Sweden Prepares for War

The following report on the Swedish apocalypse was published by the Danish site NewsPeek. Many thanks to Tania Groth for the translation:

The Swedish authorities are preparing the population for wartime conditions

Sweden is, at this time, preparing the country and its population for a possible war-like disaster. Back in January, 2018, the Swedish state requested that citizens stock up on enough food for a week — including water. A few weeks ago the authorities also published a brochure, “If there is a crisis or war”, and on the 5th and 6th of June, Sweden sent the entire country’s home guard on a nationwide exercise. 22,000 soldiers were called in for the exercise, which was meant to test the country’s preparedness to deal with a national disaster.

According to the Swedish authorities, such a disaster could be triggered by “climate change” or “tensions in the Baltic states” — allegedly caused by the Russians.

The Swedish state’s warning and recommendation for people to prepare themselves comes hand in hand with public reports by the country’s police that they can no longer handle extremely violent immigrant crime. Furthermore, the police warn that thousands of ISIS sympathisers are wandering about the once safe country. On social media many people suspect that the Swedish authorities are using the threats of climate change and Russia as an excuse to prepare citizens for a real collapse of the Swedish society as a result of extreme and uncontrolled immigrant crime and terror. Neither Swedish politicians, the media, nor authorities are known for their openness and honesty about the consequences of Muslim immigration.

Law and order in Sweden can be compared to a banana republic. NewSpeek was able to confirm, earlier in the year, that only 1 of the 114 reported rapes committed at just four music festivals led to a conviction. The risk for being successfully prosecuted for rape at a festival is thus under 1%. Only 22% of all murders and deaths were solved in 2016. Since 2010 the chance of the ultimate crime’s being solved has been between 18% and 29%. In comparison, the rate at which murders and deaths were solved in Denmark was over 90%.

A leader of South Sweden Industry and Chamber of Commerce plus two lawyers said last year to the newspaper Svenska Dagbladet that the “the rate of solution for a number of crimes is now so low that we in effect have abandoned numerous laws.” “There is now a definite level of lawlessness in parts of the Stockholm region,” a concerned police inspector says. Another police inspector says that “the justice system, which should be the pillar of a democratic society, is breaking down in Sweden.”

The Danish government has so far not initiated border controls with the ever more destabilized Sweden. This despite the fact that at the same time armed gangs and dangerous Islamists are able to freely travel to Denmark either by bridge or by ferry.

The Swedish border control announced earlier in the year that last year it sent approximately 5,000 criminals and illegals back to Denmark. These were not detected by the Danish authorities because we have no border controls on the Danish side. Criminals and illegal migrants can thus safely return to Denmark and continue their activities here.

Video: The Swedish authorities have published more videos that instruct Swedes about what to pack in order to cope with a “national security crisis”: (the video is surreal — note the happy music)

16 thoughts on “Sweden Prepares for War

  1. this has all been caused by the leftist Swedish politicians. they imported the muslims to take the country from the dole loving Swedish people. if a conflict broke out between the “immigrant gangs and the Swedish people expect the Swedish politicians to side with their colonists.

  2. Sweden has volunteered to be a “guinea pig” State in a risky social experiment. As expected by most outside observers, it’s going rather badly and heading towards the expected end result. We thank Sweden for the empirical data that will result from this bold experiment.

  3. “The risk for being successfully prosecuted for rape at a festival is thus under 1%.”

    Yes but don’t worry. In their infinite wisdom they now have women-only festivals. It’s guaranteed to work, much like stopping to drink will exclude any chance of getting poisoned.

  4. By their irresponsible policies, the quislings of the Swedish government have created the conditions for civil war… a war that will break down along religious and racial lines. Unbelievably stupid and sad.

    Our Lady of Victory, pray for Sweden!

  5. If I were an Islamist, I would not bring one country to boil. This is too noticeable and obvious and teaches the people in the EU what we are after: conquest of Europe…and the world. I would back off for awhile in Sweden and move on to other vulnerable states and try to bring them all to a near-boil at the same time….like a cook with a bunch of eggs.

    • No one has that much control…the invasion is truly distributed by now, though it might have begun with Soros funding and Merkel manipulation, just to name two masterminds for this global debacle.

      Where it goes in the near future is up to the genuine nationals in each country. But what is required of them is far and beyond the ability of average folks (of which I would be one were I there) when their treasonous leaders push this stuff.

  6. One characteristic of Muslims is that they are not able to organize large-scale operations very well. This is due to the tribal loyalties that make any large crowd of Muslims a mass of competing tribes who have no loyalty whatsoever to anyone outside their tribe.

    So, a large-scale conflict between a mass of Muslims from different countries and sects on the one hand, and native Swedes on the other, is not altogether hopeless for the Swedes.

    The largest problem is like in Bosnia or Kosovo: the Muslim attackers were being herded into small areas (reservations, as it were) when NATO attacked with massive air power, forcing the victory of Muslim and collaborationist governments.

    Any long-lasting solution of the immigration problem, likely involving forcing Muslims into a small area and then making it autonomous from Sweden, is likely to be militarily opposed by the EU and US governments, with the usual atrocity stories published in the US and European press. If the Swedish military is planning for actual conflict, this strong possibility should be just as important for the planners as the details of urban warfare.

    • you better take a look at history. the muslims at one time conquered most of northern Africa and a large part of Europe. that is the inspiration for the present-day muslim leaders. the present-day muslims also have the complete support of the world-wide communist party, the people that are actually the ones directing this colonization of Europe and then the world.

    • Inter-tribal conflict among the Ummah is irrelevant if they are facing off against the infidel.

      For a recent example, look at the Indonesian Muslims who protested outside the Spanish embassy there because they held them responsible for Sergio Ramos’ injury to Egyptian striker Mo Salah in the Champions League final.

      Only after all infidels are exterminated will the Ummah fight amongst themselves.

  7. Grenade attacks by muslims in cities like Malmo are on the rise. How do they get such weapons? My feeling is Erdogan is shipping them. In Greece there have been containers of furniture from Turkey with hidden AKs inside all destined for the illegals to use once Europeans finally wake up and start to fight back.

  8. A travel company should organize ‘Civil War, Rape, & Mayhem’ tours so foreigners can visit Sweden to watch a country destroy itself. They could use those well-fortified tour buses like they use on safari tours in Kenya. The world is rightly fascinated by socialist ethno-masochism that’s rocking Europe, nowhere more so than Sweden.

  9. I wonder, for how long Sweden will survive? I would give her 15 years, 25 at the most.

  10. I am assuming that the Swedish women are demanding to be on the frontline. Strange that the feminists do not insist on equality on that front. Every one of them should be put on the frontline.

  11. I agree with pretty much everything the author said, but I do list:

    1) Russia is an undemocratic country.

    2) Russia is sponsoring Iranian terrorism.

    3) Russia supports totalitarian regimes around the world.

    4) Even though it is an excuse of the Swedish government, this does not mean that Russia has no interest in the Balkans.

    5) Do not logically and factually respond to the four previous questions, but instead use only a simplistic apology without any basis, only based on the tastes will not change in any way the reality of the issues raised.

    I also do not believe the Swedish government is doing this because it fears Russia. I am quite sure that all this is because of the internal collapse itself, as the author postulated. But I do not agree with it in part, as I have clarified in the points above.

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