of Islam along with its policy to create an Islamic nation out of chaos.

  7. Hard as I try, I just cannot summon up any sympathy for the ethnic Swedes. They, after all, are the ones that kept on voting in the same. Now I understand where the term “Stockholm Syndrome” comes from.

  8. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Sweden’s very smug “good intentions” by unthinkingly allowing “what look like human beings” into their country is the result of their ignorance about followers of the Quran. Even Nigel Farage mistakenly believes that Muslims may “love” their Non-Muslim neighbors. The only difference between peaceful Muslims and radical Muslims is their inaction against non Muslims. They all want a Caliphate in our country.

  9. My video “Sweden: Multicultural Utopia” has been put into Youtube’s “limited state,” but it’s still viewable after pushing past the warning.
    It’s set to Abba’s “I Believe in Angels,” and the clips are all official Swedish propaganda and news clips. I think it’s powerful.

    Sweden: Multicultural Utopia

    • It’s not only powerful but also disgusting.
      I learned a long time ago you can’t cure stupid.
      Perhaps we’re all better of leaving those Swedes to their angels and the rest of us move on to more important matters.
      We’ll leave them in the tender loving care of our old friend Darwin who is highly capable in dealing with these matters.
      As for me I don’t care anymore.

      • The canary dying up the coal mine is your warning that poison gas is headed your way.

        You ignore its death agony at your own peril.

        Mocking the canary’s death is plain stupid.

        • Make no mistake when the canary topples from its perch I will notice it and I will act accordingly.
          But that does not mean I will go out of my way to save said canary.

    • It’s very powerful! The choice of music is apt. I’m surprised they’ve let it stay up, even if they have blocked sharing and comments.

      I hope you’re busy spreading this on lots of websites.

      All of Fjordman’s predictions from 2005 onwards have come true. I doubt women immigrants are faring much better; we just don’t hear about it.

    • I put this on my fb page with this… (felix.quigley)

      “This is a very effective video. I recommend it highly. I saw it on Gates of Vienna. It is by Matt Bracken. I intend to put it on my website trotskyist.org soon with perhaps an essay and how it may interrelate to Ireland, UK and Spain (The new PM in Spain is receiving this ship into Valencia) Big issue that!

      • I just checked “Marine Trafic”and this ship is still dead in the water at the same location as this morning and no other ships nearby. I don’t think Valencia is receiving anything soon.

    • Matt, as much as I hate to have to sign on to YT anymore, I still do. Is there any place you can post this so that I can share it with others who dread YT even more than I do? This needs to be shared.

        • BitChute is where “everybody” in our community is moving. I suspect that it’s a big part of the “clientele”, and so it’s less likely that they’ll go YT on content, I suppose.

          Even Vimeo doesn’t seem as bad as YT.

    • the nazis at googal also make U sign in, probably so that they can enter your IP address into a hate-speech database. their slogan used to be “do no evil,” but is now “sieg heil.”

  10. 20 years ago, in grad school, I used to work out with a swede who told me stories about out of control feminism. Gods of the Copybook Headings…

  11. With gated communities, no-go subway stations, unpleasant and dangerous recreation areas and public libraries, Sweden is showing the signs of civilizational distress.

    I wonder when the average Swede will awaken to the fact that this new and frightening reality is permanent?

  12. .

    Swedish political leader: What you read about Sweden in alternative media is true, we are in a low-intensive civil war

    By VOICE OF EUROPE 10 June 2018

    Kasselstrand is the leader of the newly founded Alternative for Sweden party (Alternativ för Sverige). He holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Gothenburg and an MBA from Aalto University in Helsinki (Finland). He also studied in Germany and Singapore. Kasselstrand is 30 years old and has been politically engaged since 2006, when he joined the Sweden Democrats, which at that time was a small party with a support of 2-3% in the polls.

    -Why did you leave the Sweden Democrats?

    As a matter of fact I was excluded from the Sweden Democrats back in 2015, when they expelled not only me as a chairman, but the whole youth organisation with its 5000 members. It was a witch hunt by the party leadership in order to secure their own power and positions in the party, but of course they did not say that but instead argued with typical PC mumbo jumbo that the youth league was “extremist”.

    Everyone could see it was nonsense. It just proved that the Sweden Democrats used the same politically correct terminology towards their own youth league, that the liberal parties had done towards the Sweden Democrats for years and years.

    As a matter of fact I was excluded from the Sweden Democrats back in 2015, when they expelled not only me as a chairman, but the whole youth organisation with its 5000 members. It was a witch hunt by the party leadership in order to secure their own power and positions in the party, but of course they did not say that but instead argued with typical PC mumbo jumbo that the youth league was “extremist”.

    Everyone could see it was nonsense. It just proved that the Sweden Democrats used the same politically correct terminology towards their own youth league, that the liberal parties had done towards the Sweden Democrats for years and years.

    -How bad are things in Sweden?

    It is very bad. What you read about Sweden on alternative news platforms is true. We are facing problems more severe than ever before in our history, where Swedes face a situation of being a minority within 20 years if nothing is done to stop the replacement of our people.

    I would describe the problems in Sweden as some kind of low-intensive civil war (with gradually increasing intensity for each day). What makes the situation even more difficult is of course the extreme political correctness that has haunted Sweden for decades, but which is now finally breaking up.

    The political establishment is both unwilling and unable to do anything about the problems. It’s all talk and no action

    The situation has gone so far that the politically correct people lose ground and we are entering a state of retribution against politicians and media who bear the responsibility for turning my previously peaceful and prosperous country into a real mess, which is now used as a warning example for other Nordic and European countries, yes, even for countries all over the world.

    The political establishment is both unwilling and unable to do anything about the problems. It’s all talk and no action. They are the cause of the problems and simply need to be replaced for Sweden to be able to recover.

    Sweden needs a new force in the parliament, a party that makes sure that the Sweden Democrats get back to their oppositional role towards the olds parties

    So despite the mess we are in, we are now seeing a tremendously interesting development in Sweden. The Sweden Democrats, which I still have sympathy for, is rising in the polls and will reach an all-time-high election result in September, continuing to change the paradigm.

    That’s good, but it is not enough – they have become more and more passive, politically correct and similar to the established parties. Sweden needs a new force in the parliament, a party that makes sure that the Sweden Democrats get back to their oppositional role towards the olds parties. The only party that can do this is Alternative for Sweden.

    -A lot of people think Sweden is lost, what would you say to them?

    I completely disagree. No country is ever lost if there are people within that country ready to provide resistance and offer another way forward. The truth is that many Swedes are just starting to realise what is going on in their country.

    If you look ten years back and compare to today, sure the immigration problems have become many times worse, but we also have a vital and strong patriotic movement now in Sweden, both parliamentary and on social media, alternative news sites and other platforms.

    The Swedish elections later this year is not the “last chance” to save Sweden. It is the first chance!

    Swedes and other European peoples should look to the past for inspiration. We have always faced great dangers and obstacles throughout our history. Europeans of the past who said “it is lost” when Arabs occupied much of modern day Spain or when Turks besieged Vienna or when Mongols controlled most of eastern Europe where not the ones who came to define our history. They were wrong in the past and they are wrong today.

    Most Europeans are only now becoming aware of what is going on. Far from being lost, our struggle, our “Reconquista”, has only just begun. And those who are “black-pilling” and claiming everything is lost before the game have even started should step aside and make way for those of us who know better.

    Swedish elections later this year is not the “last chance” to save Sweden. It is the first chance! The fight for Sweden and for Europe is now starting. Let me refer to the Polish National anthem with its famous first words: “Poland is not yet lost!” – that is exactly the mentality we need: Sweden is not yet lost, so long as we still live!

    -What is the most important thing that needs change in Sweden?

    In the short term we need to end immigration completely and start to repatriate hundreds of thousands of illegals, criminal aliens and immigrants who burden our society in one way or another.

    In the long term we need to completely change our self-understanding as a people and society to make sure that the disastrous politics of the last few decades will never be repeated.

    -What is your opinion on the arrest of Tommy Robinson in Britain?

    I think it is scandalous. It is also a clear in sign which direction western Europe is heading. Governments throughout western Europe are evidently more concerned with their own peoples protesting the decline of their countries rather than trying to stop mass immigration that is causing all these problems in the first place. It clearly shows the true agenda of the European establishment.

    -Do you think freedom of speech is under pressure in Europe?

    Certainly! So called “hate speech”-laws are nothing but the criminalisation of freedom of speech. It should be scraped all together.

    -What do you hope as result for the next election in September?

    (and what is realistic to hope?)

    Our goal is to reach the four per cent threshold that is needed to enter the Swedish parliament. It’s a very tough challenge since the established parties have rigged the whole political system in favour of themselves – but it’s far from impossible.

    • If anyone has Kasselstrand’s email address, I’d be grateful for it.

      I have an electoral project that is the Achilles heel to the Islamization of the West. The project needs to be taken up by just one party and a dozen parties will copy it.

      Search the word email on my website and my contact details can be found.

  13. “Stupidity cannot be cured with money or through education or through legislation. Stupidity is not a sin, as the victim can’t help being stupid. But stupidity is the only universal capital crime; the sentence is death, there is no appeal and execution is carried out automatically and without pity.” Robert A. Heinlein -Time Enough for Love

  14. Another comment on these things. I am totally and completely fed up with people sitting on their back sides and talking about how stupid people are for allowing this to happen. Maybe it is stupidity but many people are stupid and I have often been exceedingly stupid and in my life have been swindled many times over buying bad cars, not very gifted in the mechanical field. But what does that solve in the present. We have to go forward in the present into the future. People who talk endlessly like this are often the ones who do not want to DO anything. It is never simple at any time and on your own, as an individual, it is impossible for people to act.

    I have entered into discussion with some people over the Tommy Robinson jailing. I believe that many of these, with their words, are prepared to put up with Robinson being finished off by the state. If he comes out this time it will be in again etcetera. And as they used to say in Ireland there are many who talk a good fight. That is blogdom today in large measure.

    Baron pointed out that they did not win enough seats to defeat Merkel. That was the issue. And now Robinson…What to do?

    • The thing about YuoTube and FaceZuck and Google is that, like the true totalitarians they are, they sucked a whole lot of people in to using their media and then they began cracking down on those who weren’t p.c. So inertia plays a big role in their maintaining their might.

      I don’t use Google; switched to Duck Duck Go.

      For You Tube, Vlad has substituted BitChute.

      FaceBook? We deleted our account when Zuck turned some Germans in for “hate” speech, just as he promised Merkel. Anyone who has recognized FaceAche for what it is and continues to use it is simply part of the problem.

    • What to do?

      Try reading Kipling’s great poem “The Grave of the Hundred Heads”………………

      ……………..they apply it to their problem.

      Promise–if Tommy dies by Islamic torture (their ‘government’s’ PREFERRED METHOD of dealing with such deplorables), then one hundred of THEM will meet their end in their fair Emerald isle.

      Means are optional [redacted].

  15. Matthew I tried to download your video. I would like the best quality I can for my work. But there seemed to be a complication coming from youtube that I had not met before.

    I followed some links and came to this…

    “Limited features for certain videos
    Our Community Guidelines prohibit hate speech that either promotes violence or has the primary purpose of inciting hatred against individuals or groups based on certain attributes. YouTube also prohibits content intended to recruit for terrorist organizations, incite violence, celebrate terrorist attacks, or otherwise promote acts of terrorism. Some borderline videos, such as those containing inflammatory religious or supremacist content without a direct call to violence or a primary purpose of inciting hatred, may not cross these lines for removal. Following user reports, if our review teams determine that a video is borderline under our policies, it may have some features disabled.

    These videos will remain available on YouTube, but will be placed behind a warning message, and some features will be disabled, including comments, suggested videos, and likes. These videos are also not eligible for ads.

    If one of your videos has features disabled, we will send an email to notify you. You can appeal the decision directly from a link in the email or by selecting the “Appeal” link next to the video in Video Manager.”

    So if they pull it completely and if I want to show it to some people I may meet what then?

    Why do we rely on the medium of youtube?

  16. Religion poisons everything (by Hitchens). It poisoned the minds of those migrant criminals. Now, Swedes beware. Yo are like children in the mist. Stupid and lost. Swedish system is a result of cultural evolution that took ages and made Sweden Sweden. You poor bastards do not have a clue how the world works and will work for years to come. Clean you act or lose. It is only common sense.

    • Hitchens said more than his prayers, He’s not a reliable source on the subject.

      Religion didn’t poison their minds; Islam is a poisonous ideology with only its own juridical commands to back it up. Islam is a curse on the world akin to Soviet Communism; they’re very similar and when actually applied, both left slaughter in their wake. And both forbid their citizens to leave.

      • Indeed, he is not… alive.

        Totalitarian “democracy” of this once exemplary and smart nation is now the reminder for the rest of us how the brain can be poisoned and captured by repeatedly imposing the politically correct and suicidal “new truth and “proper ways of thinking”. If your government knows better what is good for you, you should be sceptical; or maybe your history lessons are also doctored and now you are beyond hope. Do you not have a big mirror to finally see yourself in it, outside of your stupefied brains? Vote your girls out and re-establish the common sense … for the sake of all of us, eh?

      • Religion didn’t poison their minds; Islam is a poisonous ideology with only its own juridical commands to back it up. Islam is a curse on the world akin to Soviet Communism; they’re very similar and when actually applied, both left slaughter in their wake. And both forbid their citizens to leave.

        Yes of course Islam is poison through and through

        You say it is akin to Soviet Communism.

        Do you mean Stalinism? I suspect you do know very little about the history of that key period and the terrible thing that happened in Russia. Do you know little? If so admit it!

        • [Redacted for ad hominem remark]

          Appreciate your discussion but your comments are a bit displaced.

          First, I have lived under the communist regime for many years; did you? I doubt [it] and we are not on even ground here.

          Second, I am referring to a modern era democracy, precisely as implemented in Sweden. It has evolved to give you a warm feeling of inclusion and participation but only when you unconditionally agree with its dogma. This is not Stalinism. This is a new system of repressing free thinking people. One where you no longer can express yourself, where common sense is unwelcome.

          I once respected this small nation. Now, I just feel disdain for their state of mind. Do you know that they are scared to help their own women who are openly bused in the streets? What became of them … cheers.

          • Cheers? Really?

            Please read our comment rules. No attacks toward another commenter; courtesy makes it easier for your interlocutor to take in what you’re saying. In your case, that would also be to the enlightenment of most of us, who never lived under Communism and could benefit from your experience.

          • But at first glance it seems to me that Britain was/is far worse with the systematic grooming and raping of English girls by Islam and the main left party the Labour Party was and still are silent. Britain has led the world in the systematic raping of young native girls by Muslims. It is Islam that is the real issue and how to fight it. I am focused on the actual presence of Muslims. That is the first step which is to get rid of them. Their population weight creates the mosque culture which is the Jihad. The first the very first step in that is to smash every mosque into little bits and that is a physical thing. To do that the working class has to do it…in my opinion…hence my focus on leadership

  17. There are quite a number of things not resolved in this thread about Sweden. I certainly have not got the answers but I know enough to know they are unresolved.

    First of all what is this electoral plan that Peter McLoughlin puts forward? Spell it out. It may be full of holes and a waste of time. It needs to be out in public.

    The issue of the left. People have got to decide and have got to be made to decide. Are these sites to fight against Islam or are they Joe McCarthy Commie hating sites? Or are they both things at the one time?

    The left has always since about 1924 had to shoulder a terrible burden which is Stalinism. That is a great huge stain on socialism.But first to deal with people like me, who is opposed to Islam yet is a Marxist, Communist, Trotskyist you name it, then they have to at the very least show that they understand what happened.

    This knowledge is all involved in this anti Jihad struggle.

    Why bother though? Does anybody on this site think it is possible that the answer to the defeat of Islam will come from the left of field? I do.

    I keep repeating what is the programme to free Tommy Robinson? Nobody will take me on in this. I am waiting on the position of Baron. I am studying the position of others.

    I would submit that the jailing of Robinson is a turning point and that it will throw the anti Jihad movement into great crisis.

    To free Tommy Robinson it is necessary to understand the precise moment we are in. The old ways of British democracy are gone. This judge made the rules up as he went along. Arresting Robinson for breach of the peace. Dropping that completely though. Sentencing on the basis of breach of the terms of his previous suspended sentence. Add to that a dozen other issues.

    I want a discussion on this on these blogs and will not let go until it happens.

    I have my own views. But I will agree with people in part at times.

    One of the worst things on this thread are these people who are attacking the Swedes as “Swedes” when the issue is the same as in every country…it is an issue of leadership.

    Matthew Bracken is saying the same see his comment above on the canary in the coal mine.

    What is the leadership in Sweden? The reason that it is not being discussed here is that nobody knows. People do chance their arm on these sites. Is ignorance to be praised or to be exposed. I say exposed.

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