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  1. Even after reading the numerous exposes of British non-justice in GoV, the scope of police and government corruption in Britain, as detailed by Weston, is breathtaking.

    There was clear violence against the police in the demonstrations against Tommy’s arrest at Trafalgar Square. I wish I could say the violence was not justified, but that is not possible to say at this point.

    I think the situation is even worse than what Orwell in 1984 portrayed. At least in 1984, the uniformity of opinion and suppression was enforced by an iron fist. In Britain today, while the outliers like Robinson are clearly victimized by legal violence, the bulk of the conformity, lying, misinformation, and malfeasance of duty is committed by dreary bureaucrats in fear, mainly, of not getting promoted or getting fired. In other words, tyranny comes much cheaper than even a cynic like Orwell imagined.

    • In Britain, it is the do-gooder middle class who are the enemy. Toffs and working class people often have aligned interests eg. they are both patriotic.

      Orwell recognised the danger from the middle class, this is why it is the middle class who are under constant surveillance in Nineteen Eighty-Four.

    • How fascinating a summation of our era: tyranny comes cheaper than George Orwell envisaged. And plainly, it does. George Orwell would be proud of you Ronald B. There’s a great novel in that proposition: just get the public servants, the academy and the commentariat onside and, bingo, you have complete effective control. And “outliers” – an apposite term – like Tommy Robinson are, for now, the only visible resistance.

  2. This is so deeply disturbing, awful and chilling. I had to watch it in increments for the pain this expose brings forth. Surely the antichrist is amidst us, and the hordes of hell are unleashed upon the world.

  3. WOW !!!

    What will they do to him now, when they arrested him even for quoting Churchill…remember that ?

  4. This is truth distilled and an extremely well focused and detailed report , and boy does it cry for retribution and justice.

  5. We must institute a new version of Nuremburg for these Leftwing traitors. This is not wind-baggery or a fantastical desire but a highly important need to bring these Leftist clowns to Court and trial for their crimes. Stuff I have managed to dig up on the creatures goes far beyond even what Weston states. He is far too polite. In all seriosity we will need to reintroduce Capital punishment and the hangman. We need a modern Pierpoint. Their crimes are far too grave.It would be the Christian thing to do. (St Paul)

    Britain is fast collapsing into anarchy but we have seen nothing yet. I suggest victims of Police state activity obtain the “officers'” numbers, they are required to wear by law. “Obeying orders” is not excusable under the Nurembug laws or the various conventions or military Acts of Parliament. It also covers liabilities of state officials, as it did the former Nazi bureaucrats who tried to hide behind their civilian status.

    On a good note, there are already bodies of good men and women within Law already preparing cases against these vile creatures.

    • Britain appears to be the one West European country that has no nationalist anti-migrant party. Certainly not the “Conservatives.” The party of Thatcher is long gone.

  6. In Romans 2:13 St. Paul says “for not the hearers of the law are just in the sight of God, but the doers of the law will be justified…”

    However, in Galatians 2:16 he says “knowing that a man is not justified by the works of the law but by faith in Jesus Christ, even we have believed in Christ Jesus, that we might be justified by faith in Christ and not by the works of the law; for by the works of the law no flesh shall be justified.”

    Tommy’ persecutor should note.

  7. An excellent summary, Paul. One small detail. Channel 4’s “Edge of the City” was screened in 2005 after the General Election in May that year. I video’d it at the time but the casette did not survive my relocation to Thailand. The programme was originally intended for broadcast in April 2005 but was deferred until after the election. It is clear that Labour would have lost otherwise.
    “Edge of the City,” was the first time most people had any idea of the existence of Muslim Rape Gangs although there was no indication of its actual scale. It produced the usual outburst of faux outrage by the usual suspects before being hastily swept under the carpet.
    I recall one particular scene where an alleged perpetrator being confronted with evidence of his crime by a social worker whined “Youse only doing this coz I’se Pakistani.”
    Keep up the good work everybody.

    • Edge of the City channel 4 Documentary 2004 being discussed.

      Documentary throws a bad light at Muslim community in UK
      9min. 38sec.
      An interview about the documentary, where one of the interviewers are on about stigmatizing the Pakistan muslim community, though it also does elicit some of the problems about the grooming and the effect on the victims.

      Reality of Sexual Grooming Gangs in the UK (Interview with Andrew Norfolk by SAS) 2012 Sikh Awareness Society Andrew Norfolk wrote “Easy Meat” and newspaper article of “Conspiracy of Silence on UK sex gangs”

      53 mins. 4 secs.

      It is a bit slow, but thorough, showing that it is “acceptable in their culture”
      Showing reports, meetings, were made, briefings, between departments never acknowledge publicly and never do anything directly about it. To say crimes were happening ! and should be prosecuted!
      It is very good interview, drawing out a number of problems in the difficulty of bringing prosecutions.
      Difficult though this is, the first hurdle is to talk about this, and so expose this, and so remove the “controlling demons” insidious power.

      Talks of some individual cases as examples, but the interlinking experiences, the failures of police, social welfare/services, and the governmental attitudes.

      That is what Tommy Robinson, is about, the exposure of these crimes, and the hold that islam has not only over the underage girls, but the power over government that is far beyond what we understand.

      Only a few like Paul Weston, Tommy Robinson, with just a few others are exposing these problems, against a hardened elitist, educated, politically correct, etc government bodies.

      • Peter McLoughlin wrote “Easy Meat”, see his website pmclauth.com

        • Thanks for noticing.

          I think that most people will not realise that Paul Weston was basically reading a scripted summary of my book. Usually Easy Meat is behind his left shoulder in his videos, but not this time as he must have consulted it frequently to produce that litany of shame. And for all the horror he lists in that denunciation, it’s only a fraction of what’s contained in the book. In the Foreword Gavin Boby predicted that there would be vigilante attacks if the grooming gangs weren’t dealt with. So far England has seen three such vigilante murders. Most people have yet to catch on to the scale of this vigilante response. As they are still only scratching the surface of the grooming gang scandal, I see no reason to doubt there will be other such vigilante murders.

          When I had the first draft of Easy Meat ready in 2013, I showed it to Tommy just before he was sent to prison for 18 months. My aim was to make it the definitive work on the grooming gang cover-up for at least a decade. Five years on, and it is still unrivalled.

          At the protest for Tommy’s freedom on Saturday, virtually every speech was about the grooming gangs. That wasn’t the case when the EDL were protesting from 2009 to 2013. My plan is produce what will be current years hence, throwing my work into the future to shape the future.

          Hopefully in five years time the work in Mohammed’s Koran will be on everyone’s lips the way the grooming gangs are now.

          • Peter, I’m quite sure you are not resentful of Paul W for “narrowcasting” a summary of your book. He is an eloquent speaker of obvious honesty and conviction.

            May I suggest you find out the name of the solicitor or barrister (more likely the former) who represented Tommy Robinson before the judge that sentenced him to 13 months imprisonment. When you do (or any other British reader does), you and/or they should make a formal written complaint to the Law Society of the United Kingdom (or whatever the name of the disciplinary body that governs solicitors in the UK is) of professional misconduct for failing to apply for bail on Tommy’s behalf. If multiple complaints are made, the Law Society cannot lawfully ignore them. And if they do ignore them, contact a lawyer like Gavin Boby as there are avenues of appeal from inaction by such disciplinary bodies. In other words, harass the legal profession into action and keep this travesty of justice alive and visible. It may get Tommy out of prison very soon.

          • Thank you, Peter, both for the book and for the enlightenment above as the latter answers many questions that were floating around in the back of my mind. S III.

          • Credit where credit is due, to both you and Paul Weston. I cannot say thank you because I honestly find nothing to be thankful for out of all of this reality. I can only offer you my appreciation for the effort made and the work done.

          • I have just bought you book. I will force myself to read it. Just hearing what I have heard so far is disturbing. I had of course heard of the grooming gangs but I had no idea just how extensive the abuse was and is. This is really disturbing stuff and you and Paul Weston have done a tremendous job bringing this to the attention of the public at large. After Tommy Robinson’s arrest I think the rage unleashed is going to shake this country to its core.

          • You certainly do get around…this fellow is clear, but after reading him, it would seem that the UK ‘justice’ system has been wrenched so far out of joint as to be permanently damaged.

          • ‘Twer to me Dymphna?

            At least you can comment in line here, after a few of those it gets a bit hard to follow exactly… but I guess it stops going way off topic as well. Another site I used to comment on went from in line replies to strictly individual ones, and there went all the ability to hold any conversation unless you wanted to search the whole roll for a following @.

            Anyway, if so, yes I read everything without hesitation as it is always good to know how the various sides work. Even conspiracy I read to try to figure if there is conspiracy behind the conspiracy behind the conspiracy etc.

            English law ( and of many countries) is very detailed and clear in purely logical terms. I.e. every little clause makes perfect sense from a certain, and understandable, point of view. They try to assemble it so it flows through and cross references well with other relevant clauses in law. However what happens is that it creates a paper trail of a myriad of points, all perfectly straightforward and that support each other, but which when applied technically, not as in “does this person really deserve to be jailed ?” , but instead “we want this person jailed”, they still make sense but are clearly wrong to any thinking person.

            I have come up against this in nationality law, and it seems perfectly reasonable and innocuous if not slightly confusing to read, BUT, when you study the logic in fine fine detail, deduce the motive and lack of consideration which is applied in a meticulously written text, as you have to when your future depends on a simple yes/no answer, and find that it obfuscates the intent, introducing hidden ones, and when you write to every department ( of all kinds, diplomatic, home office, complaints etc.) and they refuse to answer a simple straight question, and if they do reply only resend you a copy of the law and “your question has been answered”… well then you realise fully what you are up against in terms of the UK being an unresponsive, unaccountable, dictatorial legicracy where only the well heeled or connected stand any possibility of influencing its machinations to their service.

            The question I had put, in complete and civil terms, demonstrated very simply how prejudiced and concocted these finely written laws are, very visibly to any reader, demonstrated a completely discriminatory injustice of law which NO ONE wanted to answer to or represent as British policy. In the flow of power of a nation it is a smaller arguable matter, but to an individual this certain clause is profound, morally and in practical terms. “They” know this from the amount of related historical similar complaint they have had for over a century on similar themes, in parliament even, and the individuals I ask for an answer from also know and/or feel that it is, or they are, out – but not one will take the issue up AT ALL …. in short, when it suits “there is nobody in”, and there is very little you can do about it but :

            Pay maybe endlessly , put yourself in line and subject yourself to whatever humiliation the system (continues to) serve out, over maybe years.

            Protest and disturb.

            Walk away the less, deeply resentful, but free of the nonsense.

            Not very good choices when all you wanted to do was to contribute to and take part in your own country…but then aybe some of us are better off working from outside, away from the direct attention and suppression actually being in the UK would bring.

      • I personally think that Islamisation of UK is a symptom of a deeper problem. Though there is undoubtedly a powerful circuit of profit and influence with the middle east, various agendas clearly at work, we have to look back further than say the last half century.

        It is very complex to grasp the bigger picture, very very complex, especially given that you have to wade through a century and more of contemporary and current prejudice to glean facts, to transpose the past from a point of view that is not created with hindsight. I can only manage so much info, then switch off until some other historical source sparks my interest, gradually combining the info into a clearer picture.

        So you have founding events that have occured that lead us to where we are now, the loss of empire, liberalisation, migration law changes, change in monetary policy, changes in the powers of parliament, female emancipation, changes in economic allegiance – these all started around the mid 1800s, then there are obviously the wars, EEC , oil, the 60s cultural revolution, technology. I am convinced the seeds of current circumstance were planted long before most people imagine, simply because the evidence is there of certain previous actions and policy pointing us directly in the direction we have now – they make no sense isolated one from the other but instead in combination show a determined approach that is gradually modified and improvised upon as snags occur.

        So the exposure of these crimes really does hit hard at the establishment, it shouts out “look where we are at now” at it, and to society.

        Islam has no place in the UK for the violence of its text, that is so fundamentally straightforward that there is no way that the establishment can pretend ignorance, and so must be deemed complicit.

        Migration is not a problem for establishment, it has become their profit to manage society, any society, whatever society, to bend it to their advantage, migrants included. All traditional sides of the political spectrum are about it in their own way, for their own motives.

        So I don’t detract from the arguments against the influence of Islam in government, it is real. I also look at the influence the west, including UK, has had in the middle east, it could be argued that it is far worse than what is happening in our own countries, that immigration is a poor recompense to arabs – many see it that way and have no thanks to give, quite the opposite.

        However I personally have to concentrate on where our own government and establishment are to blame first, to do otherwise is to admit our country is not our own. Defeat.

        The nature of the creation of legislation is such that it is very difficult to confront past accepted legislation via government. Government adds or modifies, it rarely turns back on itself, and so we are left embroiled with generations worth of expanded and added legislation that seems more designed to escape contention than properly address it. They are all too busy trying to make the most of what is available, often firstly for themselves – that is acceptable in private enterprise, not in the public one.

        The structure of the UK establishment is part private, a somewhat hybrid state of affairs, and somewhere in that many the average Brit is getting properly done over, to be silenced into the act is beyond that and simply sinister.

      • My grandfather saw both world wars, was active in both. After what he had seen he was convinced of the need for a united Europe, went so far as to learn esperanto. Strongly religious his vision was sincere, if not ultimately erroneous.

        Why ?

        Because he was imagining the goodness he had found in different nations could be combined to outdo their evil, where instead the resulting concentration of power proved to be its own refuge of corruption, which spilt over into that of his own country and encouraged it, leaving it nowhere, balanced between the worst of the continent and transatlantic misendeavours.

        I don’t know what will happen over the next five years AT ALL, I do not see how the UK will resolve outside of EU, I am doubtful it will leave EU even, maybe only in token form. The UK cannot go back to being what it once was, the world has changed and it no longer has the superiority it once had, is VERY reliant on EU for its functioning and status. This is from someone who is all for exit, even hard exit without question and a complete rebuild, knowing that is not an option that the British establishment have in mind at all. They will play this as long as they need to to avoid, because they cannot confront what being fully independent and accountable means any more.

        Just my thoughts while I am writing.

        • “I’m quite sure you are not resentful of Paul W for ‘narrowcasting’ a summary of your book”

          You are right. I’m a great admirer of Paul Weston. His withering contempt is precisely the right tone.

          I’m a good long-term strategist. When I presented a recent project to Tommy his one-word response was “it’s genius”. I am too busy coming up with new projects to spend time summarising the past work I’ve done. Paul commended Easy Meat at the start of his talk. But I can see from responses to the video that people simply pass over that and assume everything Paul is articulating his a discovery or connection he has made. That’s not his fault, it’s the audience’s fault. Unfortunately there’s so much more in Easy Meat than the gloss that Paul has put on it. But if he was to comprehensively summarise the book, he’d spend hours talking to camera.

          The things that people pick out from Easy Meat are not necessarily the most important things in order to understand the problems the UK faces. Indeed, there are things that can only be seen by reading between the lines. The ruling class in England have ensured that our horrendous libel laws remain in place, making England the libel capital of the world. UKIP were already sued for libel in this area, because they were not as careful as I was to indicate who is most at fault for the cover-up.

          I don’t go seeking fame, and have always admonished anyone around me to try to suffocate their ego. I just wish that when people talked about Easy Meat they ensured the book was in sight. Otherwise the other important material will be missed. For example, in the 19th century London had something like the Muslim grooming gangs. Only they were not actually doing anything illegal, unlike the Muslim grooming gangs. Nevertheless, the Victorians realised that young women were being deceived into prostitution and set about stopping this by raising the age of consent. It worked. Until Muslims came to England. And what does this tell us? That this problem will NEVER be solved through laws and incarceration. Muslims have contempt for our laws and punishments – they admit that they are only ever abiding by our laws co-incidentally. When our laws diverge from Islamic law, the latter is what they will follow.

          Here’s another important aspect of the scandal which people ignore. SOCA, the very police agency who neglected their job of going after the grooming gangs was the agency that made it a three year mission to find a crime for which they could imprison Tommy. No-one has noticed this but me. SOCA has since been rebranded, and now under it’s new name of NCA it is pursuing the grooming gangs. It had to be re-branded or else people would ask “Why were you so busy going after Tommy Robinson but in the first 10 years of your existence you did nothing about the grooming gangs”?

          And when a recent Anti-Terrorism copper in the UK gave his memorial lecture where he implicated Tommy as “a far right” terrorist, he was giving the Colin Crampthorn memorial lecture. https://policyexchange.org.uk/pxevents/the-colin-cramphorn-memorial-lecture-by-mark-rowley/ Who was Crampthorn? The police chief in Bradford who denied in 2004 there were any grooming gangs (when that city is probably the grooming gang capital of the UK). Thus the police institutions honour the cops who covered up the rape gangs. And they use the prestige they award such cops in order to denounce Tommy.

          Which organisation opposed EDL at every protest? The self-styled Unite Against Fascism. Who funded UAF? The trade unions of the council workers, teachers and civil servants – the very professionals who stood by while the children in their care were raped on an industrial scale. Funding the UAF to try to destroy the EDL was to benefit those people who were nearly as guilty as the rapists themselves.

          And who did the Trotskyist UAF work with in 2004 to stop the first documentary on grooming gangs from being shown? Colin Crampthorn, then head of the police for Bradford.

          All of this is linked. And Easy Meat is so compendious because it is all connected. If I spent time explicating all the content in Easy Meat, I wouldn’t have had the time to do Mohammed’s Koran, nor to work on my other projects.

  8. He’s not so much a toff. From his bio:
    “After what can only be termed an academic disaster I was politely asked to leave my school, after which I became a deep-sea diver specialising in sub-sea pipeline welding. In my mid-twenties I trained as a pilot and utilised this qualification in Africa. After a number of ‘scrapes’ I moved to Prague (shortly after the fall of communism) and established a property development company.”

  9. Paul Weston has well researched this putrid pus filled gangrenous necrotizing fasciitis abscess in governing circles, that is consuming Britain, and all of Western Civilization.

    I appreciate the work, the years spent, perseverance, and putting together this commentary.

    I wonder if sound bite, and plus links, may also be in a transcript. It is just that there is so much information, even though sadly I have followed this since the rising of Tommy Robinson, noting how he has grown on.
    Then it will be easy to keep disseminating this information, in “sound bite portions” and to debate in small steps with others holding differing views.
    It is a good resource and summary of the facts of the past years.

    A good pick up of the swearing in ceremony of allegiance that was sworn in on the koran for the Home Secretary, Sajid Javid. @20min. 45 sec.
    Further details of koranic swearing allegiance behavior in British government also by others.

    Thanks Mr Paul Weston for your sterling work, and have followed you right through the “Western Resistance” blog.
    Knowledge is power, and we must spread it!, and use it wisely, to act on it with love and determination, to bring truth into the light of reality.
    Open Free Speech must be kept, and guarded!
    Thanks to Baron & Dymphna and to the many other commentators and posters here in exposing the weakness of ignorance.

  10. Yesterday
    “12 noon in Aotea Square, Auckland, New Zealand, a group of around 60 free speech activists gathered to protest the imprisonment of Tommy Robinson”



    This is what has been driving Tommy Robinson, knowing of it in his home town, learning about its insidious connection to Islam, and exposing its wide spread systemic abuse.

    “Easy Meat”: Inside Britain’s Grooming Gang Scandal
    by Peter McLoughlin

    Detailing the decades of the police, social workers, government agencies, etc.. ignoring the problem and could be said to be covering it up, for the greater good of “diversity”, aiding and abetting a new superior class, in its own laws.
    Doubtlessly this is occurring in many other cities in Europe, and the seed will be sprouting world wide.

    Would you believe the judiciary, police etc will do the right thing unless exposed and so chivied all the way?

  11. The time for talking in the UK is ending. The dogs of war are getting antsy…

    When this powderkeg blows (and it will) I weep for the many innocents who will be dragged from their homes and butchered in the streets.

    But I won’t weep for the cops or the judges. Too many of them got it comin’…

    • There are tens of thousands of former British troops, including specops troops, who are the equal of any in the world. Some who are rather long in the teeth cut their teeth in the Northern Ireland “Troubles.” That was were a few 100 “active IRA tied down divisions of British troops for decades…Imagine that knowledge and those skillsets finally turned against the Traitor Class…..

  12. Paul Weston is a treasure, but he is not a toff. His accent identifies him as a middle-middle class grammar school boy. It is, however, a very good thing that somebody who speaks with clarity and enunciates his words clearly such as Paul not just aligns himself with the Counter-Jihad movement generally and Tommy Robinson in particular, but speaks out about these matters. Paul is correct, Tommy Robinson’s working class accent allows little scumbags like the Guardian’s Owen Jones and the BBC’s Jeremy Paxman (Google the YouTube video where Paxman, with stratospheric arrogance on full display, attempts, unsuccessfully, to trash Tommy Robinson as an ignorant nobody) to dismiss him as a worthless prole who can be dismissed and disdained by all decent people. With Paul Weston, however, the middle class British will sit up, listen and take notice of what he says. If Paul’s video is watched by thousands of people, 90% of them will start to question the fairness of Tommy Robinson’s outrageous (and unlawful – his lawyer was dishonestly advised by the police after he was removed from outside the Leeds courthouse that he was being set free when he was, in fact, being carted off directly to a courtroom ready and waiting for him) trial, conviction and imprisonment.

    The question of Tommy getting bail never arose (note that the Muslim gang rapists Tommy was reporting on were all out on bail and making their way into the court as free men), because the court-appointed lawyer (who was plainly “in” on this politically-motivated travesty of justice) who Tommy didn’t know from a bar of soap, apart from duping Tommy into pleading guilty by advising him he would only get a fine, more importantly, made no application for bail on behalf of his client at his first appearance in court on this charge. This is unheard of: there is a “presumption against bail” only for the most serious of criminal offences: it is only a presumption, people charged with murder can and do sometimes get bail. Being granted bail is near automatic for middling and low level alleged criminal offences: Tommy was merely charged with “Suspected breach of the peace” which is about as vanilla an offence as they come!

    Ordinarily, such a lawyer would be struck off for professional misconduct for failure to represent his client without fear or favour. Generations of British lawyers of every political stripe would (and I’m quite sure many decent ones alive today are deeply alarmed by what happened in Tommy’s fast-tracked arrest/trial/conviction and sentencing) hang their heads in shame at how the British justice system, once the best and fairest in the world, has treated Tommy. It is without precedent.

    I sincerely hope Paul Weston is a single man without children because he will have a target on his back: every relevant agency of the British state apparatus will be looking to silence him in every and any way they can.

    • “I sincerely hope Paul Weston is a single man without children because he will have a target on his back: every relevant agency of the British state apparatus will be looking to silence him in every and any way they can.”

      That’s the tragedy, real danger and inherent fascism of what the UK authorities are or will be doing in his case – going after that target on his back. The way the apparatus acted in Tommy’s case is beyond sad, despicable, disgusting – it is outright criminal.

      We have hard, dangerous times ahead of us – but it is not the first time Europe is on a brink.

  13. Television, or video presentations, are sometimes mind numbing. British “crime” mysteries can be quite involving.

    Does the UK have anything like a “special victims” police unit system of criminal investigation? Does Western civilization need to have fictional portrayals of in-human criminal behavior? #Me Too, I am nauseous.

    • The British “crime” procedurals of old were/are good fiction. But the actuality of what current UK police have become makes them painful to read now. None of the protagonists would be accepted by modern multi-cultural Britain’s police.

  14. You really have to wonder what is going on inside people’s minds when they deliberately prioritize the abstraction “diversity” over actual human suffering.

    And wonder how it could be so many, at once.

    • It is a class thing. The British establishment prioritize the feelings and sensibilities of their Muslim community (and their own sense of “mirror-mirror-on-wall-who’s-the-most-tolerant-of-them-all?” Answer: me) over the physical and psychological well being of girls from the working class. As Paul Weston said: “If it was the Arabellas and the Sarah Janes …” who were being raped this ugly phenomenon would have been stamped out around 1990.

  15. It seems like the quiet jihad is in its final stages in Britain. If you guys get Javid as a prime minister, imagine the happy days ahead.

  16. Many words from Weston but the proof is can he secure the release of Robinson? This is a big testing time and I do not see anything that Weston says that will make any difference. After all he was quoting Winston Churchill and they still carted him off. So pressure is not going to get Robinson released. And if they kill him they will laugh at Weston. Most people I read on these blogs like this, Jihadwatch etcetera are very big on words. But the ruling CLASS will laugh at them. And Weston like so many of you accept as number one capitalism and everything it throws at you. Sorry to prick your (wordy) balloon!

  17. This blogging platform’s threaded reply-to x feature is woefully inadequate. Anyway, it is what it is.

    “May I suggest you find out the name of the solicitor or barrister (more likely the former) who represented Tommy Robinson before the judge that sentenced him to 13 months imprisonment. ”

    For those who are interested. TR has now got the same barrister as before, the one who the police apparently told “he’s being released” as they took him to court to be jailed. As far as I understand it, if and when there is any contest to his conviction is up in the air. Believe it or not, the tyranny that is Britain could actually penalize him further for appealing against his conviction. The ruling elite are fomenting revolution in this country. One of our newspapers was considered for generations to be the stuffiest, most conservative bastion of the establishment. They recently ran a survey on the abolition of the House of Lords. If you’d asked me to predict the result of such a survey ten years ago, I’d have said that 99% of their readers would be opposed to the abolition of the House of Lords. But in these revolutionary times, 94% of those stuffy conservatives want to see the House of Lords abolished.

    I’ve written to Tommy’s lawyer laying out what I think is wrong with the steps that led to him being incarcerated. I’m not a lawyer, and one must assume that she will be giving him sound legal advice, and my two-pennies probably seemed stupid or foolish.

    I’m hoping to speak with Tommy in the next few weeks. But we won’t have time to speak about his legal case. It’s far more appropriate his legal case is left to him, his family and his lawyer. We will be discussing an upcoming book and a pan-european project which had reached an impasse. Ironically, the fame his incarceration has created will facilitate this latter project in a way that would have been far more difficult without this incarceration.

    I’ve often mused on how those who believe in social engineering seem to be unaware of the law of unintended consequences. Jailing TR has created a leaderless, nameless movement whose first protest was probably 500% larger than the largest EDL protest in almost a decade of protests. This movement didn’t exist four weeks ago, and sprung into life directly from him being jailed. Moreover, the machinations of the ruling elite have given a fame to TR that is so huge that the grooming gang scandal they keep trying to conceal is now being talked about across the world (Amazon keeps running out of copies of Easy Meat). And TR now has the ear of political parties across Europe (that was not the case even last summer when we published Mohammed’s Koran). This access to these politicians fits perfectly with the project I came up with a few weeks ago, which was put on hold because we didn’t know how to speak directly to the leaders of those political parties.

    Social engineers suffer from terminal hubris. We opportunists are humble but agile.

  18. Not being a lawyer, It seems to me that a quick google would demonstrate that although you could argue that a strict interpretation of the law justified Tommy Robinson’s imprisonment, the law itself and the instruments thereof fall foul of a fundamental guiding principle of common law.

    Equality before the law, also known as: equality under the law, equality in the eyes of the law, or legal equality, is the principle that each independent being must be treated equally by the law (principle of isonomy) and that all are subject to the same laws of justice (due process).[1] Therefore, the law must guarantee that no individual nor group of individuals should be privileged or discriminated against by the government.

    40 years of rape, murder and torture by thousands if not hundreds of thousands of muslims, with a few convictions vs 13 months for filiming something it is highly improbable anyone in the court even saw? No one in the police, judiciary or social services convicted althought they were complicit in much of the abuse. The secret barrister is a [epithet], and one of the reasons we have things like hate crime laws. They are the Eichmann’s of the British Judiciary system. And a lot less clever than they would have us believe

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