Sectarian Brawl at the Noeroel Mosque

The following video discusses an intramural conflict within the congregation of a mosque in The Hague. The translator includes these notes about the situation:

Police became involved; the victims will file complaints with them. The Pakistani cult is called Hijaz. As might be suspected from their accents, the mosque was founded by Muslims from Suriname. They’re descendants of coolies who came to Suriname from Hindustan, north of India. They’re Ahmadi, not known for extremism.

Many thanks to C for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Additional information:

Video transcript:

00:02   Yes, he hit me!
00:07   Come on then! What you see here is a members’ meeting
00:11   of the Noeroel Islam mosque in the Hague, which got completely out of hand.
00:14   People were pushing each other around. Some people were punched,
00:17   and death threats were uttered. It’s not the first time a meeting got out of hand in this mosque.
00:24   There’s been conflict in this place of worship for years.
00:28   What it boils down to: there’s a group of dissidents, of rebels,
00:32   who resist the policy of the mosque. That group is seen by management as troublemakers
00:40   who must be expelled; they have in fact been expelled.
00:43   They appealed, and were reinstated.
00:46   This conflict has gone on for years
00:49   I will wait for you today!
00:53   The larger story is
00:56   a connection between the mosque in the Hague
00:59   and a British Islamic group lead by a Pakistani sheikh.
01:05   The dissident group wants to sever ties with the British cult, as they call it
01:11   Those sheikhs are also accused of the sexual abuse of children,
01:17   very serious allegations. Very disturbing, and this conflict won’t be resolved any time soon.
01:21   And one wonders: will this not get out of hand?
01:25   Come outside! Come!

5 thoughts on “Sectarian Brawl at the Noeroel Mosque

  1. Hard to tell what’s going on. Apparently the founding Muslims were Ahmadi, who are supposed to be moderate. Ahmadis claim to follow a prophet who came after Muhammad, which is forbidden in traditional Islam. My interpretation is the mosque follows the teaching of an Ahmadi sheikh in Britain. There is a group of dissidents who claim the sheikh is a child-abuser. No report on whether the dissidents are also Ahmadi.

    I would say more information is needed before drawing a conclusion.

  2. The translator says the Ahmadi are not known for extremism. It is true that at ca. 10m of ca. 1.6bn Muslims in the world, they are subject to persecution and death from fellow Muslims – who see them as heretics – in many countries.

    But use of a search engine shows how the same corporate and state media that tell us 365/24/7 that Islam Is Peace and has been Hijacked by Islamists are notably benevolent towards the poster-children Ahmadi: Huff Post, BBC, Deutsche Welle, Guardian, Economist, Jerusalem Post.

    I do not see that any of them pose the obvious question stemming from their own reporting on Ahmadi persecution: if Sunnis are happy to murder people so close to them ethnically and culturally, what does this mean for importing such Sunnis en masse to the EU.

    But then the generally Christophobe scribblers cannot define, let alone recall, the Catholic-Protestant differences that caused the Wars of Religion within their own culture, so are ill-suited to such reporting.

    In 2015 a Pakistani Ahmadi couple was given life imprisonment just south of Frankfurt for having murdered their own daughter in an honour killing. Allegedly for fear of being thrown out of the Ahmadi community if they did not.

    3 years later I could not find any source telling me that attitudes in that community have changed, notwithstanding that a new imam was imported straight away.

    A community of Ahmadi may lay no bombs and cut no throats but their enforcement of gender separation ties up EU police, courts and jails that were meant to address conflicts within and not across mutually incompatible sets of living arrangements.

    • Reconquista,

      You’re right on target for questioning the Ahamadi claims to be denatured, peaceful Islam. It’s true that Ahmadis do not directly throw bombs. However, the founder of the Pakistani nuclear program, which may yet end up killing tens of millions of people, was an Ahmadi, Abdus Salaam.

      The Ahmadis use the same Koran as mainstream Muslims, although the Ahmadis interpret the Koran through their charismatic prophet, who gives the Koran a generally peaceful bent. Being a charismatic cult, the Ahmadis can turn on a dime. In 1948, the Ahmadi leader called for a jihad against Israel on the floor of the United Nations. Now, Ahmadis live in Israel, and call for a peaceful solution between the Israelis and Palestinians. I do not know if the Ahmadis endorse the Palestinian positions, which are incompatible with a secure Israel.

      The bottom line is, are the Ahmadis a truly peaceful Islam, or just a stalking horse for the Koran and Islam when mainstream Islam gets a little ahead of itself and encounters a backlash? The teachings of the Koran, even if interpreted to always emphasize non-violent expansion of Islam, are completely incompatible with Western forms of government. To me, there is no upside to allowing Ahmadis to immigrate.

  3. The Ahmadi-Muslims are also extremists.
    If not in their deeds, then in their teachings.
    Ahmadis believe that the Christian West is the Islamic “Antichrist” Dajjal.

    And of course they believe in the ordinary Islamic pleasantries like most other Muslims.
    Fe. death for apostasy.

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