Slovenia Joins the March Back to Tradition

This must disgust the American Left, who will read the vote as a Trumpian Effect since the First Lady was born in Slovenia. Their bitter bile aside, the list of countries who are defining themselves as nations with distinct borders and autonomy continues to grow.

Hungary continues to “punch past its weight”, as our EX-president used to observe of small countries. One hopes he is gnashing his teeth at the mounting evidence that he was so very wrong (about everything).

This plebiscite also is part of a larger though inevitably delayed response to the break-up of the USSR. It can take a while to come back to life after being repressed for so long.

Brussels, meanwhile, is shuffling toward irrelevance. Only inertia and greed will keep it upright and moving. But for how long? When does the rotted meat become too odiferous for other European states to ignore? Ah, well – it will always have Germany. Or perhaps it’s the other way ’round.

6 thoughts on “Slovenia Joins the March Back to Tradition

  1. What is your email address as I have some London photos to send you ? In addition is a photo of the Prime Minister’s address to UK muslims.

    • It’s on the sidebar — gatesofvienna [at] chromatism [dot] net

  2. “This must disgust the American Left, who will read the vote as a Trumpian Effect since the First Lady was born in Slovenia”

    Trump has nothing to do with Eastern European nations deciding that they not tolerate Brussels setting yearly quotas on how my thousands, or tens of thousands, of Muslim “refugees” they must take into their countries. These nations will not destroy their tomorrow for a few euros today.

    • I didn’t say that Trump had or has anything to do with the phenomenon of Eastern Europeans getting their mojo back. For heaven’s sake, you quoted my sentence and then made inferences from it that don’t appear there.

      I was talking about the American Left’s take on it. They are deranged on the subject of Trump and will use any cudgel in their beatdown.

      So read the sentence you quoted again, and tell me exactly where I said Trump had anything to do with this Eastern European renaissance.

      • Trump had given this countries the currage to act and vote as they really feel.That is with no doubt why America is great.Even if it is a constant battle with the left, as it is a battle all over Europe the river of truth still springs from America.It is because of this clear spring the Eastern Europeans can now drink and clean themselves.

        • Whether or not Trump had any influence on Eastern Europe and the other nations moving in a more populist direction is hard to say. However, it may be simply a wave phenomenon, and Trump is riding his boogie board the same as everyone else. Of course, he’s riding a bigger wave, but the ones in the Med and in Eastern Europe are far older.

          There is more than one river of truth…

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